We Match, can’t match at all the Historical Triangles

Blow it up.

Why can’t I deal with feelings.

Rest well sweet


In the most Picturesque way.

Vardr}{Wolf Dog

running to front

of property

She’s looking

at that Table




Sloppy eating habits.

I’m sleeping right now, this is why.

The Angel’s bidding.

Our Passenger Seat~



is he available…

Not now, he’s in

his Tomb

Contract Sally.

Well this is awesome,

it’s so good

to see everyone

How this warms,

develops naturally~

Strengthen the Memory Code.

Granddad “Dark, Swarthy“,

me walk in

him ask for Water,

him hug Husband and me,

he was working outside on Porch-

had Water in my hand but was drinking it-

grabbed him new one from pack- he was almost

too thirsty to hug me before drinking-

he touched me in an intimate way [platonic]

Brother put out Fire

in his old room after me call for him~

New Fire Extinguishers

Spear upset at me bad.

Upper Body Strength.



I want the highest good,

I want to learn what

the height and good is

Lay it down unadultered.

We don’t celebrate it till tomorrow.

Daughtry ~ No Surprise

 Your Dad

just didn’t know



we are here

Page Martin.

Morning ∞ Routine

People are going to follow you.

Have a little bit

of Clarity

~break from fog

Memory Code~


One there

in a new

Studio Room

We Match

can’t match at all

the Historical Triangles

~Angel~ Writings

We’re going to have to let you go~

It is not about me.

Most notably you.

{Trying to flaunt}

the Georgia-Flordia line

River run~

Be more direct.

[Something to say]

Wall of Service

And that I feel okay when I’m with you.


Tombs &

Tombs &

Tombs &


Be more respectful of you. –Husband

So if I place this

on this Paper

in here

I like it better~ it’s cool

Nice Storage

Eye Candy

[then Nail {vision} on ground laying]

Are you nervous today?

Not at all

I mean I’m nervous today

 Clean my Resume up.

[XPlace this on PaperX]

I didn’t look like

a Tombstone


the living and the dead

[Book I opened to]

between in 2 sections

Not a road block.

I was

the guy

who was




If you want to

call it a


 It’s the Weather

The Pure Weather

of August

I didn’t look good,

like I looked really ugly ascetically-

lip busted, me worn from work

Spear pointed out

I think we’re strong enough to handle [it]

I think when I taught there,

I’m a little


My idea of fun.

Rip you to shreds.

What is wrong with you


when you Marry me

I’m not under

the abuse of

the Catholic Church

[Anvil] [Working without Protector]

A growing old.

The abuse of the Catholic Church.

So that you can’t miss anything else.

I hear that chance I get every time…

Constant Surveillance.

Asian laughing

{white powder face}


Flip into Earnings.

But hold up woah

I do want her


Do you think it’s not necessary to dilute it?

Everyone’s super excited.

World Code.

[Show us]

Back it up

My most Ticketed Prize Possession.

Very pissed about a very last fight.

We’re going to just

bring in a roll


Brain decision.


Vital terms of conditioning.

Built your Footsteps

in the middle of

the Nursing Home

Don’t worry about weed at all,

we got enough

~Local Musician

I had to use that plug.

You really just need to

wake up and look at

the Finances

Made her a Necklace of Disgrace.

And swim with it~

You didn’t want it did you.

I didn’t know

I had you in the Office right now

Compiled trances ∞ Multidimensional

If I believe someone with Romantic Maturity.

I would like a message from God

Oh, does that

come with pretense…

Got the License Plate

I there

My name is Brandyn Robertson

It broke him so hard. –To Bear, To Carry

I’m giving you your definition of trust.

Politics are super high tonight.

Eat Pray Love [Read]

It hurts me so badly inside.

She likes drilling everybody

She tries to let ‘em down

Badge Child.

Am I supposed to do anything else?

The Night of Trances

[they were]

It sure is a sad Jesse

got his own place

got his own space

not sad to Jesse

That’s special & kind.

Plotting interrupted practices.

The man still love him.

The Heat of the Storm

—Meditation Statue—

Slip of the Wrist~


What if everyone thinks I’m just a Nobody

Ain’t got a Fruit

in your

Evolutionary Fly

—Moorhead Records—

On my side

can build another


Might need

to nurture

new stuff

Bat spread


Truthfully we know as well.

What if everyone thinks I’m just a Nobody.

[I’m hoping this doesn’t land]

The most cheapest

Platinum Ring

We’re supposed to checkout on Wednesday.


There is no right

powerful word

I had


Want to do something forcefully so time doesn’t remember us

∞ A Number’s Game ∞

You’re going

to be here

till 8

Rather be glad you went for it.

The Story’s already being told.

Do you guys have Service?

We all went through it.

Make her feel

like she’s

Home again

Don’t think your game was on Fire…

Window ¤ Opportunity

My each one will be happier than the rest.

Absolutely Perfect

please don’t

let this go

Beget Beget

Like an unforgettable






You’re making me cry.



The Moors.

She can rock right when she wants.

The Olsa Abuse.

You doing okay in there?

Anything else you want me to do…

you want me to go do

everything with you


Would test his

Shopping Center

but we only sold

a few a day

Eat it when associate with it.

Skeleton — Mother


Want to do something forcefully so time doesn’t remember us.

Just be beautiful then ride the Energy on us~

I will transform

my Heart Memes

into Herbs

I’m going to

Camp Out

this time

Jesus Christ~

I dropped a

Blade of Grass

∞ Magic Joke Inside ∞

I turn my practice to this Alignment.

Her sections

in her Blades

Same Curriculum.

But I am the Jesus I am.

Let’s do all this Housework.

United Way.


was a rough year for me

It was


{It’s becoming so real that’s it’s not funny}

I have waited so long to be used.

Run backwards.




Out of nowhere.

There is so much I want to do God.


No one’s waving to you.

Distant Healing.

I’ve been desired to be of service.



you didn’t know that


It’s just 26,000 writings

-go through them

[on editing for book]


Oh my gosh,

She buys Navigation


Strength take your time.

[This] Doubting nonsense.

The Drive Income of 36,000 a year.

I have nothing to withhold.

Do that

when I’m here alone

and you’re somewhere

for hours

Give back a TV Show or something.

Take a Quiz

“White Tiger”


We could do

different things together

To Bear, To Carry


general rule of Thumb

It’s hot in here

You got the last bite

of Jalapeño,

I got Sweet Tea~

{It would}

Lead me


Toxic mom

[earthly blood]

It should go public.

I really appreciate

you listening,

y’all are one of a kind

Forced to flux my age difference to him.


Angel Guide~ Wearing Candles in front of you

More refundable.

Around other people too much.

You take your Money for granted it seems.


You want people to think

you’re a Cook in

~Los Angeles~


Silver Spoon up her ass.

Order somebody who is Richer.

Get real

Come sit with me

That looks real

Gather Tooth and Nail.

I’m not guilty this time.

You’re Smoking

makes me

work a bunch

Angel Guide~

Wearing Candles

in front of you

I was standing there

talking to her

She knows how I’m feeling

~†attoo Artist~

I like it, I like it, I like it a lot.

Go somewhere else

Exactly that is the point

They are constantly

hanging out

with each other





From Europe

not going to ~ 

mutual reception

You’re a Generation set in Stone.

What else about your Kingdom?

It might be the Drug Dealer Cops

because of

Homeland Security

Plug yourself in.

Let me give you an answer

It’s not a question

Once I hope and say hey.

Breathing heavy.

You bring the Candles

don’t like it

We just bought a House to close the window.

Who put on weight since she been there…

Justify being alone.

Vocal Skills.


that would be fantastic,

that would be hateful

Had to run from it

because I can demand it

at any time

Maybe I’ll let you know how it feels.

You’re not wearing a mask anymore.


He’s not coming by chance.

Oh she’s schizophrenic.

Just you 2 or naturally do this…

Take Jesse’ off the Crest.

This is the right to own a Car.

1 sec.

nothing seems

blank in here

All my Sisters have a hangover.


‘Wiktionary: Etymology: From Powhatan rawrenock [things rubbed smooth by hand]’

Minus pay relief.


Limit myself with all possibilities and Irons

What is that Noise?

Couldn’t afford

to Camp alone


You bring

The Twilight Zone

I need your excuses.

Food Lion right near

Queen’s][King’s Lake

He was going to do with it a lot more than we were.

Are you upset with not giving me freedom? –Husband

I never know how legitimate it’s going to be.

Ivy League School.

Do you think the heat kills a lot of Cats?

I’ve starved

other people that do,

I promise you

Dating your Sister.

I’m very generous

with the people

around me

Dog tugging

the Homework

in a tug of war

with human


Dad wouldn’t even let me Promote.

Now we get excited

who we find out

the other Finalist

Got some good stuff around here…

it always is.

How do I explain this?

You become a First Woman.

Next Level Radiance.

Kell coming to play.

It has no rhyme}{rare or reason.

~Writings from

within & without

Put on a Civil War.

I know what’s my thoughts

and what’s not {writings}

And I know how your own thoughts

influence {energy}

I need my Piano

to think

{in same room}

Limit myself

with all possibilities

and Irons

{We can}

Watch that

Moon Balance Show

Robin Williams has left the building.

I have nothing to give you.

Former Boss

This legit could not get cold.

Either you have the Knowing or you don’t.

I take it back, I just a second.

Instant satisfaction.

Traffic in RVA,

bumper to bumper-

someone hit person

on Bike with Baby][Kid


I had to go to Thrift Store.

This is precisely an Angel Message.

The Revel of the Sea~


Do you want

to listen to tell?

Only Competition there is.

I overheard.

It’s Multi-Original.

Phone Application.

Busy Highway.


God will inform Fatal and has

Offering you a full time raise and a Salary.

A bleeding heart

for years~

Aluminum now

Lab Dog {vision}

Those ones are gone.

You got a Job.

You might want to as a Friend.

The Weddings, for instance.


who knows

they may remove

You’re owed too much.

Pulled it down

I didn’t Mark it

It’s Medically true.

Assert the Energy.

Spray ‘em at you.

How did we get there…


Major lookout

for you

Feds to Lizard.

And it was

Bleached in there


Broken Candle.

No one’s stopping you

No one is stopping you

You knew this Contest isn’t over yet.

I might not hang away

because I’m going

to the Parkway~

I swear to God I’ve missed you.

You’re going to

look like an idiot

to school your Uncle

No Brain Color.

…Business man.

No one can keep up with me.

After seeing me in her Booties,

she didn’t know how

I could wear her Trance

You please me.

That is not familiar.





I’m having a break for Lunch.

These Classes are short.

—Mark & Stone—

We got to measure more too.

Has left his Grandmother’s House.

Would you left a Grand Overboard?

They have too many concerns.

Sleep in the Woods

for a minute~

let her ground herself

After you become

~lifted up~

of the Morning

Slippery flavor~

you must need

more Medicine

Runs in the Family.

You got the Key wrestling up there.

Bust out the Thread for him.

The return of Satanic Egypt

The Second Coming]

[Orthodox Christian

What you’d say.

Just open your Eyes.

The Finish 5 Languages


A Breath of Fresh Air~

Change is still coming.

For there’s 3 base.

If we do anything wrong, we do anything wrong.

Not a selling point-

Very interested information

[my paragraph]

Zest is Information.

Can’t believe how big this Toilet is.

You’re in a public domain.

You want me to wait or I’m going inside.

Do you know who She is now?

The work you put in.

Silver Metal & Gold [His]

Letting this Rock Roll~

This Original.

I truly read in the Air

what’s truly

going on

Have zero class America, I don’t know you.

Husband can you walk away,

this is between

my Dad and I

Both of our Parents

are Single Parents

I’m not respectable.

In ease is your Power.

Are you sure you just don’t want it…

These other ones aren’t what they are.

Weekly Ad.

My Life & My Presence.

The Evening of Gifts~

Big Boy & Stevenson.

No one scares me anymore.

God will inform Fatal and has.

If I looked a little stressed or consumed…

Patio for Porches.

Serious spins~


Going to take

a lot of time

to spin}{spill out

Letter earned.

She’s a Richer Artist

than we are


Barefoot Glow.

1 toxic decade.

It’s your Show.

Got me a broke one that he couldn’t fix ~Soul

Me bite on his neck, pinch-

Him say complete waste of time [writings]

I trying to be QT when Brother near-

[I] took his legs out from under him

to fall on his face and bust lip through

“My Lips~ they’ve gone through me.”


Really Candle Intense


[We truly get to see from]

A Single Double Triple Quadplex


Gotta save up for Family.

Require 2 people.


Volumes & Chapters

List the longest.

To an ideal World.

Divine ∞ Matrix

Reaping the benefits

Something you’re Flinting

Recently warm

Butter Shrimp~

Can I not say


Thinking on thighs- tobacco is chilling.

If you don’t

spend any time

off the High Drive

Look it’s me

making Money

Smoking High

I know I’m

the Great Sour

to put on my hours

After we see after dead.

To make it weirder.

To make it better, than it’s going to be a little darker.

The amount of trances, I can’t wrap my head around.

Always have lift as problem~

Your mind and your ego are blocked.

Some pieces

of Salt

in some of

my Hair

Feelings that I cannot put into words myself.

Too many dummest things to do accidentally.

If people don’t bother you, people can’t stand you.

How this makes World distance.

Each Blade of Grass

can put you

in your Nobody

Our Culture

needs to be



is turning onto

Primal Road

I’m looking

for someone

who does my Nails

Peaceful, restful

to talk to

in general

Everyone to see that you’re walking away from.

Full disclosure.

Timbuktu ~screw you.

I haven’t got up there~

Little Cameras

got Folk in it








in our Ear

Look whatever you want to do.






Thank you for doing that.

The Music

of the Spheres


you dear


There’s nothing in there to store anything.

A hundred Wise I could find.

The World is a Stage.


Broken in the Grass with how I have marked these

∞ Forgotten Astrologer ∞

A thousand wishes in a lifetime.

Eagle {vision}

This is a beautiful way to share the Energy~

Her Teacher

wants her

to be ready

I looked familiar enough.

Living from the Wisdom I’m listening.

Linda Bonnett.

I got it,

I’ll just expect to be

next to you

Driving our Capital up.

I’m not counting Sheep.

—The Finger of God—

My guess is it goes with chicken.


on presenting

what time it is

Bases loaded.

I think you’re unrecognizable

So privilege…

Such Light & High

do I work with

Broken in the Grass

with how

I have marked these

Just 8 Foot to 8 Foot.

Some Main Entrances

to my Tubs

50% would be Crowned.

Deviantly reads-

are you starving to death?

First place is Kitten friendly.

I know he’s got a

Super Hobby Spirit


33 | 66

We have the bigger one

would use on

our Frigerator

Can I smack you once more?

Per 1 thing

doing the Divine Flow

last night~

But if I’m

Yankee Candle

You’re the one

giving advice,

that is your



on the Night of


Brother Flaming out of the Closet.


the Messages around

for my disposition

Don’t eat the ~

of a Monster Sister

Dusty More with a brain cell.

Want to look on

how to keep these 6

their best

Was followed by

the Bliss of the Heart~

I’ve been quiet for a while.

She’s always wearing a Tent.

Some Firefighter’s Presence.

Obligation to live my life open.

I don’t Vine me to get share.

If it’s just empty can it sit there for a min.?

I think I feel like something’s about to happen.

How to split


It’s different with you.

Not a Pitch

black of a day,

not a huge

black of day


The way I’ve presented them practically.

Read your Goddess

is like rereading

your Underwood

Were they not Flinting?

Brought her Rhythm everyday~

Element of hint, Element of surprise.