The Vapor Is Backwards

The Vapor is backwards
I’m giving you a show
you have to
perform I’m after
the cruelest sentiment
a factor in balance forward
a master in paradoxical ambiguity
the spirits of dreams in thieves
weaves around the crown of Eve
trees and fruit bearing leaves
while the myths of paper
float on souls of seas
I’m giving you a show
you sense all as
you already know
the Vapor is our
turned to

Stay High

Albert Einstein, how do you stay High?

I’m awake, I’m glad

Was that the first meal you had?

I eat too much Red Meal

Well, me too, that’s why I was struck. .

And see what happens if a man collapses in
“Higher practor is to learn”
I got paid in such dust to earn

Fill the integrity as no sin is placed
I don’t need to pay contracts of waste

The Art is my Creation, the Creation is my Art
I stay, this is how I stay High to start