I’m reading it clearly [but] I’m reading it in such dark studies

‘Circe Invidiosa’ by John William Waterhouse, 1892

Sight unseen. His temple medium. Under all divine tabs in my life. Unfamiliar—unseen. In the pur[suit] of pursuing history. Confused when the Sun goes down to explain her nature. Always dating a writer. On being and a job. Arm cheating – I’m glad doctor evidence. Yesterday was a call to the wild.

Everything’s a Spanish and highly skilled engineer.

A new Sophie’s money tree. Work shadow light.

You told me to wonder Jesus—to baja his excuses.

As I cased about in display. Vortex daughter of her throat. My righteous wrath.

Talk to me through the Bible.



People who are in debt know enough about a fortune cookie.

Those minerals outside are doing great. I’m reading it clearly [but] I’m reading it in such dark studies. Quiet and reposed. [Nothing was] Sent to bother you: Sex, death and magic. He picks his own weed. Amusement alley. Paracelsus.