When was the last time you honey-mooned someone

Extra choppy details. Would you tell Phoenix Dad loves him –Phoenix/Dad. Mentally strong connection. Natural Philosopher. It’s raining all day if I let it. Getting silence has been the worst grab –TV. 

Holy shit floating around the dead toilet.

She’s had my clueless for so long.

A changed man. 

For that perpetual thing you’ve been irritated. 

Walk over the height. Very cleansing. That’s pretty and pipewater.

It’s complete with the look of the Nightscape – it wouldn’t be complete without it.  

Balance and sea/see. Wedding cake. I’m going to take 3 actions. Needing more. Fool the lookout. Removal from this angled piece.

Hold a title and be yours to celebrate.

The word chess game.

They vibe no time wait.

A mediocre decision stunted your growth.

Over enthusiastic. Wasn’t much money to be made. Free candle book. The waiter says so. Dead serious. Delusions. Doesn’t matter a love song. Thinking literally. Sue me now. Do you believe in the Middle East. Dark times ahead. Middle war extreme. Demarkation. Filtration camps.

It was healing to have my fucking ring on. 

Understand violence. Civilian life. Delivery zone. Reigning supreme. All sorts of people. Pre-fab. One sided search. Allowed of will.

Blackout – this is a blackout job.

Leisure boy.

Their lack of bean and their lack of Caribbean forever. 

Holding the printer.

I figured I had the Sun choice from my prescription.

Spine center should crawl up your sleeve.

How consistent it is → internal problems. 

Wasn’t even lodged into the third dish.

The other police report. I guess I’m not cosmetic. Never alone. This again. Sanction. Juliet. Adoption. Tell me that you love me –Song. Rena and Renee. If she didn’t extend for a Canadian reason.

It was delicious hearing the Stars, don’t get me wrong.

I am woman in business and we’ll know if it last forever.


She’s like scarred. Emotionally damaged. Family feud. Lost parent. You’re welcome to high standard quality bridge.

Between the old guy and his hat, he spilled some X to behave better in famous.

Mental health struggles. I’m neutrally scared to checkout.


Since we’re going to pull you out of a trash can, out of a Tower together.

You are picking the scabs off Newport News. Maine, yellow and blue. Just by watching the way you bring in. Am I not economic.

Something in the original water.

Empire. Fool’s range. Bending and ranging. Auto-mechanic. Simultaneously. When you’re afraid to visit. 

Almond butter in it for extra glob if you want a taste.  

Long lasting service to a brother. Financial goals without you. Mini crouton salad.

Son of the Prophet God.

Popular linking. Stage a performer. Lying hypnosis in their world. Meloni rose. Water. Backwards stars. Case in point. Drafty.

It’s right there in front of you – everything fell off the floor.

Lenny Kravitz. Withholding. How to make your student loan debt work for you. I work 4 nights a week – mix it up/stay fresh. 

When was the last time you honey-mooned someone.

They can just go in my records, in my gifts easily.

Going to be gay no matter what. She has the most ideas in the world. … a bunch. He was pumped to come flying in for 11 minutes. 

Take the long story short home.

… asked me – pulled out of the war. Ocean huge—surf boarding to get past boat current. Many face of religion that heavy dejector. Clerk covered. Flirting Kelly. Max budget tell me that.  You love me literary degree. 

I just want 1 blunder the rest of my life.

One of the best photos your cover-body ever had.

You don’t want to be friends with anybody – I have a severe disliking towards it, anyone. Made a promise to you Jesus. Cutting truthfulness from this country. All this wavy yard belt is lifting up. Received ___ annual total.

Eyes right in the ridge of something.

Company logo. Stage presence –also act. From the bottom of your heart—beautiful privilege. I slept awareness. I used to be so certain, now I can’t figure out. Oh they got a friend to care about. Roberta Stillwell.

A Thunder medium.

The other half of your store. I didn’t ask for a bowl to-go so it’s my fault. Actually healed from this. Blissful high. They slowed down my cardio, I’m bending my abs. It’s given us some details –Brandyn. I don’t think they had to be more practical.

What they get with you topical/cervical.

A rock and a hard place. You’re my grade right here. I will put an end to this [so we can unite] –Bay. 


My body and my body language

Average bloopers. Active day dreaming. Beach front festival. Supported evaluation. All you do is … kiss her. Browse all day. Thunder perfect city. Facing expulsion. Public expulsion.

Your value price. 

All the waves of emotion.

Dead ocean draft.


I don’t have the adult problems. Former boss and me on phone, me say brother/girl/kids over, eating dinner about – talking work schedule… old sweet potatoes/candied yams – in fridge too long – from catered/months ago – fridge ravioli passed to Maintenance. ‘Past lovers gone wrong’ vibes – me talk on days I would see him later in the week… Today was Monday. Understand the usage. Mom and Dad front yard.

Get to experience my message long.

Separation time kills you. 

No more words I’m saying. Form and my world crunch. Cake are the most choices.

By imagination she would be a female dominromama [donnarumma].

Cost more money than it cost to make the show.

I feel so bad about the Sparky situation. Chance in color. High thought I-class B. 

My body and my body language. 

Because you kind need both lights behind you. 

Of course I have a fall dryer I want dry.


Swift on the thrift compensation. And you’re really making changes. I think eventually that will be my lesson.


Unstoppable area, there’s a natural curve to your moon 

The randomness of the situation. Muscle on muscle flame.

I did the bridge, he did the family.

I lost it somewhere along the way. Gone illegitimate. Why has unincorporated pop gone legitimate. These are the middle days.

Unstoppable area, there’s a natural curve to your moon. 

—Drawn during the Jupiter|Neptune conjunction exact in Pisces—
Page of Cups.Queen of Pentacles.Judgement[r].Ace of Cups
symbolizing an invitation in where you are supported fully
however the fate is yours, your offer the reward.
Spirit’s tune: Constantly judging people by the ounce of the heart.

Candied freedom.

Water green is the over-alignment.

We’re going to make create some drama. … $764.

A year later – his struggles become your own.

His struggles: .

Armed success.

You want to bring … right under the … . A quarter million dollars.

Union unites forever. 

You have playing over your ear.

Only before taxes with the beauty benefit of cooling it off.

Coon. Tycoon. Englewood.

[This is a test of my faith and my faith is broken. I’ve never been more broken, I’ve never been more serious, I’ve never been more real. It was like a bi-product of who I was.]


That’s why you’re disappointed – because you know it created a monster

The microwaves of space.

Fig giant.

Constantly world of the wicked and the consistently unwell.

Fascination began with middle school.

One of the blinkest videos in the world.

Friends of friends of friends – work it out.

A social inner requirement –required.

Live on the board. Clearly one of the most used. Recent invasion.

Is anyone guilty for not fucking up the Phoenix thing.

His musical freedom.

Incorporated an unincorporated kiss.

Remembrance code. Lung cancer. Her quality spirit. From the bomb express. All my many … .

I don’t get up when neutral lays down.

Keepin’ it famous.

No being discretion trying to make sense of the enerjurys [injurys].

That’s the … important thing afterward. Later for you for you to smart ___ this week. You can’t give anymore morsel than an itch. But Corencrew is in witness. Paste…$.

Wife and candied maker.

You’re toned.

Scrub on to me then let go to pose. Depth oak. No sales tax. Climax.

Then saved a family’s only generation.

Your higher self encourages you to work harder.

Half naked Tuesday’s just 7 goofy days.

An enter of entertainment alone.

Thank you for killing me. Green. In the casa of my font. An appt. open for Spring.

Force lead.

The true salvation is Army.

Tom Doyle. You should take a flashlight and follow it around –Spider. Comprehension. Quality matters. 

Controlling a ghost or a chicken was the hour.

Exploring a ghost or a chicken was the hour.

INK. Modern cool. Security camera. One of our legal … hiring trains. Sunday and Monday is tax day. I can’t do this anymore – what is this … earthly pursuits.

Supposed to leave a clean streak, right?

How often was it played.

A rollercoaster till the week’s done.

I kind of like dropped it over there.

Lifelong study.

I am just a really nice person trying to be happy.

But never worked through Jupiter.

Link up.

7 of Seals – Seals of 7 – [through 6 Flags] Busch Gardens -way bigger.The final years. No, that becomes you.

Weekly headspace expert. And you’re trying to break faith. I can’t have the party I always wanted.

Whatever it is you do, you do it fully.

It is time.

A framed mind.

The things I say: In no way resembles plastic.

She don’t even know about these treats y’all. –Auto-writing say. Completely illegal in Virginia to do that.

90 minute flow.

Does the full body potential work.

You’ve like really fucked me on my money –Ford’s Colony people moving date.

Supplements can be such a good therapy.

Manifest in a bad way.

They are worse than being all dressed in stupid.

That’s why you’re disappointed – because you know it created a monster.

If you were like privileged enough.

Dungeons and dragons –Anvil. Maintaining pictures.

Collective dust.

Just trying to lift myself out of myself.

Divine providence. 


There is something in the air –Healing art

Nikki Frieda trying to move dress frequently. Red lion den carving. Her successful instagram story. Fortuitous. Gertrude.

Things of priority.

Old museum front.

Some of my best efforts.

Musically inclined to meet a rapper.

Brittaina. Sell out. Sold out arena. Will discuss this later. Signature prayer. Less important readers. Civilize that. Lone fox.         

It’s time to take action ~ New Moon in Aries

It started in a real challenging way. 

Only bettering themselves.

Forced to have their wires crossed.

We lore in the money. Odd butterfly out. Reverse method not comfortable.

I’m going to step outside in like the first time in like forever.

You produce positive effects. Albanian mother. Pop up train. Advance technique.

Described to screw you.

Spell binding.

European nature to it.

Designed to progress.

I’d rather remember that outside.


A Star, an Athlete, a force of nature.

Mike Griffian. His show has given me some refugees. Beautiful rendition.

Power of birthstone.

I’m like really into it –Citrine.

Extra compound in the woods. Free website.

A lot of control on your hands.

Value you in who you are.

Matthew Mcconaughey. Enrolling in a non-corporate profit. Count your lucky stars. English in star wars.

Come take a shower then do my writings – turning for a profit.

I could never know. Breathe a little harder – make no noise. Cafe.

There is something in the air –Healing art.

Family, Friends: I just like to talk about loved ones.

Glass house permission.

Mental headway.

Even at every launch.

That’s what we’re there for. Famous repercussion. Whatever you want to do. Paulina Porizkova. Checks all the facts. Smiling change. It’s funny how those things work. Inspired. He knows he fucked it up.

A timeline of what it is you want to do your entire life.


I can barely stand it.

When Urban life brings you Dead Poet Society.

I’m not as transitional as you once thought.

I’m not as traditional as you may thought.

Hello, my shock is Brandyn Robertson.

The angels are with us.

Living beings.

Suggested maintenance.

Kissed my ass in the kitchen.

Kicked my ass in the kitchen.

Barre workouts.

Swollen smoothie.

No matter what distance. A book open with lemon on it –… bliss family. I don’t mind buying lunch but… Auto bays. Auto transition.

Extra rich inspiration.

Muse of the masters.

They’re going to keep traffic slow when I go.

Polished income.

Given my history and track record.

My Dad’s amazing.

Purity in a charm.

Creepy – that feeling’s worse than ever.

I’m introducing myself. Light afternoon sun. Heaven is facing angels. I am a leader in the field.

Next chapter 5 – Next Hershey line.

Robert’s growing up. Keep the $10 certificate. Just looking at the possibilities.

Thousand man problems.

I like being free from the chain.



Figuring ourselves out like true monuments

Welcome to the famous action. You do the injection.

Stand replace and negotiate –don’t discount your feelings. 

The microwave and the steak. The messy … . We can note before me with constantly … . I can’t sue feeling. Pre-fab, athletics, fabletics – wise are you in life. …–17 waiting for you.

Set the world on fire.

The word fool’s page.


Not sure if anything you’d like. What on earth are you talking about. Florida school zones. There’s got to be something settling there.


I started trance writing when I didn’t even know what it was. 

Troubled youth. 

I’ll work for cinema for free.


Neil Diamonds in the sky. 

You’re supposed to help me out. 

Taken me this long to get the memo.                                                                                                                                          


The jumping power.

Figuring ourselves out like true monuments.

Cuts you off to imprive. A seed being sown. Latin with interest.

Do not keep them with any bit of jealousy on them –Tarot cards. 

The house is clean, not enough purpose. Jared’s going to get in front of us –tinting. Common denominator. 


Scripts were pretty personal for my spirit

CASH CREDIT. Writing – 6 week how to. … –real hand built shelf. Think he’s an islander –Dad. Home of the gypsys. Coin[‘s] a daughter.

There will end up being 3 branches of support.

Can’t think of it all, silly anymore.

Oh my god, I think I may mutate. 

I got stuck with heroin needle in streets from woman, who was with back up from – with other woman. International woman’s day.

All fish can’s silhouette. 

Rahu has his people confused.

Tarot games ↔ more for ancient pools → inner detail and thought.

The only tax refund –Kim. Online pilot. Paid film to do the treatment.

Could be devastating and feed their attitude – giving all the go head on flying and not… needle therapy.

Free range to fuck you if you share another reading. I’ll stick it into a live army. No one was completely shocked.

You’ve tried their secret. 

Scripts were pretty personal for my spirit. 

Thread of fate. Fill your cup. 

You’re not really flank in Venus in Pisces.

These companies are no longer there. 

For listening the first time entertaining. 

with moonstone and witches finger crystal
∗energetics of our Full Moon in Libra∗


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