Divinely Forged

Because I know pain
Suffering is no longer a tragedy
It’s insurmountable gain
For the record I have trained
Each moment I awake
A victory of honor is named
Whilst strength is a case
Of understanding
Mine lapsed in a frame
Built and carried in a heart
That I’ve known all its life
Its gravity suffice
Longing it calls my voice
Choice singing as I sing
Bravado mane I bleed
A soul of beauty
Beautiful it stings
Suffering a gift
Scars of light in dark
Shadows sparked
Trembling inertia
That is coiled
As life is called
I own the Title
Divinely forged

An Important Trait (Loyal Fruit)

Hair contains your energy
A synergy that tells a time
Rooted in these
the days that told leaves
to bud free
inspiring fruit to release
Your Tree, your energy,
your hair that ever was your share
The memory of essence bare
The time in age that fueled your sage
implanting seeds of ever lending dreams
Your time that was never mine
Your memorabilia of soil in Life
of loyal sign, the coil of nature,
the man of kind

My Vision Duet

Hypnotic and erotic
Your soul psyche is exotic
Universal dine and goddess
To taste your Magic is my florist
Depth and duty do you flourish
You’re the beauty that I nourish
Unending power that we current
Could your love reveal my soul
Can you make my heart whole
Is this home you must own
Erotic and heroic
Is the Throne

Do You Want It

How bad do you want it
How bad, is it true?
Just give me the line that defines you
First concentrate to go through
Your mind is messy and it dilutes you
Choose, choose and be true
How bad do you want it
Does it have to have you?

Milky Way Magic

to the Stardust
Advance World
that waited
graciously in
a foreign land
Milky Way Magic
that captivated
stellar demands
a heart, a span,
a guided plan
induce my
release the
spangled band
these stars are
rad and bangled
calling home and
shifting grand

Tend To True

Give me your true
What is extreme to you
Is it quelling your inner fire
so they approve you?
Think it through
Give it to me straight
What’s extreme to you?
Is it spending your time
alone tending to your grapevine
or is it feeding outer vision while
you mask your soul’s opinion?
Do you have an opinion?
Whose thoughts are what
you depend on?

Our Greatest Hour

I want everyone to be the best at what they can be at
I want everyone to succeed at what they dream at
I want for you what I want for me, I want us all to live
the highest, May we all achieve, Activate your dream
Be your own team, Play fair and join your Heir
Never look back, It’s true, You get one chance to rock
your dance and don’t care what they think or say of you
Let’s not be frightened of what may become of you
Do your do’s and don’t compare, It’s taken this long
Let down your hair, No one’s watching except your
greatest hour within that’s what you made it