All of my Ancestors… from different cultures, different religions, different Spirits …individual in their own right. I feel them. Though most unknown by name, looking down on me. Proud of their blended bloodline. I see their conception, I see their faces, I feel their humanity, just like mine. I know that words, names, classifications and translations tangle up true heartfelt expressions. And I believe, just as my life was pre-ordained, the Alpha and Omega, knowing the ending from the beginning, placed me here in this day and age to reflect the eternal light. Only he knows my time. I feel it. I give thanks, I give praise. I honor my heritage. My Cherokee, my Swedish, my Scottish roots. They are all cheering me on, right now. I will come home and gather with these familiar distant relatives. Dine with them and commune in sanctity. One day, my birthdate to eternity.