As great as our church are – our country singers don’t make fun of each other

Nutritional. Dealer’s book. That’s weird to me. …What part? …Everything. That’s weird man. …Devil’s trainee. Decided as a witch at 60—you’re paying for it at 45,000 miles. You really need money that greatly real? …Thank you Lord. Talk about 2 year 10 months ago. …April 14 2012. State like dream trance [vision]. Brain farts—no big deal…[hunched over writing]. Lost summery. Even 10 years ago in my evolution.

Can you read us through the writers.

Watch out for the Moon. A thousand houses. Nero. Willing legend. Guessed on that—3 pictures I took yesterday.

It’s nothing like honesty to make things right.

Kahlil Gibran says the Alchemist. Took my money and run. I finally feel strong enough. For Jesse’s wire and visible brain farts and Marilyn—they got married 2 days ago. You’re allowed to speak your truth. I have the exact same valuable thing.

Natural disaster flood in Louisiana…”Earthquake” cause flood…3 females comply.

2, 50’s—2, 1’s…money flew out of wallet and flew towards drain…me quickly run and grab—caught by wind…the 1’s I grabbed…[the 50’s were safe] from gutter. The youngest master of intuition. He took hit to kill then thought should of coped… -then drop off to see them- His magic was lost moment took hit then was going to drink, held back. Increased dream activity.

When you can’t process someone, you leave a film there.

We got frustrated boxes. Balancing down hill. The automatic country singer die intelic suicide. I don’t know what’s going to happen—let’s see what transpires. I love my life.

You got a hiccup the size of your head.

Show me the way—Intuition guide this journey.

This will be the story – Open spiritual and life [Pregnant vision 1/3rd the way…body facing East].

Nape of Italy. Did any pass an inspection?

Embodied so much I am so.

I wanna work so hard and so good. A lot of work I haven’t experienced throughout the body. As great as our church are – our country singers don’t make fun of each other. Karma’s what I base my life on.

Metaphysical mindset. An outcast in society ‘cause you can’t conform. Reform-Nation.

The Sermon on the Mount. God incidentally knows. A lifetime of understanding. Hateful motherfucker –foe friend. Everything I do is an example. Copenhagen. Tiring voices. … Where are you at?… I am right here doing all the work I’m supposed to be doing. …You kinda trapped me in a sticky situation—in a hot spot. …Why? [How]… Florida rings. He’s had a difficult time aerating the desert. I want to know…If I don’t see clearly. Just for a second. Multiplys by 1. Channel escape. West sky mountain double. Any news? Voice of table. Ascension ladder. Hollow grave.

Wanna keep it a hard male thing [Astronaut suit].

Facing destruction. What’s wrong with you. Best muscle in there –please. … around too much. We’ll do a check of you never heard of physical paycheck before. Hey move the maybe number – play deer pressure today—it’s not raining. She’s literally like the sharpest tool in the shed. Memories fade.

Keep the elevator running 100%.

From a disadvantage point of view. Do-more – with approaching us around the same time. Elevator noise. Supreme hello. High gravity vibe. Intentional training. Not meaningless no more. Praying for a strong season. Open fire. Impede. [I love you] Yes I love you too –Dad. A king without a crown. You need to get off on Friday.

The most historic iconic rise.

Voice inside. Let me sing to the heavens. Mercy all my days. Which ones have cased about display.

My welcome to casual healing phenomenon [Black bald lady saying to me sitting at desk on upper portion].

Relive it scene. I have failed thus far—Let me not turn back in vain. Relive it again…Speak the truth all over again.

What I am under my influence.

What I’ve come to be. Tainted chi. Align me. New mystical phase. God help me see. Listen and weave. I’m going to chew through this gracefully. So much talking going through you. Turn it on—turn it off. My main date night couldn’t of end this hungry. Salute you till the call.

In the throw zone—Be careful [2 black birds crossing each other looking West and East].

3 minutes—The working class. Ritual experiences –good samaritan. ….. journey. Cool cool that’s what I’m saying. It’s shook me to the core. …The hardest part expenditure.

A bowl in a China shop letter leaf.

Due to these attorneys are winning a loser. They look white—I’ll get you guys miserable for you –Dog’s teeth been brushed. This is profound what you told me—you guys melt in. I got another 10% the rails. I have a very light family over the… .

Greatness and sweetness are filled with things I need –Song melody.

Heralding –Sun king.  And life after death. For all who proceed. Make it worth it. Can not be redone.

Written in the book of life, the akashic records show.

Grind me and dine me perfectly. I know you have high levels of cooperation distinct to your own. How bad I want this done under a kindred spirit. That’s fine with me.

I always remember you. The presence of an angel shows. Heaven knows I need you. For life and eternity. So be it done.

Level of servitude in the divine realm of men.

Holy sacred trend. Do I get patriarchs…Speak to me on that? Take anything seriously—you get what you came for. Camp out traits and villas. Surprised I feel you. But I don’t in genes, I do in seams. The highest one invested in one. Jada Pinkett Smith.

Chris is one of the higher strengths of the country.

There was enough room to play in the country. You respond to our demand. Talking about mom’s running personality –gets gray. Probably doesn’t matter. Depressed you. Indemnity squad. I need your reign. It is attainable. I just don’t believe you –foe friend.

I am a crabtree ornament
[At the movies] I will be fed 13 year old popcorn with an ornament Moon