You Must Fail The Risk

Yes, I saw that place of regret, playing blurtful and intact… while suit followed as I didn’t realize the wrong way was lit up. But perfection is a set up! The mind of challenge offers great obstacles. Hence the foolish and the wise have to team from each other… for when they reach the point of starve and be sick, a clanky tongue and a mind replica of a sponge need not apply. That’s harsh business in between your spirit, I say. You see, her name is Flow and her rivers are keys and I want you to know the extreme dyes that are being used are crazy dreams. Flow is here, a woman’s reflection. Carve worthy an inspection and sow early stages of wisdom. I saw my passion, now I reevaluate the view. It’s not funny, it’s kinda clumsy… protagonist energies that persist. A zig-zag mirror in my reply, as portion favored a fine recall, waltzing inertia pattered… the Divine came in, explaining all he did. Now it’s possible to see that with a little memory you can solve anything. It never has to be snatched up, it’s a hit song that carries people through. Therefore, I am going to talk to the universe in an oracle whisper… relay the decoded and mock the uninhabited. Make mention whereas holy degree and film of obsolete beauty, hold firm the desire to speak, sending forth what lapse of bridled identity emerged past the willow patch.

Photo on 2014-03-11 at 21.14 #2