She Carried The Dream

She wrote the most beautiful lines in her sleep
Line by line, what is fed is deep
However weird, maladjusted her claims
No one could love her as inside wore a flame
That she set alight in a path so obscure
Not vaguely a memory in truth could allure
Star Dreams will come true in time she assured
This Star in the Voyage of recycled time
she knew the worth
of the most beautiful lines in her sleep
I never questioned the motive
This present I’ll keep
Secure, sacred, my rough diamond of glee
How did you know she carried the Dream?

Saint’s Work

Death is the ultimate revealer
What is left behind is a legacy, a mirror
Most of us would never think twice
But did you live a life of vice
Or one of primal communion?
Did you extend the union within your soul
To console the lost who needed counsel?
Were you a healer or a saint
Will what you did reflect Love’s Face?

Queen B Wanna Be

Grammar queen I am not
I trip at the thought of a semicolon
Let me google the proper way
to place that dot or two
Dude, I’m just like you
You suck at grammar too
Except not you, you
went to literary school
I’m a hard knocks intuition boo


How Do We Defend Ourselves

In what is viewed as a selfish attempt
In truth I guard my fence
I don’t want to let them in
Like a defense mechanism replayed again
Like I’ll be tainted if my walls come down
I’m so guarded, selfish flaw
Genetic perhaps, as my father also walls
Or human nature, my husband too feels the draw
Protection, security or masked sincerity
There’s so much I’ve yet to classify
Why must I feel the need to even try
Discontent, stomach cringe, name these and I’ll remember
Just want to point the finger at some sort of reasoning
So I can live again Selfish grace of sins?
Defense mechanism for sure
Question like that to anyone who’s selfish in love
Selfish for certain reasons, huh?
Because I know people are affected by
my magic marker, I need to have a
defense mechanism, I haunt them


Narrow Is The Universe’s Happy Hour

Reevaluate everything I’ve held so dear
Reconnect to the notion I have nothing to fear
This is this hardest thing I’ve ever had to do
This is the narrowest road I’ve ever flown through
My sight had wings so my flight took the lead
I had every intent on manifesting your creed
You led me here, to patchwork humanities needs
I am a pinnacle part of your vital,
fine strung seed


Equating, Enchanting The Passion

I don’t want another half excuse telling me the reason why
I just want you to do the math, wake up and realize
That my confession is clear
All these idol notions can disappear
I am telling you straight that I just can’t relate
It is no surprise to me
Though it used to be an untapped mystery
But I sense this is it
This linear sensation I emit