A Reason’s Design

There’s really no reflection on the the future that doesn’t relive the past… and like a diamond freight train something tells me about my foreground here. Then I try to think back, I like it like that… magic goodness, I’m a da Vinci..! Everywhere I come from, everywhere I go. Time is just another mystery contained in age. I was emerging from beauty waking all that ever was. Inside channel sequencing, outside Mayan versing. I had an epiphany to conquer. That didn’t have to fall down in mid-air for me to realize that. A magic number or reflection..? Imagined? Asked? I asked as well. What dared the dreamer to the prophet to effect the pack? What urged? Guidance, willpower, strength? Thoughts and words contain power of an extraordinary kind. For in the blind collapses of my mind, spill information and it’s a new sky. See eventually I turn to pebble, though I’ll never cease to leave a sum disheveled. This wormhole speaks through keys, innately turned so in fathom we learn. Did I just take my first breath, did I just cleanse? I had a dream those and herbs were there, primary existing beneath a surface reality. You don’t know what you and me do… we provide first fruits in our essence we merge it through. This is no row time team, this is epic share-time team. The first rest set of achievement is quarrel stew. To find certainty look away. Time doesn’t lie if you weren’t doing anything wrong.

I Write Legos In The Sky

I write Legos in the Sky

stacking colors high by high

out of the cosmic space literature I write

numbers on a wheel that blend

to rainbow for appeal

lifting zeal as the colors inside

truly devour a grounded meditation

shapeshifting into placement

central lingo engagement

still waters placid as it’s alway neutral

for the ground standing there


Moonlight Wanderer

Very first sip of shade at Moonlight
A Sergeant in the City, drunk on highlight
Don’t drink me now, I don’t want you to leave
It’s cruel but it’s fair, trickles the moment’s heave
≅¤≅ Lord Giving and Sister Sun ≅¤≅
Come in a very bright shade of evening
Yellow and pink hues of heart link
You’ve been saluted, Sergeant
in the City to fine drink


Remnants Remain

The evil one burned around in money destroying their flame. Oh how he insisted they tallied the downfall. Nonsense was the wicked clipper, as they struck seemingly ill-centered. They whimpered around in disarray, limber and poor-filtered. As they minused the member, to increase the menace, to misuse the corridor, to breed sects of dismay.


All In The Theory Of Moonshade

We adapt like the Moon
getting dippy on Skies
Every 30 days like recycled
clockwork we’re High
It’s more of a Moonwalk
I guess you would say
A double Full Moon
We walk on for days


It was crazy, it felt cool
It was weird though
All in the theory of
Moonshade, glow!
A variably cloud
hung measurable, low
Crazy approach,
I held the Moon today
Like you’d like to say