Giving This Memorable Light

It’s like I pray for her
to come out alive, to not despair
I see in her a torn, broken layer
Misunderstood by herself,
trying to emerge beyond the world
Is she aware of her beauty?
Does she see her grace?
Is there a dwelling place
for those like her?
Work the light of synergy
Pray over good energy
Guide an ample force
Pray for extra support


Fatal Fortune

Rewinding back the channels of time

Reverse the scenario that plagues my mind

As all I want is for time to resurface back what’s mine

You were never meant to leave so soon

You haunt my future so now I’m stone

I never imagined my life all alone

Come back my bride, you ride next to me

I miss your warm kiss, your sweet embrace

Your supple taste, our forever fate

Soul Kindred

How far can you feel emotions,

is it possible to gap an ocean?

Without a doubt

I am positively sure,

as my vision corresponded

with this dream of hers.

11pm in my world,

4am in hers,

like the doors to these

capsules had just merged,

and the Spirit is one,

all around and in between,

the message descends for

our conscious to deem,

the underlying importance of

this symbolic vision and dream.

 As the meaning of this sign was

full of life, bright and shined.

I wanted to tell her personally

you see, but how to come

across and deliver baffled me.

So this came together,

to preserve this feathers,

intensity to feel, connect and

respond to what is real.

To breathe an ever expanse,

birthed in the breath

of this treasured trance.

It’s like a kindred wave

had just set ashore,

for the Godhead of comfort

to love and adorn.

In the moment of this sync,

our lives crossed and

our hearts linked.

I don’t know you personally,

but I was sent here to believe,

that we are eternal,

our spirits are one,

you are my soul kindred,

from birth and beyond.


This one is for anonymous,

no name shall be spoken.

Strong willed to survive,

your heart is surely open.

Have you ever looked at someone

and seen yourself through them?

Them through you?

And every positional truth?

Humanity in every form?

Transcentual energies from

across all fields, united as one?

Well, this is the memo… transcribed.

Life births anew and has begun,

as free as the united Sun,

we are birthed in unison as One.

Intent and Poise

If I wasn’t so empathetic

I know I wouldn’t even care

or better yet, I would hardly be aware

of the impending essence

of those near and far

that collide with my vessel

so connected we are

this makes mention of intent and poise

this clairaudience picks up the voice

and the vibe within and out

that is even too loud to shout

yet vibrates to the sound of a chorus rhythm

and echoes throughout the veins of those listening

Courageous Empathy

This dream I had last night was

imprinted to set my soul aflight

So I would carry the seed

of courageous empathy

So my spirit could grasp

what is unfolding around me

With the courage instilled

to see my heart through

Mixed with the embedded

empathy so I knew

What has come together

for this flight of feather

To set my direction high

with all routes pointing

towards the sky