Angel on High

Where could you be going, oh jet in the sky?

I have always wondered when I spot you fly by

The destination and relation of the focused mission

As I embody the personification of its vision

Put myself in its position and watch the world from up high

See the veins of my city through the eyes of the sky

As I watch the sparkles on the ground from up high

I instinctively wonder why this wasn’t our venue to fly

Similar to an angel with wings, the glory it sings and the coverage it brings

As an angel can soar wide and watch a panoramic view of humanities cry

To swoop in and mend, to comfort and let in, hope in all its forms

To extend a warm open door, to shelter and clothe from the storm

To begin anew is what an angel ensues

Perhaps there is a vital part of me that relates to the sky

As this jet in my rearview sets my gaze ablaze and on high