She Broke My Soul

She broke my soul

Carried a dagger in my heart

since I was 6 years old

that she turned against me

This blood is leaking on my street

beyond repair, the tear

and the nose bleed

I’m afraid I’m incomplete

with you gone, you rescued me

Release me in my fortitude,

revive my open shallow wound

and reclaim us now

in bright as noon

Kiss the Groom

I kneel before you

Truth Of Hyenas

Like hiding an elephant
this balance is mighty thin
and rather rampant
I’ll try to disguise
yet you’ll know by
the look in my eyes
Rain out like thunder
I’m keeping it cool
though we both do wonder
when lightning will
strike the town
This edge embodiment is
about to tip the ground
My cage of moneys
are coming near
Giraffes elegantly appear
Storming tundra
their laughing, I’m hungry
truth of hyenas mock me
We’ll face it together
the wilderness cries
we know it’s wild inside
as their Mother though these
are my sisters and brothers
We’re stomping around
we attack the stagnant
we twirl the frown
This balance has tipped
the sound as an elephant
has ripped the notions
of your former now

The Vapor Is Backwards

The Vapor is backwards
I’m giving you a show
you have to
perform I’m after
the cruelest sentiment
a factor in balance forward
a master in paradoxical ambiguity
the spirits of dreams in thieves
weaves around the crown of Eve
trees and fruit bearing leaves
while the myths of paper
float on souls of seas
I’m giving you a show
you sense all as
you already know
the Vapor is our
turned to