{Your real Job} Just paired with The Lover


[[‘from the Greek roots tele.”far,” and skopos,”seeing“/”watcher”/”to observe”]]


Almost unstoppable.


I’ma go out that Door first.


Wow, you’re beyond your Pose.


Sidewalk as Fullwalk.






I stock my Chair and Stock.


Bring people Boundaries.


Adminis†er Aid


Defying to Step

my Gravity



running into



Brother complied

Comply with the Truth


—Queen of Opportunity—


Me speak with Dad & Mom in Car-

me read Lines via recording

[ window down so hard to hear ]

I asked roll up and then sketchy

as was going over Bridge curve,

got close to rail [dream]


Me Explain to Uncle

him misinterpret — I just stopped

No reason to go on explaining

when someone not there [dream]


The future light his Doorglass-

{it’s so cute}


Got a lot to say

A lot to learn


Just not okay to

the Service Manager’s help


I am such a Clear Being-

A Performance


Felt like

she was being used

from the potential that

could be made


{Your real Job}

Just paired with

The Lover


Getting in a Picture.


The way I feel about Food-

I got my own personal…



An All Starring



This is great

sometimes I feel like

going Beyond~





is with me today


Are we getting rid

of his bitter use…


My results are Clear.


Angels of



September Shining


If this is True

Show me the way


Licensed Souvenir




[[“dweller by the bridge“]]


You are holding your own.

{grocery bags person before left {vision}

{I grabbed, then line:

You are holding your owncame}


Made some good Sacrifices.


–Pagan Work—


God help me

a million times over

I need this like I need


So help me



∞ Silent Container ∞


There is no accident.


The humble work begins.



[[“place of the moa“] [“moa” meaning center, so the name can mean Holy Center; alternatively, it can meanplace of the sacred moa birdof Polynesian mythology‘]] 


We never saw both of them

Brother [Husband]

& Sister [Wife]


I meet so many Woman

19% I don’t taste


What kind of Music

do you listen to?

∞Black & White Potatoes∞


It’s all about following

your Footsteps


It’s like bad Memory loss~

if I don’t comply with

Sleep Spells


Please don’t take

a Cash~Flow



The Animal Carnival

in my ~Wind~


You have a lot of Lookers.


Done by Rivals.


Chase’s Dad’s

taken me 3 Risks


Do I heard from you this week…


No one ever cared.


Truly Black after I come that way

∞ Little Rabbit Shot Girl ∞


Which Green Tea

sounds Retreat


Is it a good thing

Mom & I are

going to be for selling


My Mild is going to

your Head


Fuck no I’m not getting

Summer back


Really been there

for me

by my side



will Guide me




in the




She really spends

a lot of time

on her Weave


We can’t talk

to normal people


The Pirate

really had me too


Need a Footprint in him

to call him out


Truly Black

after I come that way

Cloud Mountains over interstate


Some friendly Ghost Story~

Moving on

The Spirits between

2 evils


I got to go out

to dinner

with Justine


Careless under

that Law


I could

pick up some

Dance Moves~

What’s there 8 years…

total rehaul

What is there -8 years

me & Mom, me inform Mom
Dad needs to do something radical on diet
& heart was size of 4 capacity
-didn’t want Mom alone


The Cross-Over


Calories to your



My Wife has made a


in a



[At least we can]

Burn with strife

and not waste it


Hey Honey, let’s go–


Everyone rest your head

on Katherine Shoulders-

her Head do not care

[[‘Katherine is the typical English spelling of the French Catherine, a name made famous by a 4th century saint, St. Catherine of Alexandria, whose legend and cult grew during medieval times. The etymology of Catherine is debated, but the earliest derivative of the name is most likely the Greek Hekaterine, stemming from “hekateros” meaning “the far reaching one”, suggesting that Katherine shares her roots with the Greek Goddess Hekátē [Hecate] goddess of the wilderness, childbirth and the crossroads. The “h” in Katerine was added much later in the 16th century in order to connect the name with the Greekkatharos” meaningpure, clear, innocent” [which gave us the English word “catharsis” meaning to purge or cleanse‘]]


You help

make a list

of Storm Drama


Gives to the



What a beautiful piece of Chips

that’s so sweet


Timber Pillars

in ground || in Norge

My Collection of

Permanent Writings

something to look at

Me explain confident

CW Ties from Birth-

hard to Mom but prestige

-connect. once read

made perfect sense


Didn’t even know

on Amazon it existed

The World Project





These things aren’t

shocking price


And some stupid

ego achievement


Some friendly

Ghost Story~


Probably ‘cause

we’re not going to

lock anymore of those up


’Cause GNC at Home-

I’ll still be elaborate


So he had Seattle Mortgage.


Do not disturb Privacy.


Which it’s Great-ning Functioning.


I felt like my shit

Dominated them

We all say that


Quit comparing-

But I can’t compare


Had to give a 10% discount

even though all was fine


Your Irie Vibe

has to stop


I’m probably going to

lose the Electricity

a couple nights

That 6 legged Garden Spider off back porch shared weeks ago was taken out by some entity
Remnants of Garden Spider leg/s & possible bug meals once webbed trapped


Also going to bring a Rainbow, a Paper Towel…

Oracle of Design

Design Love



in the Youth


Brother stayed night with us

he wanted weed ][ we had Airstream

Talk about doing repeat work

for Client –White Stone


Her ~&~ Wind

are going to

give up soon


His Karma’s

catching up to him



No surprise Songbird

Singing with a Song

{Singing all the days of long}

“She Horses packed her Red Roses”

~on Fortune Cookie

me seeing Stars}{Birds ~ still dark but Morning

about to make Coffee


—That Time Ledge—


Sorry about

the Back Branch


Also going to bring a Rainbow,

a Paper Towel…


With Hair Humor~


Sweetheart, can you pray for

our Television Room, or something,

maybe 12 Cents



cut costs in Color~

they’re all the same


The Deputy was until May.


I think I was trying to

get ahead in Summer


Summer ≅¤≅ Sara

{Sara: ‘Princess‘}


Loving a Bald or a Skinny Man.

[[Bald: ‘Gothic 𐌱𐌰𐌻𐌰-bala-, “shining, grey [of body]”], Old English bǣl[“fire, flame; funeral pyre”] [both from Proto-Germanic *bēlą], Albanian balë[“white spot on the forehead” | Celtic bal “white patch, blaze” especially on the head of a horse or other animal [from PIE root *bhel-[1] “to shine, flash, gleam”]. Sanskrit bhalam “brightness, forehead,” Greek phalos “white,” Latin fulcia “coot” [so called for the white patch on its head], Albanian bale “forehead.”]]


Early to Bed

Early to Rise


A Financial person via Tune Training

Reality TV shows

Boys that may help



I started an argument

on people



The most invaluable



Everyone forgot it was

‘Spear’s Birthday Nov. 6th

until I remembered


Buy Text.


With no Sugar Papa…

Light the way


Do you not have the ability

to put your soul

in someone else’s scrub


A defining insult.


Then I was

The Pass=Middle School


A Financial person

via Tune Training


{When you see}

My Plants are wrapped

in Chakras


[‘Spear’s] in person



Want to Retire

for anyone who’s

in my way


You can here

the heartbeat of

1 Child calls


Before Redboxed

this closed


Even if it’s just

the Monkey Bars

it’s not the worst

Monkey Bars



to string at

New Pictures


∞ A Cancer Legend ∞


But shhhh

find your Teacher


Just to occupy an Energy~


Gone that Witch


The 4 country acres I call home and own are a sanctuary~ have spent the past 2 nights in the city on a job… hence delays… paired with a freshly cracked screen on my 12 month old MacBook Air days ago now laid to rest… until all returns…


Remember when I bought those Chaps in the Northeast Land

I have to be able

to Draft




I don’t know

I don’t like her,

I don’t like her

–’Star’ passed away when pulled out of my driveway–
like she left immediately after, just before starting vehicle
{Cadillac Records Style} then curtain was trained out
and her laid upon ~white. she had a young boy
she was picking up from our house,
me shirtless][or completely naked-
I tried to be blocked from window viewing,
but she must have seen.
I grabbed 2 blue[berry], 2 peanut choc. chip, chips-
I wanted apple in bag but he had already
stepped out to pass along and
the kid wouldn’t of wanted an apple anyways.
Very ghostly.

After my Meadery-

can’t you find

the surface


Physically protect

my body & its soul


To the fuckin’ facts.




Not now is the time

[to look at Phone]



of Spaces


House of



My Kids will be there Kids

[It’s going to be a long time]


∞Today’s Energetics∞

Highly Arranged News

& Kicker Sports


I just didn’t pay attention

It was not God

–on staying Vigilant


[Select intrusion]


Oracle Cleanse

—Campfire Rehearsal—
Stadium Stage Arena
me express ability – some had questions
-most didn’t care-
main water break – rush to upper level apartment
to see flooded, went in with 2 armed people
but intruders were there-
I went in room and shimmied up fireplace
[we thought initially dog may have
drown inside from flood]
I had a hard time writing down Aubrey’s Arch
for people for it to be legible-
couldn’t find too much to write on either
then found printer paper,
me explained how it works pretty odd.
I write 2 songs from 10+ years ago
that were credible on America’s Got Talent
too poor of quality to translate-
I have an unshared selection
of writings to read][go through-
me break up from church
with Cheryl Burke & Faith before
they say I can do whatever I want

I don’t care

what my Boys look like

New & Clear


When paired with The Lover

Kids are virtually free

to grow themselves


He hasn’t seen us

or heard from us




followed by Moon

in gender


Hanic Kids

are kicking high–


They just almost

where together

& they scrapped


¤ A Greater Vision ¤


I tell

Fortune Cookie Signals

I tell precautious & a…


A massive fall out

of Writing

last year


Now give me 1 second

to love you


I don’t need it like that,

I just wanted a little extra support

bag for to-go food from

Chelsea’s Parents


Veneration– Sunday


Of course I’m going to

lead my Troop to Water~

I can’t [not] do that


I think I pick up

a Major Call


Think we got it now,

think we’re about to

put it in the Wash

~By little Girl, Cloth}{Blanket

that was spot cleaned

looking amazing


Why said

because of

this Language


This week

I’m going to make him



I’m going to step in.


Remember when

I bought those Chaps

in the Northeast Land


Find a different place

to represent life skills

Soda Shop


It all starts with you

and you may be supported


Preaches the area

of bad behavior


Every Girl

has to show who they are

inside of them


One Pluto never groomed to be the next




I have an Answer

to every Question




The Sweetest Gift~





Release Liner

–run that shit


Please get me Retail.


What’d we do

go do this or

I’ll go do that


One Pluto

never groomed to be

the next


Galactic Sage


I think I’m going to


into you




Lose my life for you.






You sound good,

where did you take that?


Would brand 10 times

& wish a full refund


[I went through]

a life thing where I would have got nothing

but a dumb tattoo on me-


It was just sentenced to

a Divorce


Unique blend:

Frog, Earthwork



Going through


in a dream


Viewed as Proof.


That it acknowledges you–

This is Volatile Energy

[Volatile: ‘Middle English {in the sensecreature that flies’, also, as a collective, ‘birds’}: from Old French volatil or Latin volatilis, from volare to fly’.’]



talking about

cutting the Wind~


Power in short

Power in long


We were Tinting

to Window Blonde


Reality TV chick

reprimanded for masterbating-

“Nobody” moved my Heart Figure


Is Charming~


Yeah but it felt like God–

Where is Brandyn


I don’t even know what to do with that

I’m not even looking for

your personal opinion


Jesus’ Face



randomly dump}{dusted from Sky~

Vardr out in backyard to edge of woods

where Deer Pack were~ we called him back up~

Baby Deers nearby bombarded}{attacked~

I had to escort him in∴

∴Then him and youngest Deer were

cuddling on couch~

I made a Photoshoot of cutest of shots~

eyes closed, heads together, yawning,

the most beautiful


Friends don’t be stupid.


Should of send us an Application.


Coincidence happens in the blink of an eye.


But never brought it in because

never told anyone before



when I talked to him


Off Grid Calendars– Anvil

He shared schedule event


—10 Eye Sight—


It’s more like

the humbling experience of your life

Putting out Teachings


I feel like how much more

peaceful we all are

Bachelor in Paradise, no drama

goes for all


[World Columbus Day]


You’re a simple Roll Player~


No seatbelt- mirror behind wheel-

—Firetruck honked at light—

to get my attention and refresh Law-

I at first wrote off- basically offended-

then thanked them sincerely


Craziest dreams of my life–

hey I didn’t

pack no Food


Beautiful art created and gifted by my brother-in-law in ’09


He had calls to talk to

This calls of

his Husband Plan


I feel like “pressure”

but no pressure


I have to figure out–

but I have to

guide people


Want to make

the highest Judgement,

one at Study calls


Baby Talk, Love Talk, Life Talk

Reality Baby –Calls


The Light Commitment

of my Bills


—First Anderson Judge—


If that stuff ever would have built a Fire right up, that Student would of been straight for a long time

If that stuff ever would have built a Fire right up, that Student would of been straight for a long time

Play it back to your safe


Listen to God-Sent.



–To Bear, To Carry

More personal

me][my style

A »–B-o-w→ hit a bar


And I’m connected


Extra Repository.

I will always remain faded,



If he’s changed a lot

[I’m going]

to be surprised

Never. –your husband,

just doubt him

[men shoving wife under RV
to hide][control
wanting to be the more respected]

You are you are now

that I’m actually

thinking about it


Vision Bridge
A Bridge of Visions

Instead of giving her Liberation.

Can I mix this box with this box…


Manual Measurement.

If that stuff ever would

have built a Fire right up,

that Student would of been

straight for a long time

I guess I’ve seen preview

where she Walked

I guess you’ve seen previews

where she Talked


The problem is control the Skull reach.

[This is a Great Collection]

of stunning below

and Mythology


He earned Respect

for the entire Company


Him mad][sad

everyone posted on Insta

after he sent request

We’re all Buyers without remorse.

The Whole World

arranged you



I just want to see

an effort at these Jobs

Looking to get an


Sister][me looked at Brother’s Ivory Bench

Ivory Bench so ornate & expensive

with many large White Candles–

where did he get these][or blew his…

-it came from long way not damaged-

so fragile but complete


He stayed with me first.

Made Time your bitch.

All of a sudden time flies,

so go ahead

and have a Romance~


It’s weird

we have all this stuff going on

but don’t have a schedule-


That your answers

are smart & wise

and they are the right ones

Everyone will talk to a Troop.


Gradual Fitness


Weight Training

I just can’t believe

that you’re like that


It makes both Legs

look more Adorned & Masculine

—Thick Multipatterened Pillar Legs—


Tuesday’s Energy–

Tuesday’s Animal Energy

[Tuesday: Tiwesdæg|Tewesday, meansTīw’s Day“, the day of Tiw or Týr, the god of single combat, law, and justice in Norse mythology. Tiw was equated with Mars. Tuesday was diēs Mārtis, Mars’s Day,” in LatinMars being the Roman god of war. | Mars is embodied through the third chakra, Solar Plexus{ManipuraThe Planet MarsElement:Fire — Metal:Iron — Color:Red]

I have a Soldier

–work on Soldiers

all day

—Dual Reflect—


Something about that picture

that makes me want to cry

{cover photo}

We decided to Transform.

I’m the Mystic

that’s doing real well


Have you guys been caught

that you want her here


She actually Auctions seriously

–[Brother], when I speak in person

‘Fame Bright’s

going to fall



Look at all the things I can’t buy

because I got caught up in…

They amuse me

–’Fame Bright’

You’re going to show me

[Tarot] chores to do


I do Personal & Collective


I look like I have Dreads.

This Family’s

here to help you out



I know never bumping your Nose.

Thank you Brandyn Aubrey

I love you forever


Some of our




Amelia ≈ ‘Work’


Would you mind

starting your own

Thunder Company

God, this isn’t open yet.

That’s the proof pudding there.


Not 1 Song can do it

but a person can

Influence it

Have not seen many

commit to that forward

{E.T. vision}


My heart is wrenching all day

until I work this out

I heard you were him–

that’s scary to me


the most lovable guy

on TV


I still listen to the Song

like I did yesterday

The most powerful thing

as well as the most scary



It was so Dive~ like all the people who had ever bought it before

On Top,


Frezno & Dardin

are with you

{Frezno:’Ash Tree‘ | Dardin:’Dwelling-House‘}

Are you going to be

hearing me

up here Lyrics

My Bible Study

does that


So we’re not worried

about the Mural next week

Umm… we can start it

Then ask them…

No one asked me

to be my friend

Men have it so easy.

Remember how ordering

Tarot to be

Dad, Brother, Husband

~in House, Dad smoke~

there~ Ghosts, Global Pandemic

They brought this


–Protons & Neurons–

A direct hit-

don’t want him

to knock on his Door


Tarot asking for Summer

for Star¤Tarot

where to get

{Will be a time}

Where I do smoke~

& it’s going to be

the right time

It freaks her out

to Paint

a Picture

Small Cottage | Tiny Home

–ours -though alone-

I turned dryer on first thing–


Wren on Porch~

It’s just getting so swolt up

–boxes stacked

to Ceiling

in Garage

of my Writings

Wren on Porch~

You don’t have to-

Oh, I’ll do the Honors

I didn’t want to talk then,

you’re Lucky

~why are you so Lucky

≈Great Responsibility≈

I didn’t fuckin’ say that-

that Stick ain’t gone

& to hold me up

Brother, Husband, me

~Walking Upstairs∼

Husband upset working solo

Draw the Crow–

1000% Comfortable.


a Twist of


People, Nations, License Plates

& Community

I will wear


it’s okay

But that’s the thing,

I’m not friends

with anybody

Wounding Cu†s

‡ Healing Best ‡

John Water calls


John Water Salt’s


Eyes only for you

Had more


that inspired


It was so Dive~

like all the people

who had ever bought it before

Tonight, please watch the Saben Swan


The Book for Alter

Jesus, Father

Art should be made-

one should make

the constant Judgement

I might have good potential.


definitely skipped generations

I want nothing more than this


Lose myself

in something



tap into the power of

the Archangels

Deliver me

It makes

my writing interesting

solo lineup

And the few times

I had a terrible conversation

with her

“Stand up”

Stand up for yourself

I will fucking end it

with a parasite thing though

I’ve been on neck horse,

I’ve been on trouble

…stop at all

We ran through your House

I would never share that

son of abuse


I was insanely moved by that

~April}{To Open

Unique Specimen ¤ Tersa Sphinx Moth


Really in control & I really feel like I’m going to be beaten wherever I go

Really in control & I really feel like I’m going to be beaten wherever I go

From Nobody.


I just had the Courage to do so

to Husband


Not everyone doubted you-

everyone would just doubt you

for one day


Hiding is the worst thing.


She’s a Machine.


Welcome Back

They keep telling me that


Go with the decisions you make.


–Western Tarot–


Me drawin’ Tarot

outside on porch-

must close Door


I may wound up in your Garage.


Since there’s a Baby

on Murder


The Likes


I don’t know

if I’m referencing

someone Famous



made him Feminist

turn Body off


I collected Box Pens.


Will of the Cat.


The Wish of a Cat~


Instead of people who will

Craft her


Instead of people who will

keep her


Former boss [in presence]

—26 Forever—

[me] Forever Young


Lessons of the Soul.


Thank you

it was fun to watch


I could do nothing if time didn’t exist-


A physical condition in a mental world.


This is why people aren’t inspired.


7:22pm September 8th






—The Western World Tarot—


There’s even a grump

in a Wild Read


A surge

of emotions

hit me


Buzzo was on the fuckin’ thing.


You’re not going to change

and rocked & rocked

your Silence


[It’s so weird]

The things I want from you

are the things I want from me


A Reflection

of the internal world





One is Divination with Tongue.


Leading the Troops to Water~


I’m very upset at you

for not taking this



2 ~Angel~ †wins


All for $25


Replace behind Window.


Reading furthers the Energy.


It was quick & easy too



Self Assert.


Really in control

& I really feel like

I’m going to be beaten

wherever I go



[‘Akin to Dionysus’]


On your Toes.


{IX} The Hermit {Native American Tarot} **E.T. ‘The Original Collectables’ was found and given to me today [before card pull] while helping my father organize his garage. Believing was untouched for 20+ years, brand new in packaging though cardboard was severely dilapidated** Uncanny resemblance, this warmed my heart.





Blessed to be–

The Word

really heard


Brand of Healing

Magic ∞ Winter ∞ Necklace


She’s just going to take over &…


Because I’m ready to Hire someone.


I’m putting it out on all levels.


A for Effort ~Tarot

Caveman ~After Tarot