Our Library was filled with diamond thoughts

Great Librarian search | 2014

God calls you out. Keep lying to yourself – denial is a state of truth.

Reflection in the mirror don’t lie – you’re your only proof. Brutal. Brutal you.

Heavy hand of the oppressor. I lay my prophecy stone for you.

Because he held the realm of my Ancestors.

Pride comes before the fall. ↑ Actor/famous. /Ancestors. Blot out my name.



Special awareness about it.

Honest on weather’s hearsay [I wish you would be a little honest on weather].

Now ’cause you have business to entertain to.

Ancestors: they chose to be right here till I fell asleep at the wheel –Man.



The spiritual spirit just made aware. — cabins and ____ uncovers cabins.

Open spirit. 10 X more wily. I’ll go ‘head and paint in my room with scissors.

I’ve had enough sky prophecies to know.

Register and accept it’s going to be different. Reminder to release your general store diseases.

Options…It is Ancestor who’s [that’s] been chosen.

Oh to walk down like a pyramid. Kingdoms of each level of their zodiacs.

Yeah, don’t you want me here. … . Humility, kind, deadbeat love.

Can someone talk to you in years. Cameras fixed a lot. God’s … pretty glass blue slipper. God is healer.

I’ve ignored my blindness. Pursue the Grammy of life.



I just communicate with the Spirit and I work on that.

Red simple color – I was asking for it a lot.

Brandyn I just hope you know what you’re doing: [Spirit Medium—I thought – I do].

There are some dense NBC books. As first off – I’m going to sea box.

Where it was needy it had healing that gorgeous lady.

Soul positives – that it freaks people out.

A palatable experience with divine energy. Hardwired. Apple pay and smash.

Wrapping my head around the first idea.

I’m convincing other stuff that I’m doing okay –Man. I don’t journal, because I don’t want to lock in what I feel.

Did all the tide last night. Nature’s specific—Nature’s expressive.

A devil rage picture. Outside reception. I definitely don’t have many options.

Seeing in the Spirit blows without you. Check on single walks with speed dials.

An angel was falling from devil’s door. An angel was fall from devil’s world.

The wild wing of a messenger.

Brothers can’t be self in same continent. Resting’s important so I can receive.

That’s our baby –Sunlooped. The descended masters of my ancestors.

Hot sink celebrate the…Hot sink and celebrity?

What is warewoman who out standing in her way. I’ll work with you – I want to work with Sundance.

The dynamic is associated with it pounding down potatoes. Got your hands full. Malt in the Bay field.

Too many people have activated their dreams. Whim it off.

That post will be up in my room. Brandyn: The art of scorching.


Ancestors remain closer to the sky itself.

Cleanse out the old Ancestor’s house—Anybody who clutters, they’re not clearing anymore.

And I have really good ancestors.

Lick to your Ancestor’s shoes — It was so good.

Same glass ancestors, different chicken.

Definitely have ancestors in Libra.

Old ancestors sunk into a chair.

You like to involve your ancestors.

I was finishing My~delicate~weave~project {then ancestors, spirits I called}{out in front of mom}{dad house}.

Early text from the ancestors.

I’m a Weems girl too! [saw 2 ancestors and recognized by style– I proclaimed: ].

The descended masters of my ancestors.

Don’t want to lose what my ancestors lost.

Options…It is Ancestor who’s [that’s] been chosen.


Empire service. Towards the pain inside I came. Lucrative. A 2019 tone.

Going so fast need a defibrillator. Celebrity love. It will not be my stomach.

Of course you’re a gorgeous surfer.

And we’re getting it prepped for the next owners. Surf few waves. Awfully excentric.

If these aren’t pleasant thoughts on a broken shoe.

I could have just clipped it wrong. I’m not swearing a cuss word. Minor shock over your body.

He fascinates me more than your dad does. That would of been a good thing to fix.

I saw a death in the family. Anastasia. Gain access. Properties and principles.

I want to keel over from the joy inside. Known questions. Seeing in the spirit.

Requested 2 angels. …Aww that’s me. And by the winds they start flowing.

Cassidy and Brave’s delivery. Please wait for me…to understand.

Understand. Be pursued out professionally. One stop shop. In loving memory [I fully trust].

Save it – You need to know the truth –overspender. New and conventional.

Don’t want to lose what my ancestors lost.

Dad needs lots of people to sun him dress. A private party thing. So blendingly sad.

10 years in the making [another]. Train harder.

If you need a leader Monday night, find yourself a gatherer.



Friends with benefits. Political statement piece.

Nobody’s dreaming of you tonight—luxurious. Retire fame. Hickory. Famed… . You have wall papers up.

I got Ancestored that just breath [bleed] from 2021.

Whose magic post was a night.



Assuming the right position for prayer.

I wish someone would recall how divine I am. –Divinity.

As remains true to my Earth element –Power polite.

We did your gay rule everything. Sizing sheets throwing a big deal of them otherwise no big deal on your own.

I’m a Weems girl too! [saw 2 ancestors and recognized by style– I proclaimed: ].

Who made a wish out of anywhere. The curse.

For my kids I don’t feel good enough then do their oh so cold head –no go.

This place was such mushy house. Judge by real commitment.

Becoming a better person. Spark that flame.

That one guy’s going to be an animal leader. I feel a minimum too for my phone.



The final death. I can’t lie with myself—I can’t live with myself either.

Go back to the bottom and place your order –on restarting life.

Early text from the Ancestors. We have a hard different type: actualizing.

Found the door to hunting lab. An overlay. Jesus’ into the wild.

It’s a man–bush–hotel. Lead me to holy waters.

This is where I came from. Nobody gets a lot done in Queens, NY.

When your house suddenly falls on locations –Astrology.

After – that got to start creating your own vision. Omnivore – presence.

Our final windows. Several times it takes me to close that.

 What am I supposed to say. Every morning I’m blown away by the Sunrise.

To treat, kill, diagnose. Judge awarded you with time off. Responding it’s reading a quote.

She’s just a musician, God – but God she is beautiful. Cognizant.

I will definitely never outgrow my Lord lit name. Rosemary filling.

Mirror, shows, opinions. I know a lot what I do. Reposition.

Where to get roses. Maybe your heart can find/feel the sand.

{7:01am} Pink is the color of the universe | [I will definitely not wait] Call me back on the pink jacket number
~~;~{@ ~~;~{@
This trance is obscure This trail is a verse Riddling to rhyme a reason Oral Proverbs in due season



What can I touch on your radio station.

Snake to eat each other – you can tell when posturing.

Enough people see this life of you.

Is this owned by your Grandparent/”…..”/”…..”/ [Ancestor] as well.

Watch the video transform your daily evolution.

We got lots of years to wait for her Summer.

Build it slower. A Zac into my intro. Ask beyond anyone’s ear.