{…Went back} And handed Whisper a lifetime of my time

That I’m Big

not aware…






I don’t know, wasn’t there.


The ¤ Pearl ¤ Pizza

~after Janis Joplin~



More of an Injury

than a Souvenir


I’m not what people want me to be.






The Country is going on-

lack of Blade




a Witch-Hunt






A Severe Al†ering Procedure



Angel is having

Highest Poem delivered

~True Story~

isn’t that what we want

from Heaven


We have to

ID Clean this


Dead serious about

the Verdict joke






I am very



Smirk that Wedding.


Kingsmill~ wore her through


If we Walk without you.

Anvil to me

-like me not out mind or system yet-

like okay, & just walked to other room

to give time


Queen trying

to uphold Mandate








I’m a middle stretch

for this 10 min. thing

breaks from grind


Daily Veggies

of the Carreban


Make a commitment

without a pretense

~Mother to Phoenix

on growing up


You should keep that to yourself

because it causes nothing

but butt fucks

~on predicting~

best friends taste with

liquid on other’s tongue


{Have you heard}

Her Giant Curve








I don’t feel like

a quack in my head

& I feel really sane

in my Heart


Winning Words

Winning Night Script

too good not to be heard

Winning Script


Got to figure

how we’re going to hide it–

keep hitting it like this




∞ Mother Teresa Seeds ∞


Having fun Transforming.


As high as Intuition.


Glued to this person

& this Journey

not seeing the Artistic


Design a box

as a concept first

~For Cats


Mom, Dad-

me get Lunch elsewhere

My Mom looked together

& correct energetically


When I buy Food.


An involuntary habit

of my Shoe catching on Fire

{{{crackle sound}}}


It’s a shift in focus



I’m really excited

to test these some


Whiskey, Meditation & Spirit.


More Score Copper Reality.


Weakest addition.


10 hour Download

{Tried to show}





Reverse the status

of my Quote



popping out

@ you


Who got blessed with

The Mind One Generation


That was beautiful

Thank you Angels


I bet your Baby loves her Name.




My younger Sister than me ahead.


Fresh Kill in the Woods



Made it happen–

Essence of a True Warrior


I found out

the Ledge of the Armor

is enough


Everything you ever wanted.


The feeling’s real

The feeling comes from



Covering your Feet valued.


—Value Creativity—


I hope you went to Chicago

& had nothing but

weaker things in your mind



Alana Borris

did not want to laugh


Creativity is falling back~


{…Went back}

And handed Whisper

a lifetime of my time


I follow my dreams like I follow astrology. Rough times ahead

Thank you to a girl for accepting her past astrology.

I’m riding death, money, Sun. ¤ To stick with the reincarnation of being improved. ¤ I guess we’re just waiting for the arrows that are esoteric.


I don’t love this—I like this. You don’t seem over drinking water.

It might force something from within.

If the world soul is unlimited… hear me out. Rapture be warned. Shining on your light again. The light shined on the staff –workers. Crimson and clover. You mean no harm only closure. Self love healing crystals. My mind went blank. And you wrote the story. Whiter than that—consolidate. Going for the caregiver. Wish I could eat some of that. Never ending soul. Truth be told. I’m not playing a role –ultimate goal. Now this is it. Spirit infused into matter. The latter [ladder] part. Everyone is. [She’s going to] Finish stronger ||| A brief history in the eyes of the reader. I still felt the need to [take] a beauty shot just to be able to do this. Ladder [extension] facing East towards sky. Let’s refocus. I need that treatment
Is a great pen diary combination. God specific research.

All these other bills were probably timed.

The cats and money for soda. Crave dayI hustle and I flow.

To the white neighbor bleeding. Look forward to longing and hanging for the evening.

Instead of making Sundairies.

Her uncomfortable love spin [Greenman face statue vision]. I’ve been there Monday night—I’ve been supernatural about everything.


That looks like it’s turning in your pocket. I reflect human blue. If you are inclined to reach out.

I lost how fair I was.

They had interest to test them. I know why I’m so nice about the myth of my mill.

Rocks in silence. Singing soul’s virtues.

A great many deal and a window intern that was important to me. Vedic – Vedic support. He caught up everything, dude –Kingfisher.

Reading astrology’s voicemail.

Things will be different –employee/owner. Blend it/stick it. I’ll be thankful for it when I have it. I will tell you this since it was a full moon. Knocked down from the colonel.

Go upstairs and talk to my room real quick.


Pay attention now or it’s obvious.

Saturn sure lingers a while.

Only human. Reading astrology’s voicemail. We’ve dumped ordering grand into those. The death of drink.

As problems leak to the surface. Did you go out with my camera and find it? →Moon pic beautiful.

[But to tell you the truth] Your moon destiny

Astrology of voicemails. Stay until as late as you want. Over hanged yourself. Liberation.


Ruth her size so pack in numbers. Coming with Samurai – lovely killing everything.

Life is crazy yours. Extreme fun and love.

I follow my dreams like I follow astrology. Rough times ahead.

The faces of Astrology –Women readers…[West coast/Midwest/East coast]. Where did I speak unknowingly.

A short term Mercury phase.

And sometimes you fall on your face.

More powerful drag energies.


Trying to get you to get real for a moment and turn off all the start lights.

2 universal truths. It’s not big. It’s a nice song but if you haven’t applied for it.

Show back to hang back to justice. Following a Christ.

As far as audience is concerned.

As a way of thanking you. Fear crept in. Prostrate.

Hologram moon – I took pictures in from car driving by/around Anderson’s Corner, silver, prisma hologram. High priest.

Kept calling back people due to tags and guardianship—needed someone with it to not be alone.


Leap fair to esoteric. ¤ Her magic was pretty and ongoing. I’m not looking for a sweet gift – a revolution. Wrinkles in the sky. Fine – no one gives a shit until we do. ¤ Treat whole person how you do it. ¤ Head clear now – go ‘head.

It will echo. Get out of your way. By the Ancients: The blue orbit history. My pleasure is luck. Raw deal

Death’s 11AM. Wall magnet tattoos. Personal favors. ¤ I don’t know if they were strokes, continuous random. My man and my heart doesn’t love you. ¤ If I can get behind all 4 people downstairs. I gotta go in 35.

Envy look from the leagues.

Professional income. He’s probably okay for that time then.

They keep disappearing like my good phases in life [wholes covering up—”pot holes” types].

Professional rising. Maybe not after burnout.


We bought it and we used it and if we did it’s our fault.

Spirit guides—cloud me with insight. Constitutional training.

No one does that mood. Held along of moon out. 5 stoical, influential things – Tartan wife.

I transformed myself up in scrape. They’re human, we just can’t make that as an excuse to keep them.


I never know how much to take until I do. Been around this place.