An instrument of God’s will in a mental dimension. Famous co-writer. Talented individuals. I formed my shards of Navasana. We saluted them like the biggest slogans

Full text version: An instrument of God’s will in a mental dimension. Famous co-writer. Talented individuals. I formed my shards of Navasana. We saluted them like the biggest slogans

Income in relations to heroes. Woah to the thought of 5 friends. By can addressing the royal Jesus. She shouldn’t stick up for this unless she needs to be serious

You’ve always been my bandaid effect. Widow’s peak. The Knights Templar. ∴ The stars are shining back to you. ∴

Make to be known.

∴ …↓

You have the choose when divine recognition within.

Are you at the feet of the next phase of your life.

I’m going through a break up. Alice in Wonderland.

My gaping oracle need. Heal thyself—respect thyself.

∴ But in earth perspective. You’re fine →. Ever since this music changed my mind. –””. ∴

Income in relations to heroes. Woah to the thought of 5 friends.

By can addressing the royal Jesus.

She shouldn’t stick up for this unless she needs to be serious.

A level of compromise at the house. Ready, set, go. The next 30 days change my life. Icky sticky. The truth excites me. Somewhere start over –pic of [gay female with] glasses. Pride and stake.

Watch me not give up. I’m not going to give up.

The energetic codes of twin flames. Sticky icky icky.

Let’s go bang then go on an idea together.

Any message…Undying love for your twin flame. Rock me profusely.

If I challenge you, you challenge me.

When you wake up with 1 scream – nobody knows what you’ve gone through –tinting slip up.

Should be absolute and everything so so.

After Jupiter/conjunct in Aries.

Protect your assets.

I came into this world with nothing—I leave with nothing. Prophet-able.

Considering all avenues. Unique to you.

Get to know me a little more, time, explore. Medical examiner.

Huge asset to me.

April 26th, 2023

You are going to use the coma

Medicine cabinet. I’m a soul reader. Reproduction technique. I know exactly what’s going on.

Unify – holofy in spirit right now. ∴

You just have all the sign works of being a mother.

Expresser seeking view –””. You actually didn’t see what I really want. ∴ The power of your words – mean the right thing. ∴

Happy inner flag.

No matter what happens I’m going to get to the bottom of this.

Souls in private.

Driving guts need high off revenge.

Ludwig. Endearment. Now that I know him and I’m 17. Watch Terry → kid/baby with lollipop. Chiropractic adjustment technique. Prosthetic leg. Humpty Dumpty. ∴

Expands just for me → and everyone…Neptune…Ocean. –vision.

You go into cabs 63 and then you go into arm rests. ←vision of turtle on puddle on my front body –ready for hydration.

Death cab for cutie. Imprint.

Demonstrate love for peace.

Are you kidding – you’re going to an eighty something year old’s funeral.

Integrity in the way.

∴ Paper moon. White sailor too. Maybe it all could be true. Padawan. ∴

Do you think that’s effecting his tea time at all. ←everyone.

You are going to use the coma.

Disillusion. Energy bear. You’ll never be as long as possible.

Freedom to sing. Won’t take your truth away from me.

Un-bias – then I’m out an unbase window. The true work of my soul.

∴ Get me through the days of the nights. ∴

Falter me to the extreme. Selfless to do so.

Candied luck. Obliteration request.

∴ Thanks! Succession increase.

How does it feel to be you. Another delay.

All mailed to me. Scarlet letters. Hey we are looking forward… .

Any soul done in God’s work. Is a great way to hike and share trees.

I saw a boy posing for camera in different positions as I snapshotted him.

I wonder why not to keep him… do you wonder why… everyone does.

Egregious. A thorough trance and transcript.

Put your foot in your mouth. I keep things positively pure. Gesundheit.

April 27th, 2023

I’ll sign up for high noble practice → give it to me. The gifts of the universe → Athleticism. It’s a word that says chariot. Calculated extreme

To the kid that can, I salute you. I can’t go on anymore.

If you can’t sleep with the one that can’t be with you out of jealousy.

We spoke for a long time and Aerialists and cake she ate → with a tray of fried chicken → just completely not healthy food and that’s how they rolled 24/7. No one to represent those healthy vibes. Through and through. ∴

I can see no way—I can see no way‘. ‘All of the ghouls come out to play‘.

He didn’t care what anybody thought.

Skinny dipping → he goes through it too quickly → lower realm.

I’ll sign up for high noble practice → give it to me.

The gifts of the universe → Athleticism.

It’s a word that says chariot. Calculated extreme.

Signaling this week of changed lenses – there’s something there.

∴ Factual evidence is coming to you. Got sitracked – asking question I knew. Incubation period. I had an experience. Oh well. Hand sanitizer. The table should be set for 2, me and you. Recognition. ∴

∴ Already commented on your bliss. Magnum opus.

Father’s intentions. I like this one, this is a cool combo.

And yeah I feel safe in your arms—someone can be safer than they were 10 minutes ago… .

My temperature’s adequate – it’s really cool –fox.

∴ An alliance of power. Separated at birth – merge heart and soul. Christ mind and sacred Cancer[ian] love. Alchemy exposed. ∴

His wife got into it for a living and now it’s hard to get out –hospice.

∗ Doesn’t care what you don’t eat through my life –Man. ←hot sauce almost gone. Paralysis. You’ll be Jack Frost and lonely all the time.

An instrument of God’s will in a mental dimension.

Famous co-writer. Talented individuals.

I formed my shards of Navasana.

We saluted them like the biggest slogans.

Vegans for kindreds. ←Clueless/Alicia Silverstone. I’m tinting monthly [Monday] for the first week. I’ll do to set out what I’ve come to do – I set out what I come to do –Man to dad ←career and dad like woah. On next career move. I’ve come to do what I’ve set out to do. –dream vision. Recognition.

I’m not a quick fix. How busy [goes] fast it.

To a Star—To an Athlete *Medalist* | I’m nervous for you. Driving guts need. High off revenge. Rolls fly over by the horn. Apollo. Because they’re wild or charming. I trust my medicine. You have it dropped down down to the top of the science

∴ Dry…it nice to be skin though. ∴

Guides…Any numbers…630 as we’ve seen before can have mostly moisture effects.

Tongue to cheek. Always takes a second to go to steak and get meat. [The guides] specialize you. ∴ Can’t serve me with hope—dungeons and dragons. Extra Betty. Words due to failure.

April 28th, 2023


There Are Pupils, Portals & Pioneers

Vast, Varied & Venomous. Men Are.


I Am A Pasty White Sailor With Many Functions

Every time there’s the big fan torn, there’s the fall over

This is a personal one my sail, my steams, seems to go through


To empower is to be in your own belief.


Pasty White Sailor

Lost at sea

You found me

Here I correlate

A massive monologue

Dense the smog, by fog of law

I’m just lost here working on The Throne

                                            Stark charter and dark water… Sail in 3, 2, 1


Talented pool of existence. 300’s daughter. Freak, I’m about to … computer. Inner resources…  .  …Keep waiting. Put more into this –writing …absolutely, hurry. I’m more developed in. The gods sweet graces. 1 road per minute. Awakened mind. I love soulmates—mesmerizing. Seeker of sailors. Somewhere takes you home—3 beautiful homes. Going to take away my blues in excellence.

Hard to pick up legend when you’re so free.

In home rock and roll fables. The way I feel right now, the science going through the heart. That they don’t have no faith. Enjoy your referrals to your guides. A weighted vest on – A British man changed discoveries. I was living both memories or… . It’s that 1 chick who keeps the party going. Business owner, wife, very important part of life. I ask if it’s good or massive autism better. Adonymous drift. Give everybody your gift—it was so dive. Stable elixir.

To the very devoted team over my life.

To harness your energies. To stink and feel for the mind. Signed in as a union delivery. Breath of financial air. For me and my second wife. No years on earth. Guided legacy. Unfair that people did that to you. Thank you for helping me wait in your kitchen sink. I’m feeling some kind of forestry [I love forestry]. That’s another life I can’t live without. –Freaky/element. Party pear—it’s a breeze. [Penguin vision].

Stay comfortable—I’m not going to ask you to move.

The position in the light. Never before seen in the dark. Everyday I’m next to the Sun [unfortunately?]. Staff centered heart. Rebellion—Revolutionize. The magic, The tumbler. Every square inch matters—density mode. Let alone James Bond movie. The wreckage continues. It’s funny how operative you are. Steven Seagal movie.

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