You were the definition of 16 Wolves

The way he predicts


his Angel Coming

I read by 16 too.


Kissing the Garden~

Not a damn person rushes time.

Over the drama

and being the biggest fan

of the Bride



—Shadow of the World Pretense—

Fully & Well Decorated~


Star past your Integrity.

I feel like if you don’t unveil

your Christ Conscious…

When I was 12

I was barely related

to you


I am just asking myself if I’m Liberated.

You were

the definition of

16 Wolves

Recently purchased ceramic from an Asian grocery store when I worked out of town last month

Genius in High School–

only fallen in Love



Fractal ~ Wave

You don’t have

a Shelf big enough

to store all your Paints

For misunderstood

Rebel Trend


Rain is pouring down

the side the start


The questions endless~

In this Heart I can’t forsake me.


Our Country

Waterproof with a Rain

His Legs are always destroyed.

So mentally fucked up.


I was the Bachelorette

and you were behind me

to catch me

Best becoming~

Seriousing your experience

on the Energy


So hard to go Swimming

for others

Son of Suns.

We are going to

very simple Wall today,

can you handle that…


You just love extra Omegatily.

The Footprints to Heal~

We’re supposed to

look good the next day…

That’s not how it works

from a Heartache


Last year’s Rapport.

A College if I do something with it

Many human years to

College][Human development



To the Flames Oil & Eve {& a Handsome…}

To the Flames Oil & Eve

{& a Handsome…}

When we work,

we all fall in



You are Wealthy enough

to bring someone

on this Feast with you

Androgyny Signs

That is a

Moon Sign

The way

Love you

is safe


What an issue on our side.

Just when I need protection.

‘Cause I want to take

The Court of Paperwork


1 piece of Wood

Burning in the


His girl cuts off his interest

–Wife of Brother

Social Security Headquarter.


If so, get your Dog weird.

Liked by Air~

You’ve really been Bounty Set with Eyes.


Some Vision:

Some Royal Family’s Blood

{XXI} The World {Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot}

Does it come on most of the days

or none at all?

I see Clear now.


There are not many Toads alone to…

As long as you’re fine

being Snaked

in your Yard


Or you have a very cool Spirit coming in with one Child


in another



Total Tourist



These Woman are far behind.

The Drug was supposed to be funny.

I make a late appearance with me.


It’s in the Man’s Gate.

Commanded others

to bliss your


In the nick of time.


Do I look Sweet or Supple~

not as sweet

as I usually do

Take the smaller,

give me the Sins

Look at you,

Parking in your

Car’s Value


Or you have a

very cool Spirit

coming in with

one Child

Was gifted this tin sign ‘The Sun’ card by my father-in-law Sunday ~ This called for all Sun cards to join Solar forces

If we want to

use the Outhouse,

please use the Restroom

If I just word



You’ll be able to see it

if you’re not friends

with me

Tina quit in LA

but you can see any Zodiac

can move forward

So you can see

what a Rap

would say

‘Faux tile’ Watercolor painted by my father-in-law


A Truth of Peace for Ash for Honors

The Science, the undoing,

the Mystery

doesn’t scare me

Only led by Mail~


What Moon

are you looking up?

In Love with all Communities.

You have to be Nosed up

in the Center


The right to deceive him.


were written with


A Truth of Peace

for Ash

for Honors


—All Breads & Fancy Fish—

Your Parents are Afterthought people.

It had both been a beautiful day~


Parking Lots full.

Prior to Life.

Craving your enemy.




out of




Elvis among these South Monkeys

People in their 30s

they all want to live together


I saw it happen, Mama –it was scary

[Mom smack face on concrete ditch

when excitingly going to see us]


Sugar ∗ Patcher


No Heart

looking up Guide as Intuition

Guide if Intuition


If you get all the Ideas…


Do I owe to a Company?

Me on the day of the Rehearsal


Weight limit 7 Tons.


To see how much you will pay

in the end


We just like your Story~




The way you Write~


Sergeant Pepper is

the spread it down method


End of Summer is weirdness.


What a sweet Tribe.




‘Cause where they live

in the East Coast


The only thing worse

than double Income…


Pond stone’s throw from home


Matriarch of all the Water

Patriarch of Soul


Last Saturday afternoon


11 Deaths are dug up.


I have a hard time respecting Authority.


—A Wisdom of Fashion—



Ladies & Gentleman

Queen of the Increase


If they see Toya’s # available.


Just do the exact square footage.


This is your Neat Place.


Enjoy synthetically


in Love

[[synthetic: ‘place together’]]


We have a

Carlos Santana bar


There’s Trauma

you mutual heart thrown



Elvis among

these South Monkeys


He’s owned Chris his whole life-

he was the Antique Shop Handler


Right back in the same



Me want to leave.


Tastes like

Roses in December~

{Sun Rock like}


Secret of the side stress shot

Shot by- interlace guilt



urge religious spirit of



Miss Andra

should wrote it in



And it Wakes too much easy the next day.


Store Place once your dry is cool.


There must be a gap in my Writing.


Her Body out there,

her Employee


Last Saturday,

Rob actually met

the guy Daimon


The Functioning World

The Intelligent World


A New Fragrance~


Black Seniors

in Afganistan


I hold it Alive just beating as anything ≅Totalic ¤ Eclipse≅

Take that Loan

get some winnings with it


Man, I really want some

Eggs on a Grill


So do I deeply understand.


I do not know how

they’re going to fall in Love~

Bride of Chuckie


They stayed a little late,

with their Pair


In my opinion,

he should have been

the Water-Boy Jesse

{Waterballon, Variety}


Are you going to Arrest ‘em?


What was

up against those Shields

against Humanity


Get me back–

Hope on Thinking


Pot over Plant

[Pot last longer]


Devil Bridge Core.


Lost in Space


We’ll see the Mountains.


Maybe it’s Antique Vintage.


—Supply & Demand—


She’s Buick right yourself.


‘Cause you idiots are so



What happens to our Keys

What was the loss for the day


If you could be

unsupervised for me to sense



Got a lot to make sense of~

Make sense of the Beauty


Last chance –Ship to Africa


I have to go to Bed and Sleep

in a forced manner


I’m Sweet,

I just don’t get

how people are


All Bonds & Mutual Sales.


Why is my Vehicle gone

~USPS Van dropped in York River from Sky~

then was my Jeep in Waves

~Mailbox top floating off vehicle

Shoreline next to House~ {dream}


Me carry my 2 year old self

to Sister with her

–us compare Model Legs–

not much different though

I work out 24/7 [dream]


If you want control of her



Her Name’s

Classy Pagan Tee



Sunny & Dale



A disagreeance on it-

that they’re not open for

filthy relationships


For Flowers & Bloom~ Your Online’s Trance


~ Gentle ~ Backbends ~


Vine on the Leaves & Beautiful Cut


Deaf Closet–

where you want to

put all this stuff at


Take a walk behind my Secrets.


What a Richmond gag juice

in the Airport


I’m not

as sensitive as you,

when it comes to




Drain in~

you want to pull it

all now?


Go beyond your Tiles.


I hold it Alive

just beating as anything

≅Totalic ¤ Eclipse≅


You called it right-

You called it correct


All Ears

Clean Pride


There’s something

my satisfaction

surely ain’t guaranteed


What are you Depositing?


Bring an Opportunity

that’s healthy

for you


∞ The Princess & the Pea ∞


I want to know

~Song Melody


Thinking of free stock Flooring.


Do a good job-

like anyone

would have to do


They came back

from Charles City

stressful this morning


Did admit that he led them on.


Damaging our Crops & our Trust.


You think we’re Local Esoteric Scholars?


Going to make some

Swedish Fish


Blind Music


That make noise after they do it.


Your Story, your Job, your former Circus

If I fail

enough times

I will win


Phantom of the



Hit the ground running.


Frog & the notion

out of this

Alarm Clock


Going through the motions right now.


Just a little dirty

in the inside


Bring yourself up to that level

Think Big


‘Cause healing’s such an urge

it takes 2 people

talking dirt


A bunch of

Teenage Daughters

floating by




It’s not organically put together.


Do you need a special type of connection?

Make you feel better –you okay?


This was like a

Sister Saga

of mine


The outer expose of its Magic Looks like a Missionary’s Trip


Why wouldn’t they be proud of the quality.


By making him drink

the Brain Brush



taking money

as direct deposit





30 can’t Equity.


Rough explanatory.


Your Story, your Job,

your former Circus


I hope


wants to come over


Was this supposed to be

cute or painful


You never expire.


Slip that Body under grace~





The Serious



I am from very Magical Planet


All Virtual Backbends & Lilies


The Bald Guy

What make you

cheer up

about each other


The badass Muse

the rest of the week,

or Jesus

If I brought

all the Carpet

in the World

Jessica just ripped out

a single defect

of Single’s life


Me use Brother’s Wolf Blanket~

so I didn’t have to buy new one

he stayed at check out at Walmart

You’ve survived half the world

~Song {Ordinary World}






Street Kids–

just standing there

laughing in the Woods

I’m glad it’s quiet~ {sound}

To Spirit, to do

the Language & Poetry

Missed with some die

with some Pina Colada Workshop


Might wanting to fill his Core

Breath before you go

Billions on

Beastful Barracks

Genevas & Pennies.


Vine on the Leaves

& Beautiful Cut

Thinking it’s free food,

it’s still Pumpkinville

Tan ≈ was the Magic Eraser


Debating Sister.

If you built even more

Work on that

The Messages that you give off.



telling me what to do

It was already right

when it came to me

Jesus Write

I re-blew clues from

Victoria & you




does it smell

as happy as ever

It’s all about

The Nutrition & Sports


The World

is constantly trying to change

us liars

Diamond ◊ Flaws

I see these Fashions

in the Hood


Our Heart will guide us.

Wilder Progression~

I guess it’s time for you

to remember

what you spent in October



a hundred Bolts of Lighting

or more

It encourages me to defend myself.

Dreams & a Trash Can.


All Virtual Backbends

& Lilies


I’ll rebuild this House

In love with

Fire Dust

Virginia Sky~


I would see very Spiritually Restored

Sister Claw

Sharing Beautiful Gifts

from yourselves like others


That’s great, it has to be there


[Anvil’s going through process]

Your regular Library

when you’re

splitting Lighters

I swear

I see some

Oracle Image


It brought that level of,

I need to be here

[getting fired]

Having never explained

my process or notion before

No noise after Spirit Concept.


Chews off

something that works

Faith & its original meanings

A Scale is ready

but Black Water Tattoos are

Reaching, healing, changing

…Risking, healing, changing

& being healing


You were the First Year’s Blessings.

Last time he took his Clothes off

before getting dressed

~your Dad’s a Stripper

For Flowers & Bloom~

Your Online’s Trance


Someone’s sharing Pages with me.

Don’t take the World by debate.

Hot deals

but it’s about to get hotter


I would see very Spiritually Restored.

Everybody’s pretty secluded

—10 Lessons & a Crown—

I mean I don’t think

I have a question for any of them


Over consolation of


—Deliver Baby—

And, some with some condition.


Sun Witch Sister

& Witcher

Proper Vikings.

You already supported Elite.


Leave the Doorway off or the maximum Freewill.

I didn’t like seeing

dead Spiders

in corners [in bed]

Queen of the Increase

Ladies & Gentleman


I can’t play

when I’m not feeling


Be a liar

Play safe

So I have a reason

to be angry for this morning


Too much up against the Cup.

Others bring it over,

I’m not being

under enough

I’m the only one that

feeling weird right now

No reason to stir the Boat


I got on Nobody’s Stickers.

People are

overlooking the negative-

no one knows what to do

Mom has gotten a soft spot

for Sunner Beed with

10 Hearts


A lot of

Research & Dating