Privacy in your eyes again

Det music. Job might be coming up for you real soon. Blank water. Magic burden. Valerie Bertinelli. My back-up is huge. The building permit there. Birthday … . I can’t dismiss this. Soul call. And beyond. Drive!!!…not too fast –husband driving [too many details]. The most personal question I’ve ever ask you in your life—the most courageous too. I like your cut station up there –fingers pointed to where [upfront]. Our west gods.

From destroying it everyday to destroying me—I just want to be home with my baby.

Like to have kids one day. No one’s dogging to listen to me – everyone’s going to fall asleep and die. Little catch is over just as soon as lunch. Every single object hold valuable for me. … When they sent yesterday morning. Very low … . You’re missing one point here – the call’s coming from a person of unrest. Niece, nephew, sister, myself tinting—in convenience store – when turned into hostage [sister was husband] – we knew it was only a matter of time before this and would we make it?…[sheriff’s office right here]…had to locate niece and nephew before. This is the hard help I needed.

When we’re really progressing or even when we’re low on the ladder.

Cover you from this advancement. The devil searches: let you find up guilty. Lay your weary head to rest. One year promise-use [promise-youth] in my night’s sky. To build– … that again. Me telling mother… . I’m there but I like there too much. Wild about you. Fleeted debate.

Or is that the historic line that we’re doing it all night.

Just know that you’re here with me thinking of ya. A constant hello. [I can’t what going into debt brings up].

They had a drama of folding them gods.

Water swimming in lake. I was sent out of my want to be to see again –me to brother -never again. Easy to see her with lighter point. Got to interview my dad. Power tower tonight. Got to interview my dad’s power tonight. Talented pool of existence.

Take away all the pain, all the pleasure that we go through.

It really just isn’t anything that where the Bible is –mom. Of course I saw a cress in the moonlight [across in the moonlight]. Across the pregnant line and into the city. I’m not sure if it’s too sense to taste –CBD.

Look at my interview with a vampire.

All these pieces that we have to do or I’m going to fall out.

Privacy in your eyes again.

You know how things just don’t workout. Rare breed. Tearsday. Debt… wouldn’t that suck if that mutual manifestation… . Stir in my soul. I can give anything too. Improvement statues. You are the processor aren’t you. I’ll order off their install App. One of the most profound things I have ever listened to –Gita. Suppository. I work on this as a … . Help this habitat.

Don’t let the cold shower get in your way.

I can’t believe it—I call you when I get there. … That stone—cattail—cat perched. … anything that does serve the highest good … . I guess I’m always going to feel that way –on bad business move. … [He’s the bachelor] He might be the only one with a shock answer –Blake Moynes. Shock moisture like that.

I’m not claiming to be anything but divine.

I wanted to be with someone like you –Odin. [To] Set the record straight. Not many men around… . Willing to accept their fate. The fate of the gods for those who wait in silence. [Odin speak through me] What is it you want your warriors to do. Have to step up to the plate.

[I have dreams of you] It’s called titanium.

[Odin I am pissed for you]. They just sat around and listened. They got cusswords coming out their mouth. Different reign of supreme. Warrior elite. Valhalla. Tongue in your mouth—holding that much cheek. A couple gates open. Lick my plate a little cleaner. Show me what you see here. Befriend or foe. You could cut it off and cut in…[senses]. So you can clean up your mess over there.

[What would you like] Everyone to sync their review.

You had the feeling that this was going to happen—fit in wise. Black raven near [vision led]. Your attitude says it squares. Please not to push ’em on the side. She needed a thermostat for her granddaughter’s funeral. A band of witches it is. Can I put my cart in the handicap ben. They don’t have what I am looking for.

You gave me a new…to do till my 40th birthday.

So I want to continue dreams filled in.

Make a magic of men. Court cards.

For 1 second…our lives seem strange [fixed-mindset duo]. Think you’re fired. Healed again. 17 years old in my life all the time. No back swingers. To cooperate. Miss Angie’s list enlisted. Off you go to Connecticut. Framing individuals left and right. I need to be protected from his madness. It drives me crazy.

[Enjoy your life] Left side bear [totem] face facing NE.

You came through today. Strengthened my will. Proper dosing. I have a table cloth for you. Necessary in their evolution [parents know]. We move not in time and space but in dignity. Second alarm [rate]. Leave your mark. Odin, is there anything else you want to specifically say to my husband –no. Clueless remark.

My subject’s a little bit uggh than yours.

Thank you for working so hard on our behalf—so technical. The powers that be are above her. Disheveled human being. I like your energy. Ballpark estimate. Highly regarded. Gifts from the spirit—double income. Meatloaf touch you then you disappear. Making it more Insta private.

February 2022
on a midnight snow stroll in 2014