And if you like these, and if you’re lucky—you’ll be my brother at will

I became the human tarot. Purported income. Preserve this legacy. Going around telling everybody…retreat. None of these dishes are clean at all. Come Lizzie McGuire it. Naturally magic. Tongue and cheek. Not his day either. Straighten up if you want to so he better not disappoint you –Saturn. Great minds think alike.

She was a tattooed woman—multiple individuals.

Tripped on the carpet heels going to church and I was dropped on my head as a baby. I have been raging for a long time. Animal cruelty. Under promise—Over deliver. Accept the punch. A conscious choice to take ownership. Your Betty comes. Rupert. She living in a laptop. The 2000 and the 200 plus. Just roll with it leave a message. This called me about hesitation. Get balls and failures. My loyal source. Woman of action. 2 years is enough to do permanent damage.

And I’m going to enter this dominion and it’s going to be a little challenging.

They can’t really reassure that you’re going to be okay. Mind went blank. The gods sweet graces –blood type. An aggravated professional. Blanket chest receiver. My life’s on take those. I don’t want it all on hand God…silent tatt. . I was ill. God my hands are full. Knives are full. I can’t help it you’re: young, donkey and Elmo –husband. Manager their dream home. Keep it rounded. You ate horrible tonight—it pissed me the fuck off. Future window. Follows plans and tension rates. It will no longer ….. . As toad doesn’t show up anymore—only sales pitches. Kate wasn’t a ruffle boy. Attachment dreams per hour. Swing bench on dock side facing water. Through winter storm. It can’t go in the trash. I told you died dies last night.

I hate privateness in my life.

Because the animals are so done. Still murder changes. I’ll rise to the occasion. Dance to the nature of my call on reality. Coming back strong. Past particle dream recall. I kept coming off manic—in store with brother, husband—brother not emotionally okay – being crazy saying my strong sighted crazy—saying purple peaceful – down too. [I gave my elf] Irish suicide ways. Rob anything that swims in him for his financial-ness. I don’t think you can get capacity in here –space speaker.

I eat what you want – Large portion of our success, good times.

We naturally crave structure and order – that is how we learn, we do right by. Turning the other animal’s cheek. Oh—ooah, people – that’s kinda where I’m at. Top to win. Underlying disease. Bad girl mystery. Another black colonial petition. [I’d like to introduce] Another black colonial. A brief history in the eyes of the reader.

I still felt the need to [take] a beauty shot just to be able to do this.

Ladder [extension] facing East towards sky. Let’s refocus.

I need that treatment. All other forms are abusive deserving extremely very well. Sneak out on you. It’s all coming together…What you think? Faltered through hell. Most replies were silent. Do or die. Can’t do it. I’m going to charge you. Lots of European culture.

My natural body and life –no pretensions.

Grow up deed singer until I never know.

Greg Grippo coming to Katie in bathtub “to meet her halfway”… it’s a sofa bed, nurturing – Katie had no chest—frail of heart and will…Greg lifted her from tub and from the looks of it the weekend is playing. Mute distraction. Gotta take your turn and do it right – I don’t even know if I was going to open the window. We have texted each other our white here—It was hard for me to be 100% honest. It’s an incredible night—for love. Let’s scene ’em out. I would have never came back home [Lama on a hill [vision]. His alterations Fende Prada.

You know Cristina does like anything new, Krystal close her eyes and see what I can see.

— didn’t care about you. This new kind of quiet and picture mood. Plenty obvious. I need your Sun. Umbilical cord—psychic pinch. See minimum wage went up—what you went through. Well that’s not okay—secret itch. I’ll deal with you accordingly. Miss independent. Be safe you’re stronger. My inner most thought and train wrecks. You’ll be falling off annually paying your paycheck. I don’t need you anymore. Your anti-social drama.

Clear cohersed. On being Genesis. It’s hard not to scream it to the rooftops.

Danny Devito. Receipt you wanna play to win. I’m … put on weight. Blocking all the muscles. Just wait just a revolution. Reason you’re not doing it far away. Tell me human nature. All its chaos and destruction black and white you are beauty. Understand and talk to me. I am your dealer—finish me you’re strong. Then you started. You’ll know exactly what I mean when I lean into it the other way around. Infallible guide. Religious persecution.

Beyond all sets of money—it is never enough. I always want more—I’m never satisfied. Lugh, my love.

Congratulations on your hamster wheel—we love it. Amazing how my favor favors are meaningless. How soon can they get here – it’s back there that’s selling them. …wholesale. I’m kinky to you it feels like my chest’s having a heart attack, what is going on here…I’m concerned…her faith waivers and I’m in church. Do you have plenty of target the next days. Rodanthe. The dream miracle. Summoned for good. ‘Cause you’re working building a mystery. It’s a god picture, we’re only here for a situation party. I feel sorry for her. We can only win once air raids –late bitches. Is 5 – 8 a hard routine—apples to apples. More political than ever. And if you like these, and if you’re lucky—you’ll be my brother at will. Tell me what you mean—so me what you say.

Shattered him to pieces—The late show – so caught up in your need to see.

A learning experience. You just can’t get enough. Second eyes and skin. I hope this dream works…further more –I’m a night owl and I love to explore. My mom’s not okay ….. in you. Hyperactivity.

What one best describes you – know your time with Robin is thicke—Identify with mom and dad – that’s why no one’s listening—because it was upper class citizens. Fully lifted and embraced.

Do the deed and live with fruitful regret and resources. Our weekend about outrage – I really don’t like her. Who would—jealous initiation. Occupation letter – My reputation depends on. After I think of your private garden it’s so. Not in tune with who you are.  ….. don’t ….. destiny. So I can get on an increase – right ear—left ear – never walk alone without me again. There needs to be a falled diplomatic opinion. Sink your teeth into. I’m a little keep and concerned of me. A deep sense of calm and purpose. Fulfill my career –Dad in business suite.

Neil Young through diet and focus is going to bring back one at a time.

Something to catch onto. You do not own fish. …Governing intelligence. Ronnie Wood. Faith by domination [dominion]. You gotta full … . New world order. Insided a voodoo doll. No match should be made in this hunt for validation. Extra credit or no credit. Cottage living. Extra credit and worth tone appeal. Face and antidote please. A pen of avenue February 1st.

I would like to keep my body infused, somehow.

The opportunity to cross that bridge. They back all their products –Lazareth naturals. I’ve got so attached to the word. He really likes the look [privacy film]. Chief engineer. Syndicate. I don’t know who’s testing who. Your peacefulness freaked her out. Minor incentive. Mahogany. Income management. 

“One summer’s evening they went with Bianca Maria deep into the forest” –John Bauer, 1913
In Inspiration of “Vörðr” ‘In Norse mythology, a vǫrðr [Old Norse: [ˈwɔrðz̠], pl. varðir [ˈwɑrðez̠] or verðir [ˈwerðez̠] — ‘warden,’ ‘watcher’ or ‘caretaker’] is a warden spirit, believed to follow from birth to death the soul [hugr] of every person.’
‘Hugr: can be most satisfactorily translated as ‘thought’ or ‘mind.’ It corresponds to someone’s personality and conscious cognitive processes, and therefore overlaps considerably with what we today would call someone’s ‘inner self.’ ‘