It was a solution so bad there’s only 1 thing fixing it

Everyone pray about things. Big dick Tarot reading. Really edged out being a whole fuckin’.

God message and the Jesuses’.

Long time to shadow. 

I take my gender role very seriously. 

[There were] Lights on top of saunas. [There were] Lights on top of sonic.

New artwork. I’ve seen enough to know. Gets diplomatic.

Our chunky ass chimes.

All around the Ancient’s Blue orbit history.  

He looks like he’s in a mindset. 

She’s obsessed about keeping the house clean or dirty.

Thank you so much for chasing me around. 

You do and get energetic readings.

Force led destination. I did not notice. I broke a fuckin’ sweat.



I have dead bodies – it’s a graveyard.

… us alone wish us was shopping.

There weren’t enough Angels.

You detect your cards.

The world’s largest fire [longest].

Psychic development. 

It was a solution so bad there’s only 1 thing fixing it. 

Online – it’s where the form was formulated. 

Prayers do take our place.

It does stick $400 into your hands – I’m ready to go spend it.

This guy’s sealed and grand on his teeth.


Let’s get a magician.


Common denominate Chris’ cold water medicine

A coconut hazel pie. Tape of filtration camps.

Fear is a rational counter-partner. 

NJFS IJNF – not going to get opened. …bracket. Completely off the wall [film]. $288.

Common denominate Chris’ cold water medicine.

[Mom asking if had to/to talk way out not – due to her extreme social scare]. The strictest possibilities. Sometimes popcorn beings… . Road justice.

Death resides in the laziness. 

Transpersonal. Without their global … bill. Dare’s just drop – the first time we said anything.

Because they must stay protected.

Deep sleep.

That’s in the savings – Waves of length.

Just to prove a point: here’s the weed that I smoke. Had a long night of dreams not returning dreams.

Ever since we moved the tag.

Kanye – a dying breed. Lifeguard. Reeves.


Do not need to lose your fairness

Let it go. Blood bath – $12,000 show.

Great Wolf West.

Mortgage and reliefs. Our … search continues.

OMG I see salt water – Guess what?


Cheers to dedication.

Faith in a healer.

Russian black. Aren’t you the person that express them to scratch.

Do not need to lose your fairness.

Letting the wind get to you.

Weave in and out of me.

Chill Budapest.



You just gave yourself away. I was too busy making a mistake. The bridge of divis-tion.


I am the clear voyage and woman who knows sometime

1500 – 39.

Happy hour’s the Medium. 

My image is too loud. 

Pre-fab. You’re going through what you’re going through in the classroom.

I will push for a very hard win.

We respond everyone out of like nowhere.

Closed sunshine.

Shadow readings.

No your dad’s going to pay his results on me – delete me. Internship and adaptability. Your doors respond—Your doors respond. Casket. We have a receipt that’s … . Every large painting it’s a huge honor.

Interesting dynamics –

I don’t know whose food this is

–3 yellow flowers/tulip like—buttercup.

Glee. [Enjoying fate] A psychic read my writing. Acceptance is a gradual process.

Cancels KKK love. 

I am the clear voyage and woman who knows sometime.

Not available in classics but can only tell them in stories.

My exhausting—My earnings. 

Hung up on trains again. It’s impossible to get. Needs to watch her back eating. Casa Blanca.

The cast for the art is like it dying.

The life is reborn again.

Handsome daughters.

Stop overcomplicating it. 

All the picnics in the sky.

Altering as Savior.

Denoting leaving internally. It’s a spiral session. Diplomatic. Geoshield in brilliance. Candied freedom.


If you do readership or humanity [Mediumship]

Simple mis-story. 30 wheel – get your back wheel. Marketing stock.

If you do readership or humanity [Mediumship]. 

If you’re hungry let speak a dead ghost.

Get it right or we’ll prepay free 20 fries. 

Dark and confident. 

Love to have some espresso memory. 

Building an idea. 

12 functional Coach lips.

Los from the heart

Los Angeles

Los lonely boys

[Big storm crazy out – childhood home – big fat branch log on phone wire – blew off from gust – forcefully hit the house garage roof – then direct blow to my Jeep which shattered – a huge branch was caught on the wire – broken glass. Adult frame of mind. Not allowed to be dictators anymore –to us and crew].

Just ride me a couple waves.

[Me explain after asked/brought to attention – how I don’t sleep at night/haunts me if don’t do good enough/perfect work – I explained mind sees anything and tracks it. Oh I … – how your brain/mind works].


I really wanted to tint earlier and unemployment.

My taste of advise: Can’t talk to me like that.

I bet people would love you in the poetry community – would be embraced –me talking to sister, I say find some spiritual rest.

Getting the word up here.

Let’s go get a key mold – key made.

Taking a hand full of drivings –Range Rover [vision].

Pardon my true bold ripeness –on Jeep back circle tire cover. 

You can actually have your own background. Naturally inclined – Naturally inclined to chill.

‘Your feet wet in there?’

I take off my shoes all the time like clockwork

–in guests/clients home.

It got me in its car. I guess it’s about safety for me, I never feel safe [out working day job]. Bye Brandyn sweetheart. Keep my cases together.

1 variably suggestion that you are very dangerous.

A Thunder medium.

Impression: What you see, feel, and hear
Imprint: The Warrior, Boundaries[r], The Observer
I see The Warrior † I feel Boundaries[r] ¤ I hear The Observer


We are the threads of fate for someone you don’t know

Saw deck.

But sometimes I’m recording in other Auric fields. 

Up 4 person in values… .

You are a specific person.

Inner detail and thought.

I’m more fundamentalist.

The screen actor of your life.

Guild. Sorry I already break the pattern. A responsibility towards others.

Slight Medium and rare.

Get right to it. Hitting the ground running. It feels all weird now and luxury. Cardone.

Hard to get a taste of what you were earning.

I’m just a girl cutesy… . Trajectory gone wrong. Fortunately we don’t have to do that very much – … grand.

Live and let live – take your life into your own hands. 

We are the threads of fate for someone you don’t know. 

Mentors are going to get plenty of tickets.

Two of Vessels~Attraction
The Blasted Oak[r]
Knight of Bows~Fox
Nine of Arrows~Dedication[r]
Seven of Arrows~Insecurity[r]
The Wanderer[r]
It’s really bad, I got the key to your heart. ∗ Take a walk behind my secrets. ∞ Let’s go get a key mold – key made.


So much pressure on you – that book that sounded like you

Raises a daughter in armed success.

You slut your herds with a sloppy dick. Anybody suggest—Anybody given up. Coin a daughter, water color in Russia. Figure out what is happening.

I’m not coping and this is growth.

I love some of your … painting on the floor –Dad.

Third party or a fool’s voice.

I love my life – something’s preventing me to get in it. 

My scalp doesn’t come like this. 

The stolen time. A really big client – so are not jealousy. I sang a lot of Bob Saget.

Sages in California. 

I mean I wouldn’t mind somebody looking. Lantern.

Plus a commission from these Apple trees. 

And you have no idea what it’s like to get high.

We sing thousands to gain the rich.

Using thousands to gain the rich.

Good good vibes.

Because I’m supposed to read from light. 

I like your head melting over your toes.

OK, unto heaven I go. 

That music in the distance –Naked and afraid.

The classic chair music.

Every time you get this the buzzer’s never ready –Panera

People can’t do that on the street. We’d have more money we don’t have now. Everyone that got supported with me even without saying any commitments. Tell me how to move God. I know you have some details on how some stuff went. Changing man. Perpetual solution. Pink Champagne. Cassandra.

So much pressure on you – that book that sounded like you.

Completely organic at that funeral.

By blind movement. I’m more Urban when I’m loose. My Dad’s joined these bitter forces.

Call me anytime to ask for cultured text. 

I am yours forever. 

Distracting overrule. Complete Russian event for the Summer. Royal support. [When was the last time you Honey-mooned someone…] Pantheon. Clear Christ communication. Pyramid pose.


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