Precious Pearls of the Other World

I constrict myself when I am defined by these lines

there is nowhere for me to share

all the precious pearls of the other world

when I define with these lines

There is no measure to mine

no restrictions of divisions

more like an open canvas with a vision

a lightning speed mission

a heart enfolded with every provision

Holographic wires….

nothing inseparable is measured in meters

our enclosed memoir is our portion

this is true…

truth measured in moments


You Are A Baby Doll After All

You’re my kind of gorgeous

You harlot, your middle name Scarlet

You’re making me throb

Your red kisses call

You’re my kind of baby doll

You are a baby doll

after all



As great as our church are – our country singers don’t make fun of each other


We’re not on the wrong side of up cups

We’re not on the wrong side of up cups.

Exchange energy and flow. It’s nice and cozy inside. Seen enough…They’ve seen enough—no worries. That shit’s fire man. Please set recharged any one from me. Country road…As around I almost fall home.

I don’t fuck around…It’s on the bottom of your shoe laces.

If I could love another person I would.

And then he loses his mind without you. Clarion call. ‘Walk the line—walk the line—to the end of time’. I just can’t get into it →windy abnoxious. Really deep states on consciousness. Lifelong  partners. I don’t blame you [being on love with].

Unhinged mad about you.

‘I remember I remember when I lost my mind—There was something so pleasant about that day’.

Deluge/Lovestruck. Divine love incarnate. There’s no comfort without you. You complete me. 


It’s not a past life connection in a way you would think

You’re unaware of the country that you come from

Drop down to the top of science.

And I can almost think of the next one/s I shared with you.

The devil and the kisses.

We brought in 2020 – don’t you strike a pose.

[Same kale] Same measure things have to be permanently in place.

I went out on a limb. A Jesus Christ Nazareth. You’re unaware of the country that you come from. The most un-fun psychic trip. Modern day oracle—heal the world. Intellic suicide. Basket case of harmony. Sideways bowling ball [for more room]. Explosive ear wider.

I’ll just be honest with you I couldn’t find my reasons last night –2 cups/mugs in couch crack.

Refused to keep us together so we ordered the worst kind.

So beefy bloody. I have a partner that I care so much about.


Unify – holofy in spirit right now.


‘Danu’ – 2015