Lugh, My Love

You know what I like about you?

You’re never satisfied

Now I mean this on an earthly layer

For in no way is your spirit bleak

You are a radiating light of never-ending energy

You set the stage for the whole world

Through the eyes of your own

You are of precious worth

No one before and never again

Your super-soul splurges

Transpiring innovative urges

Your mind is bliss and

Your soul is gifted

You are my soul mate

I will always love

Heartfelt Expressions

Heartfelt Expressions

All of my Ancestors… from different cultures, different religions, different Spirits …individual in their own right. I feel them. Though most unknown by name, looking down on me. Proud of their blended bloodline. I see their conception, I see their faces, I feel their humanity, just like mine. I know that words, names, classifications and translations tangle up true heartfelt expressions. And I believe, just as my life was pre-ordained, the Alpha and Omega, knowing the ending from the beginning, placed me here in this day and age to reflect the eternal light. Only he knows my time. I feel it. I give thanks, I give praise. I honor my heritage. My Cherokee, my Swedish, my Scottish roots. They are all cheering me on, right now. I will come home and gather with these familiar distant relatives. Dine with them and commune in sanctity. One day, my birthdate to eternity.

Otherworldly Lanterns

Wandering aimlessly
We took the only route we knew
The only route in which our souls were partial to
This could mean one of two things, you know
That red lantern makes mention once again
I get the feeling all is okay
A flock of 26 reminds me that
my stage is nothing but a number
Yet stage, I must reiterate
As these chains are numbered
Infinity reigns or better yet it claims
The essence of the memorable
In deeds and fancy footwork
Not in vainful rambles of the underworld
A hierarchy of sorts
In these terms I shall know many terms
You have your friends, as do I
Mine formless, yours still a separate identity
I knew leaving town would make a mark
Yet I also had no choice
Unaware of subtle ripples until
my conscious knocked
Alerted, and since there
has been no other way
So we swim, we hunt
We do what is necessary to survive
We hand our souls over
to their rightful covenant
As we have always forethought
And we carry on fervently
Beseech my shallow temple
and compile all earthy waste
You’ve established roots beyond the sun
And we humbly cry to your stream
Of goodness sans the vile
Empty nest as a pure contest
We birth what is instilled
Known by ancients as utopia
mounted on Olivet’s Hill
Atonement is bliss

Just a Climber at Birth

So this brought me here, away
No soul to seek, yet that of my own
Which is everything
They say a heart withers when separated
But my Love, we formed in unity never flitter far
As my union to thee expands in the air
Every breath I breathe is a rainbow banner of release
My soul only begins to reclaim its natural state
When adversaries no longer rule my corner
In full alert, I dream dreams of you
Always navigating through the rummage
Never falling as it’s you I covet
We know by now heaven’s gates are right here
No separation exists, where is your key?
It is I whose always knelt before you
In that is my way
To unlock all before me
A trial of a shallow grave
Never mine to endure
As you and I have always had a marriage
A carriage is this, that we combine what is necessary
And we reach in those what is predatory
To become united in love
One is all from up above
Truly engulfed in your line of fire
Breathing yuletides of a foreign nature
To cover all quarters
We knew this before you had a thought
That Sophia would tuck the drop
And this is yours to endure
Never alone as we indent your lively imprint