Are you at the feet of the next phase of your life

Are you at the feet of the next phase of your life.

I’m going through a break up. Alice in Wonderland.

My gaping oracle need. Heal thyself—respect thyself.

April 26th, 2023

They rejected my people master [guides]. I was laying at the feet of someone who I was exact compatible with and I discovered to be my match. – I just kept resting my head new ways on to his ankles and feet. … They [all] saw how much I loved being at the feet of him resting in new positions

April 6th, 2023

‘Cheshire dreams’ 2017 ~ by Matter Folk Art

{That you infuse this} A career in medically necessary spirits

∗ Symbology is life. It almost felt like it happened for me. I don’t know… the lights, the cameras, the action. Choose to adore my attention. Ancient life from birth to death. Purple kaleidoscope. Hearts. Witches—Wonderland—Druid. ∗


God and his rebellious suffering.


Mad Hatter

“Everyone’s lost their mind!”

Chill out, don’t be so confined

“Your left brain is insane, no rationality to claim

But your right side’s brisk and wide”

Imparted and free, massive strands of diversity

“Oh I see, you’ve lost it grand”

Exactly, torn the veil, my mind overtook

me taking me there


I’m going to speak like an animal kingdom because I need to. The last of the hardest work. Are you there to talk about raises

Solarious. As the yesterday. In your fullness – in your full strength…[I see you]. Super loaded human form. The pearl…pizza? It is a great time to be alive.

Closing the shadow…give you all of 50 walks the whole way.

Closing the shadow…give you all of 50 walks the same way.

A daily unfolding. Treaty.

Very spiritual—Very controversial.

Is that what it feels like to vibe off someone. A little convenient belt. Some favorites very closely charged.

When we all don’t believe, we walk… .

Beneath the laundry and the wallpaper.

Has left us in doubt or change for so long.

Healing the mind. How fortunate last night was. The answer’s one – here’s what just happened to me.

I’m going to speak like an animal kingdom because I need to.

The last of the hardest work.

Are you there to talk about raises.

Okay tell Tarlana and Anima. You can still see all in last year. And many woman are in. Thankfully didn’t have kids.

America’s sunflower – bold to choose.

The word for maybe a fresh denominator. Woman got dumped by the service company.

Determined half dead the moment she died.

Considered half dead the moment she died.

You’re going to die twice even experiencing this.

You complete the tiny moves available and it is no longer heavy.

In line over the effort.

The ashes of bringing that up.

And then once you buy a card. Ravaging ant of free Easter. My body and my love. I drew all of it into a lump sum.

Then crashing to the clouds. I know they are survivors.

You would take [like] a riding lesson away when I was little.

It’s like a big playground. There is no human worry.

Helpless music.

Undergraduate school. But thank you so much for asking – you are good to go. Idiocy – tester – idiocy. Get reservations from Jamestown.

I think Jesus’s tune in her App.

Can’t really put my place on it—maybe an awakening.

Advanced predictions. Sky astrologer.

Humility here’s crazy.

I’m thinking about putting my hair in there. With us not helping you out will you correct us. Double received. I will give you more then that [Max load and all]. Forgive me for the cognitive decline… .

It has been a fantastic start.

Please don’t read it [later]. I’m glad we found you.

Some things have their own meaning to describe.

Through spreading out 40 days of my life.

Psycho-sematic. There is always hot water around. Vibrating manner. Looked bigger than usual.

February 5th, 2023

Natural love before figures, before angels

And if she sells, it was always meant to come back to you

Black hat named zeal. Entirely innocent choice.
Running through home, neighborhood – Your dad’s like the pimp king – Solo head in street—us back in pull in and pull out driveway with windows tinted—mirror tinted. 
And if she sells, it was always meant to come back to you.
Nowhere stands in the way like you.
Successful moment. Dexter – exterior.
There’s a dear-er man without putting my feet down.
Aromas…they’re a super famous coffee shop.
OTAs updated. Grilling her card – [wow pretty pretty pretty].
My honest cringey self. Have stopped using bra sizes.
How your Dad works at that mansion.
Grace Elliot –me. A PhD in restraint.
And half of me will suffer that love of affection.
Fresh out of the stove an hour ago.
Ask me your own opinion and surround it.
People aren’t doing it as we are now.
All’s he’s going to do is accuse Grandpa on of telling on him.
Small opinion expertise. The lady after cameras.
Paying child support. Transformation.
[Before…] I can Neptune them. Sober-resistance.
Had multiple churches the past 2 nights.
That’s fine and we will miss our conversation.
Shampoo the house. Ability to work.
Put scratches on the car. Post human self.
Running wild—Running loose. Tycoon.
Grilling her card – [wow pretty pretty pretty]. My honest cringey self
[Before…] I can Neptune them. Sober-resistance. Had multiple churches the past 2 nights

November 1st, 2022

We saluted them like slogans

Thinking of how and want to be your Daniel

Relay things that happen.


I think it trusted too



To go to sleep





Distance of the people

Distance of the Hearth


I just ordered big

and travel

coming Home


The racist

at Quiet

was crazy


Yes I


so warm



Thinking of

how and want to be

your Daniel



One is extremely far-sided



You were backed up

if your Feet became



Unique Berries ~§~ Unique Quotes


I have always wanted to

speak for it,

I love you God


It’s the only thing I could accept.


—Mini Owen—

[[Owen: ‘noble-born | wood | work | pillar | The Yew Tree | youth’]]









I am breaking Code.


~All Angel beings invited~


Hungry for a New Season.


Don’t ever be

an official Lobster boy



I’m still confidently over~aware

~ but am I making a Splash


It’d be cool

if you made those Chicks



Hands are full.




Let me be strong~

Journey has been given to us








This is exactly why

we’re leaving you

Liz Moore


[Right now]

I need all the tools I can get


—A sense of democracy—


The Tables




The Shell)(The Egg White)(The Yolk
The Tower)(Knight of Cups(r)(The High Priestess
I browsed through Eggs when I was younger ∞ Cracking your Home, Inspiration & Beauty~ ∞ What if just Water held in the pressure of Eggs ∞ Maybe we can move the 7 day to invoke Yolk ~Cottages ∞ The act cooked in the Serpent’s Egg ∞ We play with our Mental Eggs ∞ Cracks On Visions~ cracks now with a Wide Vision ∞ A nice Golden Egg means nice golden tomorrow ∞ Enjoy the energy of the Egg before it’s comma to more ∞ Spread abundantly~ like little eggs of hidden Flowers ∞ A fulfilling Ecstasy cracking Journey}{Drive ∞ Diamond Cut Jumbo Egg ∞ Just laid some Eggs or huge Parent{s} ∞ I guess I have to crack it


Trying to

tell you Stories…

The Table has turned



about more of those

Footlocker things


I have always wanted to

communicate with Angels

~my Heart is so full~


Real fault monitors–

since they’re human


Night Vision~35

{I will bring}


I have prayed

to all the Heavens in the Sun

about that



Gave her

some mention of

Physical Therapy


{Would take 2 months}

Sistine Chapel Style



I don’t care–

my Ex-Husband’s not yours


We’re about to go through

the Pictures right now



been touched

by an Angel


I feel

my Energy

coming back




Don’t you like

wanna spend time

with your Dad

~to Husband


Thinking of how and want to be your Daniel

That I mixed up the Sky~



We Do Not Have To Be Hiding, We Are A Lion

Here comes her proclaimed imagination…….

I double it for the thought of many

She is so hippy

One in my hobby

She has sass like Bob Marley

As long as I have a platform where I can be me away from the norm

You are insane, you should be marched within

Soldier squad, an army of love, a weapons successor, you wait escape yet I embrace massive cheers

I believe you’ve been around more than once, prettiest killer around

My mad persona and depth of how to forewarn you

You treat everyone as they are mesmerized by your style

Curves~~~they’re hard to poke

Those are some noises 

Yes, I’ve been blazin’…my mind is speech and my pen is in utopia

It has been displeasing to some 

Acceptance is gradual process for others and yourself

You are the forsaken and the legend in this dream

Many of my dreams were water manifestations, not this one

She is going to change the world


Mix Up, Mix Up (1983) – Bob Marley & The Wailers

Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love