My Daughter Eats Heart, Vortex Of Her Throat

I knew it so much
I never doubted
what I thought
I saw it so clear
In no way was this my
imagination led to steer
me crooked astray
Time and time relayed
a sincere vision
motiffed to stay
permeated in my soul
twofold to trifold
I always told
an honest view
of truth in hues
of spectrum moved
beautiful realities
led to groove
all to see
what potential
made manifest
could be
My bold
throat cleared
this in my rear
view mirror so
we all could grow
True boldness
isn’t shy
In the heart of
the matter the
vortex lies


Eternally Fair

The things that are hard leave this heart to repair
Open ended answers that once were questioned bare
I have so many dead questions, answered and told
Although it’s not a promisy the prophecy holds


A Lavish Opening

Is it a real open seed

or am I opening the seed chosen?

For this premonition on high

smokes my foreground as it sows my mind

Freshly pressed and christened clear

This venner is not plaster

Synthetic fears disappear

When I’m being honest

is when I’m being most sincere

I never got anywhere before I was real

A linear message remembers

for my soul is aware