Alabaster’s Dream

Breeding clean eagles. Trains sell better than navigation tools. There will be no more acids. Sweetheart, nothing more evermore. But it creates your courts when it comes in last. How great the cards if it comes in last. Sometimes you’re very big and you offer. Come in was entire sand. Keep it simple unless I need you. Trips up-on the inside. My head needs a new song for me to dance to. Feelings around him, all day. Uterine law hurts every individual. Ability to think and travel in speech. He’s… he’s working at her energy. The 12 and bolden is in my sleep. A lot of communal effort.

The fact that you can’t put me through this — You can’t go through unless to do the work yourself.

Moving part religion—the wind and the rain. Can you tell if it’s evil? Chop the blues off. Retiring oneself. So high that Lenny Kravitz didn’t want to be with me. Pause…reset. Then the patients don’t have to fully comprehend what’s being said. But we gotta hide… I think hiding takes… . Jesses, this is the magnetism I’ve been waiting for. Front center line. Floating on a single mission. I fiend out like that—then I got to pick the worst ones to leave. I keep around for heavy critical use. Make this shape for me – we’re going to make it on you. A hundred booths on someone’s designated street. Indispensable wisdom.

I can’t wait to cut you off on that and judge that.

Test her—Evaluate her. Gets cooked. I’m dying right now –dad. Can feel the signature building. Car stinks. Thank you baby Elizabeth Taylor. Sharing an excuse, for ruining event. Its easy time jumps in a row. Primordial choose destruction. City dwellers. Magnificent peace. Lion’s den. Part of meme—my family history. Put attention to what you’re asking. Good samaritan. Apples and JCP per day.

Dad’s played me with playtime dreams.

More where that came from. I have a witch hour. I’m just really bad at name right now. Provide the capital building. Monument no more. The hairs have not been pursued. Price tag all over the landing. Huge risk emotionally. You didn’t set up for that. Bonze escape [bronze escape]. A great time to be playful with your art. Divine glowing figures [vision] of 1]. From coming up from coming in. Melanie G.’s crossweave. Dawned away your infident. Propelling wisdom. Alabaster’s Dream. 12 vision weights. The witch critic. I can do it all.

Buried with the angels.

Critical happening. Birth activists. My only concern. ….. ….. bad hands. Systemic release. Glass in my foot –oh not that interesting. 5–15 years. Reigning the Last Judgement. They were all crying for me so classy. Highest light burning bright. To replace my precious tea — Rosemary. End with silence. Forever at your caution. Electric underwater poles sticking up in water—water almost submerged—us swimming—Waller Mill—3 poles went under/tipped—we hurry. Doctor inside. My simple dragged down task. Star tea gazer. It’s my lot in life. Helping while the writing’s helping you. Let’s us know how you feel. British new instruction—British facial instructions [news]. I’m up on a ladder behind the tree and I’m falling—I’m up on a ladder above the tree and I’m climbing. Y’all aren’t full off the moment yet. Identity range theft. She probably feels at peace — empty warehouse.

Soul takes root in every garden I have.

Blend it stick it match it. His heart flung open—wing out the dream. With our writing ….. yet strong. A medium – mental help–health. Keys of coordination. A dangerous place for you. Deal with more I have. The twin seasonally suffer amazingly well. In season. By owning your vehicle dismiss of it all. Bandages she began as scars [stars].

The look in the eyes of the beholder.

The house will stop smelling burnt eventually. [Got their] Rejoicing out of their system. Boom look much better—mail it to you. Naturally impressed –Husband skills. It’s nice to have people pointing to you all the time. The stronger my connection got with the inside world… .