Cherry-picked ‘Spirit Writings’ from the past 19 days of October starting with most recent: [A huge thank you to readers and a safe space to write]

One Promise in my Night’s Sky

That’s Terry~up

for you


That just

Inherited my Life




I agree, lost in

~The City of Angels~


Whose Letterer = Tiffany


I like throwing a Barricade

I like throwing something

in my way


I could still Swim with a Baby

in Water with 80lb weight on~

me Water~Dived twice

since gone {dream}


These are

Assistant Shoes


Just really hoping we don’t have to move~


Come to

Branch Child


9 of Stones § Tradition {The Wild Wood Tarot}


Things will never be done the thought.


Tied up, why are you ignoring me…


¤ Super Pregnant Window ¤


Who has Budget,

come on in…


—The Final Answer—


What happened to the rest…


You’re not afraid to go for me.


Omg, Brandyn

you’re being crazy

about everything


One Promise

in my Night’s Sky


‘Stonehenge’ acrylic on wood panel by Gary Robertson


I just need you to Love me~


Lots of Sanity Turns.


Taking the Truth out of Miles.


That wasn’t even

the point

or the Project


Take me was with you.


Like you were the reason

for this

Whole Suit


A lot of great Truths.


~The Swan~


Death is the Only Child.


A Bed that unlocks Plato

The first Staff

it drops all day


As if we were

supposed to be off it

Lowe’s List


Budgeting for Attention.


Your Action Criminals.


I think your Collection

by throwing up

on the Energy


A Bed that unlocks



Change your perspective on who you are.


As my solidest Spine off

even knew


Till I get Commitment from you.


Your Plate

will be that Boys

1 played Leg-up


Boiler Room.




Not whispered a Home,

whispered the Home


How Wicked Candle~


In the Weight of the Soul

we knew we were becoming

Powerful Forest Trees


Till I found help in all

~Chief Feather Crown~



A favorite Watercolor of mine by my father-in-law from ’05 ~ this is a ‘faux tile’ with painted post-it sticky quote from Kahlil Gibran, “Your Reason and your Passion- are the Rudder and Sails of your Seafaring Soul–” {X} The Wheel {The Wild Wood Tarot} Jupiter and Saturn are pictured here as well ~ in honor of the planets recently stationing direct.


∞ The Horseshoe Items ∞


You happy with

a Deep Within…


Daughter was giving me work

in too many ghetto areas



Loving the partially

Tinted Window


Get my Heart Thug.


The Shadow in me,

The Shadow

scared to play



Love Interest Wolves




The Souls that scratch them out

It was cold

when I started Cooking


You’re a loss I can’t contain.




Chemistry in a Bottle

~Joe’s Sauce


In Chicken

In Jericho


Avon Pradar.






The Souls that scratch them out.


Harry Houdini–

someone was

with you tonight


My Country Road


Hopefully both Ideas

will get hit

with a Car


∞ Moon Juice ∞


Disaster Strike



Could be

The Call, The Injury


You are just caught with doubt.


Digging Premium


that Building


I will take care of you.


Becoming ‘Nobody


What’s happening on some Angel Rhythm

Boats & the Canal…


Just know Boy,

and know it will

be okay


Where the Tigers sleep,

where the Needles duel

{Bruno Mars kissing
someone of status}


All good for Clout.


8th, 9th, & 10th


Me need to know schedule @ Anvil

for who cleaning -like, my job-

Boss basically shamed me,

I whispered fuck [dream]


Heavy Attractive Player.


Could we

catch a Date

or something cool


Fold this over

and even Worship them



Learning Intelligence

Medically, Surgically


Natural environment not okay.


I was on short fuse–

Communication #


Some tight



Is it not being supported…


Sue, I remember you

telling that story

on Day’s Network

how it happened


They have

crazy bitch syndrome

all over about them


They didn’t care on entering late.


[ Got 4 o’clock Tupac ]


Page sent for me

to open out

over Projection


House block away

since it is main Color


Sunshine is restored

when using on

the bottom



born to life in…


What’s happening

on some

Angel Rhythm


Daily Reflections


{And I didn’t want}

A Hippie Leader

next to me


It’s a Nail Clipper.


I see Vehicles

can demand your Life


London Grammar

sounds like a

bad Bojangles


It’s way more expensive

to be more affordable

than affordable

to be affordable


My Mom bought me

some Medications,

this is where a Stripper

comes in


The ones we’re making Solar Drunks off of

Had to be honest with myself.


I was raised by

The Wolves~


More Fridays than what’s left of me.


Expensive Project–

everything on Earth

I wouldn’t have to delete


What if I just started here…


Didn’t know

I was going to have

so much fun


You just pulled

an unlimited amount

of Timeshares


Community Shellfish



I only give you the Answers

14 out of 20


He’s my turn of the Truth.


The ones

we’re making

Solar Drunks

off of


Solar Drunks


Fix the World’s problems.


A number of

Martial Arts &

Material Studios


Super-extra Mile.


He before her died.


At the end of the day

you just Cocktail the distance


God does not give you ability

to read people’s minds


—Chronic Pain Flair—


Can I have your behavior…


Heavy so we can’t value feel.


Weird as your weird ass

Flame Crystal

or non-commitment party


Rare is different.


Proceed something.


Goodwill over here~

Goodwill over there~

Can’t really be

Homely from here


I’ve been laying

enough Clearance ~ it’s kept

the entire Drunk operated



Our Chat is over

by the end of the year


You could start

learning real quick

about your Vehicle


He went

go pick up the Kids


I don’t want to lose that I’m here.


Back to the Forearm Pullups

[I did 5 this Morning]


Everything I have just lost.


Money Talks

and decided it wanted to

Start Talking


Serious health conditions arise.




Non-fun-loving environment.


If you don’t see the things I’m doing, realize they’re Expertise

—Being Final with someone—


It’s okay,

it’s just not those other BBQ’s


This is

a Mediterranean Channel


Alls you need to do is

take yourself there

a little bit


Smiled for Attention~


Because I put

my Head up

to the Sky


1980 Tree

& it burns so well


The way the Sun was

blocking the Beach


Can’t we just grip

the New Moon







If you don’t see

the things I’m doing,

realize they’re Expertise


Thank you,

thank you to a Girl

who knew


I want my Ice to go away first



You like throwing a Barricade.


Please take this Road Proposal

& get him an Estimate

over the weekend


If I’m not

Mentally Grinding,

I’m Mentally Grinding


All that, because of an intruder.


Once the Sticker Price drops.


All that & more.


That’s going to be

easy or efforts



a mushed out



Do It Yourself



Blown all my hopes.


Aaron we come off in…


She’s going to have

the same foundation

as like Florida


The Story of Gossamer

has changed

my Life forever




I don’t think Tinting’s dark,

I think you are


Death can hold the Ages.


Everything will meant us will be true.


The back of The Judgement Call.


The Hands

aren’t being raped

as we Advance


Open Boundaries

Treasure Charm Dreams



I stand in my way.


Sounds cool~

I duty on Google


Victoria Secret,

Victoria Skittle


The Indian

going down in a



3 Sponsor Spreads.


Omg that hasn’t got

all of our first annoyance expanded yet

[Pic of Niece & friends younger]


∞ Aura of Engagement ∞


You were the definition of 16 Wolves

The way he predicts


his Angel Coming

I read by 16 too.


Kissing the Garden~

Not a damn person rushes time.

Over the drama

and being the biggest fan

of the Bride



—Shadow of the World Pretense—

Fully & Well Decorated~


Star past your Integrity.

I feel like if you don’t unveil

your Christ Conscious…

When I was 12

I was barely related

to you


I am just asking myself if I’m Liberated.

You were

the definition of

16 Wolves

Recently purchased ceramic from an Asian grocery store when I worked out of town last month

Genius in High School–

only fallen in Love



Fractal ~ Wave

You don’t have

a Shelf big enough

to store all your Paints

For misunderstood

Rebel Trend


Rain is pouring down

the side the start


The Questions Endless~

In this Heart I can’t forsake me.


Our Country

Waterproof with a Rain

His Legs are always destroyed.

So mentally fucked up.


I was the Bachelorette

and you were behind me

to catch me

Best becoming~

Seriousing your experience

on the Energy


So hard to go Swimming

for others

Son of Suns.

We are going to

very simple Wall today,

can you handle that…


You just love extra Omegatily.

The Footprints to Heal~

We’re supposed to

look good the next day…

That’s not how it works

from a Heartache


Last year’s Rapport.

A College if I do something with it

Many human years to

College][Human development



To the Flames Oil & Eve {& a Handsome…}

To the Flames Oil & Eve

{& a Handsome…}

When we work,

we all fall in



You are Wealthy enough

to bring someone

on this Feast with you

Androgyny Signs

That is a

Moon Sign

The way

Love you

is safe


What an issue on our side.

Just when I need protection.

‘Cause I want to take

The Court of Paperwork


1 piece of Wood

Burning in the


His girl cuts off his interest

–Wife of Brother

Social Security Headquarter.


If so, get your Dog weird.

Liked by Air~

You’ve really been Bounty Set with Eyes.


Some Vision:

Some Royal Family’s Blood

{XXI} The World {Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot}

Does it come on most of the days

or none at all?

I see Clear now.


There are not many Toads alone to…

As long as you’re fine

being Snaked

in your Yard


Or you have a very cool Spirit coming in with one Child


in another



Total Tourist



These Woman are far behind.

The Drug was supposed to be funny.

I make a late appearance with me.


It’s in the Man’s Gate.

Commanded others

to bliss your


In the nick of time.


Do I look Sweet or Supple~

not as sweet

as I usually do

Take the smaller,

give me the Sins

Look at you,

Parking in your

Car’s Value


Or you have a

very cool Spirit

coming in with

one Child

Was gifted this tin sign ‘The Sun’ card by my father-in-law Sunday ~ This called for all Sun cards to join Solar forces

If we want to

use the Outhouse,

please use the Restroom

If I just word



You’ll be able to see it

if you’re not friends

with me

Tina quit in LA

but you can see any Zodiac

can move forward

So you can see

what a Rap

would say

‘Faux tile’ Watercolor painted by my father-in-law