Week of our threads for our heavy mental career

Eyes in the Mia/mind of Jeremiah.

Hate the world of the wicked and the consistently unwell.

Talented multi-thinker. Love her body to failure. Responsive heater. … sidewalk is not clean or dirty. They look for the next door visions. Paulina and Paula. One of the most … who was on Youtube.

Week of our threads for our heavy mental career.

Heaven is facing angels.


A clock of when you’re born. Chunks of star wars. Would make it stick. The aliens has risen. Magic life.

‘Cause we’re going to talk peace talks and we’re going to talk poor.

A match made in heaven.


A pre hurricane weight

Great love searches great drink. Reserving what I set want. They wanted off Saturday through April. Suffers great loss.

Man who suffers in the moon.

Pete’s not in a response over there. Kick harm into you. Exuberant abundant spirit side. Better from than the other.

I was inside today and worth those pants.

Have an inner circle of making our way tight.

So many things in the world are bad for you.



Palacey peace giving. I skipped it skidded. When apologized to the public. Food’s not free.

Options of paperweights.

Visible black guy. 2 hands no fear. Druidess. A pre hurricane weight. Peace treaty.

The hoods or tiger woods. 


And I just had to hand hunt

Find his intuition.

A bunch of stuff I not in the mood before. Kill the last den answer. Kill the last … . Lunar roll—Solar roll. My troubled Taurus. Liquid healthcare.

Greek above you – lucky owner’s hat.


Never paint ditch here, put film up when she’s here. Bounce not on heel but on foot. Not inspired enough.

Shape men the Bible.

Radiant heat jobs. $764.00. Very acutely unaware. Your cheeks cross finish.

I don’t just have a stopping point.

I see where these round headed chicks have gone wrong.

You can like snow storms.

This sick runs in the family. Luck and inner. A more focused period. Calling her drunk wisdom. Close to death but they burn a ___ again. I forced Lowen too many Lowen trees. Nonly trees.

It looks likes – like it’s wheat time.

I haven’t doubled the excuse.

And I just had to hand hunt.

Countless new days – too many days alone. Parkbench.

It’s trust—It’s service.


Like the key commissioner to the attractiveness of my words

Fuck 2 visions villaining. Scene cutting.

His struggles of challenge and lonely man.

The moment for Aries.

And my Autonomy says it all.

After seeking a council. Blood range.

Blue sunshine forever knight.

Be heard, be brash.

Aubrey’s Arch retirements…60 total likes. Italian fam. Medium water price. Under the same power of ancient sun. She skilled with blessing.

Dark secrets of my life.

I go over guts than glam.

A little bit more dismissive over it over my life –herb.

Like the key commissioner to the attractiveness of my words.

Tomorrow’s heavy retirement and then great focus remains.


Composed the thought – it takes a required mind

Darby. Those black pandas. The good scarf—The pedicure.

The Astral generation.

You know when he’s spoofed me. Moore’s just celebrating for a reason. Going glam. Socialite. Speedway electrical speedway –company vehicles parked in carpool area. 

Provision all the way.

Is channeling hear my heart.

Channel predictions.

Working your ass off towards 1 goal.

Unveil it in your night sky. I’m turning mill at 23. Some customers value shop fee required.

They say this will happen over and over again in your lifetime –Feelings.

Beg for one another.

Composed the thought – it takes a required mind.

In romantic history –Kim/Pete. Whatever it is it’s happening strong. Trinity favorite ab workout. Me vitamin for me/sister – cook want more from person –me fine. Coming back to things. Plastic room.

Magic interest—Magic entrance.

The coy cows are superstitious.

Triggers and anticipations.

Resume add. Me spell Kathleen name wrong – Me other worked April. I was like looking up answers. Today’s job was moving slower for me.

Things are the most powerful when there’s water to cleanse them.

Viewing your only foot.

Hear my voice.

Do we all agree it could be reading.

I thought it was close, it was final.

River run. Think about that. Sinful in many ways. Digital capital on the world. I’m getting up on the next can of leprosy.

You’re dead at an art.

Clueless. More afraid of hell for whatever reason. With unfolding. Hard of hearing. There’s a 2 person crumble right now.


Into a future ride with this money making book

Venus in her exaltation of Pisces April 5th-May 2nd {heartbeat in the sky you see}

Somethings bad’s going to happen. To remove retract. Life invented us a brand. That’s the guy that unliked the alter. Wainscot. The queen of pop. If you don’t see what … expertise. This is citrus rising –New Moon. 

Yours forcibly going against mine.

Mislabeled [after sunning it right].

When we find ourselves smothered in a goal.

Sergio. Serendipity –annoying as fuck.

Pure body never hired in the wrong peace of mind –Sun chips.

Go back, you’re not that far.

Then you’re going to “blow me off”.

To help the denominator in a certain code.

Move pretty tight about and that bags you. Hey Wino, why don’t you give tough ___.  Foot and frame. I have the next back 2 days to wonder. I felt pretty good for an amazing soul.

Words of a Savior.

I alter at Sea.

To put the fun back. Multi-media organization. I couldn’t see and have Travis Barker.

If someone was never meant to get healthy.

Would you reveal to me, how you climb that thing.

Haven’t given up hope.

Into a future ride with this money making book.                                          


The past is fast – The Cadillac leads to nowhere. Wish I had my jacket a little numb and break. Jared and I did those other stops on Jared’s time.

Automatic power.

I build a tall building around it.


We gotta left results of an Ace of our work

It felt like it was invite.

Everywhere I would go I would care for you.

We gotta left results of an Ace of our work.

Emotionless. I dig down deep. Pussy willow. Choice hotels. Chelsea hotels. Every ___ announced his separation.

If I don’t get embraced, my husband will not let me come back.

Just being late, that’s a terrible thing.

Okeus. Shaft. So spiritual. Arm and order. The only reason I stopped… . Mutual understanding. Clear as day –speculated. She makes things happen. My work has some kind of hippied. Raised Moorehead.

I went through a season of a really dark period.

Sergio. Glass stout. 

| Only When You Are Empty Are You At Standstill And Balanced—Joy and Sorrow + Two of Pentacles |
raising one’s hands to lift
raising in surrender
raising your head


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