Well what’s the point of doing anything in this world. All the aftershock party. Nelson Mandela book – me say it to man – no one like me and I’ll just read this book alone. I guess what you’re saying –Man. Me carefully peel of papercover off book to take hardcover with me and study. Papercover all came off, no tears but was sticky

Direct link with the divine and I must keep myself pure.

Think something about herself. Think it’s true.

Touching my genitals. Thinking of you.

Volatile romance. Oceanic glue.

Super independent woman. Super as you.


March 31st, 2023

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Is always exciting to be a weirdo that can back up your shit

Is always exciting to be a weirdo that can back up your shit

I have a vision and I work hard for it.

The squirrel knows how to cook.

We could use another person like you.

Sometimes it’s good to overshoot, Man.

Not going to find another one like me.

We think pink gladiators are worth stealing.

People can do whatever they want to do.

I crave structure, discipline, and order and I just want that.

Give her 2X the rules.

Our future would never tell me about you.

Planting the water seeds at the angle sometimes.

Now or never. If I’m not now then I’m never.

You’re choosing your own way. She’s really really good. Asap. I’m serious I would walk away with you now. It was nauseating to me. Tipping the scale. Sagesse.

March 25th, 2023

They’re mine – they’re mine –Clear crystal staffs I grabbed from ground to pile in my safekeeping—that someone was trying to get before me—or take/claim from my possession → it was a life or death game

They’re mine – they’re mine –Clear crystal staffs I grabbed from ground to pile in my safekeeping—that someone was trying to get before me—or take/claim from my possession → it was a life or death game

Dishonesty’s one of those infinity golden rules

March 29th, 2023

Have not been willing to die young on this legacy

Me in my youngest heart, me in my numerous soul.

Complete revolution. Let this season begin. At peace about it –post. It’s my dog clearly. German shepherd. While I’m bending your balls please don’t let them make fun of me.

And in E = English means mystery.

Central litigation. Intoxicate myself. I’m really sorry. Growing demand. Systemic approach. What regrets can we ask you out. You know I can fucking work your ass like a charm. Have not been willing to die young on this legacy. Have our legend love one need.

I move silence and work in 3D.

After my eating instruction. I hold …  . That triple layer…dive. Peter’s little depression. …Talk about. You’re coming with us but these guides are. Broken promise. The normal gene has lots of muscles –different do not. And is she … . I just need to … . Earwax … . I’m a big lonely—effects my family’s part.

Because we both have a woman to sailboat too.

Against you but will move in your favor [Creative Legacy]

I never am okay with his words. Why?…So I can enjoy the peace of my day [Set up with out you] Why?…So I can enjoy the peace of my dad.

Everybody who is standing above ground.

I have hearing problems. Your dad needs to pay us on repeat. Really high to quality—my soul over vision. Soaking wet nature of all those things. Might get up early to avoid any foreign disaster. They’re outside … the food but they’re hungry.

The human soul–Tarot card – I aim to serve many.

‘Jesus Goes Up Alone onto a Mountain to Pray’ by James Tissot, 1886-1894


How bad they want to block and use you. I’m being very careful on who [how] I say it to my dad. You’re alive in. Craftwild – getting in the small way. There’s tapping root into.

New paper moon.

Alliance. I like it it’s not supposed to be there.

Jesus levitating with his white feet off the ground [bright] toes slightly angled point.

‘Jesus Transported by a Spirit onto a High Mountain’ by James Tissot, 1886-1894


All old to choose. A look back in time.

Nancy Jitters. Causation to my effect on – your brave gets going…now over the sea.

Missionary control—data freak control. Square is his sharp item.

Do you tackle 6 figure income?

There was something freaky—I liked the show. The walt before. Second hand rate. Everything’s will is funny to believe. General cookin’ in our window. Multi-prism.

The almond charged with in 24 hours.

Guys I have a problem—I am dealing with it accordingly the best I can. Guys I have a problem related to visions.

I just want you to like take away all the pain. Stuff gets suicidal. I just want to be very clear so this messed up mentality doesn’t get me when I’m older. There goes the financial support. Hurt the needs of the paws [so bad].



I split between our parents when I split between our empty carafes.

“The wetland of mosses”…you’re headed out from. If it’s pinkish I’ve never in hell. Just moving forward with a sustainable life with her.

God sightings hear voices.

[1.1.14 excerpt]
Don’t tell me I don’t do this that well, secretly you want me to fail. I need to go through the evil one, fix me. Quants of quantity. Multiply issue sublime issue. Open your easy eyes your fair. Y’all see in wax watermelon in a coffee cup. Captivated among the wise, foolish among the readers. Heed thirst like you need a seed. A dying breed. Where my highest attentions to all that you are lunes. Does your body make no use for the suburbs. –Path of an empath Path to the self. Her soul seeks me when I find you. Jesus said to me I am his soul! You have always been the highest standard seed–. Lets the maps be present in the van. I had one of you oven … over my head. Re-sang it and his fruit appears. Many of my dreams were water manifestations.



Never to let out. Farmed raised pupils. Me uptight. Brandyn, you have been valuable since day one. Touché touché. I still feel like nobody—it just feels different. This is too sentimental to keep. Domination run … . Why not it bank account me. First in line. Open … . Inner class wars distributing … . Owner—I am running away. I hate [income] arm balances so much. My friends chill. Ingress all over your party. Remain in the basket not in the goldmine. Infallibles send answers. It’s not really … It’s everywhere. Dad I like obsessed my style to ….. to get weird. Left hand sword –Uriel. … Nice work done. [Dad’s job’s downstairs and he woke up late]. Bacardi gold. Limit my possibilities with all possibilities. It still bothers me as daughter –bad business move.


Do your best and forget the rest. I’m against everybody showing everybody disrespect. That’s serious accusations. Seriously true. 1 of natural law and order. I’m sorry Man, I have no loyalty to anybody but you. Play it all where it can equal out to being fair

Do your best and forget the rest. I’m against everybody showing everybody disrespect. That’s serious accusations. Seriously true. 1 of natural law and order. I’m sorry Man, I have no loyalty to anybody but you. Play it all where it can equal out to being fair


There is no room without you.

He looked liked you had a ghost in me and you – in tandem.

The madness on the Journeyman.

Consistent, concise, you have to learn Journeyman.

Do your best and forget the rest.

I’m against everybody showing everybody disrespect.

That’s serious accusations. Seriously true.

1 of natural law and order.

I’m sorry Man, I have no loyalty to anybody but you.

Play it all where it can equal out to being fair.

The elephant in the room is that I love her.

Folds against the wall – glasswork.

You’ve never had them before.

Oh, she’s like sincerely spiritual.

Let it go → Toss it into each other. Ha ha ha – it was the water from it. I’m sorry but I’ve worked way too hard for this shit. Fancy living space—Outdoor living space.

Important—Important person.

Fighting the crowds. Danger to society. Wisdom. Too forward – Too backwards.

Very inspired by your movement. Burger king.

I have to be around people I respect.

The bedroom – the only room that’s in the house…[large bed vision].

I’m the life of the party—God knows that.

All you talk about. She knows that about herself.

Name in the Fate.

A bushel in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Something bad is about to happen. Kinda find a cold at the end of the rainbow. Senior rate. Wish should be fulfilled. And granted. Wonder in stomach and call me jewel.

Guess what was passive aggressive.

Move trailer park trash.

Completely different responsibilities and breed.

He understands. Your love and your patience. Doggin’ you lately. Why the gift expires in 6 weeks. No harm – I don’t need your help.

Friend you said different request—you are beautiful.

Feel like I just wanted the right thing to do so no harm was done. Elite.

Is that you before we taken across the street.

The courage to completely back it up woman.

After you’re done who’s supposed to be having the hard talk.

Rising/riding 25 MPH East.

March 26th, 2023

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Sometime you get married to the wrong type of wings though

Bid you farewell. The most interesting thing[s] he’s ever read. Like God’s there and you’re on your deathbed—I’m talking about that kind of humble. I was just going for the cleanest version of the truth. I strive for honesty and accuracy. Tractor infractions. Open dream invitations. Absolute freedom in your legacy. This drawing in Virginia Beach. I’m provey to be known, natural to be held accountable. Wisdom keep. A mad mental breakdown week.

A death laid intergalactic.

Something’s being asked of me to do this. I just want to go on with fear. Second rate. Can we strap Monday’s episode. Almetria. Suffers injuries. I was entitled at that job –Anvil. Want the love. Her group epiphany in Georgia. Takes a lot of business to invite. Your 18 year commitment. Lip service was great. Psychological interplay. I don’t think we can ask for help—I don’t think we should reel income off that.

Open market for it – target practice.

But I need the cream. Sharpoon. Falling Aquarius. I’m like short circuiting. Sometime you get married to the wrong type of wings though. Cream of dessert. I like to be a sex critic. It wasn’t bad being a reflective woman. Tall lady too. Shipped out with a little bit of rain. Permanent ongoing damage. If it is cold we are a mystery. Demonstrous leak. You’ve established roots beyond the sun. Next year off—yes indeed.

My presentation towards the end.

Bragging rights. Dreamt I dreamt a night of trances and it was next morning. Enormous mystery. And not to underestimate the power of love. Just put your belt on. Bet on love. 12 escaping the hip logs for me. Karma stay. Joe Rogan’s wife—hey not with her anymore. Grow your own plant – they don’t have the energy, patience. Double wrapped in the good stuff. Daughter of an unrelated village.

Lots of Santa Barbara in between your spirit.

To drop-kick a better tomorrow. I’ve already been in the concentration camp…this is fresh and new [in] your eyes. Scavenger hunt. Can of TV—A can of TV. Uruguay. I always play it by ear. Stand if you’re willing. Soul witness. Stop tucking it under. Pray for me—everyday. The world’s most important… . Severe amnesia. Divergence. Swallowed by God please—it failed the limit. Truth of the matter. Brand new craft and page.

Retire different need and name from the alphabet.

Requires an honest sense of humor. Husband: shocks ’em all—no I don’t…It probably goes without showing, the progress daily…,x,x,x. Wired different. Realist Rembrandt. Trusted. Dirt whores. Second skin. I was barely helping my husband. The light of pain. Magic charms. It’s crooked but the other one’s not anymore. It takes requests. Important face off at her feet—A true face off at her feet. Can’t easily stop when it’s about you. Underwater human –syndrome. It’s unique to be cold. My inner world itch. Retire the family. You are our very figure. Under magnet appeals. The 2 cottage rentals…there’s been a lot of sad.

Song like Andy + female given birth.

Thinks about downplaying all the time. Ascension chart. Going to be ongoing but keep in mind a brief history on astrology. Student and death—death has risen. Destitute. For me giving recommendation. I’m sure the baby’s pregnant again too. Able to emotionally drop back in. It’s amazing that what they say are hand in hand. Ripple control. Blocking… everything to hangups. Trustworthy-fund baby. All I need. Turn down his gravy. Severe alternative. Master painter. Leviticus. Judaea. Blew something out of the water. Feel like we both going to appreciate that pinch.

Brother and Brutality — [card draw]

[¤] Brother

[†] Brutality

Your daddy’s elaborant to me. And God to do this thing—open it. Joint confusion. Going to get my Pella’s’ on accident. And plenty of no big deals. Naino. Whoa oh oah singing the lights down low low. A dialogue between the spirit.

‘Hope’ 1886, George Frederic Watts [b.1817-d.1904]
‘Hope sitting on a globe, with bandaged eyes playing on a lyre which has all the strings broken but one out of which poor little tinkle she is trying to get all the music possible, listening with all her might to the little sound—do you like the idea? George Frederic Watts in a letter to his friend Madeline Wyndham, December 1885′


Song like Andy + female given birth. | Andy: ‘manlikeorbrave

Going to get my Pella’s’ on accident. | Pella: ‘stone‘ / ‘boulder, cliff‘ / rock, rocky ledge, ridge‘ / ‘mountain‘ / ‘marvel of God‘ — American window and door manufacturing company – feminization of Peter‘ – Ancient city of Greek Macedonia birthplace of Alexander the GreatStory ofFlight to Pella‘ [commentary]: The people of the Church in Jerusalem were commanded by an oracle given by revelation before the war to those in the city who were worthy of it to depart and dwell in one of the cities of Perea which they called Pella. To it those who believed on Christ traveled from Jerusalem, so that when holy men had altogether deserted the royal capital of the Jews and the whole land of Judaea…” –Eusebius of Caesarea, Greek Historian [b.260265d.339340]