What’s in the eye – What a huge risk at hand

‘Race of Hero Spirits Pass’ by Walter Crane, 1909

Yield on excruciating target. My holy card union. 

God’s Spanish planet for frosting today’s puzzles.

Strong sense of total movement.

Dream future goals.

Jesus Insights.

Winter aggression. Display case. 

He admitted to throwing major daisys.

I love you. A diet language.



                                       3–  Us being on time! [–online]

All that’s left over in a year. 

Dance Career.

Instagram official

To blocking loved ones. I like him calling. Spiritual resurrection. Love languages. Why isn’t your purse in there.

–Chiropractor– 6 months before Chiro – I was a different man – been through so many trials. …Chiropractor – chill/peaceful [before].

Excited to meet this nice person.

River run.

I want the child of innocence.

              Sending healing – 1


                                              3   Mediums

You can’t stay up late and move early.

A dog house catcher.

I love this aligning.

At a teachers’ beginning to take shape.

Drive thru.

I want someone’s episode.

I think it’s Jesus in there.

Solution oriented.

Are you getting it prepped to move for the next owners.

Worker should of not done the $2500 job – they were on fence anyway – not happy [should of dissuaded and been honest on results]. Global itch. I got clear – opening practice.

On your ultimate line of credit.

Would you wear it for Aubrey.

From 10,000 to oblivion.

Write how you really feel.

A shadow reading vital for understanding.

Thinking about grave designs isn’t that your structure if you’re not happy.

I’m on Ariel view.

What’s in the eye – What a huge risk at hand.

You just have to take the game out of the internet.

So awesome so can may be a wrap up.

It’s really cool to see all the hearts of Facebook.

Self help healing discipline. To get caught without it. We can’t be someone who we’re not. 

He’s borderline – poor thing.

You’re going to love the warranty that comes with it –Dad.

I’m 40,000 in debt right now.

What did you do in the past life?

Acute Bibles.

Dang your girl can’t even finish a kombucha, they’re in there for you to have.


Highly trained army and souvenir

Any city and scare. Sin just, ___ with the fuel cities. Sherlocking. 

Seems aggregate – between powerful and emotional.

It’s finally here.

My end game was off.

Keeping it court, I speak Spanish and…[French Polynesian].

“One minute” I hear you everywhere.

Teutonic harm [blessed with].

Natural swimmers.

Can you move my lipstick.

A scissor if we winter you expert. Gymnast…: Love, preparation and school.

Counting in my own terms.

Paying the heart of your business.

A future money making book.

I hate me from around the world.


In the gay community – Shadow pride.

We are so highly pleased.

I dip in concerts.

Are you pulling all these weights.

A nice thing, trippin’ over a little bad weapon.Primetime.

When you understand you know.

Not accepting your brain for how it’s appearing in photos.

Highly trained army and souvenir.

After CCC, suffer steps in the middle.


How often did you work or beyond anywhere

Loyalty rings.

State betrayal. This place has many throws [stairs]. As humanity with any lay himself. Convertible cashrate. I didn’t talk with the border.

I’m going to oddly appear when they’re cover.

My hand bow builds slowly.

Joints will be revealed to the sky.

It does not matter who you are – getting lost in public.

The head vs. its prayer.

If you need weed to support what’s real – you need life.


From humble marriage. Will we struggle?…how are we going to struggle.

Go so quick and very tender.

A love interest playing piano.

How often did you work or beyond anywhere.

[I like leaving things] Just how I see ’em – Just how I found it.

Plans to commit.

Detailed information. Data replacement features. 

I am the most unnecessary human.

Blind eye staring contest.

Some heat repairing cloth.

Make your money when you’re milking it.

The joy of sorrow. Horse sacred secret mantra. They let us feed into minor pressure –3M safety.

Going to have your achievements other than that – that’s a cluster-fuck [right there] –me on life.

Give them plant based dairy.

Can you imagine its kinda necessary trace. How do you get back to Charlottesville. Sandwiched together.


My projects were taking me time after time

Read on readership. No capital value.

The space to put potential in it.


When touching comes in insight.

Dad came late to job Mom and I were on…We were tired but would work till 10:30pm and me drive back…Dad coming. The round clock. We were like how much longer to work?, been here all day. Not stopping till next Tuesday. 

A tortured shell.

You kinda smell like a divorce. Robin Roberts. She went extra cover. 

Show in militaristic action.

A lady laid impressed.

Creative song gathering –Husband/Wife.

My instincts tell me all going to be alright.

My feet is below chisel [some place] –Dad. Ways to ward off nature. Active training.

The second one shelf that we joke about. 

Karma suits you.

Layce Marie Presley.

Speak up – Show off.

She touched and played fine.

My projects were taking me time after time.

Cosmic kids.

Why aren’t I doing emotionally OK?

Collective dust.

[Come and see] What Luna and me on the prairie.

I was holding out for another piece.

Triangles and circles.


You are worth telling my secrets to

And there are those that can’t make that up –Sisters praying. …And those that can’t make that up.

Mule our home.

Per-degree punch. Lawmakers.

Your body is ready. Spiritual rest.

Conspiracy addiction. 

Love’s fool – Love’s will.

They don’t grow up like ball and origami.

There’s worse than goth than angels.

Steer clear – violent purple.

Small writing groups.

Violent the girl remote.

This foolish Angel’s void.

I’m here, give me a closet –Jam.


His broken heart. Mom going to end of hall – door then another where laundry. Facebook post on funerals. Parent’s front yard – catching wind with mini glider, fun. 

Lost the tomato sense of the dress.

Sweeping entryway for Chiropractor/Spine Center – when on break—first week back.

Maybe this is the last time you’ll be empty – empty with words.

Didn’t want to make pity but it’s the attraction to exhaustion.

Fly different.

Lately I’ve been yearning.

If the bud is nice and tender.

It came late – that’s how strategies… . 

I’m inspired just to tell you the truth.

Do the work, the hard part will get you ←now.

Make love with a billion strangers.

Hunger hits you differently.

I could of chose walk below me.

The casual inbetween.

Eggs – impartial to the zoo.

Whichever seed you want to salt.

It’s all consumer medication.

This is the proof.

Hug this dirt, eat a damn fish.

Nobility. Without you. 

To the 3 window success board.

Crystal intelligence. High vibe attire.

You are worth telling my secrets to.

Native nation [This native nation].

29’s buying a whole new practice.

Cloudbase. Peacock.

Adoption is the happy hour.

Ocean big waves, forceful – stayed night in VA Beach – crazy people were swimming in rough dangerous strong waters/tides.

Justice is never served, except for 1 exceptionally weak person.


Interns. 3 babies – 2 newer – 3 big = 8 total cats camping in Jeep. When I caught my mother’s weird DNA. I was doing as much as I can for the seen/scene. If I tell you we’re not real. Ties them down –green opal. 

Can’t be hired without position.

Work in body.

Jennifer’s body.

I was running from reality.

Man talk about experience I know – the wheat from the chaff. We just wake rough the fancy. Me going back in venue after leaving – drama to get back in.

A shadow or forethought.

And pinch yourself evil red.

I got landscaped a meaning man. [Bust out 2 days…] Weather tastes wonderful. Artist’s unite. You did look but did not find. Ploy.


I was going to gain for everyone’s glory

So much death in the family.

A new clubhouse with information.

[Childhood friends – people trying to get in life – no – push back room. We were at a really cool spot before –to past co-workers and owner, us 3. Dinner party. We were in a really cool spot – I’m into helping people who work—People who keep working on their craft—I help people who improve/work on them. Childhood male friend as white mouse, trying to get in garage and life/no room in the least. Other past co-worker gained mad weight like brother. Childhood female friend – me running at night – quiet timeshare/crossing inner street, someone chasing.]

From 6 feet under –Skylight job.

Good Republisist.

I’m impressed by Angels –Owner.

Where’s Grandmom growing up?

Lace Peters.

Surprise mirror playing.

Food is addictive.

I was going to gain for everyone’s glory.

I don’t want to allow my breath to fall through the octvs [octaves].

Poetry in motion.

So shitty, I lifted the game with.

I was day dreaming.

Get in touch with us – because they all smoke for free.

Global wide practice. Don’t reverse me.

So you can sleep on the porch.

Too much blood in the air –Moon [wolf] howling at sky [vision].

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Knowledge and wisdom.

The scraps of the day welcome anything.

Our sweet change is the problem.


He had podcast and he welcomed their message

Age defiant.

In the division of language – Learning curves.

Full sails –Artwork.

Defraud others.

Hats off the ocean.

He had podcast and he welcomed their message.

Alliance. Oah, I’m your champ.

Way worse you’re talkin’ about.

So it will slip down by the road’s trash.

Whether the Judge had owned a million year subcontract[or].

Let’s go home and work things out.

You have the money to pad up to the peddle.

Overcook the shit out of them –Shrimp.

1 last piece of glass advise.

I don’t suffer like this all the time.

Ambush the honesty.

Aggregation tones. Strange awareness.

I don’t know how to process these emotions.

The rear of art shipping woman.

There’s a wood that cuts again.

There’s a wood that cuts begin/within.

I can only dream for your cautious Bible.

Ratfield ratfield. Mostly botanicals… .

What a season to sleep in –Scorpio.

Without having rule of his newborn children.

It just takes a lot of respect to not get offended.

Come on man eat me up – you let Stormi… .

Another month of myself – all [un]predictable. Torrance. Sense of panic. We all do.

Shove me with a doctor’s knife.

Dreamt I already downloaded ‘Journey of Souls’ and second time [re]listening…[Audible years before].

It was familiar –New lenses.

My infant Chariot.

Tokyo. Rat poisoning. Leading up to the divorce. Valeytron.


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