We worked till we severed the spine

That’s our baby –Sunlooped.

Exodus book in with the loneliness. To achieve lifetime success.

God’s here in ear to listen to homeschoolers…God’s free in ear to.

I have so much cool thing I want to read to you.

She saluted spirits.

I was thinking a lot of passage-way.

My worst fear is coming into contact with prisoner.

Dial in the energy.

Not guilty for sins they’ve committed.

Mild approaches.

That will be my gift at stand up.

Therma situation.

Campolaterra. When you have your crazy hunt… . The shock of the $800. Sergio. Classic set of mindset to feed a reward. Constant set of mindset to feed a reward.

Child of wrath. The turkey and pitfall blunder.

Raises vibration. He was reading ‘here my show’.

Faster than Tennessee. Why do you let it get to you. I believe to be advise. A few more dark circles. Sandy hook.

I’m free with stuff – now his laundry adds up.

Join the living. Reversing. Gotta connect to go to Panera. This whole big city gets the gist of me. 

I’m just trying to think – 12 inch rulebook.

Assimate the process or cope with certain deaths.

Summer is the Mom. Need – I can maintain my energy. The living and the dead. Faster than you are. Another layer of consciousness. Think clear.

By supporting my best friend.

I may need to capitalize hair.

How do you get patience manifestation help.

Start with the pains of doing what you can do everyday


The mediation snap comparts later—I’m just telling you what’s up. And all the bull kind from coyote.

Jesse, you just plowed through everyone.

A job…we need help –Bay. Our strength lies in being potent and not reacting –Husband and wife –public.

On a heart level I think I’m an angel tone.

Everything you wanted to see and more.

Last thing you are is forgotten.

Summer habits.

My hands is never outgrowing a room.

Pick up your head.

She complains of lower body hindrances.

My week’s open – different attachment.

My mind’s eye. I thought I was pregnant.

So intelligent – so severely out of alignment –Person.

I want that to be my fuckin’ legacy.

She has broken a violin.

Not even being 80% of the summer. Used. The mom’s have play.

I know they’re of different company – but right now we’re dealing with them and it doesn’t feel good.

Just from for the research center. Messaging don’t close.

We worked till we severed the spine.

Destructive face. But you know I’m getting hungry. Positive tsunami. 

Echoes of angels hanging in.

A bunch of adjustments to how we did was wrong.

With the Joneses/I’m liberated on bumping it.

When that didn’t come from my sink.

I told myself I was going to learn to focus on energy.

People say that all the time. You’re acting over faking.

Moms devising – one – open with account –Dad saying dumb. It’s always a gift to give up. Me with sister at parents – wants to leave without love. But the music’s still shining. It’s big. Thank you for being fair with me –Dad. So beautiful. It feels like a reunion in here –Dad, fact. 

So thin and integrity. My conscious choices. 

Pure soul ouija board

But that’s in the very dark fertilization under it.

My Dad – walked half cut down [to size] in pain then rest on couch. Moms are due with Angel on your finger [Angel perched on]. 81 generation peanut brain.

Consciously take control of your own dong and clean it.

Thank god with the voice, it felt like it was for him –Dad.

Abstracts – Forgotten help.

Dance on a hill, channeled energies.

We’re going to have to back it up with wet panel clips.

Bent in half –My Dad.

We were going to cut down the wire tape – if it’s that ghetto.

Everything changes – Overflowing.

My strength is doing that for me.

You don’t see that many people that you can even check with but reasons change.

Start with the pains of doing what you can do everyday.

Our Texas level mental angel.

I’m like walking in mud with new shoes. Follow the rules. Not enough to go Johnny Depp on me.

King of Bows¤Adder {Knowledge in the Spirit} | ACCEPT THE SEASONS OF YOUR HEART—Pain
He is going to play unfold with you


When his health figured he bought the book

Total conversation hen… . Liar with my protection. ←–Names/carousel. A lot of work about a Jennifer’s body snack. Who dreamt that you would be black to do that. Next level Art. Watch severe fucking pain.

When you asked me I would always turn.

Mom – me grab as she walk in announcing let’s go over here – up against wall – us all. Download then resubscribe –to Aeolian Heart App.

People didn’t want to – make it a success music.

Mom between me and Dad. Popped the most. Go in and get the dog fixed. 

Born miraculous. Clear manifestation.

We’ve experienced the bushed and mean.

Like sorry forgot him.

When his health figured he bought the book.

Clear the interstate parkway. I just remember.

Apply for a thousand loans of credit.

With the long spine.

This whole month…slow down to make it whole.

Save a room.

[Your] Patience don’t have any numbers on it.

Yesterday – A skilled interior.

Building bridges.

Snow witched round here.

Our little brother came and changed his life. His little brother came and changed my life.

Refuse to—empty heart –me on out of element in sales. Today we finish it.

Nine of Arrows¤Dedication {Attainment in Thought} | SING AND DANCE TOGETHER AND BE JOYOUS—Marriage
It’s only going to take the inner work that you show – dedication


You don’t need to be reinvented

I was ‘choking’ with the late window. I was late – I was choking on the next window.

About to get a Jennifer’s body snack. For the vision and the hearing impaired. I was doing just fine. On my second to last chunk. 

It’s like a racking my brain situation.

Sandy hook. Soul to soul.

Following the direct leader.

Writing this to soothe comfort.

When you’re on that level, people really don’t care.

Rocks in silence. My point is the truth.

Hanging there all day – may be depressed at life.

[Had all the things living] A childhood innocence lost.

Established 2013. My highest call was a prophet.

It’s so intense karmatically.

You don’t need to be reinvented.

Common recoil. You turn 56. Capital playing. Hooks on faith. All the dark fantasies.

And just to prove your specialty’s real—shout out in public.

Used to mean sexy corsets. You and your specific brand. 2000% of … . The beauty of a crush.

Ace of Stones¤The Foundation of Life {New Concept in the Physical} | THE LAND AND THE SEA SHALL BE BOUNTIFUL—Buying and Selling
Foundation—they don’t mind us being here | Oath my foundation


In my heart—followed all the dead sea scroll

I never know what’s next. I got to tame it. I want a cat fish program.

The first look in the message.

The Mercury level’s rising.

I haven’t listened to it or used it in over a week. I’ve missed singers like this. It took me a second to fill my mind. Finally selected. The madness. I have recoiled what you told me.

You reading daily deadly living.

Pitfall – are you old with blender.

Tom Petty—Blackout. [Not trying to have] Klutzes come out there.

School for modern people and color.

Will not work for free. We should be fair over draft.

Give me more than 1 visual text. An energy being.

Die to the mess of the vacation.

In my heart—followed all the dead sea scroll.

So skinny –5 feet of understanding.

Show me where the Ace is.

You’ll be recognized and you’ll have to do this much more too.

 Somebody did it to me behind the stars.

Love the… of hope dying in your… .

Three of Bows¤Fulfillment {Creativity in the Spirit} | KEEP PACE WITH THE EARTH—Work
The way I feel right now, the science going through the heart


Wearing their drama, I was actually the other side of their drama

Pablo. Nickelback yard.

If [we] Read like a unicorn.

Can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with me.

Scared of attraction. Blew it like a bozo.

All the truth so help me God –Compressed sands to scroll/wood-like.

The kids are looking at this extremely clumpsy task in front of them – not even able to read –Niece/Nephew. Concentrating on the diaphragm. More social concept of life in a brief statement. Doreen. What if I don’t have any white teeth anymore. Spilt milk. My channeling was to know you.

Finishing my partnership.

Let’s make sure all the windows are open – Lyrics open.

Baby deer losing steering wheel.

Rewanda. Cactus run –inventory Monday. Mental starving contest. [Who] didn’t they] Shoot by revere. Patches of white snow. If it’s tinted, make sure the other ones dissipear. Was doing this to elevate comfort. New life?…As query very busy. It was really weird –Owner.

Your value action—Truth in action.

You are a formal friend to let go of.

It greatly affected my message board long.

Speak up—you don’t have to square foot for delivery.

The fun we round your prophey aura at surround your property aura. 

I’m masking this to go beyond a roll to starve myself.

Oh my – that heart level.

Saw the Atlanta couple like this: .

Complimented on curve side/size.

Break free from a task cycle.

Break free but at least. Intensely karmatic.

[It’s not about diet or happiness] It’s about finding a new way of life.

It’s like I’m trying to get pregnant.

A … place to be—your ___ ←compressed. Temptation too hard –brother. Mutual letters. I need a ladder – emerge – basically I carry a pocket knife. You can show just a little bit more but I’d like to keep them in a private spot. Trust me.

I wanted to know about no offense about what to do.

Conflict between the head super strong.

I’m willing to give you an offer.

I came out of it in a very mellow gaze.

Figures/figured I’d ask some questions.

Attachments are so accessible.

I don’t care about downloading it –forget it.

Very high individual. Shock research lessons.

Becomes the super level…to make it this far.

We gave it a good narrative.

Has this a sure gold [every ex waitress].

He’s doing it for Andrea Warcraft.

Cope and deal with his mind –Ancient turtle being lifted.

I am about all dried up of undies –Unemployment. Can barely review – where I was at 6 years ago when I wrote this. Ceasefire. I’m a dime a dozen to Philly. Artistic freedom. Thank you so much for the food. Turning heads. Case-on-fire.

Aubrey’s Arch is sharing collective dust.

Positive position for you to try to keep your lack under control.

 Pure soul ouija board.

I am so confused the other way.

Can you shout out the window.

Develop even deeper into the spirit.

So if you can see heavens why can’t you see ghosts.

They’re in the weaver-van parking lot.

Bio storm to serve you.

Why are you cutting now – you might as well help me clean –on window tinting to husband. It does take ritual value because there is something that I know that I know. A lot to cut but I’m not getting moldy about it –Dad.

Lack through god.

Second week of the next.

People want a land to have kids [It’s crazy].

Refuse to live—live out his own death.

Wearing their drama, I was actually the other side of their drama.

It is more than an investment of what you love.

It is more of an investment. I don’t want to show myself.

Enrollment recently came to the surface.

Meet the barre girls. Caveat.

Jesus was a prophet.

Ace of Vessels¤The Waters of Life {New Concept in Emotion} | COME AND BE ONE OF US—The Farewell – TELL IT NOT IN WORDS—Talking
Cope and deal with his mind –Ancient turtle being lifted


Not sure if it’s about copper art or if it’s about music

Dog and pony show –Artist.

Clear intuition game changer –White wolf vision.

Combination of the stars. Doubletree.

Intuitive by guides—listen to the nature.

Grow up and get your shit together.

All the adults were going to whoop their children’s asses –Equal playing grounds.

It’s not standing up here.

Everything out of line – Everything out of certificate.

They can’t by themselves anymore. I admit it.

Thank you God – blowing out this window.

Do you want to look at it from the outside?…I do not want to look at it from the outside.

I’m not going to Reading anymore.

What museum exhibits.

I just stopped it – want to spend it.

Established traits that hate you.

We needed them so much when we did.

Who want to give their professions away to the public –69.

All benevolent forces of evil. …[I invite] but… .

Your parents last year sucked too. Be careful what you wish for –on moving. God told me…I just couldn’t accept it.

I apologize – work as religion.

Sorry I’m feeling for you. Believe 30.

Just went through different things back to back. I need it to survive –being protected and free –away from him. 

My candle’s long enough –real school sand.

Helped me and understand the insight and the nature.

To see if I have anything up against the wall.

So used – something so paranoid.

I had the joy in my life again.

On 2 ethereal visions.

Humble marriage from beginning.

Designed to screw you.

For me to make an accurate living.

I would have killed the guy with cash.

There is living and this isn’t it.

[I’ve] 3 investments before.

Not sure if it’s about copper art or if it’s about music.

The general assembly. Dog chasing/leash. Contrast with the moves because he has plenty. Elivate the energy.

You and I are both sensitive people –spirit to me—spirit though different – we had same occurrence.

Show in Acts.

It’s Southwest in genealogy.

With all my heart at the end of this soul.

It is only for you to make money on.

Prehistoric vision: .

Your Dad’s Mediumship needs to grow.

I think I pulled through the other day/year. It helps me not focus on my problems –weed. Stay wild and read. Know that I’m about to take this ring off this finger. I only became something –Husband.

I always have 2 –Amazon knives.

Spiritual hunter.

That turns on the skilled Medium.

How his apprentice flys [yes very unique].

A hundred dollars a day. Thank you X4, very very disastrous. Owner fall in line. What is ruining my mind?…Me not being able to do it like I want to. You’re about to save pictures for me. I’m spouting this … . Desert no sand. Move the … around.

To see things shift in faith. …To screw it up?

How good the directions are – We are that spirit.

Might want to pull your weight charger.

Be subtle at the windows.

I went backwards from who I used to be.

Let’s finish the story.

I pay attention of the nature of things.

Embark on. She’s printer by herself all connected. Worse distillery ever. You’re not faking. Giant boy. The tilt dance ←isn’t that a special dance. High vibe content. Want it tough—Want it though –husband in whisper.

And the proper path to heal.

I want to make you to sing too –Crochet project –custom with circles—styles.

No sought-after crystal!

I’m just telling you who I am, I think it’s important for you to know.

No skier or anything. Offer your new home.

Dying to be a couple—just got in love.

It was huge over-announcement – It was just too much money –Entryway tint quote. I can’t do it – undo art real quick. [Going to] Cancel everything out except Blackcreek. To hope: refreshing our memory. I’m incarnating all the peanut butter?

I did drop a towel and I meant to pick it up like I was never here –towel vision folded.

Be’Deer hunter, I was amazed.

My final clean will be the best. I’m getting feedback.

They sliver around like otters –Sea bass –Eel –Sea lion.

You can drive me every night. Tell her that it’s over with.

Dreams about dead spiders.

Molested her mother 10 years ago – I’m sorry you asked me that. What do we need to know – What do we need to see. Skylights are very close to the corner… . But your bud owns my blog.

I have the heart through readers…[heat].

Don’t you feel what with others have said to you to help you make up your mind.

The Green Man {Authority/Leadership/Focused} | SING TO ME A DEEPER SONG—The Farewell
It’s a dragon he is real comfortable with | All dragon and death | Tell him we’ll have to go over there and check out the dragons near the entryway | Remember the healing friend of the dragon


Death could just not be tax free

My head’s about to be screwed off.

Soul Navigator.

It’s very much a personal thing on Facebook. Thank you for being partner with her. Mystically, philadelphially. Ellen he grows with.

And he knows I’d eat the system –Blackcreek.

How old is it. Equally extended over discipline.

Death could just not be tax free.

Excited for the 6 jobs [tomorrow] –Tinting.

It was a word that I trusted you.

Noise maker. I used to work at Anvil –: yeah. Hat drifting away.

I just had the internet paralyzed.

Biofield – it’s a decade.

That I’m not noticeable.

Let the season begin: not without you.

Tech work and orientation.

Snakin’ to be awaken with a candlewood in my throat
{Lady calling out}
{turn 50 this year, needed to make}
{catch up time}


Sally farmhouse. A little bit more time on life. Sweet candies. I got the ladders in the car.

I love your pagan energies.

Wisdom and security. Mystical transactions. A pagan prophetess.  Self evident. How are you doing this morning?…How much money did you make?

Couldn’t find the tweezers.

Built a songwriter. North winds.

No more chances we can still go do the… .

It matters a little bit more [shutting/tuning in].

We can’t do anybody’s work for them.

Really hurt me. …Me too. You can have as many as you want. Tanner the escape. Separated from assistance. I tint to go to school.

Peak photos. Civil engineering.

Doctor of the soul. Planteficisher medicine.

Answer the door power to your highest call.

Are one with ministry. Fecal system.

Sum it up in one word Universe– Garner ←Mind your business.

Do it for them—don’t do it for me.

Illiterate. Get your feet together.

Let me change your mind.

We travel through air, we don’t need to travel over seas –Totem carving [dream words from husband].

Three of Bows¤Fulfillment {Creativity in the Spirit} | NO SUNRISE FINDS US WHERE SUNSET LEFT US—The Farewell


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