The way you prick me in my base is what I need from you

We won’t draft until Thursday. Close[d] in that R-tender of the moment. You stand near. 

The way you prick me in my base is what I need from you. 

I’m so sick of having everything in detail. 

I don’t even feel deserving – I never am.

Brewed from tingled water.

I got landscaped a meaning man.

Widely white.

Under no circumstances is that violent or horrific –just dumb. The souls win them out. If Christian so big –Resume add.

Got a billion spots on Instagram.



Can you help me shed my clog…The truth is I’m not looking for the right answers—I’m looking to shed my clog

Final rebates we make – Final rebates we die.

‘Neptune’s Horses’ by Walter Crane, 1893

Calm the liver spirit in cake and mystery.

Calm the liver king in cake and mystery.

Sword in Ace me home. Puddles of blood.

Once dying was proof.

I’ll start filing we need for help. A convenient truth. My favorite rule Ex. Kyle Littlefield. I was just envisioning smack a bitch and looks easy. 

Angels were vivid.

Goth of Angels.

Inherent value.

Social justice freedom. 

Can you help me shed my clog…The truth is I’m not looking for the right answers—I’m looking to shed my clog.

Sunshine and Holly.

3 pieces to flank your foundation so big.

Understanding the importance.

Growing numbers don’t lie.

Energetically climbing. I’d love to get my heels on. Those diary clips. Keep ’em out?

Atmosphere busy as hell.

My diary clips give insight into the human condition. Eating bad sausage. 

Unintended until your feet move forward. 

An extremely mutual relationship.

Though I would like a new product, I don’t need critical thinking.


Pressuring Pete to commit/conform. If you have a mirror that’s not my own. If you have a mirror that’s not your own. Technique style.

We went through your home, that you required to go through.

She was 11 and the 11th book written.

Rendering to see you.

Like your dreams are real.

Congratulations – flipping out on the next national anthem.

You can walk with your sister [I can].

You can have your check and eat it too.

 I’m with you and the 3 female in your stomach.

What’s the point with Rob – why does he get that message. I got it from Gab-atry Stones.

A newborn’s daughter.

Just let it out at the end of the day. Atone your station… . Swift my hands can always stay full. One other launch. Smoke…talking debris. 

One claimed man to Medium.

My first 2 hours of exaltation. Did you eat today?…Called in for Robertson.

Really hides and hides heat.

Lily Ann Rose: You should track your clearwater.


She may be like the personality of Paradise

A man goes viral – An officer to get your head woked.

Road closed ahead: Make alternate plan.

Botch in here. “I’m in a die all day” traffic situation. “Knight” you get together by Knight. Everything in their place was stupid. 

We all have a light inside us which burns deep within.

Fruits and vegetables.

What can I joy you?

Everyday final florist.

Offering to do the work.

He did…dream life – naturally. Abusive relationship. Well Ron hates me and George. Lay stone/s.

They don’t taste like the good nutrition facts.

“I’m like the missing link”.

Have you noticed at all. 

Called the Sunrise service.

Global human nature.

But that’s just because I know who I am.

You don’t just pick whatever the fuck you want.

Eating so much at night – I’m not going to share my future.

She may be like the personality of Paradise.

Will be established and ruin some others’ lives.

Do you know what hung up in our house?…Not too sure. It made no sense to Alabama. 

Invisible people care too.

I just got the murder, Grandmom Casey. 

Cooked that with a lot of Taurus.

“On the edge of the woods”. The dinoch. … and purge. Playing concert on stage – 5th grade percussion → me good rhythm-wise. I wonder how the details work but who cares. You get anybody should playing suiter’s game with that chest.

Witches are in Wichita.

Velvet. Moonstruck.

And the ones from Africa. Heated throw.

Money worshiper. Egyptian slave. 

She must battle for open and good heart people.

On a global rhythm.

Tree/oak with crescent cut out to top left [vision].

I like to stay late and do a good job.

Let me call you off energy.

It was just black it’s so blind.

To look for a picture down here is almost impossible –husband at Great Wolf. What is happening to me, and why isn’t anyone noticing [past thoughts]. So I can make mom feel proud again.


Opal is still often Lantern

Make pier and enjoy. Chapel. Civic plunging. Pretty raw crunch. Place as solid white. 

You feeling my writing – you ever think it’s really good.

Grandmom with 99 grandchildren at party –owner there/work. 3 toxins – 39 life principles. Without going crazy all the … . … . 

Wolf regulating through time and space.

Everything would appear different.

Burden after the other.

Please forward it.

High nobility path.

After 10 piece-less hits of … . A reason to go on. Civil pursuit. Be tax dumb in their brilliance. The missing link. Cows wept…←through you. Trial and error. After another meaning. Cataclysmic scene. On my daughter’s … . The practical bathroom. Suffering ’bout transformation. Catholicism. 

I don’t need to be hired, open position.

SuedeBrother/owner, me on beach – channeled all 3 in me. Me – sister – mother. … . Clinical group Phycologist, what can be made right by you. I get it –Dad –stepping up to the plate. How do you find your purpose. Me on break – train took closer to Toano from Anvil. Missing link. Stacy Fredricks. Popping the question.


Reap without sowing –Song melody.

Born out of my own nerves.

Henry Ford. Barbara White.

I move with space and time.

Emotionally distilled. Bargain train.

Lewis Circle – husband and I straightening up clothes – kitchen – just like home – so familiar like yesterday. Options of eco-system. Proud supportive group. Really impressive. 

I’m lucky heavy metal expecting you.

What being to start it endlessly.

Deep and integrated.

That Christ is… .

Well suited. Mom’s to work – not in the fight. The casino gaming world. I want this challenge-man. Semi-finalists. Think I should of hurt you.

Yes, Chris Green.

Light remembered 101. Shined on the staff.

50’s not enough to stole your kisses.

I don’t want your sneaky bitch dress talking any of my clothes. Corinne Bailey as Snow White. Remote viewing. It feels like I have to manage it with weed or it will manage me –Writing.

They don’t lay another blue hand.

What’s y’alls favorite movie – Teach me the ways –Mom.

Venturing capital.

I was … and last for … . Christian sister. 

Opal is still often Lantern.

Not following it if I… .

As little as what gets worked back for less.

Are you missing towel because you’re missing for me.

I’ma go over it a third time, and that just means it has to be final –Writings.

This is my Guardian Angel –at window [Seth woods]

Ramifications for the good people –Ram

I’m sorry ma’am you’re 10 minutes late, I can’t get to you.

Into this 5th grade rulebook.

Their life’s behind so much lesson in life.

She got … by a burger king a tag-a-mon.

The science behind writing and sharing [between].

God will work us in mysterious ways.

We experience moving out everything → move it back in.

Well if you have to cook anything with the bird, I’m not upset.

I need to … the original. Serious plans are fats or… .

Wasn’t impurities or chips fading.

Talked upfront with you.

We’re loving a white man – he’s funny more than snoop dog.


I think in style – that’s how I’m able to write my clothes

Natural origami.

Simply by feel good just by stashing money. The dying souls. Demonic behavior. We’ve all been annihilated before – I know how and when… . Every time I start the fryer dipped in. 

The power of my cleansing miracles.

You hurt like Arches.

Me there at Anvil but not, him wanting me to be happy. Smoking weed is the best culture. 

Like the forerunner of very surprise.

Life protector on sale. Island support.

I have not been able to get the red toolbox out of the way.

And demanding that your life is mysterious.

And demanding that your life is experienced.

Finally chopping load.

I don’t make any dead pieces like that.

You are a shitty announcer.

I think in style – that’s how I’m able to write my clothes.

‘A Masque for the Four Seasons’ by Walter Crane, 1905-1909

Frontier. Back heads. Upper class writing party theme.

Food and diet trends –Fashion.

Quality upgrades. Squeezy – why’d you take ’em in. 

Hung up – the kids officially wet from the fall.

Let’s not worm [warm] shards of death.

Milky Way – Makes your last name inspiring.

Turpentine. Just not resonating with my spirit. Healing Dad.

Paper moon.

You can do that from an optional stone.

Loyalty bruise [101].

I wanted you more than you wanted me. The opposite ends of the spectrum. T.V.’s final episode. Facing similar situation.

Rich man’s blood. 

Oh my god I wonder what your lady.

Appetite to get together.

A time killing meme and a heavy… .

Do we have any towels in your car?

Oatmeal – just give it to me it’s all dry and ready. There’s a lot of messy rounds.

You’re starting to carry on some decent weight. 

Focus – You’ve got jams.


50 total movement – 50 total Eclipse

Mom doesn’t want to make you money [Solar Filter]. Pro-rate nails and stuff. A presurized [eye] –3M. 

You’re sick of here holding it like this – it’s not meant to be held.

Universe: I’m sick of holding it like this – it’s not meant to be held –to Universe.

50 total movement – 50 total Eclipse.

I think we’re going to stay busy –Tinting. Seed intention. Old Dominion. Is leaving your privacy at home. 

Need a proactive shake.

The energizer bunny. Safe practice. Spiritual rest. 

It needs to drag today – It doesn’t have to.

Successful entrepreneur. Keep warm forever destination. Total nonsense. 

I didn’t turn any embolic codes.


You’re collecting the examples with the person’s energy you’re used to receiving

I’m sure we’ll have a practice. Let the secrets gain control. Lori Cramer. 

All my white board messages.

A complete mistress of time…and that’s how I see it.

Able to administer an adhere of personalities.

Register with cold heart warm allies. Things involving principle. I sat down with Andy Dorfman picking cannabis.

The body’s a fit thing.

Come in, I move control. Airfryer coming out. Way to put his back into tire and be made sense for you.

Can be awakening power the moment that you call.

Homeschool nurse lecturing…Reflect the entire world. Fort Lauderdale. The major house. There’s 3 different sections coming.

You’re collecting the examples with the person’s energy you’re used to receiving.

Motif –Mom gift. Uni-bowl. Final time expert. Converge. Ancient push. Record time. 

We’re kinda known for one of the best things if we’re clipped.

Rolling over every interest charge.

Matt, you turned me on to MGK –Electric feel. 

Lay homes on foundations.

Honey nurture cam.

On the journey to say something.

$1.50 for white meat [spicy].

To open our tinting talents of the year.

Aftermarket tint. Barbie Benson. Cannabis medicine. In the science division.

30 minutes is a really nice long cutting up party.


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