Uriel’s ahead of me—Raphael’s behind me. Frezno—Dardin—Winslo. I am a star employee

Frezno and Dardin are with you. {Frezno: ’Ash Tree‘ | Dardin: ’Dwelling-House‘} Get a lot of behind Winslo. {Winslo: ‘Friend’s hill or burial mound’}

Upper Body Strength. Frezno. Dardin. I want the highest good, I want to learn what the height and good is. Lay it down unadultered. We don’t celebrate it till tomorrow.


Frezno and Dardin. Head checking in. What do you want me to know or do? It’s where all your hundred castles is. They gave us money to give us rhyme. Where in the fuck can you even love each other… . Picked up on nothing at all. Subtle grace. There’s a better way to go around about it. Call 911. You’ve really outdone yourself. I still feel like a babe.

I know Venus you do dance with the angels and so do I.

Infinity meant to be. At will.


On top, right? Frezno and Dardin are with you. Are you going to be hearing me up here lyrics. My bible study does that language. So we’re not worried about the mural next week—umm… we can start it. Then ask them… No one asked me to be my friend. Men have it so easy. Remember how ordering tarot to be.


Having them in tears at their transits. So why not understand. Like the lady from Canada. A period might be too much for you to handle. For a sexy woman. Dardin– I sat there dying to myself. [Have you noticed] People never climbed up to the top –Business…1% curiosity. I was doing it for memory sake.


I made it a promise. Ariel – Uriel. Unsecluded event, inner Christian myths. [Arch]angels were like the original tarot. Uriel sounds like my kind of archangel. Familiar with that frequency.

But we ordered and we eat to death. Direct action of words.

[Plastic burning phone] by Richmond Road shopping. The reality has 1 reader, the objective. God of The Lover—God of The Empress. Your choice is your choice –Place. Medical witch line. 6 – Book of Trust. Couldn’t have given more to each other.


Someone’s in a better place – the cleanse of – can you never refrain from sinning. All into Frezno right now, Dardin. Sad there was no where to get that open deal. God is many, God is few. Steven and Jay read a Victorian book. The life of the party.

And when I live with zero spine… . Are you impressed? I am impressed.

Unknown God – anglo saxton. Transverse adomnis. You don’t need to be into it to appreciate it. Leaving misarrangement series. I needed that time –they would have picked it up blind. Go head, start a fire to the East. I would love to get some unfortunate documents. Be more mature– enough to answer the phone a couple times.


Moving union throughout the body. Cirque du Soleil. Get a lot of behind Winslo. Witch and sorcery tell people. Braindead. Trips from the Indian page. Fat government. 10 of Bread—10 of Stones. You did all you could do. For how to publish those colorbooks—For how to purchase the colorbrooks. Dad and his daughter wanting me to take on a lot. Holy War. But on tanks, not on buildings—Beyond tanks not on buildings. Same catch of the situation.

It is crazy Terra’s first journey.

Behind every heart and hand. Leading double blind vision life.

To run with on the job training. Because different work colors. The color on top the car. Get me through the life changing things. Haven’t spend a dime you gave us. Anything to get you going. Confused on who to serve. On the other side, the Moon within. No new thing are under the Sun. His brain offers excellent reading points.


I’m sure he’s tiny bumpin’ with me as you share. I knew writing take my with grain of salt but at least take the hopeful ones. We need to look more at the attack not at the draw board. I’ll say it’s white when it’s red. My boundaries are really high. Talk to a lot. My first attempt at being a kid. And showroom means something more to her. Remember the solid cutting zone. Who broke my brother’s rule? I have sympathy and I have no rest. Full naked truth of God. Automatic stretch. Respect your elders. Precise work—you go through all 3. Just gin and juice [gin = grin]. Strong individual type. I don’t want to leave unsubmitted.

Made me round for someone and settle for someone I don’t deserve.

Trust comes in all shapes and sizes.

Melody match. This one’s Pippi Longstocking– I leave plans… . ‘Cause what, we already know this. Sage sisters. I was in the conversation –bleak contact. Mentally fucked– weird –you can’t do all that and not be. Air-anese. Sufferer with gift. Thank you Frezno, Dardin, Windslo –capital moment. How do you guys perform anyways?…Do you have a detailed special effect. Whalon– I think they’re wealthy but I’m not sure. Present of our community. Similar concept.

But for your own hour take it easy on yourself.

Apocalyptic speech.


Left hand sword –Uriel. … Nice work done. [Dad’s job’s downstairs and he woke up late]. Bacardi gold. Limit my possibilities with all possibilities.


Nirvana yet that place to run over. A death, sex, and taxes thing. When you brought this up: What… The Sunflower’s radiant?

Would you help, Uriel continue to expand direction.


Back into bed—out of body experience my first. Cankersore. Frezno, Dardin—deliver me the angels. Divine information.

I’m pleading with therapy to saw the chains of death.


Letting you get low to your work.

Money moms against Raphael.

‘Archangel Raphael’, [‘to heal’], ‘The angel of the spirits of men’/Angel of healing, protecter of pilgrims and travelers’
No more keeping that together and then other room. Dolphins – dolphins get stuck – they’ll get it in. Normal state of frequency. Prana killings. That’s why it inspires me so much. Greater wisdom. Hi Cassidy, turning headphones for an hour and a half.

The enigma for me – it’s a super big spiritual concern.

Jyotish chart.

Stop wanting to be these things that you are – embody your embodiment.

6 feet flair to death.


Energy healer that… . The dreams – like a connection. It’s more mildew than you think – I don’t mind –any virtues. Another various tip, trip. Responsibility. I did that as the title. Anonymous –me.

Little time to death and commandments.

I’ll be there soon. Money moms against Raphael.

Later brother Astrial. They’re worse as parents.

The micro cosmos around you. I am born again.

Other database information. And look at him, he’s not losing weight, he’s stagnant. It is a privilege, I am so honored. All the years if you pass ’em by – went in chunks. Before I dominate. Completely leave protected. Figuring this won’t work unless I work. If I personally don’t have any details it’s not like you do.

It’s been stuck in people’s psyche –pain.


We really need the angel’s presence. Full weather-proof.

Frezno, Dardin, Winslo, Uriel, Raphael. I am asking/invoking help on this next phase of journey.

It’s the word I think I’m going to use.


Y’all have a living proof system.

Statement below to heal Uriel. Encampment.

I couldn’t think a Scorpio[n]. Dreams make you stronger.

More water popping up. Part reading center—Part lives.

He is straight the first step – he ain’t got to go over nothing.


Frezno, Dardin, Winslo, Uriel, Raphael.

Between a rock and a hard…the weather’s so near… .

Pre-existing conditions. Winslo. Uriel and Raphael.

A deep source of well. For the record.

‘What the hell’s this all for’. Calm yourself. Omarion.

I am anxious without you. I have just begun.


Uriel’s ahead of me—Raphael’s behind me.


I am a star employee.


Uriel – Raphael – Frezno, Dardin, Winslo. ←surrounding.


‘Uriel means “Light/Fire of El”—”God is my flame”—”God is my light” or “fire of God”’. ‘Uriel is known as a master of knowledge and archangel of wisdom.’
‘Attributes: Archangel; Fire in palm; Carrying a book, a scroll, a flaming sword a disc of the sun, and a celestial orb or disc of stars and constellations; Holding a chalice
Patronage: Arts, confirmation, sciences, poetry, judgement’

Ethereal Art

An angel with a face

as bright as the sun

a rainbow halo

all battles won


Right foot in the sea

left on the shore

both feet flaming

a lion’s roar


A celestial scene

from Revelation’s past

alive in the realm

of Ethereal Art


Piery Baltimore Spirit ~Angel~ they kinda help them with themselfs ~ all the shocking ingredients

The civic comedian ~

{Girl fishing with Pete Davidson}


To go through those things again~

‘mories ~ health wealth


¤ Earthly Ann ¤


Embrace of a

modern day oracle,

heal the world


—Explosive ear wider—


So ordered the worse kind


Joe Biden feeling left out


See’eth Goethe

on different



Circus balance terrified


Stable sky


Wild discovery


In the middle of that

you found purple


Neptune is the Moon


Piery Baltimore Spirit

~Angel~ they kinda help

them with themselfs ~

all the shocking



Answer my throat

to get a clear key


And he dissolved

his package

into journey


Wars of casmic triggers


Wanna start in & being delightful~









Victim where was slave as it not me


My Catholic fault-finding is true


Crimson upon water is shells


How dictate answers the soul


Obsessed with them in a new way


Everyone mad–

if it’s not this time

it’s sometime




Hey… down some

Artist your body



Boa Boa






∏ of Rome ∏


Wise dream

Wise deal with situations

[leave plugged in]


A life and death miracle


This is crazy Terra


Resentful their carpet

with snailed imprints


Have always given other answer


How to battle service


Sorry to go out of your way today


Adds true value


What you want to sing to me

↑ Apple or disaster ↑


Leonardo DiCaprio–


Other slippers made from Paw Jaws


Wanna finish those socks in the 60s


It’s a lot angels~ 2 rows


Struck a rumor

Babies at heartbeat


I wanted 2 windows

to walk to you


Well we are more getting started

due to a late path


The things we needed to sing~


I don’t even know

how you make it

for extra cookie


Sizzles her perspective


Let’s get it

but get this done


Crying god knows her jacket


They always ask me when I get ‘em


With Carol the soup was with first tinting


More what goats should be single



Farm raised style ~ Sibyl


Leos: divine escape of its situation


Taking the strap on off~

putting it back on~


You said Andrew Wyeth

Just more than nice that way


‘Daydream’ by Andrew Wyeth, 1980


People deal with a lot ~

It felt me with foundation


I’m a beautiful of everything~


They’re not paying attention~

until they are


I’ve been definitely not okay


Far-sided ~ Near-sided

That’s Hear-sided


[I like]

Science & Earth



Throw an egg out today

{you going}


It’s really hard for us to

enjoy 7-11 through warranty


To her world I was different


Read up disturbances too


Have 7 weaken meals


Admiration center

Admiration seller


Dangerous ∞ Skies


When do they bow their show


Their power wolves, power windows

~ Your definite choice


—My Pathway Vega—


So they know the universe is

counting on you Jess


Yiddish & Yoddish →Applications


Pittman→India→Cling to your emotions

& link on through vibrations


Christopher Columbus ↓

filled with your moldy presence


Challenge myself ~ Already accepted



world unseen



{Got a}

A call from



Apache means great explode


One of the cruelest gods


It’s a pretty sight to see




I didn’t want to bother you

after it’s been cut

{this is} Intuitive & Air

slightly breaking


Dog zone


country zone


The transfer-essence


A single struggle


Holds some steam~

Holds some sway


We said we were good lookers


Nurse can’t be mad at me

for getting up~ if you don’t

feel well


∗ Talking train wearing angel ∗


3 of you texted back


The Arch
~ In the dew of little things the heart finds its morning {and is refreshed} ~ Friendship


Lay your wisdom

on the dashboard






—24hr class—


You have made a magic

as these days go by


Let me fall if I call out in pity


Your building is right behind

this meeting


The tarot of the day

and I will pull some energy


The worst case of workman’s comp.


Go home baby

Go home baby

~Song {electronic}


Then I started

singing for

the angels


~Rescue me~


Lack of motivation


And it is an ability


I mean it’s

not all fun





‘Yod’ 4.17.23

 Creative Charlie’s Angels

In any consequence

I’m inviting people to be

Creative Charlie’s Angels