So if you can see angels why can’t you see ghosts

Surfing over a million waves for practice.

A line of computer I’m ready to think about. Schout weaverman – Scout weaver-sons. Garner. World turning that’s for sure. Burning bright. My back’s up against the wall.

A little hesitant to read the stars.

Burning brightly. Nutrition cafe.

Husband/wife – New coke problem—issue were booked. It’s afraid for the diet. Would have been you. Cocaine couple. Brother and childhood crush together. That depressed look in your life –face.

To love those nights lost with any town.

I’m on Ariel view. Reyona 5. Ceasefire.

The journey you are on your soul.

Crime in action. Leap in questioning. Selective partner only blocks the needs to ___ other [comfort]. I know its several doors lock. ‘If you look towards heaven any given night’.

So if you can see angels why can’t you see ghosts.

You just can’t imagine.

I died of a pull up last year.

Thought to have spiders but not in their youth.

Dancing with the bar[re]. Black guy trying to rape me – no luck. Strawberry seeds with strawberry sulfur –herb. Thank you Rock, I was label. Solution oriented prayer. Keeping it real with filtration camps.

I want to run my worth.

You’re looking at the integrity of the situation.

Sensualities rarely worded.

Everything’s a force of nature [from India].

Child license pick. Bro that links to your heart.

My expert added phase. Build a long mirror.

To hypnosis, is that extra good for you.

I ate all my dinner, I was like the drunk person who ate all her… . Why are you doing so well? You’re mad at me – You can’t support me in my endeavors.

Like a new man, new engagement ring –Recliner chair.

I’m so hot and bothered the other way.

I have been asked to go on – It is extremely surreal to me.


Writing this to soothe comfort

[Trancing in my sleep—thought all was written down—but remained in my dreams].

We will world our world war straight. We will world our world real word straight. ←Lupe Fiasco [and that’s it].

Purple guy with sinister paradise. No one to release it to.

We’re different people so we work different –Husband/I/anyone.

Out of my element zone.

The title’s yours to celebrate.

If you get knocked down too fast.

Like sharing the toxic… . Really old cats crazy cats. Supposedly a good thing in the past.

Not climb Mt. Everest…Tree climbing.

Writing this to soothe comfort. Sacred candles.

My shirt off in front of people – I am doing that on purpose.

Fragile lessons.


Don’t want to lose what my ancestors lost

Empire service. Towards the pain inside I came. Lucrative. A 2019 tone. Going so fast need a defibrillator. Celebrity love. It will not be my stomach.

Of course you’re a gorgeous surfer.

And we’re getting it prepped for the next owners.

Surf few waves. Awfully excentric.

If these aren’t pleasant thoughts on a broken shoe.

I could of just clipped it wrong.

I’m not swearing a cuss word. Minor shock over your body. He fascinates me more than your dad does. That would of been a good thing to fix.

I saw a death in the family.

Anastasia. Gain access.

Properties and principles.

I want to keel over from the joy inside.

Known questions. Seeing in the spirit.

Requested 2 Angels. …Aww that’s me.

And by the winds they start flowing.

Cassidy and Brave’s delivery.

Please wait for me…to understand.

Understand. Be pursued out professionally. One stop shop. In loving memory [I fully trust]. Save it – You need to know the truth –overspender.

New and conventional.

Don’t want to lose what my ancestors lost.

Dad needs lots of people to sun him dress.

A private party thing.

So blendingly sad.

10 years in the making [another]. Train harder. If you need a leader Monday night, find yourself a gatherer.

‘Sami Hunter. Inspired by Vendel era designs of anthropomorphic shapeshifters. An anachronistic design of traditional Sami material culture. In Norse mythology the Sami were known to possess powerful magic. Bearing the ability to shape shift and create enchanted pelts that would turn a man into a beast. Within Europe, the northern region of Sapmi was amongst the very last to be converted to Christianity or fully embrace “modern” ways of living. This has left a mystical folklore embedded in animistic rites, blanketed atop an inspiring wilderness landscape and tangible traditional culture.’


I hope it will remind you – I’m conservative

Daily draw through the week:
{Sun}day~THE EMPRESS~Sun {Moon}day~THE SUN~Moon
{Týr’s}day~THE MAGICIAN~Mars {Woden’s}day~THE ARTIST~Mercury
{Thor’s}day~THE DEVIL~Jupiter {Freya}day~THE EMPRESS~Venus

Misalignment is the pride of connection. Train games finish before you. Didn’t have a sander blast. City map. Short cut off seeing you.

It’s a horrific honor, Your Majesty.

I hope it will remind you – I’m conservative.

The dog in me tells me it’s not.

They have permission to order it.


My Dad was living in a dream of swords. From humble marriage. I like the support off this game. Snow on hill –Rexy slide down fast then me, husband – coffee – chill vibes—hunt over. Yom Kippur. Picture Avent Artist: Dad. Get home – Mom which I’ll parent. Famous Ex blondes. I like the support off this game. Projected discovery. Worker scraping film – me: be careful, I have a feeling – you need/drink some water –scraping hard.

They will say love hates relationship.

You choose your destiny – You choose your life.

I’ve known her since she was a boy –Mama to Brave. Cheers to yourself. –Me being off Wednesday – boss: hmmmm, me like plans yo.

Slow down to the chimney.

That’s kinda fun, no one wants to take a sand and bucket.

Saw past customer – kinda cold/about business. Working with the metro area. Patches of snow from half sky falling down – Drex was pain free while sliding down [or went fast].

The proper Ayurvedic support.

Communicate with twins.

Certainly accounted for it.

You wake up the dishes.

12 comes as fate as children.

I collapsed from exhaustion, and then I was ashamed. Half the sky snowed–. A different source of strength – A spiritual strength. The feeling of it was something that I can’t explain.

Take the salt and pepper out of your mouth.

It is knives and swords. Bad super sweaty. Prorate an option. My grandparent’s not real family. Join hazard statement.


Have patience controlling her piano

The culture of spirits.

Slow in action – Show in weight.

A positive tsunami. Haven’t separated them in my life.

You could sit here and put on makeup but you gotta go to work.

When you don’t have anything … . Can just vedged. Dad @ us @ lunar Jeep. And not wanting to be my guilt. Milo and Otis. They don’t lay new shelfs. Brand new phone. Filtration sites.

[I just got out of] The massive most agreement.

Prenatal support. My ginger practice heroes. Turning your phase on. Going through the ground running. How long ago was this, yesterday?

If you ever wanted to know.

Memory readers.

Multi-universe existence.

Have patience controlling her piano.

I think of them all the time but none of them mean anything to me. My panterx. [You found someone] That can water the plants.

Charming against his words.

Many doctors knot prison.

Dancing in heaven and it’s all confused.

Mutual letters.

It doesn’t even feel/sound like that much money. Civic account. Spiritual rest. How clear I asked him. Privilege denied.

You have a period moon.

Stop trying to correct a mistake.

My Dad looked at me and sent me the Christmas cards.

I’m not willing to die young on this legacy. Do you have children?…Yes. Wanted to stay here another 20 years [on moving]. Fragile sea lion. Looking down at healthy health. Snake detector. He’s always used to having dog food or cat food. I should be silly not to help –Heavy artillery. A … potato that has problems.

I have tripped and listened to myself.

The Lovers. I’ll go get it because I deserve to –Grocery store. Worker car wreck down that way—64/OK/boss roll on/pick up. I only read Monday night. Don’t you not want to make it confused for Mom.

With that being said are you requesting Victoria’s middle name?

You work here.

Won’t fit on her massive Zodiac collection.

How long had we miss going to the dentist? I’ve always wanted to read my writings to someone. Avoid triggers. Lack is the brain’s response system. Correcting the divine. I’ma get to the army of the soldiers –Spiritual.

I’m about to flip my mind.

Hollywood’s an idiot – no I don’t think she does.

A little vulnerable this week…but I get to the same place.

State of the art gangster –Blender.

I’ve seen all the clips but have’t seen the movie –Spiderman.

Who shoots by revere. Show dirty, be your messy ground.

And just to prove, this is why your specialty’s accurate.

Take off with that tablecloth. How the Menlo is all on and trail.

I was actually the other side of their drama.

Lockshop up out. Coppersnow.

I have a sword that’s in your name.


Upper chrome and inside all my cleansing miracles

Concert ___ – he gets way more than keyed. That eats up your mid-20s. He’s tirelessly holy spirit and chasing his tail … . ‘Act through God’—What is. Hook the flask can plain.

Can you discontinue one?

I’m expecting life blessing again over this life.

Expectantly expect the young teen. It greatly affected my message board long. Song and dance—Party people. No sought-after crystal. We make love and we make everything. And for nearly 4 years hero went… .

I don’t really know what other options you have besides to do it. I don’t really have any other options besides to do it.

My channeling was to know you.


Clear this before the accident –Him hiding something to me by garage. Just where I’m at right now. Are one with ministry. I just want to say how I fucking feel. Why has this expired recently? Need your expectations to ___ . You can unlock it but got to pay for it.

Upper chrome and inside all my cleansing miracles.

I do not stand up right.

I’m not reading with Pennsylvania. Conscious slip – Conscious leadership. Yeah your boss’s an idiot –worker too agree. Get your witch on. Close collisions. I don’t have much of a place to say anything but –Sister. Choice chef. Ancient Caesars. Either if it’s in eggs or algorithm. And if there’s cash we’ll return a reward. Spiritual action –Card –Hierophant. Busch Gardens smells. [I’m the one] The office motif. You’re not on top of it but you’re here –Atlanta couple.

Why did I need innate speed. 3 dogs [in a day].

Wisdom … . Black out in shower—computer on as I walk by. I understand and agree –with husband. I believe Williamsburg has the warranty form. [Richard Knight popcorn popping multiple places]. Front line and center. Personally restrained.


It touches the Artist but it will touch every soul

Walrus spirit. So timeless in its creation line.

Come see for remance of time to have a look.

Week see. Fellowship. Primadonna way.

But there’s a big problem out there, letting you guys regain my fear.

We’ll be cool and calm.

Snack just seemed a little wasted. What like my dream clip. That is your prime place to be. He was money-motivated by money. Style—Ethics – Ethos—Madness. Highly packed formation crystal. The joy of sorrow.

We’re going to do this until the cows come home – Conscious slip.

We’re just trying to get our family together –$ million dollar home/sand purchase. 

So detailed I don’t do that to crew.

It’s such a smile between the hug. Their mom’s hysterical.

Names at 11. Talk over respect. Use of his contract.


As the world turns – Sinful favor. Spin like till you timelike – fake it till you make it. None of us have to get out and build ourselves –me, husband, Dad. It’s the idea of something –to break it. Milo and Otis can tell. Inching towards the finish line. We’re saging a few letters tonight. Hate not to say this –Brother. Deal with those fucking end caps more exclusively. Oregon inlet.


Be the first to be edged and tangible.

Styles at stationary wall. What we call the second tailbone.

Cat-breast is solid. What I feel and what I know [sync up].

You have to stop baking bread. Conscious saint in my unconscious reasoning. Other people’s expired license I was comparing off of. If you want to fill up on 3 days –Tinting.

Up-lamenting the recyclements.

Lost everything. Food is addictive. The supporting platforms that we now have. God help us all. While chasing gunman. Carousel.

I know, I just feel like I could of ordered the stars.

Pay attention to the nature of my writing. 

Regain ourselves – Self control.

All my spiritual plans are highly confirmed.

Just a reminder, Bravery.

It touches the Artist but it will touch every soul.

It does seem under control. Have fun – build it back in everyone. Restarting Maryland. And I that it was done for me.

Away in a manger – no crib for his bed –sweethead.

I’ve been looking for a black bag. That says it all – that’s not a couch potato. Double checking in 4 of the cocaine places. Frontline –Lace.


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