Canis Major Emergency

Falling at best
A home with Astral Geniuses
Steaming press
Within a corridor
Lifetimes before
Watch the Holy
Hear the Whore
Enflame searches
Longing explored
Entangled and exposed
Rise and rise among the Rose
Pierced Infinity
To offer you Knowing unendingly
Supreme Identity
Ever found among the Crown
Forever holding Stars aloud
Astral Geniuses
with a home Eternally
Name this heart
Canis Major Emergency

Lasting Era Entwined

I see you
So you know
What you work on
Is not in vain it glows
From the very depths
of your being
Into the light creases
of your soul
What you have done
is made this eternal
Immortal veins
Ancestral blood
Heart determination
Through seeds of Love
The Dove has reigned
Within I carry your Name
Lasting era entwined
Birthed a session
so divine

Karmic Souls Alone They Know

The Stars didn’t align in time
I wanted it
You wanted it too
To move on we couldn’t
Circling in that current movement
I’d call you but I shouldn’t
I never did
Neither did you
Half the reason I’m soul shookin’
Karmic souls alone they know
Light in a path you would never had guessed
Guessing is for foolish wishes and they come to pass
I guess I want you to feel
That this should have last
Say we’ll meet again
Another lifetime is all we have