And we’ll schedule snuggle because we live here

‘Artemis’ by Arthur Bowen Davies, oil on canvas – 1909

Good I want you to little behave –Mom. Are we up to anything by any means. Me out of body—got pulled back into bed – We work with you there. I was about to yell at husband … . Back into bed—out of body experience my first. Cankersore. Frezno, Dardin—deliver me the angels. Divine information.

I’m pleading with therapy to saw the chains of death.

“Because I listened to her” –on money being dipped—over winter – she had straight—she was him/straight. Wendy’s closed early—struck out. Didn’t need it anyways. Or text only. I don’t want to work private at Anvil. A justice scale. No honesty going on here. [When he herd the word] Herd it artery and a knife. Parent’s living room and hello Anvil. Cute dress to refresh. [I have a channeling ability that I need an]…Prince to help me out… .

The backyard/universe — list of comparisons/metaphors





Being driven in the school bus by black guy. Big, I am feeling convinced to trust. Can’t do alone—everything relies on the Source. It is very rude to the vehicle. Girl who was killed—her parents intervention. …she smelled—but like how she smelled. …And you know what—I like it. One sided search.

You look at God – Why haven’t we been.

Calling them stimulated under origins. And that’s a visual state and I mean that. Exploring human thoughts. That’s the only way it could work because I need so—in 1 at a time. On fame and equality. Who cares about… nobody from our fuckin’ church.

There’s a replacement piece—There’s a perfect example.

Makes 3X the bed you lie in—like I could of cared less than to save my soul – because I couldn’t ego rage—I spirit disintegrated on my own accord – to my own demise. The life ending we partake in when we give sway to the opinions of others…[willingly/unwillingly]. I felt invisible—therefore I saw no way – it wasn’t about my inner strength of relationship—I needed those ego likes to feed me. To validate me. That is the opposite of what is called to do.

Head first—into the monster – the monster is you. …you just deny your part.

I don’t care what you think of me anymore – God knows I know language tangleds. It’s something I can’t do alone–. Does your bag … . I need to be focused to be here. Build electric or electric plumbing.

God connection X3—You have a lot of phone justice.

A hard time expressing my computer based feelings. And we’ll schedule snuggle because we live here. The cow will key out of caring. Save me. Makes on times and packed … . Rescheduling meme of…19 thanking in the sky. Know not … get go. Here, … . I might black, brown and blue next week. Figured no purchase. To load my base comp. all over again. Graduation thinking generally confused. God will wait until then.

Because they theme me messages anyway.

Self sacrifice. You’re in the inspired shot—I’m not. Whoaa!…Trivial pursuit.

Outlaw: A drag-in — A dragon.

I’ll give this to sister though. Reasons to migrate. Ahead of mine and want my walnuts to catch up with me. Let’s be friends –foe friend. Great lakes. Catch your tail waggin’. What do you want us humans to know?: At large.

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