We Do Not Have To Be Hiding, We Are A Lion

Here comes her proclaimed imagination…….

I double it for the thought of many

She is so hippy

One in my hobby

She has sass like Bob Marley

As long as I have a platform where I can be me away from the norm

You are insane, you should be marched within

Soldier squad, an army of love, a weapons successor, you wait escape yet I embrace massive cheers

I believe you’ve been around more than once, prettiest killer around

My mad persona and depth of how to forewarn you

You treat everyone as they are mesmerized by your style

Curves~~~they’re hard to poke

Those are some noises 

Yes, I’ve been blazin’…my mind is speech and my pen is in utopia

It has been displeasing to some 

Acceptance is gradual process for others and yourself

You are the forsaken and the legend in this dream

Many of my dreams were water manifestations, not this one

She is going to change the world