Whose Guide is open to receiving stars

Whose Guide is open to receiving stars

Happy evaluation in China. Next level bias. Pretend with the entire band and deal with me. Reindeer oil — Ascension rising. Oh you’re fucked. Joseph Campbell. A piece of inner wood. They’re singing in heaven. Raises ones’ awakeness to think. My mom have any 80s in it- she is Just and playing. Oxygen. That shit gets me up regardless –Wellness Center. Death and luxusous. Severely distracted. Pectin.

I know I don’t run very much- but damn do I feel it. Midwife. Those families: they would always work together- men, woman, boxes, girls. The spherical trim. Parts, metals, pieces. Fly on the wall. The work of an angel. Picked the side of the moon to dance –tonight. Who would of lost weight. Mississippi. Whose Guide is open to receiving stars. Keep in motion. Sounds like you broke a penguin. Spiritual Appining. All the right necessary stuff. Whiteness through America. Other side living.

Let’s not wait till some star’s out of us to become alive
To a Star To an Athlete ∗Medalist∗
Deep water witches’ diary | On the other side, the moon within

Keep a dozen pockets open. The mythos of me. Like it came out from underneath. All the heavens in the Sun. Cappy. Being real playful Being real slacker. Tell the truth on my words. Hanging down their faces –husband and wife. Their intral operating system. Lives in that area. I’ll get rid of you –your dad’s groom. The household integrities. This is the hip museum. Volcanus. Better rings buy arena — Better wings buy arena. Alchemist’s gold.

Riding into the stars with the sunsets
{SOUL][tarot} [MATE}{oracle]
{The Moon][In Your Longing For Your Giant Self Lies Yours Goodness -Good And Evil-}
{The Sun][The Gates Of His Heart Were Flung Open -The Coming of the Ship-}
showing 2 separate draws — the virgin draw on both decks
[on left] The Moon with Good and Evil, drawn to myself 
{on right} The Sun with The Coming of the Ship, drawn to my husband
‘The Moon: represents the spirit of inspiration’ ∗’You are good when you are fully awake in your speech. Yet you are not evil when you sleep while your tongue staggers without purpose. And even stumbling speech may strengthen a weak tongue. You are good when you walk to your goal firmly and with bold steps. Yet you are not evil when you go thither limping. Even those who limp do not go backward.’∗
‘The Sun: represents the peace of mind’ ∗’… he climbed the hill without the city walls and looked seaward; and he beheld his ship coming with the mist. Then the gates of his heart were flung open, and his joy flew far over the sea. And he closed his eyes and prayed in the silences of his soul.’∗
Wherever I go by stars, you stand in the night’s sky

Rule it and surpass you. I’ve read a scar of lifeless mercy. Crazy and stuff in the middle– ugly on both ends. Woodstock. Vision by name. North Washington D. C.. Innerwear = wheel’s axis. He was born in 2,000 2,000 [two-thousand two-thousand]. Stuff gets covered in mud. Experiencing laziness and loss. Beyonce put the last couple videos together with love. Major Canus. Beautiful- I cannot trust you –owner. Are you worth more than you were then. You’ve become a residential.

When one man’s stars brought it home


I haven’t warned you [yet] I just don’t want to disappoint you

Counting backwards- broken program. Very relentless. Dehumidifier. Civil pursuit. I would love to know the people they treated around the corner. Trips into disease ridden profile. My arms are: strong stable skies. Earthly knights and tail visions. Many years study. I had all those days to write to you. Betwixt.

Put down new names and heavy dreams
Everything’s Will is a twist or fate
God has to do something to get our attention

I like this hope a lot I like this hope a lot. I’m just thinking because I don’t have money in me right now. Pagan our free fire branding. All the immoral sex. Because I literally have to happen. Can I cut it. There are few things that get your soul involved. I want to go over Amy house. Stare at me like souvenirs. I write in the middle of this dream- I take it out. I’m clear I’m good. In between the chorus in the dream. And they know you- you’re easy to deal with –him at Jamestown.

Piery Baltimore Spirit ~Angel~ they kinda help them with themselfs ~ all the shocking ingredients
Winged Messenger Mercury {Mercury has a message:} The Star – High Priestess [r] – The Devil – Death
The Star {Entering Aquarius in the sea of wheels} I like the Age: here I am
High Priestess [r] {Releasing control unto the heavens} Every Honey Moon I’m still here looking within | Trusting Supply Companies | Life Trust Company
The Devil {The saturnian weight of the world and the veil of expanse} I feel better ↔ I feel guilty Your own slave dimensions
Death {Evil was once what was good; goodness turned sour. Do not rot in death, you are ripe in death} Death is the retirement of harm; everyone comes out of the closet of Nirvana
I so make to the tail of the root | Their fixed son paradise

Shy over the most interesting things. [Feeling…] low birth weight. He did a great self pity mode. I wanna get the moon and the wind…I just want you to stop. I stay in the left lane, hobby lane. Can I go through the [e]motions and gather complete indentity. The forge doesn’t always stay open. Your philosophy’s in the 9th house. I don’t think she would of come in from there. 

Horns blowing off on the moonless earth

To greatness, to do to work. Chicago picks up techniques. We just didn’t care to try. If it’s a vision between me and you; you- keep surrounded for heavy critical use. Lieutenant Dans. Don’t have anyone to do this but you. Monte Carlo. 8 years of exile. Be honorable and measurable in everything –2X4 over shoulders– climbing uphill — strong quads.

‘Óðrœrir, Boðn, and Són’ | The smart and wise seem to be dangered and charged

Oh my it doesn’t smell in the least– he closed his eyes. 3 pronged staff][fork vision. It’s cold outside- I got 7 likes on that poem. I hope there was a force of benefit. I should have an equal price. I haven’t warned you [yet] I just don’t want to disappoint you. Rent’s due. Nationwide. 5-15% edification. Sculpting machine. Test driver [both sides]. Go get the job done. There is a place for you.

‘Carl Jung, in his book ‘Answer to Job’ and elsewhere, depicted evil as the dark side of God. People tend to believe evil is something external to them, because they project their shadow onto others. Jung interpreted the story of Jesus as an account of God facing his own shadow.’
May the force be with you today and even if not, here comes | Fungian Foods {Jungian} | Jung-anese | Thank you for the Light shined on the Staff ~Workers | God has the same heart of humor

Stark contrast. Sub par. Experiment of exploitation. You will get an email today. Completely uninhibited. Heroineing. Terminator –Canon music mystic. Endless time. I just had a really big feeling [prophet books eternal]. I didn’t know I could be this happy- all my prayers answered. Apocalyptic heart. Clarity angels.


Canon Music Mystic



is good

to find




is small

to find


listen to

your ear bells

& fresh rewind,

tune divine,

fast forward




a canon

music mystic

seers aligned,

hears divine,

fears no



the music

station within

sings in chimes,

rings divine,


a lucid



criminal minds

of the freest kind,

at one with all




the cruelty

of defense

is kind


in varient

extremes you

pay mystic to

the Indian



my innocent















can only be

one more thing,

can that they be

before they



keep your

pitches open,

fill your



the canon

music mystic

loves to


You should catch the Nation– You should win-win those

You should catch the Nation– You should win-win those

Squirrel resting eyes – donkey [resting] [visions]. The garage door open. Want me to turn my lights off for me. Calls me home. And regret nothing impress. The way lifted was moved. Show off. Add themes I trust. Everybody’s going to be wanting to send you your pictures back- we are not over yet. Hourly rate… Spine twist. The first to have texted back. Their purpose for redesigning of new letters.

I’m such an earth timing. Trying to make my way out of town to do things like that. If we can’t work together. Spelled human appearances. The book was filmed in our car. You should catch the Nation– You should win-win those. So do you want to take some time and work on Rhonda. The gods sweet graces. We’re going to have adversity first. Visions manifestas –tinting. Oh it’s on the inside.

Me and the earth have sat through a lot. Back down- team down for extra window. Allow us as we park. Toxic pattern of existence– heal. An office at work not compensating any gifts. Hate the ways all action army picks up. The most un-coficient experience. I’m fucking with my mind. I kinda feel great very often their confidant. It’s been really hard for me to let go –Princess figurine spirit [around now]. Clear mindset. Can’t keep scheduling it unprophetable.

Instead of honor it says maid. He can’t handle me, he can’t even take pictures with me. I’m living through Elliot lenses. Can’t go over it now- can’t do anything or judge it. Making a social scene. Big adjustment [no 30 grand]. It did a number on many pieces and family business. Is that this job just like you. I just needed one companion. Are you open to attack. A month ago I know where he is cut wind own.

9 of Chalices – Hawk
When a person goes into speed without thought -Void | I give you guys the Sun to watch permission | If I’m being hawk on midnight | Wants to be Void — You know how to not steer | Which world is Void after the brave of theirs

On the street, I’d just let it go. Let’s just stay here tonight. Boba Fete. Sea turkey. And he knew about her conference call. My green daughter’s face. Understand– I’m listening to you right now. It’s not easy going through the brain. Through all the assembly line. That I had to win over my husband. In a second instance.

Hecate. The salt has to happen. I made a promise to you god. I will be writing the new codex. Main source of your power. Enemy right behind you. I keep holding myself back in odd ways –Listening. Next level epiphany. I send you to boot camp. Happy geese.