Piped away as charisma – Astronaut to nature

Out of the blue she wrote.
Remain steady about the sky.
This crazy intuitive approach.
Before the price is right.
We can if we want to. “Folkart”. 
Heaven blew me away with angels.
Truth in style. Let’s chew that wisely.
Mutual relationship – understand.
Styles, borders, frames.
In it, over it, pure.
Seat covers, not meditation—I’m sure you see every morning.
Tune in. Don’t impress God.
What nonsense happy is my heart.
Wisdom child. A crow on you. 7 items sold.
They seem to eat us up. Positive tsunami.
Intern guitar-ship lessons.
Secrets are coming out.
We gave away a lot of straight away.
Clinically…clinical need to be alone.
All I know is we’re going to make the first work we have.
About to get a Jennifer’s body snack.
If you’d like any angels today.
How do you keep everyone happy.
I’ma pursue a deep cultivation of spirit.
My lights felt so good.
We’ve known this about each other for a long time –Owner/me –early info.
So much suggestion in life.
The Bible – Today’s canopy.
And to be honest, it might be easier to fear –Dad on getting to the root of emotions…laying it all out.
I’ll state how long we carrie underwood.
When moms have to say no.
Prove your specialty.
Foundation they don’t mind us being here.
I’m a good lord certain.
Styles at a stationary wall.
He’s not either woman – He’s not every woman.
[Here is to] My first heaven – my one of a kind view.
In the safe Q. of my dreams. Missing link.
Principle and the other parts of a saint.

Double energy is off the guy/bell.
Getting action at stand-up.
Any man would suggest.
You’re hitting with all your softness.
 I don’t play any back for less.
Piped away as charisma – Astronaut to nature.
Awfully dark aspiration.
We’ve made our awareness men official.
Concerned about the frontline fading –Lace.
Maybe I should just be quiet when I do the dishes.
Forget the table – Forget the light.
I’ma be the guardian Mom – Let Seth do her thing.
Won’t be hired again – open position.
Work your way around it.
[She had] A nourishing fall.
If you’re browsing and you’d like more.
My body is your purpose.
This house defibrillator.
I had no idea other than pushing.
Tighten up against the wall.
I will always be able to provide for you.
The business before we were doing young skies.
Handcraft handcrafted violence.
Slow with learning curves.
I’m not from you to take your goals from me.
Shield the perfect belief.
Why are you selling it to verify that it’s real –Gems.
[When I fall asleep] A famous royal family.
Misalignment is the pride of connection.
However we know what the issues are.
Loose people will grab you.
We were like 5th grade elements. Bingo.
All of my winds would have to be free.
Restore healing and orange balance.
I’ma do cars, flips, and boards.
Rocks to postures.
Highly packed formation crystal.
Let me hold a key – Wisdom perspective.
The words of an angel. Baby Ruth.
The first 9 results of your car it shouldn’t.
So thin and integrity.
Gave him extra money so he wouldn’t have to work extra hard to.
Do you feel accessible?…Yes.
I am careless about them starting to go bad.
Judge commentator’s fun – because I think she could of been anyone.
The perfect medicine. Distilled.
Salt water or lamp.
I wanted it to also speak to me.
Dealing with past life experiences – I feel like I am.
Charged with late things to do.
So bold get your crave on.
Unique squat –June.
You will become like 69.
Cosmic – from project.
My Dad was living in a dream of swords.
I would appear business and secure.
Stationary’s republic.
He gave you your foundation.
Manifestation results.
Taking toll and fair cuts on prices.
The body’s trickling down.
A self hatred towards yourself. 
Far into that old school question.
Years I have prayed unimaginely.
Because grave communication with you [I’m not thriving].
It’s taken a lot of courage to talk about.
I guess I revere it so much.
How long is your password?…50—Ann—Touch.
Thank you for waiting for me to understand.
Together – Problem solver.
Mistletoe – Self control.
Psychic appeal –Vegan. 
Who has no control over what I say.
Doors of paint on them circle the truth.
You’re in this world to oppose it.
His bells reigning at.
Or deserving to drive right under. 
These big muscles to mind.
I just feel like you’re going to tell me something I don’t want to hear.
Sinful exchange. As the world turns.
No one comes to your family. Of course you back it up.
She left the angels on the table. Turntop.
Bravery of dying.
Wrap me up – Work me out.
Everyday she woke up in a big big mood.
I know you’re pregnant at the last season.
Support you – support you in your bad acting.
Sounds like the same person’s in both those letters.
You and I – Best parody alive.
Showing you all “the Sun”.
WooWoo and Wyatt.
Violent the inventor – The great sweep.
Get a little closet. The finger of God.
Embrace your effort.
We free-falled to nothing.
It will take longer than you ever imagine.
They’re going to take as long as they take.
Endoctrination circle.
Welcome to the Quartz house. 
An underlying reason of change in a way.
Figure it out by veggies.
I was the first to unlock this.
I need to be called in and worked in. My attitude.
The final time with all my selfves.
When in doubt know that writing poetry will build your practice.
99 sleep in it. A good relationship.
My face is raining.
Yeah, I left my age and youth.
Senior popcorn.
One big breath at a time.
It would come, it just wasn’t this year.
Have the ability to tie tiny homes… .
A-lots a-lots a-lots of truth for me.
Endless forms of energy beings.
Air competitor.
He springs towards the finish line.
Weed talks to me in all my power hunger. …[word power].
The other one – Made it look vivid. Display case.
I hate errors!
Don’t be the hippies that don’t care.
You should give your best birthdate on the tone.
Bleeding out. Heavy artillery. I feel silly hiding.
You’re living in and out of me.
I got sent all the flowers. Mr. Moon.
God’s here in ear to listen to homeschoolers.
I can tell I can see you.
Are stress allowing you to live a healthy existence?
Nun– stand-up paddle board with staff moving/steering in water [vision].
Special couples were 6 and 9 month olds.

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