Magician – because you’ve been through this a lot. The man on the Moon. Worst nightmare come true

Magician – because you’ve been through this a lot. The man on the Moon. Worst nightmare come true

Everything says this will be a really beautiful energy–. Incense pouring from my vibe

I got this top secret ←hair – I got this top makeover ←inside.

I have … – bright hair … . Let me … . Let me focus –. … . I’ll just be honest with you – I couldn’t find my reasons.

Everything says this will be a really beautiful energy–. Incense pouring from my vibe.

Can’t sleep yourself out of this one. –the truth. A cry – A disease.

Desperate for energy – really beautiful energy.

April 30th, 2023/part 2


Accomplish what though?…Genie vibe from [new concept] [Accept] oracle of the divine. [Divine crystal]. [ball]

[Definitely looking for someone] Sun and past Moon. Whose Sun and past Moon. Earth sign. Polar opposites

Does she feel lucky

Does you feel lucky

Do you feel led

‘Tara’ → came over—we were neighbors → where each other’s windows could be seen. ‘Tara’ came over to drop off water/other items she borrowed – [probably] hoping I wouldn’t have been home to make it quick and easy. ∴ – Amazon delivery and Man ran away/or was then pulling up at that time, he hates Amazon/doesn’t trust. ∴

[Incredibly lucky]. [Keep energy high]. [A need for your love and self image].

The Moonlight’s broken planes.

‘Tara’ was dating this 80 something → and when he passed → he left her a will [to the other side] devil, will—a note to have her son → who was just like her [just like him] no more or less.

She went up to New York and there’s not feelings of rejection at all.

You are healing your very soul. Preoccupied with heaven gaze.

Like an old broad. I went up to New York. Perfect plaza – I couldn’t tell you otherwise. Queen of Wands. Birthday guide. Content – and that’s what matters. Self love. Like an ‘old broad’ I approached him with the divine will and he accepted—she accepted.

Skeleton over well…vision. [Laying over well].

Son was identical to dad she was married to. She was just allotted 3 more decades [at least] with his clone son and she was happy – like an old broad. Time and experience. ∴ Absolutely love the dance between you ∴–. ‘Got my heart racing in my skin tight jeans be your teenage dream tonight’. ∴

Accomplish what though?…Genie vibe from [new concept] [Accept] oracle of the divine. [Divine crystal]. [ball].

Stands out among the masses. Report the masses – I thought ∴ this love thing. You gave me a towel.

Live on both directions. Directional Avenue.

Your satisfaction is my #1 guarantee –∴ . ∴

∴ Everything I understands centers itself around the establishment. White task in their favor. Good luck with that. You, yourself and I. What’s up with the Russian roulette. Healer – make the breath kick. Comedian. Clarity rules.

I do feel method – you can’t be replaced.

Dark days—trying times. Soul level crisis.

They may look both ways but ultimately. Tragic loss or misfortune. But equally an experience. ∴ A reason we feel we do not want to deprive all these poor qualities. The chances are magical. Open up to the depth. Keep you regular. Vitamins. How much shit do you care for aesthetically—over the exercise. Humpty Dumpty. ∴ Find such an easy way out. An insult.

Magician – because you’ve been through this a lot.

The man on the Moon. Worst nightmare come true.

∴ I do a lot of love and repair work. Merciless man. Biting through. ∴ Water under the bridge – treating me like shit. Roles reversed. … . Somebody gonna take your fiancé. 1 more job left – … . Mudras. I’m sure they wanted you in my life. ∴ – big huge person was talking about. ∴ Medication woman. Medicated woman. These chairs are too sentimental to keep. ∴

∴ Bury the hatchet. Waked expression. ∴ Interact when you could – not caring. No, I was really done repairing the ghetto shoe.

Live your life – go for it. I had a lot to clarify last night.

There’s magic happening in the air.

A very convenient truth. You’re right, I ∴ .

Avril Lavigne and I’ll always be Avril Lavigne – [her signature red and black/white pinstripes].

None of your ∴ suffer – you let him –Sal [Vedic Astrologer].

Pleasantly surprised because you hid it so hard.

Soul connection. Birtha. Augmentation.

[Definitely looking for someone] Sun and past Moon. Whose Sun and past Moon. Earth sign. Polar opposites.

Complement you on your bravery. ∴ Ageless endeavor. An intellect today [moving pot away from window before cleaning it for tinting]. Permission to raise. ∴ In alignment. Come stay when you’re with me – penitentiary. All the good work in my life. ∴ Fable.

Making famous mud pies together.

May 1st, 2023

Ancestral spirits laying spirits upon…among.


Writing planchetteit’s like a doom town answer.


Emotion site sometime for – pretty watered down – love to lifetime access. It’s been 3 or 40.

Channel: both guides. I situation made a struggle co-gentle.

Nuts about it –Justice. Her is an ancestral love sunk in.


Ancestral link and telepathic connection.

Man and I were watching king focus.

Looking at the mosaic education research. [Swipe energy].


I’ll meet you on the other side—commute and exchange. Amusement park.

Year of planning/unforgetting. Helping mom help me.

Ancestral light of day. ←The Moon and the ray.


Ancestral trees.

Rings of fire burning with you’. ‘— — — The end of time’.

Christ mind in the world.


Forever – eliminate 100 coupons → Ancestor and Charity card, … to me.

Blood flowing through his veins. Don’t confused – don’t say no.

And I just felt very passionate felt for around my emotions.


Introvert totally clam in together.

We took singers from the ancestral planet.

Mighty mathematician. 6 feet to flair to death.


Defendant of the seed—Descendant of the tree.


In this grand bio of my eternal world.


All nights could be possibly read. With dignity and exposure. Won’t be lonely, I will tell you all the time. With all the incarnations and missing Christ tree. It’s hard to pick up legend when you’re so free. And didn’t spin out during his discourse years

All nights could be possibly read. With dignity and exposure. Won’t be lonely, I will tell you all the time. With all the incarnations and missing Christ tree. It’s hard to pick up legend when you’re so free. And didn’t spin out during his discourse years

∴ By this extra agency.

This is too sentimental to keep → boom. Sweet tooth–endure the suffering.

The burning heart. Keeping you tested – investment.

Daniel and the lion’s den. What we are, who we are.

Get lucky and strive through this first round.

Divine cord from within. I probably scared her out of town. G.Spots.

I did them both to determine what I want, what I have.

∴ I was about to put gel in hair to tame curls. The next 30 days pacify me.

Man never part of the owl anyway. Read tools.

∴ There’s something you’re about to do where it poisons. Screw deep going through my — like this.

Hand gel. Sticky icky.

You can grab 1 of appreciation—for the black of the recognition you did.

Oh my gosh I feel so inspired right now. With or without you. Historically grateful. You’re not 1 to tear things up …dimensional… ← could meet in both worlds. It could hear that you’re having skin problems. Related to heroes. Not that you weren’t great, you are but I need something better suited. ∴

All nights could be possibly read. With dignity and exposure.

Won’t be lonely, I will tell you all the time.

With all the incarnations and missing Christ tree.

It’s hard to pick up legend when you’re so free.

And I didn’t spin out during his discourse years.

∴ You do picking up the pieces but how gentle you are. When you perform around medication—the high high goes away. Hard to pick up legend when you’re so free. ∴ Suffered in silence long enough. Cracked the energetic code. I will be happy and free and unhinged until I don’t want to be no more. Explore. Different rodeo, same rules. Buffalo mountain up top. I couldn’t not be any less… if I was I wouldn’t be true.

Proven golden chariot—moving in together.

I’m feeling sassy man. → You don’t need to publish everything you feel man. Oh well. Baby steps to increase. Her being sustains me. May 23, 12, 15. ∴

Unworld content. Craft wild.

April 30th, 2023

I’m super super intelligent. → If you thought walking thoughts into matter

Full text: I’m super super intelligent. → If you thought walking thoughts into matter

Edox. ∴ 

Once clocked in and eating right when you clock in is usually not my style but I was busy [Tiger vision with glowing eyes laying on all 4s] be careful.

Soul suicide. So much more likely to have people be patient. In due time. Deliverance.

You truly get close to energy – problem solver.

Devil and the intuition. Famous little secret.

Wisdom unbound. I was giving up at the same time you were.

Open and the gates and let the saints through. Wisdom unbound.

I was the subject living in the most Sun since ___.

Who need I to take from. But who needs bananas at Nike. Man and I going to different stores and I find my bananas and phone charger I left/charger behind but bananas just ripened – I was going to buy my bananas back but then I realized Nike doesn’t even sell them and just head out with your claim. I would leave them a note on the adapter/lights.

I’m super super intelligent. → If you thought walking thoughts into matter.

∴ The devil and the Ace.

Do I start on a 3 letter conversation. Do I start on a 3 letter combination.

Is a great pen diary combination. Thick neem and noomed.

∴ Social justice party high off revenge. ∴ . Square footing – the last ranger. Accept change for 30 days. ∴ Blank canvas.

I’ll get that up and we can just dust the rest. –sand from overwatered pot on chain rope in front of store.

∴ Brandyn—you’re a very special young lady –—. ∴ Then in antique village – Man made this really nice wood/weathered booth thing – integrity.

How do I have peace after all the Major Arcana draw –Vision I drew all.

Man thing—excuse me while I touch myself. Man was creating and had a space to create it. ∴ The most demoralizing human. I break it down. ∴ I felt very developed. Big ego and I[‘m] not trying to complicate anything.

Quantum physics. Dumb questions that get 2 answers.

Strong bend in communication. Advanced predictions.

Soul reader—trance writer.

April 29th, 2023

[word count: full version—702 | current version—344]

The Archers

I see you

with 15 of these,

a black home would be stylish

I told The Archers in my dreams
to be this big or beautiful


Dope expansions of my mind
Balloons in the sky
Favor’s been touched by an angel

*Glass Slippers*



I’m not shocked
by nothing anymore
At all you see
What is real to me
is universal grime
I’m doing just fine
It’s hit my kind
with ghosts of time
Ghosts getting time
I’m not surprised
by ghostly eyes

Swollen Facts


Creation’s Misfits
Top a rebel wish list
To edge a lucid soul cliff
To blanket a water witch shift
While a seance gift-ness
Marks cross souled kinship
All relations lifted
Mending spirit’s love-kiss
An autopilot realm switch
Uniting ties of formless
The message clear
We hatch bliss
Communion whole
We hone this


Deep Water


When a person goes into speed without thought –Void.


Want to do something forcefully so time doesn’t remember us.


How bad I want this done under a kindred spirit. Why does it name it real and forgotten.


Big ego and humble. It creates a certain humbleness of spirit.


Is a Great Pen Diary Combination

Southern charms. Passion and obsession.

Looking for a bulletproof vest. Too much pain to function – critical function.

Don’t need to be staggered by… . [I’ll be] The 20 Bread—The 20 Shoulders.

Illuminate your own windows. Whenever you saw what is left.

Spiritual shallow war. I don’t love this—I like this.

You don’t seem over drinking water. It might force something from within.

Is a great pen diary combination. God specific research.

All these other bills were probably timed.

The cats and money for soda. Crave day. I hustle and I flow.

Ex–Sabrina–Pop. Secret scoops in glasshouse beverage.

I got a million years to make things due for us. Sunset for your flowers.

Contest the desk of 1000 feet. A notable decline with the finger swipe. Always thin to Bob.

Decisions are sentimental. A unique dying to self.

Nobody understands, but I do –Havoc and Consequence.

from December 22nd, 2021

‘Jacob’s Ladder, or Jacob’s Dream {1799-1806} pen and grey ink and watercolor on paper by William Blake [1757–1827]’
‘The ladder leading up to heaven seen by Jacob {Genesis 28:12} in a dream, when on his way to the town of Haran he laid his head on a stone by the side of the road, falling asleep.
A universal constant of the religious consciousness is the idea of a specific place where heaven and earth come together. It seems that, by accident, Jacob stumbled across this sacred spot. Convinced that that was the right place, he erected a stone marker, naming it Beth-el [House of God].
According to the Kabbalistic view, Jacob’s Ladder is a metaphorical representation of the powers of alchemy, operating through visible nature.
The “Ladder” was a “Rainbow”, or prismatic staircase, placed between heaven and earth. Jacob’s dream implied a history of the whole hermetic creation. There are only two original colors, red and blue, representing “spirit” and “matter”, for orange is red mixing with the yellow light of the sun, yellow is the radiance of the sun itself, green is blue and yellow, indigo is blue tinged with red, and violet is produced by the blending of red and blue. The sun is alchemic gold, and the moon is alchemic silver. In the operation of these two potent spirits, or mystic rulers of the world, it is supposed astrologically that all mundane things were produced.
Talismans in the shape of miniature ladders were very common in antiquity, representing the means to ascent to heaven.’
‘Another interpretation of Jacob’s Ladder says that it depicts reincarnation.’
Recently gifted myself new Pendleton gear ~ Big Medicine Coffee Mug & Crescent Butte Yoga Mat

This is pretty evening {even} ~ This is pretty fair
Very kindly and last minute [People at evening, not in day — Lady who only went out when dark]

An instrument of God’s will in a mental dimension. Famous co-writer. Talented individuals. I formed my shards of Navasana. We saluted them like the biggest slogans

An instrument of God’s will in a mental dimension. Famous co-writer. Talented individuals. I formed my shards of Navasana. We saluted them like the biggest slogans

Full text version: An instrument of God’s will in a mental dimension. Famous co-writer. Talented individuals. I formed my shards of Navasana. We saluted them like the biggest slogans

Income in relations to heroes. Woah to the thought of 5 friends. By can addressing the royal Jesus. She shouldn’t stick up for this unless she needs to be serious

You’ve always been my bandaid effect. Widow’s peak. The Knights Templar. ∴ The stars are shining back to you. ∴

Make to be known.

∴ …↓

You have the choose when divine recognition within.

Are you at the feet of the next phase of your life.

I’m going through a break up. Alice in Wonderland.

My gaping oracle need. Heal thyself—respect thyself.

∴ But in earth perspective. You’re fine →. Ever since this music changed my mind. –””. ∴

Income in relations to heroes. Woah to the thought of 5 friends.

By can addressing the royal Jesus.

She shouldn’t stick up for this unless she needs to be serious.

A level of compromise at the house. Ready, set, go. The next 30 days change my life. Icky sticky. The truth excites me. Somewhere start over –pic of [gay female with] glasses. Pride and stake.

Watch me not give up. I’m not going to give up.

The energetic codes of twin flames. Sticky icky icky.

Let’s go bang then go on an idea together.

Any message…Undying love for your twin flame. Rock me profusely.

If I challenge you, you challenge me.

When you wake up with 1 scream – nobody knows what you’ve gone through –tinting slip up.

Should be absolute and everything so so.

After Jupiter/conjunct in Aries.

Protect your assets.

I came into this world with nothing—I leave with nothing. Prophet-able.

Considering all avenues. Unique to you.

Get to know me a little more, time, explore. Medical examiner.

Huge asset to me.

April 26th, 2023

You are going to use the coma

Medicine cabinet. I’m a soul reader. Reproduction technique. I know exactly what’s going on.

Unify – holofy in spirit right now. ∴

You just have all the sign works of being a mother.

Expresser seeking view –””. You actually didn’t see what I really want. ∴ The power of your words – mean the right thing. ∴

Happy inner flag.

No matter what happens I’m going to get to the bottom of this.

Souls in private.

Driving guts need high off revenge.

Ludwig. Endearment. Now that I know him and I’m 17. Watch Terry → kid/baby with lollipop. Chiropractic adjustment technique. Prosthetic leg. Humpty Dumpty. ∴

Expands just for me → and everyone…Neptune…Ocean. –vision.

You go into cabs 63 and then you go into arm rests. ←vision of turtle on puddle on my front body –ready for hydration.

Death cab for cutie. Imprint.

Demonstrate love for peace.

Are you kidding – you’re going to an eighty something year old’s funeral.

Integrity in the way.

∴ Paper moon. White sailor too. Maybe it all could be true. Padawan. ∴

Do you think that’s effecting his tea time at all. ←everyone.

You are going to use the coma.

Disillusion. Energy bear. You’ll never be as long as possible.

Freedom to sing. Won’t take your truth away from me.

Un-bias – then I’m out an unbase window. The true work of my soul.

∴ Get me through the days of the nights. ∴

Falter me to the extreme. Selfless to do so.

Candied luck. Obliteration request.

∴ Thanks! Succession increase.

How does it feel to be you. Another delay.

All mailed to me. Scarlet letters. Hey we are looking forward… .

Any soul done in God’s work. Is a great way to hike and share trees.

I saw a boy posing for camera in different positions as I snapshotted him.

I wonder why not to keep him… do you wonder why… everyone does.

Egregious. A thorough trance and transcript.

Put your foot in your mouth. I keep things positively pure. Gesundheit.

April 27th, 2023

I’ll sign up for high noble practice → give it to me. The gifts of the universe → Athleticism. It’s a word that says chariot. Calculated extreme

To the kid that can, I salute you. I can’t go on anymore.

If you can’t sleep with the one that can’t be with you out of jealousy.

We spoke for a long time and Aerialists and cake she ate → with a tray of fried chicken → just completely not healthy food and that’s how they rolled 24/7. No one to represent those healthy vibes. Through and through. ∴

I can see no way—I can see no way‘. ‘All of the ghouls come out to play‘.

He didn’t care what anybody thought.

Skinny dipping → he goes through it too quickly → lower realm.

I’ll sign up for high noble practice → give it to me.

The gifts of the universe → Athleticism.

It’s a word that says chariot. Calculated extreme.

Signaling this week of changed lenses – there’s something there.

∴ Factual evidence is coming to you. Got sitracked – asking question I knew. Incubation period. I had an experience. Oh well. Hand sanitizer. The table should be set for 2, me and you. Recognition. ∴

∴ Already commented on your bliss. Magnum opus.

Father’s intentions. I like this one, this is a cool combo.

And yeah I feel safe in your arms—someone can be safer than they were 10 minutes ago… .

My temperature’s adequate – it’s really cool –fox.

∴ An alliance of power. Separated at birth – merge heart and soul. Christ mind and sacred Cancer[ian] love. Alchemy exposed. ∴

His wife got into it for a living and now it’s hard to get out –hospice.

∗ Doesn’t care what you don’t eat through my life –Man. ←hot sauce almost gone. Paralysis. You’ll be Jack Frost and lonely all the time.

An instrument of God’s will in a mental dimension.

Famous co-writer. Talented individuals.

I formed my shards of Navasana.

We saluted them like the biggest slogans.

Vegans for kindreds. ←Clueless/Alicia Silverstone. I’m tinting monthly [Monday] for the first week. I’ll do to set out what I’ve come to do – I set out what I come to do –Man to dad ←career and dad like woah. On next career move. I’ve come to do what I’ve set out to do. –dream vision. Recognition.

I’m not a quick fix. How busy [goes] fast it.

To a Star—To an Athlete *Medalist* | I’m nervous for you. Driving guts need. High off revenge. Rolls fly over by the horn. Apollo. Because they’re wild or charming. I trust my medicine. You have it dropped down down to the top of the science

∴ Dry…it nice to be skin though. ∴

Guides…Any numbers…630 as we’ve seen before can have mostly moisture effects.

Tongue to cheek. Always takes a second to go to steak and get meat. [The guides] specialize you. ∴ Can’t serve me with hope—dungeons and dragons. Extra Betty. Words due to failure.

April 28th, 2023


There Are Pupils, Portals & Pioneers

Vast, Varied & Venomous. Men Are.


I Am A Pasty White Sailor With Many Functions

Every time there’s the big fan torn, there’s the fall over

This is a personal one my sail, my steams, seems to go through


To empower is to be in your own belief.


Pasty White Sailor

Lost at sea

You found me

Here I correlate

A massive monologue

Dense the smog, by fog of law

I’m just lost here working on The Throne

                                            Stark charter and dark water… Sail in 3, 2, 1


Talented pool of existence. 300’s daughter. Freak, I’m about to … computer. Inner resources…  .  …Keep waiting. Put more into this –writing …absolutely, hurry. I’m more developed in. The gods sweet graces. 1 road per minute. Awakened mind. I love soulmates—mesmerizing. Seeker of sailors. Somewhere takes you home—3 beautiful homes. Going to take away my blues in excellence.

Hard to pick up legend when you’re so free.

In home rock and roll fables. The way I feel right now, the science going through the heart. That they don’t have no faith. Enjoy your referrals to your guides. A weighted vest on – A British man changed discoveries. I was living both memories or… . It’s that 1 chick who keeps the party going. Business owner, wife, very important part of life. I ask if it’s good or massive autism better. Adonymous drift. Give everybody your gift—it was so dive. Stable elixir.

To the very devoted team over my life.

To harness your energies. To stink and feel for the mind. Signed in as a union delivery. Breath of financial air. For me and my second wife. No years on earth. Guided legacy. Unfair that people did that to you. Thank you for helping me wait in your kitchen sink. I’m feeling some kind of forestry [I love forestry]. That’s another life I can’t live without. –Freaky/element. Party pear—it’s a breeze. [Penguin vision].

Stay comfortable—I’m not going to ask you to move.

The position in the light. Never before seen in the dark. Everyday I’m next to the Sun [unfortunately?]. Staff centered heart. Rebellion—Revolutionize. The magic, The tumbler. Every square inch matters—density mode. Let alone James Bond movie. The wreckage continues. It’s funny how operative you are. Steven Seagal movie.

from 1.14.22

Proper neutral clothes. I feel really like Mercurial right now. Catch up to you

Proper neutral clothes. I feel really like Mercurial right now. Catch up to you

March 24th, 2023 [unpublished writing]

Make her medicine worth it
You wanna send my inspiration – I feel you | Acres to acres – Arms to arms | 99% of moves—make one | Proper neutral clothes. I feel really like Mercurial right now. Catch up to you | And if it is an ageless endeavor | Ball’s in his court, always has been. I am really the perfect specimen | You’re not going to find another great idealist like me

29 Inch-ing-ly talking to the Whole Universe


this intention

that can be Promised



I was over brilliant

200 years ago


It’s been

An Arch Shaper




You’re like I’m God

with lots of Religion

Gods without Religions


Before the

Total Nervous System




Each live in a

Figure 8



All I say is gay Prichards. | Yesterday it calculated 400,000. | It’s not a human method.


—Nice Focus & Facts—


What are you watching}{looking @ | As what plays the Heart~ Harmony


¤ The Birth of the Father ¤


I wished here, I do best. | Be easy to shatter Mexico.


Dark Concepts ◊ Midnight Green



A Knife that y’all got him

a Gift Certificate to

~Knotted {Dagger}






They met- Brother very good

Bend the rules –Man


I go down to

the Fossil Room



Urban Legend

~me business owner

or just is


They’re also

running a little late

Old School A

I never thought I’d be

there again & was


Your Door was open



They didn’t need

wiping off or refreshing


Sorry to break the news to you

it’s a Single item



Incredible∗Athlete ~me


29 Inch-ing-ly

talking to the

Whole Universe

[[The 29th Degree–The Critical Degree–The Anaretic Degree–The Fate Degree–The Karmic Degree]] 


…Angel Road is not correct…

~Bella Hadid not permanent residence}{wrong address~



The Star

I should probably

{always} Eat the Show


This situation going on now

excites me



The Mistrust of being Loved~


Removed Themes from

Melissa & Stephanie


Assuming the right

Position for Prayer


I wish someone

would recall how Divine I am.




As remains true

to my Earth Element

Power Polite



We did your gay rule everything.


Sizing Sheets

throwing a big deal of them otherwise

no big deal on your own


I’m a Weems girl too!

[saw 2 ancestors

and recognized by style–

I proclaimed:]


Mason ‘Parson’ Locke Weems My 7th Great Uncle on mother’s side, linked via by my grandmother’s [Ruth Weems Greene] research. |
‘Recorded as Wemyss, Weems and Wemes, this is an ancient and noble Scottish surname. It is locational or territorial from the estate known as “The lands of Wemyss” in the county of Fife, and according to certain sources the meaning of the surname is “The Caves”.’
[my Scotland ethnicity estimate from 18%, but it can range from 0-26%]
‘The Life of George Washington; With Curious Anecdotes, Equally Honourable to Himself, and Exemplary to His Young Countrymen’
‘Mason Locke Weems [October 11, 1759 – May 23, 1825], usually referred to as Parson Weems, was an American minister, evangelical bookseller and author who wrote [and rewrote and republished] the first biography of George Washington immediately after his death. He was the source of some of the apocryphal stories about Washington. The tale of the cherry tree [“I cannot tell a lie, I did it with my little hatchet”] is included in the fifth edition of The Life of Washington [1809 imprint, originally published 1800], a bestseller that depicted Washington’s virtues and was intended to provide a morally instructive tale for the youth of the young nation’
“Pa, [said George very seriously] do I ever tell lies?”
“No, George, I thank God you do not, my son; and I rejoice in the hope you never will. At least, you shall never, from me, have cause to be guilty of so shameful a thing. Many parents, indeed, even compel their children to this vile practice, by barbarously beating them for every little fault; hence, on the next offence, the little terrified creature slips out a lie! just to escape the rod. But as to yourself, George, you know I have always told you, and now tell you again, that, whenever by accident you do any thing wrong, which must often be the case, as you are but a poor little boy yet, without experience or knowledge, never tell a falsehood to conceal it; but come bravely up, my son, like a little man, and tell me of it: and instead of beating you, George, I will but the more honour and love you for it, my dear.”
This, you’ll say, was sowing good seed!–Yes, it was: and the crop, thank God, was, as I believe it ever will be, where a man acts the true parent, that is, the Guardian Angel, by his child.
The following anecdote is a case in point. It is too valuable to be lost, and too true to be doubted; for it was communicated to me by the same excellent lady to whom I am indebted for the last.
“When George,” said she, “was about six years old, he was made the wealthy master of a hatchet! Of which, like most little boys, he was immoderately fond, and was constantly going about chopping everything that came in his way. One day, in the garden, where he often amused himself hacking his mother’s pea-sticks, he unluckily tried the edge of his hatchet on the body of a beautiful young English cherry-tree, which he barked so terribly, that I don’t believe the tree ever got the better of it. The next morning the old gentleman, finding out what had befallen his tree, which, by the by, was a great favourite, came into the house; and with much warmth asked for the mischievous author, declaring at the same time, that he would not have taken five guineas for his tree. Nobody could tell him anything about it. Presently George and his hatchet made their appearance. “George,” said his father, “do you know who killed that beautiful little cherry tree yonder in the garden?” This was a tough question; and George staggered under it for a moment; but quickly recovered himself: and looking at his father, with the sweet face of youth brightened with the inexpressible charm of all-conquering truth, he bravely cried out, “I can’t tell a lie, Pa; you know I can’t tell a lie. I did cut it with my hatchet.” “Run to my arms, you dearest boy,” cried his father in transports, “run to my arms; glad am I, George, that you killed my tree; for you have paid me for it a thousand fold. Such an act of heroism in my son is more worth than a thousand trees, though blossomed with silver, and their fruits of purest gold. ~The Life of Washington, 1800


Who made a Wish out of anywhere~


†he Curse


For my Kids

I don’t feel good enough

then do their oh so cold head –no go


This place was such mushy House.



Judge by real Commitment.


Becoming a better person.


Spark that Flame~


That one guy’s

going to be

an Animal Leader


I feel a minimum too

for my Phone


Bacteria, not porn.


Peanut it all in Turkey Land.


People are like oah, 30 [age]

~sat on Beloved’s Lap as well


Oh God,

Brother when you get me

in your Light


Have a Whip on Labeling



Feeling really thankful from

the ∴Cookies∴



–Giant & Green Salary


5 of Wands reversed [Holding your Center/Finding Peace] The Tower [Sudden Awakening] 8 of Pentacles reversed [Weaving your Magic] New Moon in Leo [Confidence is your Key to Success] |
‘Dialogues of Plato’: ‘I should very much like to hear, he replied.
Socrates proceeded:— I thought that as I had failed in the contemplation of true existence, I ought to be careful that I did not lose the eye of my soul; as people may injure their bodily eye by observing and gazing on the sun during an eclipse, unless they take the precaution of only looking at the image reflected in the water, or in some similar medium. So in my own case, I was afraid that my soul might be blinded altogether if I looked at things with my eyes or tried to apprehend them by the help of the senses. And I thought that I had better have recourse to the world of mind and seek there the truth of existence. I dare say that the simile is not perfect—for I am very far from admitting that he who contemplates existences through the medium of thought, sees them only “through a glass darkly,” any more than he who considers them in action and operation. However, this was the method which I adopted: I first assumed some principle which I judged to be the strongest, and then I affirmed as true whatever seemed to agree with this, whether relating to the cause or to anything else; and that which disagreed I regarded as untrue. But I should like to explain my meaning more clearly, as I do not think that you as yet understand me.
No indeed, replied Cebes, not very well.
There is nothing new, he said, in what I am about to tell you; but only what I have been always and everywhere repeating in the previous discussion and on other occasions: I want to show you the nature of that cause which has occupied my thoughts. I shall have to go back to those familiar words which are in the mouth of every one, and first of all assume that there is an absolute beauty and goodness and greatness, and the like: grant me this, and I hope to be able to show you the nature of the cause, and to prove the immortality of the soul.
Cebes said: You may proceed at once with the proof, for I grant you this.’
[‘The eye of the soul.’ | ‘The abstract as plain as or plainer than the concrete.’ | ‘If the ideas have an absolute existence the soul is immortal.’]


Empire State Collection


Very impressed

by your lack of completion


I love to love you baby

I love to love you baby



Believe me I think that’s great.


Fast & Food flexible~


| No filler Screen |


The Kids Keys

they ganged us on


Why is your Truck

the Root

of Healing




Chad in front of the Goals–

you want to eliminate

the Terrorists



Rejoicing, Moon & Celebration on time

{on Tarot live card ~

White Dresses & Moon Animations

in background scene}



Retired A Team


You’re being watched. Neck on my back because who I am. I’ll live with it the rest of my life. Permanent

pYou’re being watched. Neck on my back because who I am. I’ll live with it the rest of my life. Permanent

Cookies…What are you taking so long to get. Really glued into it…Don’t be racist.

Eventually because I get because we all give up. –Vision I read.

∴ Instigate. Personal bad vibes. Conjure up and a spirit → everyone think for themselves → [Responsibility] →Tarot card…vision. Heavy hand of the oppressor. ∴

Chicken/eww – me throw up for a good minute—self induced to get all the fried chicken beak out of mouth → “blood” – … → hands.

Man post comment card with my name and all of a sudden. ‘Check it out → I’m still breathing → check it out → I’m still breathing—I’m still breathing…I’m alive‘.

Heavy hand. I said now great/[perfect I was—she made sure to hide it]. I’m sure you’re going to have to do something to feel better about yourselves. Can see the vessels of truth.

He chose a line from my poem to go with comment card. Maid piped in and said ‘I think given the situation/circumstance’. ‘All went go away…’–to Maid. It is me or her. Work for something for once in your life. Job fair.

Add zephyr. Ageless access. Wisdom beauty. [Endurance] →Tarot card. We are frustrating bitches →them. ‘Check it out – I’m still breathing’. ‘I’m alive’. Heavy hand of the oppressor. ∴

Saw visions of each guests that had wonderful experiences and things to say. [Remote viewing].

Dancing hard. He just chose top quote because so many to choose from micro… . Whoever’s done expecting your work… .

Friends, if you really want to know the truth. A star is born.

I was around—I was different. I saw that and that was split vision on you. Girl Bronco. Knocking him down. Chariot wisdom.

I left under shameless conditions. Laid it all out. My heart.

Heavy hand of the oppressors. Medicine woman. All of a sudden he believed me. 14 – [Temperance R] –Tarot card with vision. ∴

Air into Art—Air into Art—Air into Art.

The Green Woman + Frustration = bust a nut.

You’re being watched. Neck on my back because who I am. I’ll live with it the rest of my life. Permanent.

We were supposed to work it out → your extra eyes and ears.

Scorpionic. Intelligent. Mystified. Blank adventures.

Struggling without you –you too. Social construct.

Fired the wrong person. Magnet attraction. Critical hoe.

Who knows through the grapevine.

I write from a spiritual perspective.

Platonic if you will. Friend on a hill. I’m not mad, I’m not ill.

2 chords beating as 1, Sun of the rising Sun.

After the hammer. Calculated risk. Of honor.

Meddling the parts. Brand new start.

Love needs protection – love needs direction’. ‘Couldn’t be better’. ‘Said I’m giving my love to you baby—you got my love, you got my love’.

Darkest night of the soul. My church.

I have just begun. Lay the hammer down.

Laced with double meaning.

‘Cause I really wanna be here. You know me.

Walking advertisement.

I guess don’t close it again. Spiritual manners. Bi-complete. Same war.

I was so disgusted to eat/that fried chicken part. –Scary and never again. Ever → fully straight lace.

Do you all not work any like it’s an honor for your family.

I didn’t work there – but there was my name on blog and with a quote of mine.

Good harmony—the right trees → the right forest for the trees.

Pregenetic condition. Popular in demand. Getting busy. Getting busy footed.

Radiate. Glow. We gotta go. Would do anything for you – social circle.

Does a roofie knock you, Man ’cause it’s not healthy.

I’m a firm believer of sand. And willowness.

To the extreme – let me dream. Doubt figurine. Glowing stream.

At least she act like the queen/wheel of fortune.

I’m leaving you –Man. If you can combine a Full Moon from the top –Mountain.

Zephyr. Illicit experience.

Zebra in woods/edge looking/noticing me like a unicorn. Flabbergasted.

They’re all shapes –no we make ‘em shapes –pillow/s contour.

Because my parents made my Jesus Christ Nazareth.

Is that your 1 crystal – because my work is fulfilling people so quickly –Large pink missing crystal staff, thick. ←Was hidden in bed and I didn’t recognize it.

Think you’re the best – she’s sloppy yes – initiate my voice and reason and medicine.

We’re doing a side step of November.

So convicted. A need that was on the schedule – the lost gospel. Mark. Attempt to Mark/screw those off.

Social reputation ruined. Strong desire to be alone.

I’m allowed to do what I want to do – I’m allowed to do what I need to do.

The floodgates are open.

Everything’s nice enough without you gone, I’m still trippin’. Family matters.

April 12th, 2023


It’s the Make Love, it’s the Skinny of War

Blessed be

The God to Health


Pre-paralyzing down

his Throat


Freedom to decide.


He was

a †ear

on the



But tireless

are the Opportunities


Evidence is having of wanting.


I ain’t furious

& I ain’t fast

Fast & The Furious


This was very Therapeutic.






I began

Working Out



And may their Heart & Minds


to our Heart & Minds


∞ Race & Times ∞


Just be the Ginny.



The Virgin

Double Ugly


It’s the Make Love,

it’s the Skinny of War


Snatching Brother’s

own behavior,



Poor Kid

won’t be able to breathe

in that


Cernunnos ‘Lord of the Wild’ ~ a mediator of Man and Nature {Art by my husband, 2011}

Because you are Green

& half different

‘The Gundestrup Couldron’ ~ a richly decorated silver vessel dating between 200 BC and 300 AD


Any Fingers,

it’s just so pathetic


Wonder ∞ Sky




In the Wake

of all my Light




Not in my Dreams.


I love drinking Pizza Water.


Sister Station in

The Sun



Look Big.



the day offers you

all it can offer




I slept right out of

bad mood


This is

My Services


Gold Member Direct Monster


Gave ‘em a great tip…

Keep working hard.


I guess I called

the Back-ups


My Little



God will inform Fatal and has

Offering you a full time raise and a Salary.

A bleeding heart

for years~

Aluinum now

Lab Dog {vision}

Those ones are gone.

You got a Job.

You might want to as a Friend.

The Weddings, for instance.


who knows

they may remove

You’re owed too much.

Pulled it down

I didn’t Mark it

It’s Medically true.

Assert the Energy.

Spray ‘em at you.

How did we get there…


Major lookout

for you

Feds to Lizard.

And it was

Bleached in there


Broken Candle.

No one’s stopping you

No one is stopping you

You knew this Contest isn’t over yet.

I might not hang away

because I’m going

to the Parkway~

I swear to God I’ve missed you.

You’re going to

look like an idiot

to school your Uncle

No Brain Color.

…Business man.

No one can keep up with me.

After seeing me in her Booties,

she didn’t know how

I could wear her Trance

You please me.

That is not familiar.





I’m having a break for Lunch.

These Classes are short.

—Mark & Stone—

We got to measure more too.

Has left his Grandmother’s House.

Would you left a Grand Overboard?

They have too many concerns.

Sleep in the Woods

for a minute~

let her ground herself

After you become

~lifted up~

of the Morning

Slippery flavor~

you must need

more Medicine

Runs in the Family.

You got the Key wrestling up there.

Bust out the Thread for him.

The return of Satanic Egypt

The Second Coming]

[Orthodox Christian

What you’d say.

Just open your Eyes.

The Finish 5 Languages


A Breath of Fresh Air~

Change is still coming.

For there’s 3 base.

If we do anything wrong, we do anything wrong.

Not a selling point-

Very interested information

[my paragraph]

Zest is Information.

Can’t believe how big this Toilet is.

You’re in a public domain.

You want me to wait or I’m going inside.

Do you know who She is now?

The work you put in.

Silver Metal & Gold [His]

Letting this Rock Roll~

This Original.

I truly read in the Air

what’s truly

going on

Have zero class America, I don’t know you.

Husband can you walk away,

this is between

my Dad and I

Both of our Parents

are Single Parents

I’m not respectable.

In ease is your Power.

Are you sure you just don’t want it…

These other ones aren’t what they are.

Weekly Ad.

My Life & My Presence.

The Evening of Gifts~

Big Boy & Stevenson.

No one scares me anymore.

God will inform Fatal and has.

If I looked a little stressed or consumed…

Patio for Porches.

Serious spins~


Going to take

a lot of time

to spin}{spill out

Letter earned.

She’s a Richer Artist

than we are


Barefoot Glow.

1 toxic decade.

It’s your Show.

Got me a broke one that he couldn’t fix ~Soul

Me bite on his neck, pinch-

Him say complete waste of time [writings]

I trying to be QT when Brother near-

[I] took his legs out from under him

to fall on his face and bust lip through

“My Lips~ they’ve gone through me.”


Really Candle Intense


[We truly get to see from]

A Single Double Triple Quadplex


Gotta save up for Family.

Require 2 people.


Volumes & Chapters

List the longest.

To an ideal World.

Divine ∞ Matrix

Reaping the benefits

Something you’re Flinting

Recently warm

Butter Shrimp~

Can I not say


Thinking on thighs- tobacco is chilling.

If you don’t

spend any time

off the High Drive

Look it’s me

making Money

Smoking High

I know I’m

the Great Sour

to put on my hours

After we see after dead.

To make it weirder.

To make it better, than it’s going to be a little darker.

The amount of trances, I can’t wrap my head around.

Always have lift as problem~

Your mind and your ego are blocked.

Some pieces

of Salt

in some of

my Hair

Feelings that I cannot put into words myself.

Too many dummest things to do accidentally.

If people don’t bother you, people can’t stand you.

How this makes World distance.

Each Blade of Grass

can put you

in your Nobody

Our Culture

needs to be



is turning onto

Primal Road

I’m looking

for someone

who does my Nails

Peaceful, restful

to talk to

in general

Everyone to see that you’re walking away from.

Full disclosure.

Timbuktu ~screw you.

I haven’t got up there~

Little Cameras

got Folk in it








in our Ear

Look whatever you want to do.






Thank you for doing that.

The Music

of the Spheres


you dear


There’s nothing in there to store anything.

A hundred Wise I could find.

The World is a Stage.


God calls you out. Keep lying to yourself – denial is a state of truth. Reflection in the mirror don’t lie – you’re your only proof. Brutal. Brutal you. Heavy hand of the oppressor. I lay my prophecy stone for you. Because he held the realm of my Ancestors. Pride comes before the fall. ↑ Actor/famous. /Ancestors. Blot out my name

God calls you out. Keep lying to yourself – denial is a state of truth. Reflection in the mirror don’t lie – you’re your only proof. Brutal. Brutal you. Heavy hand of the oppressor. I lay my prophecy stone for you. Because he held the realm of my Ancestors. Pride comes before the fall. ↑ Actor/famous. /Ancestors. Blot out my name

April 11th, 2023

Recover from the spiritually licensed community + You might know the movie star now as intelligent + Natural born leaders don’t need headaches

Recover from the spiritually licensed community + You might know the movie star now as intelligent + Natural born leaders don’t need headaches

Short walk from nowhere without trying. I am sincere now. Worked with me during the weekends. Public knowledge. You have to learn to be children. ∴ in your bank account. “Uncommon James”. Splinters. Watch me tumble, watch me fall. Stout.

Ears/eels peeled off the top of my head.

District attorney. Henricus. A lot of moving parts.

[Transition] –Tarot card.

Traditional freedom. Stale crackers –people, common. Visible … . … to pack. That is bullshit.

Do you ever get confused, lonely too.

Greater signs/Alignment at play. Argument with you—cabin purchase –ticket infringement. I hanging in the balance. Organizing pantry. And tortilla chips. Just trying to explain people my point at the well. Spartan.

What are you going to do for your birthday going forward. Man and Woman came over to farmhouse and were cool. Woman drove the Gladiator and should have watched it with the branches. Man in blue truck…[older/shoddy] – Brother and Sister-in-law invited but they never come over. Had incense going and Man’s finishing up dishes. Woman’s birthday – she having some drinks/a glass of wine because had to drive.

Me calling it our yurt – a shelf of incense from gifts to all, stocked.

[Lit 2 or 3 incenses at a time for fresh vibes]. Man came and sat on bed – and then went in bedroom—him looked in the mirror—and doing bicep curls in front of mirror. Me explain don’t use upstairs because dog and hips, older. Me saw Woman’s dad and stepmom…[Artery belly’s genetic]. Woman on porch and me cleaning it up…[Rabbit poop in porch cracks].

From folding blankets—felt so guilty. –them.

Recover from the spiritually licensed community.

Them seeming genuinely interested in getting to know and hanging out.

You might know the movie star now as intelligent.

Any idea what’s revealed about that. Spiritual rants. Don’t have to stay here next year – Place is any official till next week.

Natural born leaders don’t need headaches.

[Rainbow birthday candles] In package and 1 had already been lit but was still new basically*.

[Do you know] truth’s around this place –Place. Put it back on. After 6:00, no ___, no answer –Man.

[I never…] had the most interesting dream of you.

We’re all of the same tribe [soul team tribe] –us leaders.

Sober curious.

Anglosaxton. No you’re not supposed to pick him up. I hate drinking – I don’t want to drink. — you. –Needs to be stronger than that. Have fun riding with your new litter. Triplets. Not going to call you back again. Trust issues. Yeah so once we started limping. Relentless dreamer. Roller coaster ride. Lollipop candy man. Poor girl. Scientific explanation. Do you all have internet everywhere?→Yes.

And I have a deep heart harmony.

Terrible mistake. I hate never being able to feel crazy with you.

I work with simple character flaws.

Statement below to heal Uriel. My light smile as to why.

100% into it. It’s still new to me –my writing. Tribal succession.

I don’t have life or death pressure on my life like you.

Spiritual warning and guard to be alone away from them.

I’d like to go get you some ice cream last night. Can’t believe you’re doing this to me. If I’m ever doing something special [–driving away out of your scope]. Foreign policy exchange. — –them. Not worth it. Ground level zero. Pageant queen.

The floodgates are open.

from October 31st, 2021

April 10th, 2023

I only dream on my coast 1 week out of the year. -2.3.16

It was spirit protection → ‘diamond in the rough’

It was spirit protection → ‘diamond in the rough’

Progress can’t cut through progress.

In bedroom with large closet → getting car work done in snow → I electronically signed password.

Kristin Cavallari with blue tips. –Only way she could switch up her style.

With the 4 Winds involved.

Someone going to drive 2 hours away in snow to get their car worked on by me. Energy of exchange. I’d never step foot in… . Responsibility increase. Flabbergasted. I feel you so hard right now –Man. The weight on my soul is too great right now.

I just had a vision for a very clean and pristine work environment. And it’s only because I am hypersensitive to my environment and energy around me.

I just didn’t get to sleep last night.

…and time was of the essence – I couldn’t go on → the transmission of *something was very negative – from a low field source of vibration – it made me lose sleep and was eating me alive.

It was spirit protection → ‘diamond in the rough’

“Uncommon James”.

They just don’t math, she’s right → “Bougie”.

You guys are so irresponsible –us both.

Sacrifice. Going to have a hard time getting over you –you too.

That rock thing we needed that.

Get dressed, do my money, do my body. Recycle.

But look at us, we’re painting, all good.

People come up with something this good, you’re hard to beat.

Total reform. The Source is showing it to me.

I believe you. [I] Believe in yourself.

Your truth is universal. First responders.

What plan you benefit. –Jack Frost details.

Repetition – if you release the ticket master.

I would say she’s shook – yeah you got something on her.

That’s our leverage firm of people.

White, yellow, black, Jamestown.

That was the hangman – that was the source.

A bit fewer mistakes than me. I don’t care, they were impossible to work with. Training inferior. Bad foot –Place.

You should be ashamed of yourself – perfect little groove –to Man.

I couldn’t have fought for it more. Rise up. Catastrophe. Overcome your damn laymen/famine. Feel someone trying to intimidate you. Schooner – Weaver. Divine fate. I thought you were called to rise in the physical.

Destructive tasks [Alcohol] →tarot card.

Talented emotions burbanking 2014.

That was the hangman – that was the source
I would say she’s shook – yeah you got something on her

April 9th, 2023

Beginning of March –Place. Yeah but if our relationship isn’t going to go upside down. Me and 2 others cleaned litter – me only 1—them just say so. Task oriented job. Missing lady. To them they’re only 6 in the price. Purpose driven life. Dad dated.

Tops are overboards. Seize Jesus.

Healing was shook. Let the pain improve people.

Don’t let me overdo it. Alchemy bowl. Lab dotectomy.

Raise the level of want/frustration on you. Doesn’t it feel so eternal when you dream. Tutors and mentors. I love odaicks – I work at the dolly system. Don’t worry I won’t lose my Place keys.

Y’all have a living proof system.

Statement below to heal Uriel. Encampment.

I couldn’t think a Scorpio[n]. Dreams make you stronger.

More water popping up. Part reading center—Part lives.

He is straight the first step – he ain’t got to go over nothing. It is not an extension break unless otherwise campstore [campground] needed. Coining it back to you. Once we get out of this girl bronco. Though it feels impossible to eat sometimes.

November 24th, 2022

Justice: Open from new source of income

Justice: Open from new source of income

Credence. Special interest. Bank account straight –Grandpa. ‘Cause you don’t even know what’s going to happen. Communication difficulties. Dietary supplement. Don’t want to get offended. Social construct. Stop laughing about it. Torturous for her. My 2 tonguing going to excel. Did you tint before. A chunk missing.

Who’s gotten beat like I [Man] since I’ve left/come back – no one → this is alarming…–Man on the Woman [there] mad – Man call out [on texts] → I said all it’s been me of calling/others to me [calling me out].

Him looking at my writing in its entirety. Not together anymore.

Backs you because you know I’m a warrior for God.

Part Jewish. Karen → We have it mapped out.

On my front porch—Woman, me—Man – Man –Cancel plans. Leech/es on skin on boat with → ill timed fate. “In a State of Decay”. They kept coming and it’s like I was subject to a disease in a foreign country. [So many leeches on entire body—was like whack-a-mole—for each 1 I pulled, 3 more would appear—I felt the physical pain/pull in a dream state]. Me talk to Place and she’s probably not going to be there. Ill timed fate.

Justice: Open from new source of income.

Spiritual manners. Grocery store about to be gone → me say bye [it’s a good thing] → say goodbye to Philippinos and false else first. Dessert there. Quality venture. If need to know if ever can, it is possible. The Foundation of Life. ←Ace of Pentacles. Star crossed lovers.

White dresser I asked if they made, and you made a difference – cut, built, and put together the value. 1 thing to say. Farm girl involved.

The sadness is overwhelming.

I kept looking at the white dresser. It was needed and most appreciated there.

Untimely post. Many forms of assault. Whistleblower.

I am writing a human account of a story of truth. This isn’t not only but, but universally aligned.

I accept each part of my human form, I make a whole.

Nothing is outside the love of God, everything is holy. Everything. Every mind and every human emotion.

I was only true – and my sincerity’s real. ∴

I was directly informed to share – so be it. Be it beyond me.

Be it I am different messenger than you would have hoped for.

Everything I do is rooted in love, deep love and axled in human correction.

∴, I’d say. I was led to those actions so be it the fate. I was sent to do a particular type of dreamwork—it’s not for everybody, it’s not for the faint at heart. It is for growth—the deepest kind. And I will be that sacrifice, as a lesson for all. I will not tone back my essence to please man, I will do what I was sent to do. ❤ I am in the better sense a shaman ❤ . I got fired because the dreamwork I do and my tact on delivery.

It’s not for everyone – but it is my life’s work and focused on healing core traumas and rises from the human ashes of our divine lives.

Visible transmission. Connection stronger than ever. Migrate to the extreme. Protect her –Man.

“We all have different sets of values, and I suppose to be a writer, you have to be a dreamer.” –’In a State of Decay’
I wasn’t meant to go to sleep, I was meant to dream
April 8th, 2023

April 8th, 2023