Narrow Is The Universe’s Happy Hour

Reevaluate everything I’ve held so dear
Reconnect to the notion I have nothing to fear
This is this hardest thing I’ve ever had to do
This is the narrowest road I’ve ever flown through
My sight had wings so my flight took the lead
I had every intent on manifesting your creed
You led me here, to patchwork humanities needs
I am a pinnacle part of your vital,
fine strung seed


Equating, Enchanting The Passion

I don’t want another half excuse telling me the reason why
I just want you to do the math, wake up and realize
That my confession is clear
All these idol notions can disappear
I am telling you straight that I just can’t relate
It is no surprise to me
Though it used to be an untapped mystery
But I sense this is it
This linear sensation I emit


You Possess An Angel Of Love

I was her angel her last two weeks on earth

Her spirit was ladened, her mind burdened

from the daily weights and the growing tear,

displayed on her heart’s sleeve, so ever aware

She corresponded as she knew fit, she always

knew there was more to this and heaven

seemed legit. One week ago today, she

laid her final weep and heavy head

Though last night she smiled at me,

she thanked me for the extended grace

She was transparent and knew I was an angel of

understanding. She came to tell me she appreciated

the smile and that it eased her transition into the light

that was to come. She is whole, warm, happy and home

We will meet again, on another plane in a royal throne

I am thankful for this position bestowed


I knew you for two weeks, two weeks

and a lifetime, Joyce B.


Onward Trial

Sorry to everyone

who I’ve hurt in this life

That was not my intent

To cause pain and

project strife

I’d say it’s my shadow,

but who needs an excuse?

My apology is profound,

can we start anew?

Feelings aside,

I am human at best

Relations, situations,

tribulations, put to test


Name My Own Pain

My will to go on had diminished
Though I knew I hadn’t finished
I no longer cared where I once did
Would I ever return?
Was this how life was to be lived?
A former shell of hope and potential
Dead to my own making
Now taking my own will