Your Charm And Honor

Your pretension needs mass detention
Dense and candid cruel you mention
Fiction phony friction told me
The lash of the gash you gasp
only air sans ground
no grip to hold thee
Your charm and honor
roam free seeing delight
in whore of needs
The weeds cannot contain
the fright of dosage you detain
Mass detention holds your pretension
Hope your havoc craves sole prevention

Allegiance Sown

Coming out and rising again
Birthing up and still living
God, am I an angry victim?
Set the mindset to whip them
thoughts that cannot contribute
to your dignity, I’m worthy
I told myself constantly
You’re weak I heard
from the peanut gallery
God, I’ve lost it
No you’re strong
Painful and masculine,
feminine and grown
Intertwined, my balanced throne
Feel it now, my power known
Unto you, allegiance sown

What’s This, Destiny?

The frustration,
anger and tears
of what I’m not
got so blistering
the pain had not
dug the deep before
An overachiever
that’s never good enough
or am I delusional
Well that has been my spot
of resinating 2 worlds inside
Collide they glided,
dead the corresponded
Is anything ever real?
Really is this how life’s
suppose to deal
because I feel
bitter and twisted
as I’ve missed this
call for comfort
I’m crying and want a
reason to believe
my path is destine
What’s this, destiny?

Passion Undying {Still Crying}

Waiting till the passion dies
‘Cause I’m just so consumed
Like I’ll catch on fire
If I release the dire
I might convulse entirely
Whereas I keep
the temple tamed
Enigmatic all sane so
I’ll remain unchanged
I don’t want to
stay the same
This b-ball game
got a knife in my face
Daring me to break me
Try me, you may not like me
But you’ll love me anyway
Medicine, stiff potion relays
As I try to keep on par
180 no holds bar
This passion never dies
Undying I’m still crying

Truth Of Hyenas

Like hiding an elephant
this balance is mighty thin
and rather rampant
I’ll try to disguise
yet you’ll know by
the look in my eyes
Rain out like thunder
I’m keeping it cool
though we both do wonder
when lightning will
strike the town
This edge embodiment is
about to tip the ground
My cage of moneys
are coming near
Giraffes elegantly appear
Storming tundra
their laughing, I’m hungry
truth of hyenas mock me
We’ll face it together
the wilderness cries
we know it’s wild inside
as their Mother though these
are my sisters and brothers
We’re stomping around
we attack the stagnant
we twirl the frown
This balance has tipped
the sound as an elephant
has ripped the notions
of your former now

Not Fond To Fake

I’m not asking you to be my friend
I’m not asking for your reciprocation
of me I know that lends
a give and take,
a desire to want to make
a bond of compassion
one we’re not fond to fake
If we were made in the same mold
If the blood we bled set in stone
then naturally we would conspire,
we would stack together
Forcing a front, lying to trump
a desire we don’t believe
in a dream we don’t want

Bleed A Confession

What do you do when you hit all your goals?
Was is fool’s gold you were after
Is the aftermath lacking luster
Did you aim wide and seek the surface
Piercing depths minus purpose
Time for another soul session
Ring in the bells, bleed a confession
Target higher is the lesson