This kind of soul work is not for the faint at heart

Natural love before figures, before angels.


Use it for health – launch other standards.

Whatever you want – just say it.

Part of my beautiful decision plan.

This kind of soul work is not for the faint at heart.


I know its several doors lock. ‘If you look towards heaven any given night’.

So if you can see angels why can’t you see ghosts.

You just can’t imagine.

I died of a pull up last year.

Thought to have spiders but not in their youth.


 Angel guide~ wearing candles in front of you.

I was standing there talking to her—She knows how I’m feeling.

~†attoo Artist~. I like it, I like it, I like it a lot.

Go somewhere else—Exactly that is the point.

They are constantly hanging out with each other.

Well~ water runs dry.


This angelic corner from this angel side.


Witch Saints [Shamans]

I cry

to the most Earth effect

Witch saints [shamans]


Through types of poison we can overcome bitter pain.


All Truths Look Better Angled Sideways

Some things will never be as they once were

For that I am thankful  /  For that I am sad

 = All truths are bitter part equal =

And for that I am glad


Well-Source ~ The Prophet’s Cup

I don’t drink out of some other people’s cups

I was dishonoring my cup when I drank from someone one else’s


People Serve The Narrowest Path On The Light Of Bliss

15 minutes of carpet bliss

acquires brokenness

I found death,

I will drink me

along with every

other cup of lonely water

for to die is to fall in love

with yourself over and over again

this gives courage and soothes minds

with attentiveness of the water,

march creatively

narrow is the

check of death