Teutonic harm [blessed with]

God’s Spanish planet for frosting today’s puzzles.
Dream future goals. Jesus Insights.
He admitted to throwing major daisys.
I want the child of innocence.
Sending healing – 1  2  3 Mediums
You can’t stay up late and move early.
I love this aligning.
At a teachers’ beginning to take shape. 
I want someone’s episode. 
I think it’s Jesus in there.
Solution oriented.
Are you getting it prepped to move for the next owners.
On your ultimate line of credit.
Would you wear it for Aubrey.
From 10,000 to oblivion.
A shadow reading vital for understanding.
I’m on Ariel view.
What’s in the eye – What a huge risk at hand.
So awesome so can may be a wrap up.
It’s really cool to see all the hearts of Facebook.
What did you do in the past life?
Acute Bibles.
Seems aggregate – between powerful and emotional.
It’s finally here.
My end game was off.
Teutonic harm [blessed with].
Counting in my own terms.
Paying the heart of your business.
A future money making book.
I hate me from around the world.
In the gay community – Shadow pride.
We are so highly pleased.
I dip in concerts.
A nice thing, trippin’ over a little bad weapon.
When you understand you know.
Not accepting your brain for how it’s appearing in photos.
Highly trained army and souvenir.
I’m going to oddly appear when they’re cover.
My hand bow builds slowly.
Joints will be revealed to the sky.
It does not matter who you are – getting lost in public.
The head vs. its prayer.
If you need weed to support what’s real – you need life.
Go so quick and very tender.
A love interest playing piano.
How often did you work or beyond anywhere.
[I like leaving things] Just how I see ’em – Just how I found it.
Plans to commit.
I am the most unnecessary human.
Blind eye staring contest.
Some heat repairing cloth.
Make your money when you’re milking it.
The space to put potential in it.
When touching comes in insight.

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