We worked till we severed the spine

We worked till we severed the spine

That’s our baby –Sunlooped.

Exodus book in with the loneliness. To achieve lifetime success.

God’s here in ear to listen to homeschoolers…God’s free in ear to.

I have so much cool thing I want to read to you.

She saluted spirits.

I was thinking a lot of passage-way.

My worst fear is coming into contact with prisoner.

Dial in the energy.

Not guilty for sins they’ve committed.

Mild approaches.

That will be my gift at stand up.

Therma situation.

Campolaterra. When you have your crazy hunt… . The shock of the $800. Sergio. Classic set of mindset to feed a reward. Constant set of mindset to feed a reward.

Child of wrath. The turkey and pitfall blunder.

Raises vibration. He was reading ‘here my show’.

Faster than Tennessee. Why do you let it get to you. I believe to be advise. A few more dark circles. Sandy hook.

I’m free with stuff – now his laundry adds up.

Join the living. Reversing. Gotta connect to go to Panera. This whole big city gets the gist of me. 

I’m just trying to think – 12 inch rulebook.

Assimate the process or cope with certain deaths.

Summer is the Mom. Need – I can maintain my energy. The living and the dead. Faster than you are. Another layer of consciousness. Think clear.

By supporting my best friend.

I may need to capitalize hair.

How do you get patience manifestation help.

Start with the pains of doing what you can do everyday


The mediation snap comparts later—I’m just telling you what’s up. And all the bull kind from coyote.

Jesse, you just plowed through everyone.

A job…we need help –Bay. Our strength lies in being potent and not reacting –Husband and wife –public.

On a heart level I think I’m an angel tone.

Everything you wanted to see and more.

Last thing you are is forgotten.

Summer habits.

My hands is never outgrowing a room.

Pick up your head.

She complains of lower body hindrances.

My week’s open – different attachment.

My mind’s eye. I thought I was pregnant.

So intelligent – so severely out of alignment –Person.

I want that to be my fuckin’ legacy.

She has broken a violin.

Not even being 80% of the summer. Used. The mom’s have play.

I know they’re of different company – but right now we’re dealing with them and it doesn’t feel good.

Just from for the research center. Messaging don’t close.

We worked till we severed the spine.

Destructive face. But you know I’m getting hungry. Positive tsunami. 

Echoes of angels hanging in.

A bunch of adjustments to how we did was wrong.

With the Joneses/I’m liberated on bumping it.

When that didn’t come from my sink.

I told myself I was going to learn to focus on energy.

People say that all the time. You’re acting over faking.

Moms devising – one – open with account –Dad saying dumb. It’s always a gift to give up. Me with sister at parents – wants to leave without love. But the music’s still shining. It’s big. Thank you for being fair with me –Dad. So beautiful. It feels like a reunion in here –Dad, fact. 

So thin and integrity. My conscious choices. 

Pure soul ouija board

But that’s in the very dark fertilization under it.

My Dad – walked half cut down [to size] in pain then rest on couch. Moms are due with Angel on your finger [Angel perched on]. 81 generation peanut brain.

Consciously take control of your own dong and clean it.

Thank god with the voice, it felt like it was for him –Dad.

Abstracts – Forgotten help.

Dance on a hill, channeled energies.

We’re going to have to back it up with wet panel clips.

Bent in half –My Dad.

We were going to cut down the wire tape – if it’s that ghetto.

Everything changes – Overflowing.

My strength is doing that for me.

You don’t see that many people that you can even check with but reasons change.

Start with the pains of doing what you can do everyday.

Our Texas level mental angel.

I’m like walking in mud with new shoes. Follow the rules. Not enough to go Johnny Depp on me.

King of Bows¤Adder {Knowledge in the Spirit} | ACCEPT THE SEASONS OF YOUR HEART—Pain
He is going to play unfold with you


When his health figured he bought the book

Total conversation hen… . Liar with my protection. ←–Names/carousel. A lot of work about a Jennifer’s body snack. Who dreamt that you would be black to do that. Next level Art. Watch severe fucking pain.

When you asked me I would always turn.

Mom – me grab as she walk in announcing let’s go over here – up against wall – us all. Download then resubscribe –to Aeolian Heart App.

People didn’t want to – make it a success music.

Mom between me and Dad. Popped the most. Go in and get the dog fixed. 

Born miraculous. Clear manifestation.

We’ve experienced the bushed and mean.

Like sorry forgot him.

When his health figured he bought the book.

Clear the interstate parkway. I just remember.

Apply for a thousand loans of credit.

With the long spine.

This whole month…slow down to make it whole.

Save a room.

[Your] Patience don’t have any numbers on it.

Yesterday – A skilled interior.

Building bridges.

Snow witched round here.

Our little brother came and changed his life. His little brother came and changed my life.

Refuse to—empty heart –me on out of element in sales. Today we finish it.

Nine of Arrows¤Dedication {Attainment in Thought} | SING AND DANCE TOGETHER AND BE JOYOUS—Marriage
It’s only going to take the inner work that you show – dedication


You don’t need to be reinvented

I was ‘choking’ with the late window. I was late – I was choking on the next window.

About to get a Jennifer’s body snack. For the vision and the hearing impaired. I was doing just fine. On my second to last chunk. 

It’s like a racking my brain situation.

Sandy hook. Soul to soul.

Following the direct leader.

Writing this to soothe comfort.

When you’re on that level, people really don’t care.

Rocks in silence. My point is the truth.

Hanging there all day – may be depressed at life.

[Had all the things living] A childhood innocence lost.

Established 2013. My highest call was a prophet.

It’s so intense karmatically.

You don’t need to be reinvented.

Common recoil. You turn 56. Capital playing. Hooks on faith. All the dark fantasies.

And just to prove your specialty’s real—shout out in public.

Used to mean sexy corsets. You and your specific brand. 2000% of … . The beauty of a crush.

Ace of Stones¤The Foundation of Life {New Concept in the Physical} | THE LAND AND THE SEA SHALL BE BOUNTIFUL—Buying and Selling
Foundation—they don’t mind us being here | Oath my foundation


In my heart—followed all the dead sea scroll

I never know what’s next. I got to tame it. I want a cat fish program.

The first look in the message.

The Mercury level’s rising.

I haven’t listened to it or used it in over a week. I’ve missed singers like this. It took me a second to fill my mind. Finally selected. The madness. I have recoiled what you told me.

You reading daily deadly living.

Pitfall – are you old with blender.

Tom Petty—Blackout. [Not trying to have] Klutzes come out there.

School for modern people and color.

Will not work for free. We should be fair over draft.

Give me more than 1 visual text. An energy being.

Die to the mess of the vacation.

In my heart—followed all the dead sea scroll.

So skinny –5 feet of understanding.

Show me where the Ace is.

You’ll be recognized and you’ll have to do this much more too.

 Somebody did it to me behind the stars.

Love the… of hope dying in your… .

Three of Bows¤Fulfillment {Creativity in the Spirit} | KEEP PACE WITH THE EARTH—Work
The way I feel right now, the science going through the heart


Wearing their drama, I was actually the other side of their drama

Pablo. Nickelback yard.

If [we] Read like a unicorn.

Can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with me.

Scared of attraction. Blew it like a bozo.

All the truth so help me God –Compressed sands to scroll/wood-like.

The kids are looking at this extremely clumpsy task in front of them – not even able to read –Niece/Nephew. Concentrating on the diaphragm. More social concept of life in a brief statement. Doreen. What if I don’t have any white teeth anymore. Spilt milk. My channeling was to know you.

Finishing my partnership.

Let’s make sure all the windows are open – Lyrics open.

Baby deer losing steering wheel.

Rewanda. Cactus run –inventory Monday. Mental starving contest. [Who] didn’t they] Shoot by revere. Patches of white snow. If it’s tinted, make sure the other ones dissipear. Was doing this to elevate comfort. New life?…As query very busy. It was really weird –Owner.

Your value action—Truth in action.

You are a formal friend to let go of.

It greatly affected my message board long.

Speak up—you don’t have to square foot for delivery.

The fun we round your prophey aura at surround your property aura. 

I’m masking this to go beyond a roll to starve myself.

Oh my – that heart level.

Saw the Atlanta couple like this: .

Complimented on curve side/size.

Break free from a task cycle.

Break free but at least. Intensely karmatic.

[It’s not about diet or happiness] It’s about finding a new way of life.

It’s like I’m trying to get pregnant.

A … place to be—your ___ ←compressed. Temptation too hard –brother. Mutual letters. I need a ladder – emerge – basically I carry a pocket knife. You can show just a little bit more but I’d like to keep them in a private spot. Trust me.

I wanted to know about no offense about what to do.

Conflict between the head super strong.

I’m willing to give you an offer.

I came out of it in a very mellow gaze.

Figures/figured I’d ask some questions.

Attachments are so accessible.

I don’t care about downloading it –forget it.

Very high individual. Shock research lessons.

Becomes the super level…to make it this far.

We gave it a good narrative.

Has this a sure gold [every ex waitress].

He’s doing it for Andrea Warcraft.

Cope and deal with his mind –Ancient turtle being lifted.

I am about all dried up of undies –Unemployment. Can barely review – where I was at 6 years ago when I wrote this. Ceasefire. I’m a dime a dozen to Philly. Artistic freedom. Thank you so much for the food. Turning heads. Case-on-fire.

Aubrey’s Arch is sharing collective dust.

Positive position for you to try to keep your lack under control.

 Pure soul ouija board.

I am so confused the other way.

Can you shout out the window.

Develop even deeper into the spirit.

So if you can see heavens why can’t you see ghosts.

They’re in the weaver-van parking lot.

Bio storm to serve you.

Why are you cutting now – you might as well help me clean –on window tinting to husband. It does take ritual value because there is something that I know that I know. A lot to cut but I’m not getting moldy about it –Dad.

Lack through god.

Second week of the next.

People want a land to have kids [It’s crazy].

Refuse to live—live out his own death.

Wearing their drama, I was actually the other side of their drama.

It is more than an investment of what you love.

It is more of an investment. I don’t want to show myself.

Enrollment recently came to the surface.

Meet the barre girls. Caveat.

Jesus was a prophet.

Ace of Vessels¤The Waters of Life {New Concept in Emotion} | COME AND BE ONE OF US—The Farewell – TELL IT NOT IN WORDS—Talking
Cope and deal with his mind –Ancient turtle being lifted


Not sure if it’s about copper art or if it’s about music

Dog and pony show –Artist.

Clear intuition game changer –White wolf vision.

Combination of the stars. Doubletree.

Intuitive by guides—listen to the nature.

Grow up and get your shit together.

All the adults were going to whoop their children’s asses –Equal playing grounds.

It’s not standing up here.

Everything out of line – Everything out of certificate.

They can’t by themselves anymore. I admit it.

Thank you God – blowing out this window.

Do you want to look at it from the outside?…I do not want to look at it from the outside.

I’m not going to Reading anymore.

What museum exhibits.

I just stopped it – want to spend it.

Established traits that hate you.

We needed them so much when we did.

Who want to give their professions away to the public –69.

All benevolent forces of evil. …[I invite] but… .

Your parents last year sucked too. Be careful what you wish for –on moving. God told me…I just couldn’t accept it.

I apologize – work as religion.

Sorry I’m feeling for you. Believe 30.

Just went through different things back to back. I need it to survive –being protected and free –away from him. 

My candle’s long enough –real school sand.

Helped me and understand the insight and the nature.

To see if I have anything up against the wall.

So used – something so paranoid.

I had the joy in my life again.

On 2 ethereal visions.

Humble marriage from beginning.

Designed to screw you.

For me to make an accurate living.

I would have killed the guy with cash.

There is living and this isn’t it.

[I’ve] 3 investments before.

Not sure if it’s about copper art or if it’s about music.

The general assembly. Dog chasing/leash. Contrast with the moves because he has plenty. Elivate the energy.

You and I are both sensitive people –spirit to me—spirit though different – we had same occurrence.

Show in Acts.

It’s Southwest in genealogy.

With all my heart at the end of this soul.

It is only for you to make money on.

Prehistoric vision: .

Your Dad’s Mediumship needs to grow.

I think I pulled through the other day/year. It helps me not focus on my problems –weed. Stay wild and read. Know that I’m about to take this ring off this finger. I only became something –Husband.

I always have 2 –Amazon knives.

Spiritual hunter.

That turns on the skilled Medium.

How his apprentice flys [yes very unique].

A hundred dollars a day. Thank you X4, very very disastrous. Owner fall in line. What is ruining my mind?…Me not being able to do it like I want to. You’re about to save pictures for me. I’m spouting this … . Desert no sand. Move the … around.

To see things shift in faith. …To screw it up?

How good the directions are – We are that spirit.

Might want to pull your weight charger.

Be subtle at the windows.

I went backwards from who I used to be.

Let’s finish the story.

I pay attention of the nature of things.

Embark on. She’s printer by herself all connected. Worse distillery ever. You’re not faking. Giant boy. The tilt dance ←isn’t that a special dance. High vibe content. Want it tough—Want it though –husband in whisper.

And the proper path to heal.

I want to make you to sing too –Crochet project –custom with circles—styles.

No sought-after crystal!

I’m just telling you who I am, I think it’s important for you to know.

No skier or anything. Offer your new home.

Dying to be a couple—just got in love.

It was huge over-announcement – It was just too much money –Entryway tint quote. I can’t do it – undo art real quick. [Going to] Cancel everything out except Blackcreek. To hope: refreshing our memory. I’m incarnating all the peanut butter?

I did drop a towel and I meant to pick it up like I was never here –towel vision folded.

Be’Deer hunter, I was amazed.

My final clean will be the best. I’m getting feedback.

They sliver around like otters –Sea bass –Eel –Sea lion.

You can drive me every night. Tell her that it’s over with.

Dreams about dead spiders.

Molested her mother 10 years ago – I’m sorry you asked me that. What do we need to know – What do we need to see. Skylights are very close to the corner… . But your bud owns my blog.

I have the heart through readers…[heat].

Don’t you feel what with others have said to you to help you make up your mind.

The Green Man {Authority/Leadership/Focused} | SING TO ME A DEEPER SONG—The Farewell
It’s a dragon he is real comfortable with | All dragon and death | Tell him we’ll have to go over there and check out the dragons near the entryway | Remember the healing friend of the dragon


Death could just not be tax free

My head’s about to be screwed off.

Soul Navigator.

It’s very much a personal thing on Facebook. Thank you for being partner with her. Mystically, philadelphially. Ellen he grows with.

And he knows I’d eat the system –Blackcreek.

How old is it. Equally extended over discipline.

Death could just not be tax free.

Excited for the 6 jobs [tomorrow] –Tinting.

It was a word that I trusted you.

Noise maker. I used to work at Anvil –: yeah. Hat drifting away.

I just had the internet paralyzed.

Biofield – it’s a decade.

That I’m not noticeable.

Let the season begin: not without you.

Tech work and orientation.

Snakin’ to be awaken with a candlewood in my throat
{Lady calling out}
{turn 50 this year, needed to make}
{catch up time}


Sally farmhouse. A little bit more time on life. Sweet candies. I got the ladders in the car.

I love your pagan energies.

Wisdom and security. Mystical transactions. A pagan prophetess.  Self evident. How are you doing this morning?…How much money did you make?

Couldn’t find the tweezers.

Built a songwriter. North winds.

No more chances we can still go do the… .

It matters a little bit more [shutting/tuning in].

We can’t do anybody’s work for them.

Really hurt me. …Me too. You can have as many as you want. Tanner the escape. Separated from assistance. I tint to go to school.

Peak photos. Civil engineering.

Doctor of the soul. Planteficisher medicine.

Answer the door power to your highest call.

Are one with ministry. Fecal system.

Sum it up in one word Universe– Garner ←Mind your business.

Do it for them—don’t do it for me.

Illiterate. Get your feet together.

Let me change your mind.

We travel through air, we don’t need to travel over seas –Totem carving [dream words from husband].

Three of Bows¤Fulfillment {Creativity in the Spirit} | NO SUNRISE FINDS US WHERE SUNSET LEFT US—The Farewell


So if you can see angels why can’t you see ghosts

So if you can see angels why can’t you see ghosts

Surfing over a million waves for practice.

A line of computer I’m ready to think about. Schout weaverman – Scout weaver-sons. Garner. World turning that’s for sure. Burning bright. My back’s up against the wall.

A little hesitant to read the stars.

Burning brightly. Nutrition cafe.

Husband/wife – New coke problem—issue were booked. It’s afraid for the diet. Would have been you. Cocaine couple. Brother and childhood crush together. That depressed look in your life –face.

To love those nights lost with any town.

I’m on Ariel view. Reyona 5. Ceasefire.

The journey you are on your soul.

Crime in action. Leap in questioning. Selective partner only blocks the needs to ___ other [comfort]. I know its several doors lock. ‘If you look towards heaven any given night’.

So if you can see angels why can’t you see ghosts.

You just can’t imagine.

I died of a pull up last year.

Thought to have spiders but not in their youth.

Dancing with the bar[re]. Black guy trying to rape me – no luck. Strawberry seeds with strawberry sulfur –herb. Thank you Rock, I was label. Solution oriented prayer. Keeping it real with filtration camps.

I want to run my worth.

You’re looking at the integrity of the situation.

Sensualities rarely worded.

Everything’s a force of nature [from India].

Child license pick. Bro that links to your heart.

My expert added phase. Build a long mirror.

To hypnosis, is that extra good for you.

I ate all my dinner, I was like the drunk person who ate all her… . Why are you doing so well? You’re mad at me – You can’t support me in my endeavors.

Like a new man, new engagement ring –Recliner chair.

I’m so hot and bothered the other way.

I have been asked to go on – It is extremely surreal to me.


Writing this to soothe comfort

[Trancing in my sleep—thought all was written down—but remained in my dreams].

We will world our world war straight. We will world our world real word straight. ←Lupe Fiasco [and that’s it].

Purple guy with sinister paradise. No one to release it to.

We’re different people so we work different –Husband/I/anyone.

Out of my element zone.

The title’s yours to celebrate.

If you get knocked down too fast.

Like sharing the toxic… . Really old cats crazy cats. Supposedly a good thing in the past.

Not climb Mt. Everest…Tree climbing.

Writing this to soothe comfort. Sacred candles.

My shirt off in front of people – I am doing that on purpose.

Fragile lessons.


Don’t want to lose what my ancestors lost

Empire service. Towards the pain inside I came. Lucrative. A 2019 tone. Going so fast need a defibrillator. Celebrity love. It will not be my stomach.

Of course you’re a gorgeous surfer.

And we’re getting it prepped for the next owners.

Surf few waves. Awfully excentric.

If these aren’t pleasant thoughts on a broken shoe.

I could of just clipped it wrong.

I’m not swearing a cuss word. Minor shock over your body. He fascinates me more than your dad does. That would of been a good thing to fix.

I saw a death in the family.

Anastasia. Gain access.

Properties and principles.

I want to keel over from the joy inside.

Known questions. Seeing in the spirit.

Requested 2 Angels. …Aww that’s me.

And by the winds they start flowing.

Cassidy and Brave’s delivery.

Please wait for me…to understand.

Understand. Be pursued out professionally. One stop shop. In loving memory [I fully trust]. Save it – You need to know the truth –overspender.

New and conventional.

Don’t want to lose what my ancestors lost.

Dad needs lots of people to sun him dress.

A private party thing.

So blendingly sad.

10 years in the making [another]. Train harder. If you need a leader Monday night, find yourself a gatherer.

‘Sami Hunter. Inspired by Vendel era designs of anthropomorphic shapeshifters. An anachronistic design of traditional Sami material culture. In Norse mythology the Sami were known to possess powerful magic. Bearing the ability to shape shift and create enchanted pelts that would turn a man into a beast. Within Europe, the northern region of Sapmi was amongst the very last to be converted to Christianity or fully embrace “modern” ways of living. This has left a mystical folklore embedded in animistic rites, blanketed atop an inspiring wilderness landscape and tangible traditional culture.’


I hope it will remind you – I’m conservative

Daily draw through the week:
{Sun}day~THE EMPRESS~Sun {Moon}day~THE SUN~Moon
{Týr’s}day~THE MAGICIAN~Mars {Woden’s}day~THE ARTIST~Mercury
{Thor’s}day~THE DEVIL~Jupiter {Freya}day~THE EMPRESS~Venus

Misalignment is the pride of connection. Train games finish before you. Didn’t have a sander blast. City map. Short cut off seeing you.

It’s a horrific honor, Your Majesty.

I hope it will remind you – I’m conservative.

The dog in me tells me it’s not.

They have permission to order it.


My Dad was living in a dream of swords. From humble marriage. I like the support off this game. Snow on hill –Rexy slide down fast then me, husband – coffee – chill vibes—hunt over. Yom Kippur. Picture Avent Artist: Dad. Get home – Mom which I’ll parent. Famous Ex blondes. I like the support off this game. Projected discovery. Worker scraping film – me: be careful, I have a feeling – you need/drink some water –scraping hard.

They will say love hates relationship.

You choose your destiny – You choose your life.

I’ve known her since she was a boy –Mama to Brave. Cheers to yourself. –Me being off Wednesday – boss: hmmmm, me like plans yo.

Slow down to the chimney.

That’s kinda fun, no one wants to take a sand and bucket.

Saw past customer – kinda cold/about business. Working with the metro area. Patches of snow from half sky falling down – Drex was pain free while sliding down [or went fast].

The proper Ayurvedic support.

Communicate with twins.

Certainly accounted for it.

You wake up the dishes.

12 comes as fate as children.

I collapsed from exhaustion, and then I was ashamed. Half the sky snowed–. A different source of strength – A spiritual strength. The feeling of it was something that I can’t explain.

Take the salt and pepper out of your mouth.

It is knives and swords. Bad super sweaty. Prorate an option. My grandparent’s not real family. Join hazard statement.


Have patience controlling her piano

The culture of spirits.

Slow in action – Show in weight.

A positive tsunami. Haven’t separated them in my life.

You could sit here and put on makeup but you gotta go to work.

When you don’t have anything … . Can just vedged. Dad @ us @ lunar Jeep. And not wanting to be my guilt. Milo and Otis. They don’t lay new shelfs. Brand new phone. Filtration sites.

[I just got out of] The massive most agreement.

Prenatal support. My ginger practice heroes. Turning your phase on. Going through the ground running. How long ago was this, yesterday?

If you ever wanted to know.

Memory readers.

Multi-universe existence.

Have patience controlling her piano.

I think of them all the time but none of them mean anything to me. My panterx. [You found someone] That can water the plants.

Charming against his words.

Many doctors knot prison.

Dancing in heaven and it’s all confused.

Mutual letters.

It doesn’t even feel/sound like that much money. Civic account. Spiritual rest. How clear I asked him. Privilege denied.

You have a period moon.

Stop trying to correct a mistake.

My Dad looked at me and sent me the Christmas cards.

I’m not willing to die young on this legacy. Do you have children?…Yes. Wanted to stay here another 20 years [on moving]. Fragile sea lion. Looking down at healthy health. Snake detector. He’s always used to having dog food or cat food. I should be silly not to help –Heavy artillery. A … potato that has problems.

I have tripped and listened to myself.

The Lovers. I’ll go get it because I deserve to –Grocery store. Worker car wreck down that way—64/OK/boss roll on/pick up. I only read Monday night. Don’t you not want to make it confused for Mom.

With that being said are you requesting Victoria’s middle name?

You work here.

Won’t fit on her massive Zodiac collection.

How long had we miss going to the dentist? I’ve always wanted to read my writings to someone. Avoid triggers. Lack is the brain’s response system. Correcting the divine. I’ma get to the army of the soldiers –Spiritual.

I’m about to flip my mind.

Hollywood’s an idiot – no I don’t think she does.

A little vulnerable this week…but I get to the same place.

State of the art gangster –Blender.

I’ve seen all the clips but have’t seen the movie –Spiderman.

Who shoots by revere. Show dirty, be your messy ground.

And just to prove, this is why your specialty’s accurate.

Take off with that tablecloth. How the Menlo is all on and trail.

I was actually the other side of their drama.

Lockshop up out. Coppersnow.

I have a sword that’s in your name.


Upper chrome and inside all my cleansing miracles

Concert ___ – he gets way more than keyed. That eats up your mid-20s. He’s tirelessly holy spirit and chasing his tail … . ‘Act through God’—What is. Hook the flask can plain.

Can you discontinue one?

I’m expecting life blessing again over this life.

Expectantly expect the young teen. It greatly affected my message board long. Song and dance—Party people. No sought-after crystal. We make love and we make everything. And for nearly 4 years hero went… .

I don’t really know what other options you have besides to do it. I don’t really have any other options besides to do it.

My channeling was to know you.


Clear this before the accident –Him hiding something to me by garage. Just where I’m at right now. Are one with ministry. I just want to say how I fucking feel. Why has this expired recently? Need your expectations to ___ . You can unlock it but got to pay for it.

Upper chrome and inside all my cleansing miracles.

I do not stand up right.

I’m not reading with Pennsylvania. Conscious slip – Conscious leadership. Yeah your boss’s an idiot –worker too agree. Get your witch on. Close collisions. I don’t have much of a place to say anything but –Sister. Choice chef. Ancient Caesars. Either if it’s in eggs or algorithm. And if there’s cash we’ll return a reward. Spiritual action –Card –Hierophant. Busch Gardens smells. [I’m the one] The office motif. You’re not on top of it but you’re here –Atlanta couple.

Why did I need innate speed. 3 dogs [in a day].

Wisdom … . Black out in shower—computer on as I walk by. I understand and agree –with husband. I believe Williamsburg has the warranty form. [Richard Knight popcorn popping multiple places]. Front line and center. Personally restrained.


It touches the Artist but it will touch every soul

Walrus spirit. So timeless in its creation line.

Come see for remance of time to have a look.

Week see. Fellowship. Primadonna way.

But there’s a big problem out there, letting you guys regain my fear.

We’ll be cool and calm.

Snack just seemed a little wasted. What like my dream clip. That is your prime place to be. He was money-motivated by money. Style—Ethics – Ethos—Madness. Highly packed formation crystal. The joy of sorrow.

We’re going to do this until the cows come home – Conscious slip.

We’re just trying to get our family together –$ million dollar home/sand purchase. 

So detailed I don’t do that to crew.

It’s such a smile between the hug. Their mom’s hysterical.

Names at 11. Talk over respect. Use of his contract.


As the world turns – Sinful favor. Spin like till you timelike – fake it till you make it. None of us have to get out and build ourselves –me, husband, Dad. It’s the idea of something –to break it. Milo and Otis can tell. Inching towards the finish line. We’re saging a few letters tonight. Hate not to say this –Brother. Deal with those fucking end caps more exclusively. Oregon inlet.


Be the first to be edged and tangible.

Styles at stationary wall. What we call the second tailbone.

Cat-breast is solid. What I feel and what I know [sync up].

You have to stop baking bread. Conscious saint in my unconscious reasoning. Other people’s expired license I was comparing off of. If you want to fill up on 3 days –Tinting.

Up-lamenting the recyclements.

Lost everything. Food is addictive. The supporting platforms that we now have. God help us all. While chasing gunman. Carousel.

I know, I just feel like I could of ordered the stars.

Pay attention to the nature of my writing. 

Regain ourselves – Self control.

All my spiritual plans are highly confirmed.

Just a reminder, Bravery.

It touches the Artist but it will touch every soul.

It does seem under control. Have fun – build it back in everyone. Restarting Maryland. And I that it was done for me.

Away in a manger – no crib for his bed –sweethead.

I’ve been looking for a black bag. That says it all – that’s not a couch potato. Double checking in 4 of the cocaine places. Frontline –Lace.


Heaven blew me away with angels

The spirit + soul unite in alchemical union.
Creation says: A person’s inner beauty is their Alchemy.
The beauty of a person’s Alchemy.

Out of the blue she wrote.

Kicked the newsman off the street – Kitchen wars.

Remain steady about the sky.

Completely off the wall. The velvet shoestring.

This crazy intuitive approach.

Before the price is right. We can if we want to.

They’re only using for delivery of messages.

Drug therapy. Osprey. New Fonda. Remirez. Have them torn out of their boxes. Overnight out her things.

“Folkart”. Heaven blew me away with angels.

Truth in style. Let’s chew that wisely.

Mutual relationship – understand.

People don’t want you to go.

Neurotransmitters. Responsible for all this. And just to market rules. Clear design. 

Styles, borders, frames.

Concert wavepool – work resumed – pool water. Cut at the low calorie drive. In it, over it, pure.

Seat covers, not meditation—I’m sure you see every morning.

Tune in. Don’t impress God.

What nonsense happy is my heart.

30,000 followers on Facebook. Cleansing miracles. Wisdom child. A crow on you. 7 items sold. They seem to eat us up. Conceivable. Positive tsunami. … chariot. … .

Intern guitar-ship lessons.

Secrets are coming out. Cash flow positive. 

We gave away a lot of straight away.

Unbalanced wisdom.

Clinically…clinical need to be alone. Jumping.

All I know is we’re going to make the first work we have.

About to get a Jennifer’s body snack.

A manger orange sisters has brothers. Rejects self. Just cutting yourself down –Week writing.

If you’d like any angels today.

How do you keep everyone happy. Purgatory.

I’ma pursue a deep cultivation of spirit.


Principle and the other parts of a saint

I’ll state how long we carrie underwood.

An emotional intense event that… .

When moms have to say no.

Prove your specialty.

Foundation they don’t mind us being here.

I’m a good lord certain.

Styles at a stationary wall.

He’s not either woman – He’s not every woman.

Your value weather.

You guys are busy when it’s practicing, right?

Aunt Lenoir around… .

[Here is to] My first heaven – my one of a kind view.

In the safe Q. of my dreams. Missing link.

Principle and the other parts of a saint.

She saluted spirits.

My ups and down.

Double energy is off the guy/bell.

Getting action at stand-up.

Any man would suggest.

You’re hitting with all your softness.

Before the plate gets blade. I have to power cut.

I don’t play any back for less. New business.

Power cut – when my body regular.

Yumbers –me to John.

Piped away as charisma – Astronaut to nature.

Awfully dark aspiration.

We’ve made our awareness men official.

Concerned about the frontline fading –Lace.

Premium outlets at 6am –Black Friday style. …Safest place to work – Crazy place to shop.

Maybe I should just be quiet when I do the dishes.

Forget the table – Forget the light.

I’ma be the guardian Mom – Let Seth do her thing.

Won’t be hired again – open position.

Work your way around it.

Talking heads.

[She had] A nourishing fall.

If you’re browsing and you’d like more.

Infidel. My body is your purpose.

This house defibrillator.

Dress size zero –Kim corset.

I had no idea other than pushing.

Me and owner working close – him leaning on me, me didn’t mind – because yes was nice to work close together.

Tighten up against the wall. Calabasa.

I will always be able to provide for you.

The business before we were doing young skies.

No, I will not get this any sooner.

I need it so bad to connect everything that’s happening –weed.

If I don’t get caught up.

It’s a golf course. Hugely accepted. Rhythm-wise.

This is what I’m into right now.

Handcraft handcrafted violence.

Slow with learning curves.

Rexy didn’t leave anyone with a very nice review.

The business before we were doing young skies


Misalignment is the pride of connection

Birthdate — Today’s date — Death date
The Tower[r] | King of Swords[r] | Knight of Wands
Upheaval of emergence — Knowledge in thought/air — Action in the spirit/aether

Probable Witch.

I’m not from you to take your goals from me.

They’ve tortured with slave invites. Maintain a business. Savage shoppers.

Shield the perfect belief.

Why are you selling it to verify that it’s real –Gems.

[When I fall asleep] A famous royal family.

Essential gear and employees.

Misalignment is the pride of connection.

Subtle and beyond.

I didn’t lay new styles –Gems missing pie piece. Sneak available gossip. Warwick Boulevard.

However we know what the issues are.

Loose people will grab you.

We were like 5th grade elements. Bingo.

All of my winds would have to be free.

Opening an American Leaf Peter.

Restore healing and orange balance.

I’ma do cars, flips, and boards.

Rocks to postures.

Highly packed formation crystal.

Me stubborn gift wrapping my yellow gift cutting paper alone, no help…Grandmom there.

[It might sound bizarre to you but I long for amnesia from what I go through]. 


My Dad was living in a dream of swords

The Great Assembly.

Swallowhead. Investor. 

Let me hold a key – Wisdom perspective.

The words of an angel. Baby Ruth.

The first 9 results of your car it shouldn’t.

So thin and integrity.

Gave him extra money so he wouldn’t have to work extra hard to.

Camping out back – me – husband, other, cuddle…Respond to crisis…Newport News – camping. Blew it like a bozo. Do you feel accessible?…Yes. The situation’s being prioritized wrong.

I am careless about them starting to go bad.

Alamo. Careless [Granddad Duane]. Keep everyone happy? Explosive wisdom. Do you know where I am out at? Rulebook. That would put some bad sausage bites.

Judge commentator’s fun – because I think she could of been anyone.

The perfect medicine. Distilled.

Salt water or lamp.

I wanted it to also speak to me.

Dealing with past life experiences – I feel like I am.

Cambodia. General Assembly.

Charged with late things to do.

So bold get your crave on.

Unique squat –June.

You will become like 69.

Cosmic – from project.

Switches – American citizen.

My Dad was living in a dream of swords.

I would appear business and secure.

Stationary’s republic.

He gave you your foundation.


I guess I revere it so much

The Sun — The Moon — The Sky — The Earth
Fool | 10 of Cups | 5 of Cups[r] | 8 of Wands[r]
All believing/Faith — Full circle tides — Change in heart by divine spark — Intimate [Infinite] gates from the spirit
to lift innovation [Uranus] and the gravity of discipline [Saturn] to descend benevolence [Jupiter] and charm [Venus]

Manifestation results.

Taking toll and fair cuts on prices. Imagine a bud to rebuild your business. ‘I’m just speaking from experience – nothing can compare to your first true love’. 

The body’s trickling down.

Margaret Atwood. Reliable position. Supreme justice court.

A self hatred towards yourself. 

Far into that old school question.

Years I have prayed unimaginely. Cambodia.

Because grave communication with you [I’m not thriving].

Lay homes on foundations. Not going to get all in the mood – certain detail. I will have it if I don’t spend it.

It’s taken a lot of courage to talk about.

Gift giving. 75% control. Tears for fears. New times Roman. 

I guess I revere it so much.

How long is your password?…50—Ann—Touch.

Orvis. Out of the blue.

Thank you for waiting for me to understand.

Together – Problem solver.

Mistletoe – Self control.

You’re trying to get me. Regardless of some facts. On social media rest. Psychic appeal –Vegan.

Who has no control over what I say.

Doors of paint on them circle the truth.

You’re in this world to oppose it.

Responds to network. His bells reigning at. It will be my career. Slow factor. Staying justified –again. Or deserving to drive right under. 

These big muscles to mind.

Clothes on the floor.

I just feel like you’re going to tell me something I don’t want to hear.

Sinful exchange. As the world turns.

Taken down house rules.

No one comes to your family.

Of course you back it up.

She left the angels on the table. Turntop.

You’ll camel key and cheat/fly your block.

Live Amsterdam.

Bravery of dying.

It didn’t look like unintimidating number [30s]. Wrap me up – Work me out. Results I book. Web sponsor.

Everyday she woke up in a big big mood.

I know you’re pregnant at the last season.

Support you – support you in your bad acting.

Sounds like the same person’s in both those letters.

You and I – Best parody alive.

Showing you all “the Sun”.

WooWoo and Wyatt.

Violent the inventor – The great sweep.

Get a little closet. The finger of God.

Embrace your effort. My first end cap.

I feel great about Facebook adds we lose ’em. We free-falled to nothing. We free-falled to never except hanging…[expect hanging]. Some kind of surgatry you’re young. Mental train game.

It will take longer than you ever imagine.

They’re going to take as long as they take.

Wolf regulating through time and space. Black lives matter. Endoctrination circle.

Welcome to the Quartz house.

Sloppy gibberish. Rain on me. American madness.



When in doubt know that writing poetry will build your practice

Glass whistle. Spitfire. Legal team. 

An underlying reason of change in a way.

An under reason ground for change in a way. Baby powder/Dad, in hotel room – Asian doing window film for. Conscious slip. Dad’s going. If bored laid me…If board lay me.

Figure it out by veggies.

I was the first to unlock this.

National sales program. Modest fashionations.

I need to be called in and worked in. My attitude.

The right blend – The right and seed.

Living post warning. Each murder point out layman back.

The final time with all my selfves.

When in doubt know that writing poetry will build your practice.

99 sleep in it. A good relationship.

My face is raining.

Love you Drex, love you empty can sooner.

Yeah, I left my age and youth.

It’s a very hard thing on Virginia. Guatemalan street.

Senior popcorn.

Sometimes popcorn beings…


God’s here in ear to listen to homeschoolers

One big breath at a time.

… a gunman, … together.

It would come, it just wasn’t this year.

My range is open. Full speed ahead.

Nice little watershop.

Have the ability to tie tiny homes… .

A-lots a-lots a-lots of truth for me.

Endless forms of energy beings.

Air competitor.

He springs towards the finish line.

What necessary? Freedom or faith.

The biscuit out. The opening practice. Khloe. Weed talks to me in all my power hunger. …[word power]. Trailers from this morning are insanity issues.

The other one – Made it look vivid.

Display case. I hate errors!

Don’t be the hippies that don’t care.

It’s not deducted right. Attention focus. 

You should give your best birthdate on the tone.

Bleeding out. Heavy artillery. I feel silly hiding.

You’re living in and out of me.

Build your practice.

Good information. Quality quartz. How it appears is. 

I got sent all the flowers. Mr. Moon.

God’s here in ear to listen to homeschoolers.

 I can tell I can see you.

I hunt when you take your car in my key. Premium content. 

Are stress allowing you to live a healthy existence?

Nun– stand-up paddle board with staff moving/steering in water [vision].

Special couples were 6 and 9 month olds.

Real Estate – Investors. Things are not going alright with me and Bay. You attach to your checkbook. Setback.

Today, Venus entered her rulership in Taurus. The universe doubles down.
Nurturing, expanding her creations in patience, wealth, and sensuality.


What’s in the eye – What a huge risk at hand

‘Race of Hero Spirits Pass’ by Walter Crane, 1909

Yield on excruciating target. My holy card union. 

God’s Spanish planet for frosting today’s puzzles.

Strong sense of total movement.

Dream future goals.

Jesus Insights.

Winter aggression. Display case. 

He admitted to throwing major daisys.

I love you. A diet language.



                                       3–  Us being on time! [–online]

All that’s left over in a year. 

Dance Career.

Instagram official

To blocking loved ones. I like him calling. Spiritual resurrection. Love languages. Why isn’t your purse in there.

–Chiropractor– 6 months before Chiro – I was a different man – been through so many trials. …Chiropractor – chill/peaceful [before].

Excited to meet this nice person.

River run.

I want the child of innocence.

              Sending healing – 1


                                              3   Mediums

You can’t stay up late and move early.

A dog house catcher.

I love this aligning.

At a teachers’ beginning to take shape.

Drive thru.

I want someone’s episode.

I think it’s Jesus in there.

Solution oriented.

Are you getting it prepped to move for the next owners.

Worker should of not done the $2500 job – they were on fence anyway – not happy [should of dissuaded and been honest on results]. Global itch. I got clear – opening practice.

On your ultimate line of credit.

Would you wear it for Aubrey.

From 10,000 to oblivion.

Write how you really feel.

A shadow reading vital for understanding.

Thinking about grave designs isn’t that your structure if you’re not happy.

I’m on Ariel view.

What’s in the eye – What a huge risk at hand.

You just have to take the game out of the internet.

So awesome so can may be a wrap up.

It’s really cool to see all the hearts of Facebook.

Self help healing discipline. To get caught without it. We can’t be someone who we’re not. 

He’s borderline – poor thing.

You’re going to love the warranty that comes with it –Dad.

I’m 40,000 in debt right now.

What did you do in the past life?

Acute Bibles.

Dang your girl can’t even finish a kombucha, they’re in there for you to have.


Highly trained army and souvenir

Any city and scare. Sin just, ___ with the fuel cities. Sherlocking. 

Seems aggregate – between powerful and emotional.

It’s finally here.

My end game was off.

Keeping it court, I speak Spanish and…[French Polynesian].

“One minute” I hear you everywhere.

Teutonic harm [blessed with].

Natural swimmers.

Can you move my lipstick.

A scissor if we winter you expert. Gymnast…: Love, preparation and school.

Counting in my own terms.

Paying the heart of your business.

A future money making book.

I hate me from around the world.


In the gay community – Shadow pride.

We are so highly pleased.

I dip in concerts.

Are you pulling all these weights.

A nice thing, trippin’ over a little bad weapon.Primetime.

When you understand you know.

Not accepting your brain for how it’s appearing in photos.

Highly trained army and souvenir.

After CCC, suffer steps in the middle.


How often did you work or beyond anywhere

Loyalty rings.

State betrayal. This place has many throws [stairs]. As humanity with any lay himself. Convertible cashrate. I didn’t talk with the border.

I’m going to oddly appear when they’re cover.

My hand bow builds slowly.

Joints will be revealed to the sky.

It does not matter who you are – getting lost in public.

The head vs. its prayer.

If you need weed to support what’s real – you need life.


From humble marriage. Will we struggle?…how are we going to struggle.

Go so quick and very tender.

A love interest playing piano.

How often did you work or beyond anywhere.

[I like leaving things] Just how I see ’em – Just how I found it.

Plans to commit.

Detailed information. Data replacement features. 

I am the most unnecessary human.

Blind eye staring contest.

Some heat repairing cloth.

Make your money when you’re milking it.

The joy of sorrow. Horse sacred secret mantra. They let us feed into minor pressure –3M safety.

Going to have your achievements other than that – that’s a cluster-fuck [right there] –me on life.

Give them plant based dairy.

Can you imagine its kinda necessary trace. How do you get back to Charlottesville. Sandwiched together.


My projects were taking me time after time

Read on readership. No capital value.

The space to put potential in it.


When touching comes in insight.

Dad came late to job Mom and I were on…We were tired but would work till 10:30pm and me drive back…Dad coming. The round clock. We were like how much longer to work?, been here all day. Not stopping till next Tuesday. 

A tortured shell.

You kinda smell like a divorce. Robin Roberts. She went extra cover. 

Show in militaristic action.

A lady laid impressed.

Creative song gathering –Husband/Wife.

My instincts tell me all going to be alright.

My feet is below chisel [some place] –Dad. Ways to ward off nature. Active training.

The second one shelf that we joke about. 

Karma suits you.

Layce Marie Presley.

Speak up – Show off.

She touched and played fine.

My projects were taking me time after time.

Cosmic kids.

Why aren’t I doing emotionally OK?

Collective dust.

[Come and see] What Luna and me on the prairie.

I was holding out for another piece.

Triangles and circles.


You are worth telling my secrets to

And there are those that can’t make that up –Sisters praying. …And those that can’t make that up.

Mule our home.

Per-degree punch. Lawmakers.

Your body is ready. Spiritual rest.

Conspiracy addiction. 

Love’s fool – Love’s will.

They don’t grow up like ball and origami.

There’s worse than goth than angels.

Steer clear – violent purple.

Small writing groups.

Violent the girl remote.

This foolish Angel’s void.

I’m here, give me a closet –Jam.


His broken heart. Mom going to end of hall – door then another where laundry. Facebook post on funerals. Parent’s front yard – catching wind with mini glider, fun. 

Lost the tomato sense of the dress.

Sweeping entryway for Chiropractor/Spine Center – when on break—first week back.

Maybe this is the last time you’ll be empty – empty with words.

Didn’t want to make pity but it’s the attraction to exhaustion.

Fly different.

Lately I’ve been yearning.

If the bud is nice and tender.

It came late – that’s how strategies… . 

I’m inspired just to tell you the truth.

Do the work, the hard part will get you ←now.

Make love with a billion strangers.

Hunger hits you differently.

I could of chose walk below me.

The casual inbetween.

Eggs – impartial to the zoo.

Whichever seed you want to salt.

It’s all consumer medication.

This is the proof.

Hug this dirt, eat a damn fish.

Nobility. Without you. 

To the 3 window success board.

Crystal intelligence. High vibe attire.

You are worth telling my secrets to.

Native nation [This native nation].

29’s buying a whole new practice.

Cloudbase. Peacock.

Adoption is the happy hour.

Ocean big waves, forceful – stayed night in VA Beach – crazy people were swimming in rough dangerous strong waters/tides.

Justice is never served, except for 1 exceptionally weak person.


Interns. 3 babies – 2 newer – 3 big = 8 total cats camping in Jeep. When I caught my mother’s weird DNA. I was doing as much as I can for the seen/scene. If I tell you we’re not real. Ties them down –green opal. 

Can’t be hired without position.

Work in body.

Jennifer’s body.

I was running from reality.

Man talk about experience I know – the wheat from the chaff. We just wake rough the fancy. Me going back in venue after leaving – drama to get back in.

A shadow or forethought.

And pinch yourself evil red.

I got landscaped a meaning man. [Bust out 2 days…] Weather tastes wonderful. Artist’s unite. You did look but did not find. Ploy.


I was going to gain for everyone’s glory

So much death in the family.

A new clubhouse with information.

[Childhood friends – people trying to get in life – no – push back room. We were at a really cool spot before –to past co-workers and owner, us 3. Dinner party. We were in a really cool spot – I’m into helping people who work—People who keep working on their craft—I help people who improve/work on them. Childhood male friend as white mouse, trying to get in garage and life/no room in the least. Other past co-worker gained mad weight like brother. Childhood female friend – me running at night – quiet timeshare/crossing inner street, someone chasing.]

From 6 feet under –Skylight job.

Good Republisist.

I’m impressed by Angels –Owner.

Where’s Grandmom growing up?

Lace Peters.

Surprise mirror playing.

Food is addictive.

I was going to gain for everyone’s glory.

I don’t want to allow my breath to fall through the octvs [octaves].

Poetry in motion.

So shitty, I lifted the game with.

I was day dreaming.

Get in touch with us – because they all smoke for free.

Global wide practice. Don’t reverse me.

So you can sleep on the porch.

Too much blood in the air –Moon [wolf] howling at sky [vision].

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Knowledge and wisdom.

The scraps of the day welcome anything.

Our sweet change is the problem.


He had podcast and he welcomed their message

Age defiant.

In the division of language – Learning curves.

Full sails –Artwork.

Defraud others.

Hats off the ocean.

He had podcast and he welcomed their message.

Alliance. Oah, I’m your champ.

Way worse you’re talkin’ about.

So it will slip down by the road’s trash.

Whether the Judge had owned a million year subcontract[or].

Let’s go home and work things out.

You have the money to pad up to the peddle.

Overcook the shit out of them –Shrimp.

1 last piece of glass advise.

I don’t suffer like this all the time.

Ambush the honesty.

Aggregation tones. Strange awareness.

I don’t know how to process these emotions.

The rear of art shipping woman.

There’s a wood that cuts again.

There’s a wood that cuts begin/within.

I can only dream for your cautious Bible.

Ratfield ratfield. Mostly botanicals… .

What a season to sleep in –Scorpio.

Without having rule of his newborn children.

It just takes a lot of respect to not get offended.

Come on man eat me up – you let Stormi… .

Another month of myself – all [un]predictable. Torrance. Sense of panic. We all do.

Shove me with a doctor’s knife.

Dreamt I already downloaded ‘Journey of Souls’ and second time [re]listening…[Audible years before].

It was familiar –New lenses.

My infant Chariot.

Tokyo. Rat poisoning. Leading up to the divorce. Valeytron.


The way you prick me in my base is what I need from you

The way you prick me in my base is what I need from you

We won’t draft until Thursday. Close[d] in that R-tender of the moment. You stand near. 

The way you prick me in my base is what I need from you. 

I’m so sick of having everything in detail. 

I don’t even feel deserving – I never am.

Brewed from tingled water.

I got landscaped a meaning man.

Widely white.

Under no circumstances is that violent or horrific –just dumb. The souls win them out. If Christian so big –Resume add.

Got a billion spots on Instagram.



Can you help me shed my clog…The truth is I’m not looking for the right answers—I’m looking to shed my clog

Final rebates we make – Final rebates we die.

‘Neptune’s Horses’ by Walter Crane, 1893

Calm the liver spirit in cake and mystery.

Calm the liver king in cake and mystery.

Sword in Ace me home. Puddles of blood.

Once dying was proof.

I’ll start filing we need for help. A convenient truth. My favorite rule Ex. Kyle Littlefield. I was just envisioning smack a bitch and looks easy. 

Angels were vivid.

Goth of Angels.

Inherent value.

Social justice freedom. 

Can you help me shed my clog…The truth is I’m not looking for the right answers—I’m looking to shed my clog.

Sunshine and Holly.

3 pieces to flank your foundation so big.

Understanding the importance.

Growing numbers don’t lie.

Energetically climbing. I’d love to get my heels on. Those diary clips. Keep ’em out?

Atmosphere busy as hell.

My diary clips give insight into the human condition. Eating bad sausage. 

Unintended until your feet move forward. 

An extremely mutual relationship.

Though I would like a new product, I don’t need critical thinking.


Pressuring Pete to commit/conform. If you have a mirror that’s not my own. If you have a mirror that’s not your own. Technique style.

We went through your home, that you required to go through.

She was 11 and the 11th book written.

Rendering to see you.

Like your dreams are real.

Congratulations – flipping out on the next national anthem.

You can walk with your sister [I can].

You can have your check and eat it too.

 I’m with you and the 3 female in your stomach.

What’s the point with Rob – why does he get that message. I got it from Gab-atry Stones.

A newborn’s daughter.

Just let it out at the end of the day. Atone your station… . Swift my hands can always stay full. One other launch. Smoke…talking debris. 

One claimed man to Medium.

My first 2 hours of exaltation. Did you eat today?…Called in for Robertson.

Really hides and hides heat.

Lily Ann Rose: You should track your clearwater.


She may be like the personality of Paradise

A man goes viral – An officer to get your head woked.

Road closed ahead: Make alternate plan.

Botch in here. “I’m in a die all day” traffic situation. “Knight” you get together by Knight. Everything in their place was stupid. 

We all have a light inside us which burns deep within.

Fruits and vegetables.

What can I joy you?

Everyday final florist.

Offering to do the work.

He did…dream life – naturally. Abusive relationship. Well Ron hates me and George. Lay stone/s.

They don’t taste like the good nutrition facts.

“I’m like the missing link”.

Have you noticed at all. 

Called the Sunrise service.

Global human nature.

But that’s just because I know who I am.

You don’t just pick whatever the fuck you want.

Eating so much at night – I’m not going to share my future.

She may be like the personality of Paradise.

Will be established and ruin some others’ lives.

Do you know what hung up in our house?…Not too sure. It made no sense to Alabama. 

Invisible people care too.

I just got the murder, Grandmom Casey. 

Cooked that with a lot of Taurus.

“On the edge of the woods”. The dinoch. … and purge. Playing concert on stage – 5th grade percussion → me good rhythm-wise. I wonder how the details work but who cares. You get anybody should playing suiter’s game with that chest.

Witches are in Wichita.

Velvet. Moonstruck.

And the ones from Africa. Heated throw.

Money worshiper. Egyptian slave. 

She must battle for open and good heart people.

On a global rhythm.

Tree/oak with crescent cut out to top left [vision].

I like to stay late and do a good job.

Let me call you off energy.

It was just black it’s so blind.

To look for a picture down here is almost impossible –husband at Great Wolf. What is happening to me, and why isn’t anyone noticing [past thoughts]. So I can make mom feel proud again.


Opal is still often Lantern

Make pier and enjoy. Chapel. Civic plunging. Pretty raw crunch. Place as solid white. 

You feeling my writing – you ever think it’s really good.

Grandmom with 99 grandchildren at party –owner there/work. 3 toxins – 39 life principles. Without going crazy all the … . … . 

Wolf regulating through time and space.

Everything would appear different.

Burden after the other.

Please forward it.

High nobility path.

After 10 piece-less hits of … . A reason to go on. Civil pursuit. Be tax dumb in their brilliance. The missing link. Cows wept…←through you. Trial and error. After another meaning. Cataclysmic scene. On my daughter’s … . The practical bathroom. Suffering ’bout transformation. Catholicism. 

I don’t need to be hired, open position.

SuedeBrother/owner, me on beach – channeled all 3 in me. Me – sister – mother. … . Clinical group Phycologist, what can be made right by you. I get it –Dad –stepping up to the plate. How do you find your purpose. Me on break – train took closer to Toano from Anvil. Missing link. Stacy Fredricks. Popping the question.


Reap without sowing –Song melody.

Born out of my own nerves.

Henry Ford. Barbara White.

I move with space and time.

Emotionally distilled. Bargain train.

Lewis Circle – husband and I straightening up clothes – kitchen – just like home – so familiar like yesterday. Options of eco-system. Proud supportive group. Really impressive. 

I’m lucky heavy metal expecting you.

What being to start it endlessly.

Deep and integrated.

That Christ is… .

Well suited. Mom’s to work – not in the fight. The casino gaming world. I want this challenge-man. Semi-finalists. Think I should of hurt you.

Yes, Chris Green.

Light remembered 101. Shined on the staff.

50’s not enough to stole your kisses.

I don’t want your sneaky bitch dress talking any of my clothes. Corinne Bailey as Snow White. Remote viewing. It feels like I have to manage it with weed or it will manage me –Writing.

They don’t lay another blue hand.

What’s y’alls favorite movie – Teach me the ways –Mom.

Venturing capital.

I was … and last for … . Christian sister. 

Opal is still often Lantern.

Not following it if I… .

As little as what gets worked back for less.

Are you missing towel because you’re missing for me.

I’ma go over it a third time, and that just means it has to be final –Writings.

This is my Guardian Angel –at window [Seth woods]

Ramifications for the good people –Ram

I’m sorry ma’am you’re 10 minutes late, I can’t get to you.

Into this 5th grade rulebook.

Their life’s behind so much lesson in life.

She got … by a burger king a tag-a-mon.

The science behind writing and sharing [between].

God will work us in mysterious ways.

We experience moving out everything → move it back in.

Well if you have to cook anything with the bird, I’m not upset.

I need to … the original. Serious plans are fats or… .

Wasn’t impurities or chips fading.


Talked upfront with you.

We’re loving a white man – he’s funny more than snoop dog.


I think in style – that’s how I’m able to write my clothes

Natural origami.

Simply by feel good just by stashing money. The dying souls. Demonic behavior. We’ve all been annihilated before – I know how and when… . Every time I start the fryer dipped in. 

The power of my cleansing miracles.

You hurt like Arches.

Me there at Anvil but not, him wanting me to be happy. Smoking weed is the best culture. 

Like the forerunner of very surprise.

Life protector on sale. Island support.

I have not been able to get the red toolbox out of the way.

And demanding that your life is mysterious.

And demanding that your life is experienced.

Finally chopping load.

I don’t make any dead pieces like that.

You are a shitty announcer.

I think in style – that’s how I’m able to write my clothes.

‘A Masque for the Four Seasons’ by Walter Crane, 1905-1909

Frontier. Back heads. Upper class writing party theme.

Food and diet trends –Fashion.

Quality upgrades. Squeezy – why’d you take ’em in. 

Hung up – the kids officially wet from the fall.

Let’s not worm [warm] shards of death.

Milky Way – Makes your last name inspiring.

Turpentine. Just not resonating with my spirit. Healing Dad.

Paper moon.

You can do that from an optional stone.

Loyalty bruise [101].

I wanted you more than you wanted me. The opposite ends of the spectrum. T.V.’s final episode. Facing similar situation.

Rich man’s blood. 

Oh my god I wonder what your lady.

Appetite to get together.

A time killing meme and a heavy… .

Do we have any towels in your car?

Oatmeal – just give it to me it’s all dry and ready. There’s a lot of messy rounds.

You’re starting to carry on some decent weight. 

Focus – You’ve got jams.


50 total movement – 50 total Eclipse

Mom doesn’t want to make you money [Solar Filter]. Pro-rate nails and stuff. A presurized [eye] –3M. 

You’re sick of here holding it like this – it’s not meant to be held.

Universe: I’m sick of holding it like this – it’s not meant to be held –to Universe.

50 total movement – 50 total Eclipse.

I think we’re going to stay busy –Tinting. Seed intention. Old Dominion. Is leaving your privacy at home. 

Need a proactive shake.

The energizer bunny. Safe practice. Spiritual rest. 

It needs to drag today – It doesn’t have to.

Successful entrepreneur. Keep warm forever destination. Total nonsense. 

I didn’t turn any embolic codes.


You’re collecting the examples with the person’s energy you’re used to receiving

I’m sure we’ll have a practice. Let the secrets gain control. Lori Cramer. 

All my white board messages.

A complete mistress of time…and that’s how I see it.

Able to administer an adhere of personalities.

Register with cold heart warm allies. Things involving principle. I sat down with Andy Dorfman picking cannabis.

The body’s a fit thing.

Come in, I move control. Airfryer coming out. Way to put his back into tire and be made sense for you.

Can be awakening power the moment that you call.

Homeschool nurse lecturing…Reflect the entire world. Fort Lauderdale. The major house. There’s 3 different sections coming.

You’re collecting the examples with the person’s energy you’re used to receiving.

Motif –Mom gift. Uni-bowl. Final time expert. Converge. Ancient push. Record time. 

We’re kinda known for one of the best things if we’re clipped.

Rolling over every interest charge.

Matt, you turned me on to MGK –Electric feel. 

Lay homes on foundations.

Honey nurture cam.

On the journey to say something.

$1.50 for white meat [spicy].

To open our tinting talents of the year.

Aftermarket tint. Barbie Benson. Cannabis medicine. In the science division.

30 minutes is a really nice long cutting up party.


You’ve got an unearthly personality

You’ve got an unearthly personality

Don’t bring pie isn’t game when in.

Be tax dumb in the brilliance.

Greatest culture ever invented. Fast potential car. 

You’ve got an unearthly personality.

You’re making me cry a lot.

Then we each turn the ancient road. Silver union. Economics don’t wash me now. With filtered view.

In the casino gaming world.

2 more blink Apps in the eyes.

Your person anal texted spiritual language.

When hair’s brown paint and brown she down/brown as a bitch.

The Lantern you can’t compete with one another – you have to live with it.

And to these mother fucker – they’re kinda the Bible.

The truth hurts you even if you’re high.

Mathematical calculations. Owner/me looking good talking to people – guests –respectable/impressive one. 

And I know you want all your fingers so you can eat it fast together.

Snoop’s called a ghost lion.

Sir we have 1 chance to speak.

If you’ve ever felt helpless in a situation.

What the need is the ego.

But then try make it with something else, they always make it with coffee.

There’s only one of us that is real.

I guess I need to stop picking my husband’s job.

And try to smoke being respectful. I kinda took the many relines of read. I told your mama, your crack love is illegal. So I wonder if it’s keeping sister alive. Never gluten free gift. 

Stationery’s on the wall.

My mom’s Indian and Asian American.

The thought of taking from you gets me off.

No famous for around the world.

I began to tell on Jesus.


Talented emotions burbanking 2014

Very little bit of effort for your giant piano.

Maybe one day my best adult will decide.

How to blend your service manager’s hair.

Feeling improper.

Hope by Tuesday we’ll have the vision of care.

As humanity only lay … .

The revolution kill receptors inside of your pants. 

We had food for children.

Either formed in mind conceived in thought.

At last … drop by you on drop off. Mama deviator. Depp and Young. And … up and up … 88 right now, … . Young mustards’ for turning direct profits. Knows how to keep track of others. For your #1 of question. Painting quilt over questioning.

I wanted to do our own house this week.

That’s exactly what this meaningful death is.

Breaking bread.

Big green jacket on gas station ground for days…Me looking sexy and trim with service person. 

The foreshadow.

The solid foundation.

Talented emotions burbanking 2014.

His dick disappeared in less than a minute.


Let my change be the work for me

You must collect Pete with.

He’s the shadow of Eve.

Another water soaked Lily.

Mason trees. You … geek –black chick called me geek. Thousand rockers – fire on mower – ready to move forward. Resurrected. Retired early. 

Anytime I understand it, it came early.

4:59 – better than … . I want to bump you up to $40.00. Some of my precautions were steppin’ on sets. Kanye leaves to care all the time. The playton and Clayton around the car.

Not everybody has an anger issue outside.

I do not do the removal, I just do the sandpaper.

There will be no released pain for an hour. Sure footing. As opposed to my writing opportunity. I tried to look up.

I bring you thought and national parody.

Finish me a strong lady.

Looming/Lurking. A Tuesday disclosure. Endless drop. Butterfly banks. I’ve never given head except for you. Well seasoned. 

Let my change be the work for me.

People who had no wrong except what was going on.

I have no idea who they are – little mystery.

I would never ever bring one through the fire.

You making some premium choices.

No I’m not up to touching greeting messages. “May help you worry out there” full custom line. Peacekeeping is nominated in Alaska. Shampoo’s a squirrel eater. When you going to cook for us again.


Reading your keys because I specifically interested in you

Jesus heading up from mentality.

How to work on an unhappy room.

Sweet Christ. Modern tentory person.

A hand person who works super hard.

The peach of the karma.

Welcome to my words. Any petty city. Fifteen official official pay. Mortal desire.

They love all the plants and the animals.

Resistance tool. Mr. … build something the stomach out. Entrepreneurs. Create a deed like escape. You’ll have hits. You’ll have hips. Ben was curved in Washington. … became their crazy.

You can’t attack / turn your secret out of this one.

Age by talent. Poise and protected. 

Sometimes you miss it – very hard to see.

The great love is agony.

Active investment. Weak economy. Push for more boundaries. Take us a minute to … and realize. Just fuck it –pole. I never went through the … of swords.

Can’t I knock their holy union.

My personal X2 so directly to lasting of the … . I can have … . Black was reducing selling. We are expert riders. I love the taste of money. I love the taste of easy.

Work the enemy that I am needing.

Health risks.

A rather adventurous girl. 

Reading your keys because I specifically interested in you.

Different without you. I wish it wasn’t me. Whatever makes me talk the most. Meloni Rose. Brother lose tips – I need a promotion at my work.

Shadow pride. Mouth to mouth.

In a situation you can’t get out of.

We finished my mind – comfortable with it.

‘Nother world wish to navigate.

So much inner peace and manhood.

Me taken image as a guy – want rare thing like a gift.

It just starts off that slow. 

Hope began on Phoenix birthday.

This is the eye of the share Medium. Getting a little too used to being by myself. … monkey rounds to be friends with you. The old ladies who mow. 

Let’s get everyone – secrets coming.

This sales program so I can re-write my eyes.

People adulting or playgrounding on the gym.

Permanently closed without education. You can throw – some wilderness. My … arms laced by romantic. What’s sleepin’ behind.

Let’s be specific for the first time ever.

In no way do I deserve that look in my life –Style.


I must do readings for someone because I was sick

I love you because I don’t love anyone but me.

Lynning nice. You gotta say goodbye to a major company. All the font stays the same –Little tool box. 

I must do readings for someone because I was sick.

Pioneer woman. Gertrude. Do you see them as all together? Spilled for milk. Effort. Constantly. 

So sick of wearing that Winter soul.

You can hear that at the Brian’s pyramid.

I feel run just to remove a dick just to remove you.

The tricky here is long with any bacteria –Crystals/quartz. 

May 5th ~ Waxing Crescent

Oh no are we out of towels too, because I don’t want to take all her tips.

I’m an artist in comparison to shaking.

Now you still have a choice… . …You’ve flown your choice.

Everything you’re doing is wrong.


Her Sunday school job

[What’s silly is that I never wrote journals, I never wanted anyone to know how I truly felt]. [Talent needs discipline]. [Couldn’t see] [We were both in] Survival mode when already knew what is permanent]

Anteater –I was to Dad.

Souls have merged…After projecting. Tucson, AZ. Gross margins.

One isn’t high in real life.

Fake Rapunzel.

Your inner work ethic.

I was there because I heard it.

Keep a balanced diet – Not too much of 1 thing. We serve but – but me too. Sick and tired of playing yesterday’s game –brother.

The children underneath the dryer. 

50 famous with the meditation.

Her Sunday school job.


Make a career out of message in a bottles

They started these evolution. Mild emotions came over him.

I hate this woman because she’s everything I didn’t stand for –Dad.

When they look at me finance you –know I’m a girl. Only I have the ability to sway in life. Purple check. Free training –dance for our white light.

We’re all going to die. Very important lesson.

I felt beautiful on the inside I felt ugly.

Make a career out of message in a bottles.

That drunk hail talkin’. And mildly to serve. It’s autonomy and worth. Something who needs to make sense of everything.

So apology for the lie.

Can’t ever break through creative conditioning.

Wrapping a stand out.

Naive to think you would care about the heart of our business –Bay. Order 10,000lbs of beef brisket. Weed stresses you out really good. Dad lost weight creepy unknown to me overnight.

Ellen and endlessly streaking.

An affinity for the dark side.

Kinda been rooting for a stranger.

He pressed up on me right at times square.

Say hi and remember me.

…It’s going to hurt you… Huge piece of glass in hand with blood – Nurse aid to help [thought had to go for/to Urgent Care until I shifted by sliding it out at the right angle…Glass was from pressing on oney in bed. Sighed her life away. I know Jesse, you can do it all can’t you. Right hand glass.

|| The dog headed longship of Harold Godwinson, Saxon King. Bayeux Tapestry ||

Are you worried about targeting, suspending, or raping.

Cruel divine healer gothic park.

Me continued to hide proposal.

Love is pure.

The Star · Two of Swords[r] · Seven of Cups[r]
The Lovers · Five of Cups · Page of Cups

If you’re stressed out you need another one –

It’s going to be an ordeal because I don’t know where to put them all 

–New Chakra not 90° →top eye crown – had to/remove–or replace.

The Chariot · The Magician[r] · The Devil[[r] · Two of Cups[r] · The High Priestess
Six of Wands[r] · King of Wands · Ace of Wands

Find loose cannon.

I don’t know man, that sucks so bad –redo Kingsmill. We usually have to ___ a structure and Kim has to build clothes around it.

Straightforward and upkeep broadcast.

“Tinting someone’s space” –Protection … .

‘Cause if you’re living large – You’re using money.

It gets damaged because it was my church –Bay/in family.

If I … the last are one of the best things you made – If I could ever dream a Dutch oven girl. I think for Aeolian Heart messages [love messages]. To kill a version.

You feel more unusually on flowers than on bed.

Short, Medium, Monk kind of store.

[Went and had sex with so many people] You publicly lost.

To pull the broken glass out of my hand from the ‘oney’, small pieces turned big. 



You’re looking for a sought-after bruise

You’re looking for a sought-after bruise

Chat more in what they would say.

They weave secrets out of their bleeding. 

As each adventure hope waits.

The jumping power.

Revealing our secrets to the sky.

You’re looking for a sought-after bruise.

State of chaos right now.

How to emotionally develop.

How to emotionally develop ink.

Writers, scientists, inventors.

The scenes that are spell binding

Tint sliding when cut custom to square, then on other –had to lift. Messy birth canna flowers. Any force beyond me. We should know how to tint professionally. We don’t serve another red friend. It’s one of those things you barely pay for. Harlem Rakeem.

We need to meet them where they met us.

My favorite rule Ex.

Long tender Medium.

Ultra embracing.

I knew Lawrence was scheduled and stuff.

Now it’s just going to weep in the morning.

It’s hard for me to understand everything.

He pricked it outside for a small business.

Find energy every morning.

Turning forward into a piece of Prophet.

A speed motion block.

Feels like a collective straighten my butt up.

And he’s all on our sides in a safe place to go. Empathy. To its own demise. Body’s so familiar lucky-stars this beautiful.

Died from the fantasy.

Life giving truth.

I don’t need healing lately when he comes back.

May mirror you as end is planned.

That App is cool to watch this.

Why would you like to sour a wagon out.

Everyday spirit there the last degree.

Romana and Biaz. 

Read on readership.

The literary dead Poet’s society.

You stopped acting like you were on the chopping block.

I play in what gets playful.

I bought under armor $40.00 –Shoes.

Crazy lungs.

Cause of the Prophets.

To support your work.

Hour management.

Maintenance thing and long thoughts.

A paper separates you.

Are corporate of this course. I’m sorry it was his … honor. Said bye to DadThat the jury just keeps snailing away. Brother and I went to town/… more service.

A night full of so much stuff to go with my memory.

‘Doctors’ tinting day and a half so proud I had to get spirit guilds. Day of the Japan.

So you’re on the up and up but you’re a Democrat you said.

Time flies when you’re signed up to a paperweight.

Last call of the bed here.

Beautiful rendition. From my develops into seeing you I guess you turned into the yes boy. For my patterns for seeing you I guess you turned into the yes boy.

Everything I was doing was taking me time.

Rotate my balance and stay.

The Jupiter of the Neptune.

Get 5 hands for free –Dad.

Look at his strong sense of total movement.

Let’s get high tonight.

You lost her in life, a real relationship.

Let’s go got your handsome shoes on.

I got all sorts of nerves about going there.

It will be refreshing to get the computer and the workout done.

It is on a global mission.

3 hands on the hall for Vienna.

I’d love to “roll out and live” –Spiritous trial adventurer.

A straight away is Jared’s 3rd eye [5th eye] –brother chopping bricks with one go Samurai style.

If black lives matter the most…

I am in a nothing regret system.

You guys are pros.

Taking your business from you.

I was letting your license go.

Me used to “hoarding” so walking over someone’s house hoard commenting used to.

I guess Kelly is quick to tell you the truth.

School is replaceable, he’s not.

Anvil cabins and rentals. Want some Latino dinner. Me tattooing her leg. The 5th didn’t show up.

Not inherited weaknesses.

An extra loaf of bread.

The most he linked up my life.

You produce positive effects.

That you take it the suggested way.

Mentally enjoyin’ how do I do this. 


Oh you got connections and that changed my view

The spirits’ praying.

To exclude or offer your show.

Popularity seeing this trend.

Lace Peters.

You don’t have to picture it so colored.

The remember times and benefits.

Can think of it higher or slowly. 

All the fun facts.

Jump on time Shania Sky.

Hexagon blog.

Adorable’s home.

Crystal weaver.

Particularly particular.

A greater pain.

Anne Knight.

Meltdown on future this was it – tinting weekly … . Left my … Anvil. Meltdown on … – couldn’t be only path.

Cornhuslter’s property. Finalized words.

Kills the attention to the aesthetics of the album.

Oh you got connections and that changed my view.

It’s going to take me a light-year to get home.

Last last last, Dad dance with the cake.

Parking lot Jeep – I couldn’t get lights on – making sure my other was locked. 

Glamour and ghost.

Yes and nail polish –evil on cover up frame to frame.

I hadn’t really gone all Full Moon vibes on us yet.

I think I let you stand you.

Lewis Circle me trying to go through.


Does anyone care so little – Does anyone care so late

You’re so sexy – you’re so hot –to husband – him, I loving hard one another in parent’s living room—French kissing.

Heaven’s angels.

I’ve slowed the progress of your voice partner –Bay.

Black division.

You just gave me the waist line.

Don’t know if lucid dreaming’s going to be worth exploring my life.

On a city cancels believed. Full oil change.

I don’t know how that hurts to rape a daughter.

Ribbon healer.

Does anyone care so little – Does anyone care so late.

It’s basically I forgot what you asked me.

Ashlee – can do you’re more than insecure. His treatment cluster of history. Knows all the rules. False pains. Indish: to make directory target. If he was peeping from the shore.

Give them each allowance to work around ’em.

Mediumship connection to self.

They don’t stop complaining heroes like super. The light shine on the staff grateful in her bongo love.

What’s you motivation – What’s your cautious.


Could not wore the face to go with your business

Your tiny beach-house pulled triggers.

Lily Ann Rose.

Death comes naturally.

I was with a woman who has compactly in their stomach.

Be social to take income.

Could not wore the face to go with your business. 

Let speak a powerful truth.

Now Christ expects us to make a declaration/sacrificing. 

Economics over life.

The versatility fashion brand of her dreams. 

Experimental services.

Only can see a deep mystery of life.

Water junkie.

Just high – You gotta answer to those calls. 

Heather Rea.

I can’t tell you how nice it is. 

What a Phoebus gallery.Dear Kim, my show finally began. 

Lantern of many.

I just don’t have the healing access.

I just don’t have the healing axis.

Tuesday savings. 

Culinary house. 

Time to move on: time to get going.


Don’t slow, don’t collapse, don’t die

Change the headlining in the world.

Handsome embolic codes.

Just like the circle before, it’s consulated. My little … complete. You got 5 days to keep these … relative.

We’re making this an a-day-frame.

Resist – falling in line.

Adult Angel.

Resourceful years.

I’m just so sick of listening to privileged people.

Sharp and mind open.

To be woked inside from a mirror.

You have a Peking production.

Don’t slow, don’t collapse, don’t die.

I bit offer targeted. Simple choices – negated with jealousy. A ton connection and more powerful. Pleasant point. Yeah I’m in Scotland – … with it. Throwing caution to the wind. Steven Allen beauty. Mini scraper. Low instability. Unique.

The prince of peace.

I can’t take life risks in the name of tinting. 

Big rebel – Big memo.

Because your family is Lunar.

Sirius: announces soundwave.

Old saunas – take action –Tarot card.

We’re not in the invisible anymore – absolute.

What’s it going to be this attraction to things today.

Wipe me ahead GPS.

Automatic command.

Crash hoods to childhood bars on night nights.

They were the kind of people you can smell since our diet’s so straight/strong.


At length. Disease-free wild meat. I’m making the mistake that nerly commodores make.

Daily did a part of your nighttime story.

If you don’t tell [show] me the way.

Take every tower is your best weapon.

Kyle Littlefield.

You would sing like Doris from the south and bees.

Naturally inventive.

You guys look really cute together with your outfits on and everything. Heading there on Thursday [Tuesday]. …He never wanted me to leave… Pam Anderson and others, 3 on floaty, me on 1… Thank you that he asked me back – Thankful that he asked me back. 


Since the kids are here at Sunrise home office

A box of pearls. [Ariel view].

Don’t they have to give that devise to Neptune.

What acoustic guitar are you playing.

As we can pro-rate as much mistakes as possible.

Los lonely boy.

He gave him a pussy known to serve.

You’re in control – his fucked up mind is not your own.

Since the kids are here at Sunrise home office.

His spectaculars are everywhere.

You need new world order. We have a few examples of very affordable… . We bark like a dog. It would not be good, if husband, wife were not adventurous.

Place as solid white.

Register with cold heart warm allies.

‘Rational’ Left brain | ‘Intuitive’ Right brain
Six of Stones-Exploitation — Six of Vessels-Reunion[r]
Perseverance in the Physical | Perseverance in the Emotional


They don’t care anymore because they don’t think they can be careful

When you take this one to the right musical picture.

Peanuts and all her nuts and allergies.

Extra blue without you.

And he knows know true. Humanity’s inept through marijuana. Mental torture … . 

Concentrated for Western colors.

… a couple of understands I need. Are adopted out of feelings of situations. 

Why don’t you just tower to commute home.

I don’t know Brandyn –first lover – Owner seeing me, brother and Dad sync working. It’s not here but it’s here –herb on when asked but out of “country”. In the hands of business owners. “Jah” –old black lady – talking how…talking down on weed. 

I’m glad you’re doing that pre-circle.

The game of reflectors.

Cousins inquiring if I had hook-up –yes, legal top $. Dante. Hi Drex, hi empty can sooner. It’s not in here but it’s in here –on herb. Are … themself in victory. I got to get on this … . Falling … .

I do love attention, Master Weavers.

Foothill. [Thank Jesus].

I just don’t let someone lie.

I just felt like I had my karma.

Sages in California. Thanks man –have an interesting work-talk.

We have no regrets from our word.

Hair stand up on your head. June. Otherwise, they’re not really in the way.

Hands – No exasperation only.

Care to listen – Share to explore.

Too many live things happen here. 

They don’t care anymore because they don’t think they can be careful.

You’re just someone who’s not going to fall apart.

Life is difficult. Palmetto.

He had eternity through you.

Happen real talent. Pardon my purpleyness. The weeping ground wept.

Trying to make milkshakes out of hand sanitizer.

I only smoke for relaxation. Inability to recreate closeness of schedule. Positive active scarring.

These are the wings that I saved you with.

∞ capturing the air in a jar ∞
Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus
The Wanderer ~ Four of Arrows-Rest ~ Nine of Vessels-Generosity[r]
Believing again…Bridging support…Fulfilling wishes


It was a solution so bad there’s only 1 thing fixing it

It was a solution so bad there’s only 1 thing fixing it

Everyone pray about things. Big dick Tarot reading. Really edged out being a whole fuckin’.

God message and the Jesuses’.

Long time to shadow. 

I take my gender role very seriously. 

[There were] Lights on top of saunas. [There were] Lights on top of sonic.

New artwork. I’ve seen enough to know. Gets diplomatic.

Our chunky ass chimes.

All around the Ancient’s Blue orbit history.  

He looks like he’s in a mindset. 

She’s obsessed about keeping the house clean or dirty.

Thank you so much for chasing me around. 

You do and get energetic readings.

Force led destination. I did not notice. I broke a fuckin’ sweat.



I have dead bodies – it’s a graveyard.

… us alone wish us was shopping.

There weren’t enough Angels.

You detect your cards.

The world’s largest fire [longest].

Psychic development. 

It was a solution so bad there’s only 1 thing fixing it. 

Online – it’s where the form was formulated. 

Prayers do take our place.

It does stick $400 into your hands – I’m ready to go spend it.

This guy’s sealed and grand on his teeth.


Let’s get a magician.


Common denominate Chris’ cold water medicine

A coconut hazel pie. Tape of filtration camps.

Fear is a rational counter-partner. 

NJFS IJNF – not going to get opened. …bracket. Completely off the wall [film]. $288.

Common denominate Chris’ cold water medicine.

[Mom asking if had to/to talk way out not – due to her extreme social scare]. The strictest possibilities. Sometimes popcorn beings… . Road justice.

Death resides in the laziness. 

Transpersonal. Without their global … bill. Dare’s just drop – the first time we said anything.

Because they must stay protected.

Deep sleep.

That’s in the savings – Waves of length.

Just to prove a point: here’s the weed that I smoke. Had a long night of dreams not returning dreams.

Ever since we moved the tag.

Kanye – a dying breed. Lifeguard. Reeves.


Do not need to lose your fairness

Let it go. Blood bath – $12,000 show.

Great Wolf West.

Mortgage and reliefs. Our … search continues.

OMG I see salt water – Guess what?


Cheers to dedication.

Faith in a healer.

Russian black. Aren’t you the person that express them to scratch.

Do not need to lose your fairness.

Letting the wind get to you.

Weave in and out of me.

Chill Budapest.



You just gave yourself away. I was too busy making a mistake. The bridge of divis-tion.


I am the clear voyage and woman who knows sometime

1500 – 39.

Happy hour’s the Medium. 

My image is too loud. 

Pre-fab. You’re going through what you’re going through in the classroom.

I will push for a very hard win.

We respond everyone out of like nowhere.

Closed sunshine.

Shadow readings.

No your dad’s going to pay his results on me – delete me. Internship and adaptability. Your doors respond—Your doors respond. Casket. We have a receipt that’s … . Every large painting it’s a huge honor.

Interesting dynamics –

I don’t know whose food this is

–3 yellow flowers/tulip like—buttercup.

Glee. [Enjoying fate] A psychic read my writing. Acceptance is a gradual process.

Cancels KKK love. 

I am the clear voyage and woman who knows sometime.

Not available in classics but can only tell them in stories.

My exhausting—My earnings. 

Hung up on trains again. It’s impossible to get. Needs to watch her back eating. Casa Blanca.

The cast for the art is like it dying.

The life is reborn again.

Handsome daughters.

Stop overcomplicating it. 

All the picnics in the sky.

Altering as Savior.

Denoting leaving internally. It’s a spiral session. Diplomatic. Geoshield in brilliance. Candied freedom.


If you do readership or humanity [Mediumship]

Simple mis-story. 30 wheel – get your back wheel. Marketing stock.

If you do readership or humanity [Mediumship]. 

If you’re hungry let speak a dead ghost.

Get it right or we’ll prepay free 20 fries. 

Dark and confident. 

Love to have some espresso memory. 

Building an idea. 

12 functional Coach lips.

Los from the heart

Los Angeles

Los lonely boys

[Big storm crazy out – childhood home – big fat branch log on phone wire – blew off from gust – forcefully hit the house garage roof – then direct blow to my Jeep which shattered – a huge branch was caught on the wire – broken glass. Adult frame of mind. Not allowed to be dictators anymore –to us and crew].

Just ride me a couple waves.

[Me explain after asked/brought to attention – how I don’t sleep at night/haunts me if don’t do good enough/perfect work – I explained mind sees anything and tracks it. Oh I … – how your brain/mind works].


I really wanted to tint earlier and unemployment.

My taste of advise: Can’t talk to me like that.

I bet people would love you in the poetry community – would be embraced –me talking to sister, I say find some spiritual rest.

Getting the word up here.

Let’s go get a key mold – key made.

Taking a hand full of drivings –Range Rover [vision].

Pardon my true bold ripeness –on Jeep back circle tire cover. 

You can actually have your own background. Naturally inclined – Naturally inclined to chill.

‘Your feet wet in there?’

I take off my shoes all the time like clockwork

–in guests/clients home.

It got me in its car. I guess it’s about safety for me, I never feel safe [out working day job]. Bye Brandyn sweetheart. Keep my cases together.

1 variably suggestion that you are very dangerous.

A Thunder medium.

Impression: What you see, feel, and hear
Imprint: The Warrior, Boundaries[r], The Observer
I see The Warrior † I feel Boundaries[r] ¤ I hear The Observer


We are the threads of fate for someone you don’t know

Saw deck.

But sometimes I’m recording in other Auric fields. 

Up 4 person in values… .

You are a specific person.

Inner detail and thought.

I’m more fundamentalist.

The screen actor of your life.

Guild. Sorry I already break the pattern. A responsibility towards others.

Slight Medium and rare.

Get right to it. Hitting the ground running. It feels all weird now and luxury. Cardone.

Hard to get a taste of what you were earning.

I’m just a girl cutesy… . Trajectory gone wrong. Fortunately we don’t have to do that very much – … grand.

Live and let live – take your life into your own hands. 

We are the threads of fate for someone you don’t know. 

Mentors are going to get plenty of tickets.

Two of Vessels~Attraction
The Blasted Oak[r]
Knight of Bows~Fox
Nine of Arrows~Dedication[r]
Seven of Arrows~Insecurity[r]
The Wanderer[r]
It’s really bad, I got the key to your heart. ∗ Take a walk behind my secrets. ∞ Let’s go get a key mold – key made.


So much pressure on you – that book that sounded like you

Raises a daughter in armed success.

You slut your herds with a sloppy dick. Anybody suggest—Anybody given up. Coin a daughter, water color in Russia. Figure out what is happening.

I’m not coping and this is growth.

I love some of your … painting on the floor –Dad.

Third party or a fool’s voice.

I love my life – something’s preventing me to get in it. 

My scalp doesn’t come like this. 

The stolen time. A really big client – so are not jealousy. I sang a lot of Bob Saget.

Sages in California. 

I mean I wouldn’t mind somebody looking. Lantern.

Plus a commission from these Apple trees. 

And you have no idea what it’s like to get high.

We sing thousands to gain the rich.

Using thousands to gain the rich.

Good good vibes.

Because I’m supposed to read from light. 

I like your head melting over your toes.

OK, unto heaven I go. 

That music in the distance –Naked and afraid.

The classic chair music.

Every time you get this the buzzer’s never ready –Panera

People can’t do that on the street. We’d have more money we don’t have now. Everyone that got supported with me even without saying any commitments. Tell me how to move God. I know you have some details on how some stuff went. Changing man. Perpetual solution. Pink Champagne. Cassandra.

So much pressure on you – that book that sounded like you.

Completely organic at that funeral.

By blind movement. I’m more Urban when I’m loose. My Dad’s joined these bitter forces.

Call me anytime to ask for cultured text. 

I am yours forever. 

Distracting overrule. Complete Russian event for the Summer. Royal support. [When was the last time you Honey-mooned someone…] Pantheon. Clear Christ communication. Pyramid pose.


When was the last time you honey-mooned someone

When was the last time you honey-mooned someone

Extra choppy details. Would you tell Phoenix Dad loves him –Phoenix/Dad. Mentally strong connection. Natural Philosopher. It’s raining all day if I let it. Getting silence has been the worst grab –TV. 

Holy shit floating around the dead toilet.

She’s had my clueless for so long.

A changed man. 

For that perpetual thing you’ve been irritated. 

Walk over the height. Very cleansing. That’s pretty and pipewater.

It’s complete with the look of the Nightscape – it wouldn’t be complete without it.  

Balance and sea/see. Wedding cake. I’m going to take 3 actions. Needing more. Fool the lookout. Removal from this angled piece.

Hold a title and be yours to celebrate.

The word chess game.

They vibe no time wait.

A mediocre decision stunted your growth.

Over enthusiastic. Wasn’t much money to be made. Free candle book. The waiter says so. Dead serious. Delusions. Doesn’t matter a love song. Thinking literally. Sue me now. Do you believe in the Middle East. Dark times ahead. Middle war extreme. Demarkation. Filtration camps.

It was healing to have my fucking ring on. 

Understand violence. Civilian life. Delivery zone. Reigning supreme. All sorts of people. Pre-fab. One sided search. Allowed of will.

Blackout – this is a blackout job.

Leisure boy.

Their lack of bean and their lack of Caribbean forever. 

Holding the printer.

I figured I had the Sun choice from my prescription.

Spine center should crawl up your sleeve.

How consistent it is → internal problems. 

Wasn’t even lodged into the third dish.

The other police report. I guess I’m not cosmetic. Never alone. This again. Sanction. Juliet. Adoption. Tell me that you love me –Song. Rena and Renee. If she didn’t extend for a Canadian reason.

It was delicious hearing the Stars, don’t get me wrong.

I am woman in business and we’ll know if it last forever.


She’s like scarred. Emotionally damaged. Family feud. Lost parent. You’re welcome to high standard quality bridge.

Between the old guy and his hat, he spilled some X to behave better in famous.

Mental health struggles. I’m neutrally scared to checkout.


Since we’re going to pull you out of a trash can, out of a Tower together.

You are picking the scabs off Newport News. Maine, yellow and blue. Just by watching the way you bring in. Am I not economic.

Something in the original water.

Empire. Fool’s range. Bending and ranging. Auto-mechanic. Simultaneously. When you’re afraid to visit. 

Almond butter in it for extra glob if you want a taste.  

Long lasting service to a brother. Financial goals without you. Mini crouton salad.

Son of the Prophet God.

Popular linking. Stage a performer. Lying hypnosis in their world. Meloni rose. Water. Backwards stars. Case in point. Drafty.

It’s right there in front of you – everything fell off the floor.

Lenny Kravitz. Withholding. How to make your student loan debt work for you. I work 4 nights a week – mix it up/stay fresh. 

When was the last time you honey-mooned someone.

They can just go in my records, in my gifts easily.

Going to be gay no matter what. She has the most ideas in the world. … a bunch. He was pumped to come flying in for 11 minutes. 

Take the long story short home.

… asked me – pulled out of the war. Ocean huge—surf boarding to get past boat current. Many face of religion that heavy dejector. Clerk covered. Flirting Kelly. Max budget tell me that.  You love me literary degree. 

I just want 1 blunder the rest of my life.

One of the best photos your cover-body ever had.

You don’t want to be friends with anybody – I have a severe disliking towards it, anyone. Made a promise to you Jesus. Cutting truthfulness from this country. All this wavy yard belt is lifting up. Received ___ annual total.

Eyes right in the ridge of something.

Company logo. Stage presence –also act. From the bottom of your heart—beautiful privilege. I slept awareness. I used to be so certain, now I can’t figure out. Oh they got a friend to care about. Roberta Stillwell.

A Thunder medium.

The other half of your store. I didn’t ask for a bowl to-go so it’s my fault. Actually healed from this. Blissful high. They slowed down my cardio, I’m bending my abs. It’s given us some details –Brandyn. I don’t think they had to be more practical.

What they get with you topical/cervical.

A rock and a hard place. You’re my grade right here. I will put an end to this [so we can unite] –Bay. 


My body and my body language

Average bloopers. Active day dreaming. Beach front festival. Supported evaluation. All you do is … kiss her. Browse all day. Thunder perfect city. Facing expulsion. Public expulsion.

Your value price. 

All the waves of emotion.

Dead ocean draft.


I don’t have the adult problems. Former boss and me on phone, me say brother/girl/kids over, eating dinner about – talking work schedule… old sweet potatoes/candied yams – in fridge too long – from catered/months ago – fridge ravioli passed to Maintenance. ‘Past lovers gone wrong’ vibes – me talk on days I would see him later in the week… Today was Monday. Understand the usage. Mom and Dad front yard.

Get to experience my message long.

Separation time kills you. 

No more words I’m saying. Form and my world crunch. Cake are the most choices.

By imagination she would be a female dominromama [donnarumma].

Cost more money than it cost to make the show.

I feel so bad about the Sparky situation. Chance in color. High thought I-class B. 

My body and my body language. 

Because you kind need both lights behind you. 

Of course I have a fall dryer I want dry.


Swift on the thrift compensation. And you’re really making changes. I think eventually that will be my lesson.


Unstoppable area, there’s a natural curve to your moon 

The randomness of the situation. Muscle on muscle flame.

I did the bridge, he did the family.

I lost it somewhere along the way. Gone illegitimate. Why has unincorporated pop gone legitimate. These are the middle days.

Unstoppable area, there’s a natural curve to your moon. 

—Drawn during the Jupiter|Neptune conjunction exact in Pisces—
Page of Cups.Queen of Pentacles.Judgement[r].Ace of Cups
symbolizing an invitation in where you are supported fully
however the fate is yours, your offer the reward.
Spirit’s tune: Constantly judging people by the ounce of the heart.

Candied freedom.

Water green is the over-alignment.

We’re going to make create some drama. … $764.

A year later – his struggles become your own.

His struggles: .

Armed success.

You want to bring … right under the … . A quarter million dollars.

Union unites forever. 

You have playing over your ear.

Only before taxes with the beauty benefit of cooling it off.

Coon. Tycoon. Englewood.

[This is a test of my faith and my faith is broken. I’ve never been more broken, I’ve never been more serious, I’ve never been more real. It was like a bi-product of who I was.]


That’s why you’re disappointed – because you know it created a monster

The microwaves of space.

Fig giant.

Constantly world of the wicked and the consistently unwell.

Fascination began with middle school.

One of the blinkest videos in the world.

Friends of friends of friends – work it out.

A social inner requirement –required.

Live on the board. Clearly one of the most used. Recent invasion.

Is anyone guilty for not fucking up the Phoenix thing.

His musical freedom.

Incorporated an unincorporated kiss.

Remembrance code. Lung cancer. Her quality spirit. From the bomb express. All my many … .

I don’t get up when neutral lays down.

Keepin’ it famous.

No being discretion trying to make sense of the enerjurys [injurys].

That’s the … important thing afterward. Later for you for you to smart ___ this week. You can’t give anymore morsel than an itch. But Corencrew is in witness. Paste…$.

Wife and candied maker.

You’re toned.

Scrub on to me then let go to pose. Depth oak. No sales tax. Climax.

Then saved a family’s only generation.

Your higher self encourages you to work harder.

Half naked Tuesday’s just 7 goofy days.

An enter of entertainment alone.

Thank you for killing me. Green. In the casa of my font. An appt. open for Spring.

Force lead.

The true salvation is Army.

Tom Doyle. You should take a flashlight and follow it around –Spider. Comprehension. Quality matters. 

Controlling a ghost or a chicken was the hour.

Exploring a ghost or a chicken was the hour.

INK. Modern cool. Security camera. One of our legal … hiring trains. Sunday and Monday is tax day. I can’t do this anymore – what is this … earthly pursuits.

Supposed to leave a clean streak, right?

How often was it played.

A rollercoaster till the week’s done.

I kind of like dropped it over there.

Lifelong study.

I am just a really nice person trying to be happy.

But never worked through Jupiter.

Link up.

7 of Seals – Seals of 7 – [through 6 Flags] Busch Gardens -way bigger.The final years. No, that becomes you.

Weekly headspace expert. And you’re trying to break faith. I can’t have the party I always wanted.

Whatever it is you do, you do it fully.

It is time.

A framed mind.

The things I say: In no way resembles plastic.

She don’t even know about these treats y’all. –Auto-writing say. Completely illegal in Virginia to do that.

90 minute flow.

Does the full body potential work.

You’ve like really fucked me on my money –Ford’s Colony people moving date.

Supplements can be such a good therapy.

Manifest in a bad way.

They are worse than being all dressed in stupid.

That’s why you’re disappointed – because you know it created a monster.

If you were like privileged enough.

Dungeons and dragons –Anvil. Maintaining pictures.

Collective dust.

Just trying to lift myself out of myself.

Divine providence. 


There is something in the air –Healing art

Nikki Frieda trying to move dress frequently. Red lion den carving. Her successful instagram story. Fortuitous. Gertrude.

Things of priority.

Old museum front.

Some of my best efforts.

Musically inclined to meet a rapper.

Brittaina. Sell out. Sold out arena. Will discuss this later. Signature prayer. Less important readers. Civilize that. Lone fox.         

It’s time to take action ~ New Moon in Aries

It started in a real challenging way. 

Only bettering themselves.

Forced to have their wires crossed.

We lore in the money. Odd butterfly out. Reverse method not comfortable.

I’m going to step outside in like the first time in like forever.

You produce positive effects. Albanian mother. Pop up train. Advance technique.

Described to screw you.

Spell binding.

European nature to it.

Designed to progress.

I’d rather remember that outside.


A Star, an Athlete, a force of nature.

Mike Griffian. His show has given me some refugees. Beautiful rendition.

Power of birthstone.

I’m like really into it –Citrine.

Extra compound in the woods. Free website.

A lot of control on your hands.

Value you in who you are.

Matthew Mcconaughey. Enrolling in a non-corporate profit. Count your lucky stars. English in star wars.

Come take a shower then do my writings – turning for a profit.

I could never know. Breathe a little harder – make no noise. Cafe.

There is something in the air –Healing art.

Family, Friends: I just like to talk about loved ones.

Glass house permission.

Mental headway.

Even at every launch.

That’s what we’re there for. Famous repercussion. Whatever you want to do. Paulina Porizkova. Checks all the facts. Smiling change. It’s funny how those things work. Inspired. He knows he fucked it up.

A timeline of what it is you want to do your entire life.


I can barely stand it.

When Urban life brings you Dead Poet Society.

I’m not as transitional as you once thought.

I’m not as traditional as you may thought.

Hello, my shock is Brandyn Robertson.

The angels are with us.

Living beings.

Suggested maintenance.

Kissed my ass in the kitchen.

Kicked my ass in the kitchen.

Barre workouts.

Swollen smoothie.

No matter what distance. A book open with lemon on it –… bliss family. I don’t mind buying lunch but… Auto bays. Auto transition.

Extra rich inspiration.

Muse of the masters.

They’re going to keep traffic slow when I go.

Polished income.

Given my history and track record.

My Dad’s amazing.

Purity in a charm.

Creepy – that feeling’s worse than ever.

I’m introducing myself. Light afternoon sun. Heaven is facing angels. I am a leader in the field.

Next chapter 5 – Next Hershey line.

Robert’s growing up. Keep the $10 certificate. Just looking at the possibilities.

Thousand man problems.

I like being free from the chain.



Figuring ourselves out like true monuments

Welcome to the famous action. You do the injection.

Stand replace and negotiate –don’t discount your feelings. 

The microwave and the steak. The messy … . We can note before me with constantly … . I can’t sue feeling. Pre-fab, athletics, fabletics – wise are you in life. …–17 waiting for you.

Set the world on fire.

The word fool’s page.


Not sure if anything you’d like. What on earth are you talking about. Florida school zones. There’s got to be something settling there.


I started trance writing when I didn’t even know what it was. 

Troubled youth. 

I’ll work for cinema for free.


Neil Diamonds in the sky. 

You’re supposed to help me out. 

Taken me this long to get the memo.                                                                                                                                          


The jumping power.

Figuring ourselves out like true monuments.

Cuts you off to imprive. A seed being sown. Latin with interest.

Do not keep them with any bit of jealousy on them –Tarot cards. 

The house is clean, not enough purpose. Jared’s going to get in front of us –tinting. Common denominator. 


Scripts were pretty personal for my spirit

CASH CREDIT. Writing – 6 week how to. … –real hand built shelf. Think he’s an islander –Dad. Home of the gypsys. Coin[‘s] a daughter.

There will end up being 3 branches of support.

Can’t think of it all, silly anymore.

Oh my god, I think I may mutate. 

I got stuck with heroin needle in streets from woman, who was with back up from – with other woman. International woman’s day.

All fish can’s silhouette. 

Rahu has his people confused.

Tarot games ↔ more for ancient pools → inner detail and thought.

The only tax refund –Kim. Online pilot. Paid film to do the treatment.

Could be devastating and feed their attitude – giving all the go head on flying and not… needle therapy.

Free range to fuck you if you share another reading. I’ll stick it into a live army. No one was completely shocked.

You’ve tried their secret. 

Scripts were pretty personal for my spirit. 

Thread of fate. Fill your cup. 

You’re not really flank in Venus in Pisces.

These companies are no longer there. 

For listening the first time entertaining. 

with moonstone and witches finger crystal
∗energetics of our Full Moon in Libra∗


Week of our threads for our heavy mental career

Week of our threads for our heavy mental career

Eyes in the Mia/mind of Jeremiah.

Hate the world of the wicked and the consistently unwell.

Talented multi-thinker. Love her body to failure. Responsive heater. … sidewalk is not clean or dirty. They look for the next door visions. Paulina and Paula. One of the most … who was on Youtube.

Week of our threads for our heavy mental career.

Heaven is facing angels.


A clock of when you’re born. Chunks of star wars. Would make it stick. The aliens has risen. Magic life.

‘Cause we’re going to talk peace talks and we’re going to talk poor.

A match made in heaven.


A pre hurricane weight

Great love searches great drink. Reserving what I set want. They wanted off Saturday through April. Suffers great loss.

Man who suffers in the moon.

Pete’s not in a response over there. Kick harm into you. Exuberant abundant spirit side. Better from than the other.

I was inside today and worth those pants.

Have an inner circle of making our way tight.

So many things in the world are bad for you.



Palacey peace giving. I skipped it skidded. When apologized to the public. Food’s not free.

Options of paperweights.

Visible black guy. 2 hands no fear. Druidess. A pre hurricane weight. Peace treaty.

The hoods or tiger woods. 


And I just had to hand hunt

Find his intuition.

A bunch of stuff I not in the mood before. Kill the last den answer. Kill the last … . Lunar roll—Solar roll. My troubled Taurus. Liquid healthcare.

Greek above you – lucky owner’s hat.


Never paint ditch here, put film up when she’s here. Bounce not on heel but on foot. Not inspired enough.

Shape men the Bible.

Radiant heat jobs. $764.00. Very acutely unaware. Your cheeks cross finish.

I don’t just have a stopping point.

I see where these round headed chicks have gone wrong.

You can like snow storms.

This sick runs in the family. Luck and inner. A more focused period. Calling her drunk wisdom. Close to death but they burn a ___ again. I forced Lowen too many Lowen trees. Nonly trees.

It looks likes – like it’s wheat time.

I haven’t doubled the excuse.

And I just had to hand hunt.

Countless new days – too many days alone. Parkbench.

It’s trust—It’s service.


Like the key commissioner to the attractiveness of my words

Fuck 2 visions villaining. Scene cutting.

His struggles of challenge and lonely man.

The moment for Aries.

And my Autonomy says it all.

After seeking a council. Blood range.

Blue sunshine forever knight.

Be heard, be brash.

Aubrey’s Arch retirements…60 total likes. Italian fam. Medium water price. Under the same power of ancient sun. She skilled with blessing.

Dark secrets of my life.

I go over guts than glam.

A little bit more dismissive over it over my life –herb.

Like the key commissioner to the attractiveness of my words.

Tomorrow’s heavy retirement and then great focus remains.


Composed the thought – it takes a required mind

Darby. Those black pandas. The good scarf—The pedicure.

The Astral generation.

You know when he’s spoofed me. Moore’s just celebrating for a reason. Going glam. Socialite. Speedway electrical speedway –company vehicles parked in carpool area. 

Provision all the way.

Is channeling hear my heart.

Channel predictions.

Working your ass off towards 1 goal.

Unveil it in your night sky. I’m turning mill at 23. Some customers value shop fee required.

They say this will happen over and over again in your lifetime –Feelings.

Beg for one another.

Composed the thought – it takes a required mind.

In romantic history –Kim/Pete. Whatever it is it’s happening strong. Trinity favorite ab workout. Me vitamin for me/sister – cook want more from person –me fine. Coming back to things. Plastic room.

Magic interest—Magic entrance.

The coy cows are superstitious.

Triggers and anticipations.

Resume add. Me spell Kathleen name wrong – Me other worked April. I was like looking up answers. Today’s job was moving slower for me.

Things are the most powerful when there’s water to cleanse them.

Viewing your only foot.

Hear my voice.

Do we all agree it could be reading.

I thought it was close, it was final.

River run. Think about that. Sinful in many ways. Digital capital on the world. I’m getting up on the next can of leprosy.

You’re dead at an art.

Clueless. More afraid of hell for whatever reason. With unfolding. Hard of hearing. There’s a 2 person crumble right now.


Into a future ride with this money making book

Venus in her exaltation of Pisces April 5th-May 2nd {heartbeat in the sky you see}

Somethings bad’s going to happen. To remove retract. Life invented us a brand. That’s the guy that unliked the alter. Wainscot. The queen of pop. If you don’t see what … expertise. This is citrus rising –New Moon. 

Yours forcibly going against mine.

Mislabeled [after sunning it right].

When we find ourselves smothered in a goal.

Sergio. Serendipity –annoying as fuck.

Pure body never hired in the wrong peace of mind –Sun chips.

Go back, you’re not that far.

Then you’re going to “blow me off”.

To help the denominator in a certain code.

Move pretty tight about and that bags you. Hey Wino, why don’t you give tough ___.  Foot and frame. I have the next back 2 days to wonder. I felt pretty good for an amazing soul.

Words of a Savior.

I alter at Sea.

To put the fun back. Multi-media organization. I couldn’t see and have Travis Barker.

If someone was never meant to get healthy.

Would you reveal to me, how you climb that thing.

Haven’t given up hope.

Into a future ride with this money making book.                                          


The past is fast – The Cadillac leads to nowhere. Wish I had my jacket a little numb and break. Jared and I did those other stops on Jared’s time.

Automatic power.

I build a tall building around it.


We gotta left results of an Ace of our work

It felt like it was invite.

Everywhere I would go I would care for you.

We gotta left results of an Ace of our work.

Emotionless. I dig down deep. Pussy willow. Choice hotels. Chelsea hotels. Every ___ announced his separation.

If I don’t get embraced, my husband will not let me come back.

Just being late, that’s a terrible thing.

Okeus. Shaft. So spiritual. Arm and order. The only reason I stopped… . Mutual understanding. Clear as day –speculated. She makes things happen. My work has some kind of hippied. Raised Moorehead.

I went through a season of a really dark period.

Sergio. Glass stout. 

| Only When You Are Empty Are You At Standstill And Balanced—Joy and Sorrow + Two of Pentacles |
raising one’s hands to lift
raising in surrender
raising your head