Canon Music Mystic



is good

to find




is small

to find


listen to

your ear bells

& fresh rewind,

tune divine,

fast forward




a canon

music mystic

seers aligned,

hears divine,

fears no



the music

station within

sings in chimes,

rings divine,


a lucid



criminal minds

of the freest kind,

at one with all




the cruelty

of defense

is kind


in varient

extremes you

pay mystic to

the Indian



my innocent















can only be

one more thing,

can that they be

before they



keep your

pitches open,

fill your



the canon

music mystic

loves to


From A Soul Like You

A touch of that is just what I needed
From a soul like you
You greeted
me in a strange way
Never seen something so abstract
such clarifying rain
When you walked in
and walked out that same day
I knew life would never hold beauty the same
As it was in your essence
I found Life’s Maze
Intoxicating, you’re a wonder and saint
Each day I expect your glory
Never failed me once
Not in a hurry don’t worry
I like the way you’re always new
This potence of delicate tender true
I could look at your face for hours
Better yet a picture buds flowers
As I always see you in a deep shade
I would take you as my bride
if life dealt another side
As inside we’re connected and strong
Different backgrounds same foreground now
I will forever remember how I felt
In your presence such flutters and melt
I would give you the present
if your soul let me
Don’t leave my instinct
You’re a mystery to me
One I won’t give up
Show me how you do your love
Where is it it came from
A muse of mastery and then some
A touch of that is just what I needed
From a soul like you
Your property seated
In due time to let me see
what a wild woman of virtue believes
I could go on for hours
how you brought the power
To that world I coward
as in this one you’ve towered

Wow That’s A Nasty Mystic, 7 Nasty Nights a Night

I just don’t pray
I counted smoke mirrors to the Sky
Most my ideas were prayers of mind
Tonight marks the night of canopy dreams
The Tide’s taking in a bigger frame of scene
The architect in my dreams
Makes way out in each realm I see
My dream began to wake up
In a daze it said it needed no more sleep
A good eye for the environment
The investment, Tide knows it too
Home at last, a major lapse
Entranced cocoon

Precious Pearls of the Other World

I constrict myself when I am defined by these lines

there is nowhere for me to share

all the precious pearls of the other world

when I define with these lines

There is no measure to mine

no restrictions of divisions

more like an open canvas with a vision

a lightning speed mission

a heart enfolded with every provision

Holographic wires….

nothing inseparable is measured in meters

our enclosed memoir is our portion

this is true…

truth measured in moments


I Write Legos In The Sky

I write Legos in the Sky

stacking colors high by high

out of the cosmic space literature I write

numbers on a wheel that blend

to rainbow for appeal

lifting zeal as the colors inside

truly devour a grounded meditation

shapeshifting into placement

central lingo engagement

still waters placid as it’s alway neutral

for the ground standing there