I don’t know what helped you because you kept running away from it

Make the first Phone Call

a thousand Calls ago~


People don’t buy

it’s out & it’s all about



Where I’m vulnerable,

he’d like me to be safety


My Tantric God

My Turn Teening Water


The uses of Magic


To do the Mend or Call

~Hope was a lot of fun

in the mud~


I can meet you

the hundred

where I see you


Don’t want to

go beyond a

4 River Dress Coat


Sunset setting on Treetops


The Light & The Gold

hitting the top

of the Trees


I don’t know

what helped you

because you kept

running away

from it


A Fire of Sacrifice



It’s Creative Plastic.


We all have to work out something personal


Love is a Stage

& how I’ve missed you


I got to your Ballroom

I got to your



Rip the Rugs

out from Men


What are

my Galaxies


To get an honest Love~


Clarity work

my Daddy off

my blessing


If you are confident

in the feeling

of who you are


{Six of Arrows ¤ Transition} It’s taken 6 Stars to please me. {The Seer} Healing should be exciting and intoxicating, taking Honest in an order of Seer. {Page of Arrows ¤ Wren} Can’t stage a Wren.


Was having so much fun

hailing from your

own Voices



Holy Bible





from God


An obsolete Camera

to quiet my life


Western Faces


A Child can rest.


Can’t believe I got the

Weather from Panera


To not be bound

by my thoughts


I wrote it yesterday,

then I looked it up

in here


Dad actually

has no room for Error


I did the unwanted

Sports Bra


—Develop an Outcome—


What’s your

Trade Count


They looked fake

no matter how

Colorful they were


We all have to work out

something personal


Whatever a guy

says this morning

can be held as theirs


Endless Mandela.


Listening to your Environment.


1 in front surviving for 8 years

1 in the back breaking free


Bypass Extinction.


Anyway with your Path anyway is not blessing

Manor’s Landing.

The experience

Rush again


—Libra & Pedaling—

Sins, Sugar

So tonight,

I’m falling in

my Driveway


I was gripping onto

a Tiger Bear

More certain

Less sure

Lucy is my Daughter

{It’s nice now}


~A Word Poem & A Wordist~

Extra 10 Planks

of Playing Cards

She’s wearing

the Graphic

of her extra Tea



are something scary

{& I’ve seen ‘em}

And a little stuff

goes a long way

I’d really like to put a

Sensitive Output~


Just put it out there

as a lesson learnt

You’re the reason

I was doing good

Different times,

under different



Little stay

if you’re new

Fallen from Grace~

Anyway with your Path

anyway is not blessing


Mixed up into

the Emotions

After them

I’ve seen them order

my Swamazons

Happy Happy Birthday,



One in general

1 seems to

brought control


Called on the Woman I tried to Call upon



Strength — Environment


Starved with Price.


Gold & Being.


I would love

to have a

Warm Gemini


Queen of the Dark

Knight of the Light


Half Aggressive ][ Half Sweet


Don’t know what

to feed them


A Moisture is a lesson

with Karma on top


—Pretty Big Binder—


Called on the Woman

I tried to Call upon


Get your

Time Crunch



If we die from anything

I don’t want to die alone–

[me on Ship Cruise wanting first Love]


To Bear, To Carry trying to rule me back

…umm [mopping] I was going to

after laundry, no clean towels


Part of the real Equity

I owe


One of the Pages

I added to the Investment



Knowing prompts Support

Brandyn -Be quiet

Husband [to unfolding]


First Career to a State

she loved






Knowing prompts Support.


Thank you for your Estate

and things to think about



Is another

Coffee‘s Routine~


Shot bad receivers



If you spent your Dad’s Border.


Got to be the Heat

& the way that

you Drive


Permanent Dog loss.


Get ready Mom,

it Kills me


Valuable Family Members.


Diet before stopping Rain.





‘Handcrafted copper water bottle by Supernatural’ {Sacred metal of Venus} & ‘The Shift by Komuso’ in rose gold, a meditation/breathing tool


Riding into the Stars with the Sunsets

Just hit him

a million times over


Ordering Birds under the Sea,

all night

~ ~ ~

Ordering Birds under the Sea,

it’s just me


The things you’re going to

hate me for so long

you can only hate me

but for so much

–Former FB friend [political terrorist]


Me backwards wheel my Grandfather

down Mom & Dad’s Stairs~

one step at a time ~ me gentle ~ him thankful



Wherever I go by Stars,

you stand in

the Night’s Sky


Going by Stars,

Listening to the True Nature

of people


Don’t you think if you’re Rich,

you can kinda

figure it out


It needs to be done right.


More Electronically

My Heart works



I’ve been trying

to stumble

but it’s 30 Pages



things kept Inside



into the Stars

with the Sunsets


Homeward bound~


In the Pure Vibration

of Number


I Love myself

with a dear Technique


Wash things down to my

partially Autism



Sister Asheville is


We offer Thoughts,




One, after

Stay & Speak


How many people were

Sealing the Rest


Told them to Stand

if there’s nothing to…

[gave a great Husband

& Wife mode]


{Come over here at}

At Vision Life

to Celebrate


¤ Wotan ¤

your Spirit Guides

& Valkyrie


4 Miles North

or Direction North


{Tell you the Truth}

I need the 3

Collapse ~ Collide


Fighting this Weapon

with continued Light


There’s no occupation

for anyone’s results

to be flipped


We captured Wood

from Great Wolf,



~Charle’s Spa & Grill~

[[Charles: ‘free man’]]




please Pray for that


So I don’t know

what to do

with my Position





Day Dreaming

in Paradise



That is

a beautiful shade

& avoid it