You’ve got an unearthly personality

Don’t bring pie isn’t game when in.

Be tax dumb in the brilliance.

Greatest culture ever invented. Fast potential car. 

You’ve got an unearthly personality.

You’re making me cry a lot.

Then we each turn the ancient road. Silver union. Economics don’t wash me now. With filtered view.

In the casino gaming world.

2 more blink Apps in the eyes.

Your person anal texted spiritual language.

When hair’s brown paint and brown she down/brown as a bitch.

The Lantern you can’t compete with one another – you have to live with it.

And to these mother fucker – they’re kinda the Bible.

The truth hurts you even if you’re high.

Mathematical calculations. Owner/me looking good talking to people – guests –respectable/impressive one. 

And I know you want all your fingers so you can eat it fast together.

Snoop’s called a ghost lion.

Sir we have 1 chance to speak.

If you’ve ever felt helpless in a situation.

What the need is the ego.

But then try make it with something else, they always make it with coffee.

There’s only one of us that is real.

I guess I need to stop picking my husband’s job.

And try to smoke being respectful. I kinda took the many relines of read. I told your mama, your crack love is illegal. So I wonder if it’s keeping sister alive. Never gluten free gift. 

Stationery’s on the wall.

My mom’s Indian and Asian American.

The thought of taking from you gets me off.

No famous for around the world.

I began to tell on Jesus.


Talented emotions burbanking 2014

Very little bit of effort for your giant piano.

Maybe one day my best adult will decide.

How to blend your service manager’s hair.

Feeling improper.

Hope by Tuesday we’ll have the vision of care.

As humanity only lay … .

The revolution kill receptors inside of your pants. 

We had food for children.

Either formed in mind conceived in thought.

At last … drop by you on drop off. Mama deviator. Depp and Young. And … up and up … 88 right now, … . Young mustards’ for turning direct profits. Knows how to keep track of others. For your #1 of question. Painting quilt over questioning.

I wanted to do our own house this week.

That’s exactly what this meaningful death is.

Breaking bread.

Big green jacket on gas station ground for days…Me looking sexy and trim with service person. 

The foreshadow.

The solid foundation.

Talented emotions burbanking 2014.

His dick disappeared in less than a minute.


Let my change be the work for me

You must collect Pete with.

He’s the shadow of Eve.

Another water soaked Lily.

Mason trees. You … geek –black chick called me geek. Thousand rockers – fire on mower – ready to move forward. Resurrected. Retired early. 

Anytime I understand it, it came early.

4:59 – better than … . I want to bump you up to $40.00. Some of my precautions were steppin’ on sets. Kanye leaves to care all the time. The playton and Clayton around the car.

Not everybody has an anger issue outside.

I do not do the removal, I just do the sandpaper.

There will be no released pain for an hour. Sure footing. As opposed to my writing opportunity. I tried to look up.

I bring you thought and national parody.

Finish me a strong lady.

Looming/Lurking. A Tuesday disclosure. Endless drop. Butterfly banks. I’ve never given head except for you. Well seasoned. 

Let my change be the work for me.

People who had no wrong except what was going on.

I have no idea who they are – little mystery.

I would never ever bring one through the fire.

You making some premium choices.

No I’m not up to touching greeting messages. “May help you worry out there” full custom line. Peacekeeping is nominated in Alaska. Shampoo’s a squirrel eater. When you going to cook for us again.


Reading your keys because I specifically interested in you

Jesus heading up from mentality.

How to work on an unhappy room.

Sweet Christ. Modern tentory person.

A hand person who works super hard.

The peach of the karma.

Welcome to my words. Any petty city. Fifteen official official pay. Mortal desire.

They love all the plants and the animals.

Resistance tool. Mr. … build something the stomach out. Entrepreneurs. Create a deed like escape. You’ll have hits. You’ll have hips. Ben was curved in Washington. … became their crazy.

You can’t attack / turn your secret out of this one.

Age by talent. Poise and protected. 

Sometimes you miss it – very hard to see.

The great love is agony.

Active investment. Weak economy. Push for more boundaries. Take us a minute to … and realize. Just fuck it –pole. I never went through the … of swords.

Can’t I knock their holy union.

My personal X2 so directly to lasting of the … . I can have … . Black was reducing selling. We are expert riders. I love the taste of money. I love the taste of easy.

Work the enemy that I am needing.

Health risks.

A rather adventurous girl. 

Reading your keys because I specifically interested in you.

Different without you. I wish it wasn’t me. Whatever makes me talk the most. Meloni Rose. Brother lose tips – I need a promotion at my work.

Shadow pride. Mouth to mouth.

In a situation you can’t get out of.

We finished my mind – comfortable with it.

‘Nother world wish to navigate.

So much inner peace and manhood.

Me taken image as a guy – want rare thing like a gift.

It just starts off that slow. 

Hope began on Phoenix birthday.

This is the eye of the share Medium. Getting a little too used to being by myself. … monkey rounds to be friends with you. The old ladies who mow. 

Let’s get everyone – secrets coming.

This sales program so I can re-write my eyes.

People adulting or playgrounding on the gym.

Permanently closed without education. You can throw – some wilderness. My … arms laced by romantic. What’s sleepin’ behind.

Let’s be specific for the first time ever.

In no way do I deserve that look in my life –Style.


I must do readings for someone because I was sick

I love you because I don’t love anyone but me.

Lynning nice. You gotta say goodbye to a major company. All the font stays the same –Little tool box. 

I must do readings for someone because I was sick.

Pioneer woman. Gertrude. Do you see them as all together? Spilled for milk. Effort. Constantly. 

So sick of wearing that Winter soul.

You can hear that at the Brian’s pyramid.

I feel run just to remove a dick just to remove you.

The tricky here is long with any bacteria –Crystals/quartz. 

May 5th ~ Waxing Crescent

Oh no are we out of towels too, because I don’t want to take all her tips.

I’m an artist in comparison to shaking.

Now you still have a choice… . …You’ve flown your choice.

Everything you’re doing is wrong.


Her Sunday school job

[What’s silly is that I never wrote journals, I never wanted anyone to know how I truly felt]. [Talent needs discipline]. [Couldn’t see] [We were both in] Survival mode when already knew what is permanent]

Anteater –I was to Dad.

Souls have merged…After projecting. Tucson, AZ. Gross margins.

One isn’t high in real life.

Fake Rapunzel.

Your inner work ethic.

I was there because I heard it.

Keep a balanced diet – Not too much of 1 thing. We serve but – but me too. Sick and tired of playing yesterday’s game –brother.

The children underneath the dryer. 

50 famous with the meditation.

Her Sunday school job.


Make a career out of message in a bottles

They started these evolution. Mild emotions came over him.

I hate this woman because she’s everything I didn’t stand for –Dad.

When they look at me finance you –know I’m a girl. Only I have the ability to sway in life. Purple check. Free training –dance for our white light.

We’re all going to die. Very important lesson.

I felt beautiful on the inside I felt ugly.

Make a career out of message in a bottles.

That drunk hail talkin’. And mildly to serve. It’s autonomy and worth. Something who needs to make sense of everything.

So apology for the lie.

Can’t ever break through creative conditioning.

Wrapping a stand out.

Naive to think you would care about the heart of our business –Bay. Order 10,000lbs of beef brisket. Weed stresses you out really good. Dad lost weight creepy unknown to me overnight.

Ellen and endlessly streaking.

An affinity for the dark side.

Kinda been rooting for a stranger.

He pressed up on me right at times square.

Say hi and remember me.

…It’s going to hurt you… Huge piece of glass in hand with blood – Nurse aid to help [thought had to go for/to Urgent Care until I shifted by sliding it out at the right angle…Glass was from pressing on oney in bed. Sighed her life away. I know Jesse, you can do it all can’t you. Right hand glass.

|| The dog headed longship of Harold Godwinson, Saxon King. Bayeux Tapestry ||

Are you worried about targeting, suspending, or raping.

Cruel divine healer gothic park.

Me continued to hide proposal.

Love is pure.

The Star · Two of Swords[r] · Seven of Cups[r]
The Lovers · Five of Cups · Page of Cups

If you’re stressed out you need another one –

It’s going to be an ordeal because I don’t know where to put them all 

–New Chakra not 90° →top eye crown – had to/remove–or replace.

The Chariot · The Magician[r] · The Devil[[r] · Two of Cups[r] · The High Priestess
Six of Wands[r] · King of Wands · Ace of Wands

Find loose cannon.

I don’t know man, that sucks so bad –redo Kingsmill. We usually have to ___ a structure and Kim has to build clothes around it.

Straightforward and upkeep broadcast.

“Tinting someone’s space” –Protection … .

‘Cause if you’re living large – You’re using money.

It gets damaged because it was my church –Bay/in family.

If I … the last are one of the best things you made – If I could ever dream a Dutch oven girl. I think for Aeolian Heart messages [love messages]. To kill a version.

You feel more unusually on flowers than on bed.

Short, Medium, Monk kind of store.

[Went and had sex with so many people] You publicly lost.

To pull the broken glass out of my hand from the ‘oney’, small pieces turned big. 



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