I have sympathy and I have no rest

My giant world turn. Spirit but criticized. Figured I could make a peck for you ‘cause you look so lonely. Medallion. Something channeled in me. Fakes a grin. Will you ever have a hand while you talk. Your piss station: wedge of garbage cans. In complete shock and awe of your Mercury. Make mud pies together. I’m obsessed with that Indian ass. You’re both all set. All the very best. New clouds and stable income. Oh no I won’t be satisfied. I am the axis mundi: . Trust it by slow. I literally have to take responsibility for those. Sugar scoop. Don’t read me unread. As silent as the quiet sky. You wanna meet at 1 to clean the house. And I wonder to myself: why do I exist.

You’re my priorities. We need a busch gardens account. The soul of the universe. Dreams of the future will come. This is the address you gave me, God. On more business: on business being familiar. Much love -no drink in the air. Because I want to motivate in speech. The time is always right to do what’s right. Smashing another city walls in. A fly tee in Cap—your anima cut. Put up a real fight with you. Heaven still. Yet straight AF anything. Seeker Friday—wisdom nation. Got to let ‘em use the flashlights. A gentle soul. Seasonally come up with a rate. If we grow old together. This name is his book –Thunderer Mode. Just think it is about him- all the all you can get. Switch it place it. You cautiously described my open fear to publishing. [broken fear]. Thich Hanh -not need of orders. I’m going to split the gloves on you. Beffical sky. Put it out with a double vision. Wide concept eyes. I was defending angels. An angry man’s state.

Swollens swallow in pervasiveness. Monday: best of Flordia’s game changers. The king of the tarps—The king of the tarps. Fingers swaying. Many refills many times over. I made Tony Bob’s equal. I’m a sucker of silence. Little Irish girl. Guess I’ve had fake China before monkey. I didn’t ever not want to scream. Mermaid tail fins were trees. [I’m giving] pajama pants to wear. No hidden fees related. The purple is always flower for you. Solid- come out my best. Very deserving of human nature. :It’s your book, God. Ready to tell people. Stop at age 35 – Stop at 75.

I’m sure he’s tiny bumpin’ with me as you share. I knew writing take my with grain of salt but at least take the hopeful ones. We need to look more at the attack not at the draw board. I’ll say it’s white when it’s red. My boundaries are really high. Talk to a lot. My first attempt at being a kid. And showroom means something more to her. Remember the solid cutting zone. Who broke my brother’s rule? I have sympathy and I have no rest. Full naked truth of God. Automatic stretch. Respect your elders. Precise work—you go through all 3. Just gin and juice [gin = grin]. Strong individual type. I don’t want to leave unsubmitted.

Made me round for someone and settle for someone I don’t deserve. Trust comes in all shapes and sizes. Melody match. This one’s Pippi Longstocking- I leave plans… . ‘Cause what, we already know this. Sage sisters. I was in the conversation –bleak contact. Mentally fucked- weird -you can’t do all that and not be. Air-anese. Sufferer with gift. Thank you Frezno, Dardin, Windslo –capital moment. How do you guys perform anyways?…Do you have a detailed special effect. Whalon– I think they’re wealthy but I’m not sure. Present of our community. Similar concept. But for your own hour talk it easy on yourself. Apocalyptic speech.


What you really want to kill can kill you

What you really want to kill can kill you

Torrent. Re pillow talk the plans with them –sand. Dreaming and helpful song. Raise thoughts, numbers, vibrations. Every sea lion’s in my way. Funny time you’re leaving, I’m still baking. Identity theft. Felix. It adds up to and anything.

One of the first astronomers {Eagle spread {vision} ~ soaring ~ overlooking down}{humanity

The Allister of the throat medicine. The fruits of your labor. Meddling. As fit as a jungle. Good adventures have aggregate to them. By the end of the decade –Janis smiling–2 live pictures–face happy. It’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches says the… . What you really want to kill can kill you. Vision certified. Those purple areas with the scalp on them. That love it and have an ippration of it.

We are not separating people [grapes]
Supposed to have a very common career and an eagle age

The Trey assembly line. I will worship you until the end of time and I will spread your message around the globe. Worker’s golf. Voice adjustment was scary. You what’s the matter child. Assembly line. Alone with Bob. She’s real she’s gorgeous she’s pregnant. Your pizza sauce is undone. Where it will add a video. Hand discovery.

You asked me how eagle the arms were
Though I don’t give invisible grapes [like assholes] to plead, my country is worthy

The friendship I had with her. I got something in the air with you. Turned up but don’t turn it down. We’re all connected to this. What’s an example of burgundy… . Run the world. Join on us on the gym. Now or a public lunch. Occasion of the arts. Maded attention.

—Humanity’s Tree Topper—
‘Iolair [Gaelic for eagle] Intelligence-Renewal-Courage – Iolair helps you to see your life in the wider context, enabling you to make decisions and chart your goals with clarity and objectivity. The eagle is a powerful ally; it is courageous and strong, drawing its power from the sun. If you will allow the eagle to work for you, it will bring you a sense of purpose and the courage to see this through, enabling you to venture into fresh territory with confidence. It will allow you to detach yourself from everyday worries and cares, and will enable you to grasp subtle concepts. The eagle, when accepted, will also show you how to renew and rejuvenate yourself, by demonstrating the art of plunging – at just the right moment – into the lake of the heart.’
{At 9:37am, after this draw- saw a bald eagle soar from east to west in the sky upon stepping out for a walk. Just beautiful. The name comes before the draw- divinely fitting}

Cathartic ‘cause I constantly pick one—would it be okay to pick one. Unconventional. Fire me- forgive me –owner -that would take on a lot of pain. We both felt unresolved closure. In a second instance. Have you scooped this BBQ? The third related. There’s a giant pair of scissors. I want to be like let’s give it up on the go. Seaside chronicles. Turn and burn. Pipeline. Demure.

Eagle eye disbursed– I am always printing I can view so much And I can even see rummage clearly


I can only think of your tender garden

It will still find us on fire –post delay. They just don’t go try kill and try. I was knight a short. Completely real on share a same map with you. Blazing under the Sun. [That was] me tracking feet onto both worlds. The open air tonight. If it’s a white dream. You are a kindred spirit. Intended to be joy. No since you already have the light. Which one of the alphabets consume the mind? I got to enlist the help of the angels so I can help you. It fried his guest– wife was so pleased.

Evolutionary astrology. Element your power. Your Beyonce’s good– didn’t want to get caught up in that situation. Brrr with the troops. Forms knowledge and wisdom. Expert advise. I can only think of your tender garden. Medallion. Why can’t I get the enemy from the tree.

Bathsheba. Sullivan. I don’t know if that’s true but I like it. The magic happens in the medium. Iconic view. Animation. This is going to put you on the map –stars. The perfect time for him to catch up on your writing. Great choices. I’m putting a lot in your hands god. You can have it all. Building an empire. 6 figure—blowing up. The angels swift graces. Sticker shock. Groundhog Day—trying to win people over- success rate zero to none. Dear John letters.

Should sound sincere [should] strike a witch


I left them a message in case they really cared

I left them a message in case they really cared

Full time elite me. White blood cells. I should cook up this one artist, true fame. Debby Lima. To death to manifest. Art is the same in art; art is the same. The bid from within. The world’s seated fire. Makes all this sphere a little sweeter. Palacia. I am wealthy. The art signals the right motion. Are jobs blow natural… . I am so over deeply within. Seasonally come up with a rate. 300’s daughter. My gaping oracle need.

Get me through the life changing things
You can finalize, the Lords being offered there
Can’t stop if you have chemistry, can’t stop if you have feelings for him either
You were backed up if your feet became manifestations
There is a place for you

How long they write their statement. This doesn’t matter because I needed to transfer it anyways. So many broken promises. Build ‘em half back –dreams. Fleer his world on Friday. It might just be a general solution. I pulled trigger too much. Did I lose format? A second skinner. Loved like mother pies. A sandwich always putting a balance in between us. Type of abandonment. I don’t think she’ll conquer too much.

~The Pebble in the Sand~
No Sunrise Finds Us Where Sunset Left Us∴Death∴Take With You Your All
‘We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another day; and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.
Even while the earth sleeps we travel.
We are the seeds of the tenacious plant, and it is in our ripeness and our fullness of heart that we are given to the wind and are scattered.’ ~The Farewell’∴
‘Death: Represents the spirit in transformation.’
∴’Your daily life is your temple and your religion.
Whenever you enter into it take with you your all.
Take the plough and the forge and the mallet and the lute,
The things you have fashioned in necessity or for delight.
For in reverie you cannot rise above your achievements nor fall lower than your failures.
And take with you all men:
For in adoration you cannot fly higher than their hopes nor humble yourself lower than their despair.’ ~Religion’

How to get a seniority manager. I left them a message in case they really cared. John Denver. And your wings tested. No regrets –M. R. Hunting-gram. Caspian skies & trickled… . Airtime creator.


Whose Guide is open to receiving stars

Whose Guide is open to receiving stars

Happy evaluation in China. Next level bias. Pretend with the entire band and deal with me. Reindeer oil — Ascension rising. Oh you’re fucked. Joseph Campbell. A piece of inner wood. They’re singing in heaven. Raises ones’ awakeness to think. My mom have any 80s in it- she is Just and playing. Oxygen. That shit gets me up regardless –Wellness Center. Death and luxusous. Severely distracted. Pectin.

I know I don’t run very much- but damn do I feel it. Midwife. Those families: they would always work together- men, woman, boxes, girls. The spherical trim. Parts, metals, pieces. Fly on the wall. The work of an angel. Picked the side of the moon to dance –tonight. Who would of lost weight. Mississippi. Whose Guide is open to receiving stars. Keep in motion. Sounds like you broke a penguin. Spiritual Appining. All the right necessary stuff. Whiteness through America. Other side living.

Let’s not wait till some star’s out of us to become alive
To a Star To an Athlete ∗Medalist∗
Deep water witches’ diary | On the other side, the moon within

Keep a dozen pockets open. The mythos of me. Like it came out from underneath. All the heavens in the Sun. Cappy. Being real playful Being real slacker. Tell the truth on my words. Hanging down their faces –husband and wife. Their intral operating system. Lives in that area. I’ll get rid of you –your dad’s groom. The household integrities. This is the hip museum. Volcanus. Better rings buy arena — Better wings buy arena. Alchemist’s gold.

Riding into the stars with the sunsets
{SOUL][tarot} [MATE}{oracle]
{The Moon][In Your Longing For Your Giant Self Lies Yours Goodness -Good And Evil-}
{The Sun][The Gates Of His Heart Were Flung Open -The Coming of the Ship-}
showing 2 separate draws — the virgin draw on both decks
[on left] The Moon with Good and Evil, drawn to myself 
{on right} The Sun with The Coming of the Ship, drawn to my husband
‘The Moon: represents the spirit of inspiration’ ∗’You are good when you are fully awake in your speech. Yet you are not evil when you sleep while your tongue staggers without purpose. And even stumbling speech may strengthen a weak tongue. You are good when you walk to your goal firmly and with bold steps. Yet you are not evil when you go thither limping. Even those who limp do not go backward.’∗
‘The Sun: represents the peace of mind’ ∗’… he climbed the hill without the city walls and looked seaward; and he beheld his ship coming with the mist. Then the gates of his heart were flung open, and his joy flew far over the sea. And he closed his eyes and prayed in the silences of his soul.’∗
Wherever I go by stars, you stand in the night’s sky

Rule it and surpass you. I’ve read a scar of lifeless mercy. Crazy and stuff in the middle– ugly on both ends. Woodstock. Vision by name. North Washington D. C.. Innerwear = wheel’s axis. He was born in 2,000 2,000 [two-thousand two-thousand]. Stuff gets covered in mud. Experiencing laziness and loss. Beyonce put the last couple videos together with love. Major Canus. Beautiful- I cannot trust you –owner. Are you worth more than you were then. You’ve become a residential.

When one man’s stars brought it home