Anything you dream about can be lucid

Our lightning—Our light break. Fears after years of being published

Her magic was pretty and ongoing. I’m not looking for a sweet gift – a revolution. Everywhere I go, you’re around. Wrinkles in the sky

Been received off. Pockets of Amethyst • Envy look from the leagues

Spirit guides—cloud me with insight. Constitutional training. No one does that mood. Held along of Moon out. 5 stoical, influential things – Tartan wife

Sometimes rice seems usually generated. The devil and look and her. Listings grew newer California sunset. Grateful likes • Ocean feels breezier when sleep. In real products I wanted to show the skin

Happy Friday inner voice • Specked with special reviews. Riding my trances out – I’ll take wet feet. All the blue work in my life • By her heart and resilience—extreme shadows • Show your Joy – Show your talk. Eat it right there – get the Sun out of your way. I am before and this is anything. White Sage

Sidewalk Pro-cess [Prophet+Princess]

Maintain a healthy, comfortable life. I’m glad his leg is contingent –Man. Has no cancer prehistoric homes. A daily ritual [I just want]. How’s your Moon life crisis

Fears after years of being published

Or other places are inclined to kidnap her.

As seen a man with half a head.

Got Man gift—Merlin gift from gift store [trinket box] and he went on about how couldn’t do anything with—was a waste – and same for Boy – next time I’ll get you a gift card [no next time]…Gift shop had cool items and Woman choosing jewelry box for self [no ring]. Scary getting off exit from 64—was under tunnel exit on West Point bridge – never got off before maybe only once.

I know everybody wants me – do you still want me.

Woman at shop/book exchange—borrow for one week. I borrowed 2 items/games and would return next week. Card came for remembering – funny books from childhood—well known – got new backpack – lost old blue Jansport [still new].

My measures are huge – My measures are huge.

Everyone who … . Hard to put that listing above… . Austin Porosis. Talent on the bin. No enchantment.

I go after what I seek vision. Carrying the wounds.

Go ‘head and burn your whole bridge. Manifesting through the dark.

Our lightning—Our light break. Fears after years of being published.

Behind the nook—buried the babies.

Her magic was pretty and ongoing

Still looking sexy as fuck. Bit your tail off.

Leap fair to esoteric.

Hope that bridge foe to die. Your pupils can’t hide your face. Go on – man offended. Arkansas – sober. Riding around/thinking best way to be. Social flare. When did man become her?…and woman.

Her magic was pretty and ongoing.

I’m not looking for a sweet gift – a revolution.

Everywhere I go, you’re around. Wrinkles in the sky.

Life … . Fine – no one gives a shit until we do. Me wearing business gear … for fun. Treat whole person how you do it. Every new sausage gumbo. Macbeth. Trail history.

Head clear now – go ‘head. Death’s 11AM. Wall magnet tattoos. Personal favors. Looks like this chick’s not doing a damn thing for [t]he house.

I don’t know if they were strokes, continuous random.

My man and my heart doesn’t love you.

You shitted on me last winter. If I can get behind all 4 people downstairs. I gotta go in 35.

Envy look from the leagues

I’ve never owned a Sun. All the Suns say no.

Film different reflective colors being applied.

Huge job and hate. She never ate ’em for a reason. Deceivable … . Beware of my heavy load. We look at the puppet. Solid mind.

I should have Sundance jobs for my own business. And have your very profitable business very prophetable. A hundred dollars a day and if he can’t do it – you can’t do it.

Been received of. Pockets of Amethyst.

Adulthood… The point you drop up to your frustration levels of 1.

I’d be a compressed grape [commushed break] from the pressure I felt if I were you.

I was picking up bad vibes when I was taking a nap [apple picking up].

Dion Leon. Envy look from the leagues.

Professional income. He’s probably okay for that time then.

They keep disappearing like my good phases in life [wholes covering up—”pot holes” types].

Professional rising. Maybe not after burnout.

Anything you dream about can be lucid

Keys in the ignition. Bones of the chicken. No restrictions. Meddling. And I still don’t think it’s going to work – let the marine kick in. Sitting there be happy homeless. No, it didn’t look like a Britta. Green = halfway red and halfway blue. Rich people make mistakes [cheating].

We bought it and we used it and if we did it’s our fault.

Spirit guides—cloud me with insight.

Constitutional training. No one does that mood.

Held along of Moon out. 5 stoical, influential things – Tartan wife.

Control in break to bring closer into goal. Short take. I’m going to take a account of my own. … forms with penalty, no … . Wars wizard.

Anything you dream about can be lucid.

Park your fluent trance. Wild card … . Sort of like nasty inside –pregnant on bachelor—not his baby. What a snot rocket.

Your own platform – be the introduction to your success –Woman.

Survive the safetiest.

Then for the past 3 years I’d rather work on it than anything else –Man.

I transformed myself up in scrape.

They’re human, we just can’t make that as an excuse to keep them.

Obvious on multigrain biscuits. Turn vehicles into saddest regret. My Jewish tradition. You have no idea what I would and what I would do. 80 Windows to do and by no means was this an easy job.

This is Brian Patrick, this is Rose.

Us to you – hope different ’bout these days. Working … . Said was expensive and then thought I did scratches – accused me of car scratches. 80 windows – Underwear – Man wanted to work with me.

I never know how much to take until I do.

Been around this place.

September 4th-8th, 2022
[unpublished writings]

Sometimes rice seems usually generated

Normal finds you alone. Acute muscle memory. Lost self esteem. Garner. My client – 1 hour away home—Brickshire type – losing my hair now. State of progress.

Getting the synergistic move on.

You are my … person. Lead through and cut your fears. Been a complex. I know what’s going to happen – I’d be fine next week – then is going to get taken away from you.

Sometimes rice seems usually generated.

The devil and look and her.

Listings grew newer California sunset. Grateful likes.

I’m not going in to be government worked. Does it sound like a long shitty winter waiting till January. Beneficial peace. Outgrew names.

Ocean feels breezier when sleep.

In real products I wanted to show the skin.

Happy Friday inner voice

Happy Friday inner voice.

Hair that I’ll receive on my 42nd birthday.

An entire year fell off.

You probably write like extremely good.

Some supreme privacy terrified.

National give your hair up for adoption way.

Specked with special reviews.

Riding my trances out – I’ll take wet feet.

All the blue work in my life.

Man and me getting down. Be forces of employer. To be kiss away quietly. I slept 1 of my ways so … going to medium.

By her heart and resilience—extreme shadows.

Hope everyone 420’s happy out dancing. Your zig zags didn’t have the vehicle. Hope I did not see this course—I’m more chance I’m done.

Show your Joy – Show your talk.

Eat it right there – get the Sun out of your way.

I am before and this is anything. White Sage.

Final to business. Man said his disposition. Looked up size 14 for business guest – light camo pants—took me forever to find and … arranged and I was temp/told them had worked for 6 years – just giving back key and I hobbied lifetime movies. 

Accept an apology.

I’m just pure in energy mode.

Co-funding. Some stress signals.

Sidewalk Pro-cess [Prophet+Princess]

The O.C. just to influence their territory.

It wasn’t as breezy as I thought it would be.

Public advance. Take it easy.

Haven’t been nutritious or whole for years.

Sidewalk Pro-cess [Prophet+Princess].

Drawing a fest in VA before. Subterrain. Aqua water clean up best way to … . I did … if I was giving all I got … . Little movie. Rainbow core. Fibromyalgia and sexy. Spine center … and asking if I can work specifications. Airport season. I’m in the binder – some of my fantasies. Me office manger with owners. Parabean free. Your blinds horrible. Me kept dealing with minor issue from toy being chipped [got new one on my expense] to people being cray. What if it’s someone that you like – me eyeshadow Shannon. Hot oil in heater I discovered due to noise.

Maintain a healthy, comfortable life.

I’m glad his leg is contingent –Man. Has no cancer prehistoric homes.

A daily ritual [I just want]. How’s your Moon life crisis.

Chiropractic neem office. Finally in a good state looking good with everything. Momager. He doesn’t like personal aid stuff. First time my ____ has shown improvement – I’m just really happy.

Weave was a blunt shadow. I was adulating so I’m high.

By her heart and resilience—her lack of shades.

September 12th-16th, 2022 [unpublished writings]