All 7,000 Thoroughly

I think when things are so dear to your heart
you keep them protected
I haven’t told either of them I’m a writer
because when you tell someone you’re a writer
it goes in one ear and out the other
Like sure, everyone’s an artist
It took me over a year to tell that writer I write
and I didn’t even bring it up, it was asked
directly and then I spoke
In order to not be written off
I’d rather be a mystery
So he’s read your writings?
Yeah, I’m pretty sure all 7,000 thoroughly

Mass Windstorm

My life felt like a whirlwind
Like I could throw up at any stop
Unbeknownst to you
I held in my point of view
To stay true I tried
to keep alive
not be questioned
kept inside
You can’t explain a ghost
Dead worlds hanging coast
My beliefs were
realer than a dream
So concrete, the death of it
made me scream
Years in a whirlwind
Don’t make it stop
I’ll lose it and toss up
my fragile feelings
I’ve downplayed
It never occurred
I mispronounced paid
It always continued
like a masquerade
Linking subconscious
I think I’ve made
points that marked
my feeble frame
Mass windstorm
came and wiped my sane
Natural disasters from
supernatural masters weigh
Cookies weight in a flight
of hurricane, maze frayed
tattered individual names
I became my own daze
In these days I felt amazed,
afraid and overruled
Underviewed and
fantastic too