Justice: Open from new source of income

Justice: Open from new source of income

Credence. Special interest. Bank account straight –Grandpa. ‘Cause you don’t even know what’s going to happen. Communication difficulties. Dietary supplement. Don’t want to get offended. Social construct. Stop laughing about it. Torturous for her. My 2 tonguing going to excel. Did you tint before. A chunk missing.

Who’s gotten beat like I [Man] since I’ve left/come back – no one → this is alarming…–Man on the Woman [there] mad – Man call out [on texts] → I said all it’s been me of calling/others to me [calling me out].

Him looking at my writing in its entirety. Not together anymore.

Backs you because you know I’m a warrior for God.

Part Jewish. Karen → We have it mapped out.

On my front porch—Woman, me—Man – Man –Cancel plans. Leech/es on skin on boat with → ill timed fate. “In a State of Decay”. They kept coming and it’s like I was subject to a disease in a foreign country. [So many leeches on entire body—was like whack-a-mole—for each 1 I pulled, 3 more would appear—I felt the physical pain/pull in a dream state]. Me talk to Place and she’s probably not going to be there. Ill timed fate.

Justice: Open from new source of income.

Spiritual manners. Grocery store about to be gone → me say bye [it’s a good thing] → say goodbye to Philippinos and false else first. Dessert there. Quality venture. If need to know if ever can, it is possible. The Foundation of Life. ←Ace of Pentacles. Star crossed lovers.

White dresser I asked if they made, and you made a difference – cut, built, and put together the value. 1 thing to say. Farm girl involved.

The sadness is overwhelming.

I kept looking at the white dresser. It was needed and most appreciated there.

Untimely post. Many forms of assault. Whistleblower.

I am writing a human account of a story of truth. This isn’t not only but, but universally aligned.

I accept each part of my human form, I make a whole.

Nothing is outside the love of God, everything is holy. Everything. Every mind and every human emotion.

I was only true – and my sincerity’s real. ∴

I was directly informed to share – so be it. Be it beyond me.

Be it I am different messenger than you would have hoped for.

Everything I do is rooted in love, deep love and axled in human correction.

∴, I’d say. I was led to those actions so be it the fate. I was sent to do a particular type of dreamwork—it’s not for everybody, it’s not for the faint at heart. It is for growth—the deepest kind. And I will be that sacrifice, as a lesson for all. I will not tone back my essence to please man, I will do what I was sent to do. ❤ I am in the better sense a shaman ❤ . I got fired because the dreamwork I do and my tact on delivery.

It’s not for everyone – but it is my life’s work and focused on healing core traumas and rises from the human ashes of our divine lives.

Visible transmission. Connection stronger than ever. Migrate to the extreme. Protect her –Man.

“We all have different sets of values, and I suppose to be a writer, you have to be a dreamer.” –’In a State of Decay’
I wasn’t meant to go to sleep, I was meant to dream
April 8th, 2023

April 8th, 2023