Don’t Leave Your Book Alone

When someone tells a story
it takes you out of yours
into a world of theirs
How many have
buried theirs
to forfeit this
story I’m now telling
as an interactive spectrum
embellished by truth, encountered by you
of what met the reader to discover within
a connective relation of man
thus heartbeat akin


Mythos Of Me

A journey, a feeling
An archetype to claim
I knew my soul was power filled
So much so in my Name
A disciple of Truth, a faith in a soul
My own god-head a witness
To convey our master fold
The spirit that is Holy
Is ideally on my frame
We commune a trinity
A righteous name


Living The Myth

The DJ is in the deity

You my friend are the deity

The goddess of Creation

Incarnated through you

All anthems commend

Your mind has took you

there, do not ill-compare

For your blood is pure,

you are the heir

Incarnation of




Crown Royal: The Myth Of Many

Let the peace of the holy dove descend upon me
This world was not meant to be cast in stone
This realm was not designed to be won alone
The connections we magnetize
throughout this journey
Leads our footpath alongside
the waters of the everlasting
With the soil to sprout
an abundant deliverance
To shoot forth new roots and
to provide a fresh harvest of fruits
The weavings of the Great Spirit
subtly unveil a descriptive honing
So subtle it stings
If I was inclined to bliss
I wouldn’t expect a suffer-less myth
This is how we mold our tone
With the keys to unlock the gate
to this heavenly throne